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NSP – Dec 28, 2013 – Co-hosts: Calvin and JT

Posted on December 28th, 2013 by Calvin

Co-hosts: Calvin and JT.

Show Notes:

  • Reporting waste, fraud, abuse, and misconduct of judges and prosecuting attorneys by noting their due-process violations and filing formal complaints.
  • Brian’s great #CoS YouTube videos and his hand in help complete the G:I cover-art.
  • Using kinetic topography on #CoS videos. [*If there are any experienced video editors out there that can help; contact Marc.]
  • Kurt Tischer‘s many market services and music.
  • Predictable bureaucratic double-standards and hypocrisy.
  • The conflict-of-interest with government investigating their own misconduct cases against themselves.
  • Easy, slap-on-the-wrist judgements for the privileged class.
  • The success of the drug war for the privileged class.
  • Under civil forfeiture, Americans who haven’t been charged with wrongdoing can be stripped of their cash, cars, and even homes.
  • The STATE’s war on freedom-of-choice via modern prohibition.
  • Where the conflict-of-interest originates from between most judges and prosecutors and how they cover for one another.
  • Despite a lack of evidence, the judge and prosecutor will continue to act in their pretended roles to convict you of something they cannot, and will not, prove.
  • Bradley from England has his eleventh ticket kicked from court by asking the prosecution for their evidence.
  • Prosecutor Jean Killham relies on the judge to bail her out and do her litigating for her at Ian Freeman’s DMV hearing.
  • Being trolled and criticized for asking for the evidence bureaucrats rely on to apply their laws to you.
  • Being accused of sophistry for raising the issue of standing.
  • When to raise the issues of standing and jurisdiction in a timely manner.
  • The power of effectively exposing bureaucratic double-standards to exercise favorable damage-control.
  • Injury and damage must be articulated to demonstrate a valid cause for action and to have standing to complain.
  • Judges accepting testimony from witnesses they themselves have declared incompetent to testify.
  • The objective of filing complaints of misconduct against aggressive bureaucrats for their many violations of due-process.
  • Keeping the flaws of Bitcoin in perspective to the much grander flaws of the modern monopolized money/exchange markets.
  • The most dangerous man, to any government, is the man who Is able to think things out for himself.”
  • The evolution of alternative, decentralized technology that will lead to truly free-market [agorist] products and services.
  • Agorist’s labored efforts to build a truly free marketplace.
  •‘s chief executive Patrick Byrne says they will become the first major U.S. retailer to accept Bitcoin.
  • “Government” is just a D.B.A. for people who want to obfuscate their criminal behavior from the majority of people who don’t realize what is objectively going on.
  • Man buys $103K Tesla Model S with Bitcoin.
  • The coming mainstream implementation of Bitcoin and other alternative exchanges.
  • Bloomberg TV anchor gives Bitcoin as a Christmas gift, immediately has it stolen.
  • ‘Send Bitcoin’ sign on Reddit garners $22K in anonymous donations.
  • Bitcoin security.
  • The democratic and voluntary nature of Bitcoin contrasted against what we have now with the FED in this supposed democratic society.
  • Bitcoin as just a fad.
  • The effectiveness of using bureaucrat’s admissions against them rather than relying on third party sources such as natural or biblical law.
  • Do not take a burden-of-proof upon yourself by acting within their law without first confirming there is, in fact, evidence that their law applies to you in the first place.
  • George Costanza‘s influence on G:I.
  • Going up the judicial chain-of-command to get complaints tossed from court when all the prosecution is responding with are logical fallacies in response your questions.
  • Attorney diversion techniques that distract away from “the gun in the room.”
  • Deciphering and identifying bureaucratic threats.
  • War on the “American people” did not start with the NDAA; it started with the “pay-or-get-shot” style of government that was forced upon the people by the founding attorneys.
  • Self-defense should not have anything to do with whether someone is a citizen or not, if you are being attacked; act accordingly.
  • Stripping away mind-controlling statist abstractions to objectively describe what is going on when criminals D.B.A. government involve themselves in your life.
  • Can you prove the existence of a citizen and STATE, or that there’s evidence the constitution and codes apply? Call-in and collect your $5,000 reward!
  • Effectively countering logical fallacies.
  • Using tested logical processes [the trivium] to discover truth.

6 Comments For This Post

  1. RadicalDude Says:

    Here’s your evidence Mark:
    The gvt gets its authority from the constitution, and the constitution got its authority from the gvt.(circular logic) And if you don’t believe me, then there are “consequesnces”.(fallacious appeal to consequences/appeal to violence)
    Because some guy said so.(fallacious appeal to authority)Because the majority agrees(fallacious appeal to numbers/appeal to democracy). Because “everyone” knows that.(more appeal to numbers) Because you are a/an [insert insult]if you don’t know. (ad hominem fallacy)
    There I just proved citizens and state via statist “logic”. It’s so easy to prove your premises when you can just start and end with the conclusion via wishful thinking/ magical thinking !

  2. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ radicalDude, wow, nice. If it wasn’t for the sarcasm, then I’d think you were from quatloos. They’d probably praise you for having the only intelligent comment here. 😀

  3. RadicalDude Says:

    How about this type of statist “logic” (illogic really), something like:
    The evidence the law applies is that if you commit a crime, you will be arrested.

    I have seen statists make this type of (non)argument where they are offering their hypothetical speculation that if someone were to hypothetically commit a crime then that person would hypothetically be arrested or a judge would hypothetically convict them or a prosecutor would hypothetically prosecute them in their hypothetical situation and they will say that their hypothetical speculation “proves” the law applies.

  4. Bangalore Says:

    Is there soon to be an android phone app?

    i.e. Push a button on the phone in court and then loudly from the speaker comes the voice of a guy with a Long Island Accent saying: “Objection! Here is my un-signed written guilty plea but the prosecutor still has provided no evidence showing the constitution or codes apply.”


    A suitable response to any situation in court… Pro Se Phone app…

  5. miguel valencia Says:

    I’m writing on behalf of my brother Miguel Valencia who is currently incarcerated for driving without a license.He told me he has been in contact whit you prior to his arrest.He would really appreciate if you can recommend someone to help him with his case.Please send any information to or send to his E-Mail.He gets access to a computer a couple of times a week. Thank You Leonardo Valencia

  6. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ miguel, I sent over the notice of appeal already, I need more info for a motion for new trial. We can also do a federal habeas petition.

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