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NSP – Apr 5, 2014 – [ Broadcast Version]

Posted on April 5th, 2014 by Calvin

Show Notes:

Caller’s Topics:

  • Nathan from AZ: is the CONstitution a contract? <> The Law of Nations <> and achieving personal freedom by use of [coercive] national law or natural rights.
  • Al from CA: used the motion to dismiss in a recent traffic hearing <> explaining the circular logic of “the law applies because the law applies” <> and its a kangaroo court because the court is not allowing challenge of evidence of jurisdiction.
  • Bradley from England: update on a recent AiLL challenging 1) evidence of jurisdiction, 2) a valid cause of action, 3) the conflict of interest between to the STATE judge and STATE prosecutor, 4) an injured party/adversary, 5) qualification to give legal opinions/[determinations] <> the prosecutor did not know what corpus delecti is <> told the prosecutor to “shut-up” without generating a contempt of court charge <> avoiding penalty fares on Brittish rail trains <> and how does Marc’s approach of questioning the evidence make for favorable conditions for case dismissals and voluntaryism.
  • Fabrice from England: what’s the difference between the authority of the crown versus the authority of the church <> good behavior by incentive versus violent force <> helping others as a McKenzie friend in UK courts <> utilizing the “charm offensive” <> and publicizing constructive and valuable court activism.
  • Patriot Wonder from FL: in defense of Ron Paul’s statement on Lysander Spooner.

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  1. Stan Says:

    Is there a place to find notices of court dates of people using this strategy in the Phoenix area (east valley)? I would find it informative to attend trials/hearings to experience the courts’ reactions when confronted by someone who knows what they are doing.

  2. Bradley Says:

    Hi Fabrice,

    Contact Marc who will give you my email, I am a fan of Danny shine and seems like you dealt with that one well by just abundance of people interested in such a ridiculous case.

    I have many stories of late of court appearance all sucess using various questions/arguments, some of it realising that court is a theatre and you need to act like an actor.

    Love to chat, I been doing this since 2008 thus have lots of experiences.

  3. Fabrice Bardsley Says:

    Link to video of Helen’s case —> .

  4. Dan Gould Says:

    I dig your style Bradley

  5. KeithOB Says:

    Nice work Bradley.14 tickets kicked out eh?am i entitled to a fair hearing if there is a conflict of interest ,is one of the fundamental set up questions to the man in the robe.

  6. Bradley Says:

    By the way just for the critics, Marc has copies of my correspondences and proof where I have it, including a copy of one of the cost cheques hmcts sent me which I have still not banked as I am appealing that also, e.g the value. You just need to stand your ground and understand your position and try as little as possible to use there books and guidelines but if you do end up there prepare with multiple options. Attack the opposition and not the judge but get your foundation questions to the judge in first, then when they interject which they will do, you say but you said this…… And start using there agreements against them in defending your position.

  7. Bradley Says:

    Keith – plus 3 tickets for other people recently all in is more than 20 at the very least

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