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NSP – Mar 29, 2014 – Co-host: JT and Guest: John from MN

Posted on March 30th, 2014 by Calvin

Co-host: JT and Guest: John from MN, who joins us in the last segment of the show to share his adventures in legal-land as part of the Same ‘ol Lie World Tour.

Show Notes:

Caller’s Topics:

  • John from CA: promoting the “article V convention clauseconstitutionalist reformation project <> resisting oppressive government as intended and instructed within article V of the constitution <> disrupting the status quo by building a platform for the people to dissent <> Mark Levine’s steering/takeover of the “article V movement” [very similar to the neo-con takeover of the TEA party] <> complacency and fear are being socially engineered by the “powers-that-be” to keep people from organizing against them <> appearing “crazy” to the general public by discussing government’s lack of evidence to connect their legal extortion instruments to their victims <> if you are looking down the barrel of the bureaucratic gun, how should you act? <> and building a social consensus on how to peacefully deal with criminal government.
  • Greg from CO: the system has inherent vulnerabilities <> media-rep needed in the Denver, CO area this coming Monday at 11am [post here on the forum Greg] <> challenging the prosecutor’s evidence that they’re required to produce to meet their burden-of-proof <> the judge says the prosecutor “better” provide evidence of jurisdiction <> and Marc’s assertive objections made during Ian Freeman’s DMV administrative hearing.
  • Dallas from TX: domestic terrorism by questioning the evidence that bureaucrats claim they have to prove that the constitution and code apply to us non-bureaucrats <> questioning the county tax assessor on factually HOW do their assessment codes apply to anyone’s private property <> the “pay-or-get-shot” attitude of an off-the-record prosecuting attorney after redirecting a courtroom full of defendants down to a lower level room away from the judge <> “using their government code to request official documents that show how their process applies” to the targeted property <> the courts are proceeding under a commercial code to unlawfully take what they want from their unwitting victims <> effectively responding to a CP-59 form letter sent from the IRS to so-called “non-filer’s” <> and shedding the fear of persecution to pursue the truth behind years of organized racketeering and extortion.


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  1. Andy Says:

    @John from CA, what does essentially everybody agree on? Way more than 75% (super majority) of people agree that no person should initiate force and threat of force against my individual self and my property. Essentially 100% of people can say that is true for themselves.

    If I am ever to AUTHORIZE anyone to represent me they will first and foremost convey unequivocally that no person, group or government shall initiate force and threat of force against Andy and his property.

    No constitution is necessary.

  2. NonE Says:

    Draft version, or Final Edit? – NonSurviving

  3. Calvin Says:

    This is the natural resting STATE for the full archive-quality podcast, after I have applied all the audio/rhetorical processing [i.e.: show notes and caller’s topics with links, volume leveling, dead-air trimming, visual support, and more…]. If the audio is still at some level of production process, it will be NotEd what STATE/stage the current posted audio is in. The “ version” is the LIVE stream capture directly from the LRN network. The “Draft Version” is what will become the full podcast pending some amount of editorial processing. So, if there is not tag for what version the podcast is; its the final archive-quality version. Whew, glad I can finally clear that up, I know the question was asked some time ago and I am just now responding… I’ll blame it on my left shoulder inner-bureaucrat. 😉


    …now off to work for me. Happy listening! 🙂

  4. Wyndle Says:

    For the caller John that was given so much time to discuss the Article 5 convention: If the “new” CONstitution is based on the power of individuals, would one be allowed to opt out without reprisal? If not then it is 100% the same problem that already exists and will not solve anything.

  5. NonE Says:

    So… that means this is the final edit? – NonClarityOfObtusity (and, no, it wasn’t a long standing comment. Besides… well, never mind. 😉 )

  6. Stal Jan Says:

    Thanks Calvin, I’m more then thankfull to your efforts, and my dog appreciates it to..for listening to it on my player as I walk my dog..she loves the long walks, thanks to your efforts…without this on my player, the walks would last no more the 10 my dog also thanks you, with slobbering licks all of your face, of gratitude.

  7. Snickersbar Says:

    Marc needs to dumb it down even further. These people do not understand the questions that are being asked.

    I was speaking to a cop who had the same issue “I just don’t understand your question”

    so I ask/say:

    “If I told you that a snickers bar 250 Calories and you asked for proof I could show you the wrapper with the nutritional breakdown. Failing that I could show you the calorie number on their website and could back that up with a phone call to the Mars corporation and ask them to verify the evidence even further.

    So where is the “wrapper” that backs up your WORD that the laws DO apply to me or any other person because I’m physically standing here”

    It may sound stupid but the cop certainly understood what I was asking and he gave me a “Hmmm, Im sure its written down somewhere if I look for it”

  8. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ snickersbar, I don’t think I can dumb it down any more.

  9. Jill67 Says:

    Hi Marc, I got arrested in Florida, but may go to trial in Maine. Should I submit motions in both places? I have the templates for Maine but I don’t know about Florida. My story is on the forum but no replies yet. Will definitely need and look forward to some help and will compensate. Thanks!

  10. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ jill, I’d file into the court the complaint was filed in.

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