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NSP – Apr 12, 2014 – Co-host: JT – [ Broadcast Version]

Posted on April 13th, 2014 by Calvin

Co-host: JT.

Show Notes:

Caller’s Topics:

  • Vin James from England: return to normal operations from a brief break due to the usual techno-activist/crypto-anarchist tech-issues <> review of Government: Indicted after a first full read <> publicly calling out bureaucratic logical fallacies and brute force <> examining the cognitive dissonance, social conformity, and obedience-complex of the general public <> the Dunning–Kruger effect amongst decadent modern authoritarians <> attorneys deceptively conflating opinion for fact <> determining an abuse of process case by the courts failure to produce the evidence its required to have before filing a complaint with the court and the court’s failure to presume innocence <> and baby-stepping the logical process and questions while engaging attorneys or navigating the courts.
  • Jamie from MN: preparing for trial and requesting media reps <> motions to dismiss are already filed with the courts, but not yet ruled on <> and role-playing to familiarize yourself with dishonest attorney’s deceptive methods and tactics.
  • Tim from CA: confirming the notion that you legally, by order of statute, “do not need a driver’s license to travel” <> and enduring harassment from Stockton PD.
  • Mike from TX: fine tuning court procedure <> calling-out misconduct in the courtroom <> and how to get plugged into the NSP chat role-play.

Editor’s note: the last audio file is the NSP court-prep/role-play online workshop with Jamie, and others from the NSP skype chat, that took place after the show. You can initiate you own online workshop any day, any time as long as you can muster at least 2-3 other participants, just always remember to K.I.S.S. (keep it simply scientific).


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  1. Wyndle Says:

    Out of curiosity, with all of the software related tech issues and the potential conspiracy (where is the evidence?) has anyone from the show looked at FOSS solutions like Linux to make sure it isn’t Micro$oft causing problems?

  2. indio007 Says:

    The opensll exploit doesn’t affect micro$oft by default. The openssl flaw is serious. It is not hype. It is a trivial exploit.

  3. Wyndle Says:

    @indio007 – I’m not suggesting they move the website into an OpenSSL site, I am asking if anyone looking at the tech issues that Marc and the others behind the scenes are having have looked at alternative solutions for specific functionality. I know that I have heard mention of a different voice service being used along-side Skype on a past podcast.

    I know from the YouTube videos that Marc is using a Mac (which uses a specific Linux kernel), but he is still tied into M$ software.

    Or, I could be way off base in skipping the assumption that they are fumbling over how to operate the hardware for every single tech issue outside of Skype outages. I’m trying to give the benefit of doubt on this but it is a possibility.

  4. indio007 Says:

    I guess my point was Linux isn’t really a solution. openSSL was developed for Linux. granted , linux is usually orders of magnitude more secure than Microsoft junk.
    my guess is thier using Skype out of convenience, not reliability.

  5. Jamie Kirdain Says:

    My handicapped parking ticket case was just dismissed. The police officer didn’t show up. But there was still time for the judge to say, “I read your motion for dismissal, and i’m denying it.” It was a good chance to ask her for the evidentiary basis for that denial, but then the prosecutor said she wanted to dismiss it too. In the moment, I wanted to leave more than I wanted to try it out and have to come back; we’d already waited an hour and fifteen minutes for the judge to finish lunch!

    While there, I heard that if just 3% of us took tickets to trial, the courts would have to stop prosecuting, having run out of resources.

  6. Alex R. Knight III Says:


    Wow, EXCELLENT job in front of the group of psychopaths known as the Scottsdale City Council. That singular “No” you got as a response to the prospect of a vote pretty much says it all, doesn’t it? It’s sad to see, however, the kind of numb silence that followed your presentation. I guarantee it went over the head of most of the spectators. The bureaucrats know exactly what’s up though, and they’re conveniently refusing to say boo.

  7. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Alex, thanks, I was certainly not really directing my comments/questions to the council, but to the audience. Some were wide-eyed, looking at me as if I was blaspheming their church. I guess I was.

  8. AL Says:

    How do I handle a procedural magic trick?

    After contesting a parking ticket and having a hearing officer uphold the ticket I requested an appeal. The court appeal is scheduled for 4/29. The magic trick is my citation was then assigned to the Small Claims division of the Superior Court in Rancho California. The second magic trick is that since I had to file it as a small claims case that I am now the PLAINTIFF. So how does a motion to dismiss work if you are re-designated as the PLAINTIFF?

  9. GatorTrader Says:

    @AL . . . First, this is not legal advice as I’m not licensed to practice in California. But, probably, the appeal results in a de novo hearing — which just means they start from scratch.

    If you’re designated as Plaintiff, it seems you could just announce you voluntarily dismiss the matter and the defendant can’t protest a voluntary dismissal . . . but in most states, to contest jurisdiction, you have to do that first. You could contest jurisdiction and then, if that didn’t work, announce a voluntary dismissal as Plaintiff, but I suspect they will “create” some legal mumbo-jumbo and deny the dismissal all around.

    But maybe not. You won’t know unless you try!

    Is the city that gave you the parking ticket located in Rancho, CA? Does that Court have appellate jurisdiction from a City Court (where most parking tickets are heard)? What does the ordinance/statute say? If not then there is no subject matter jurisdiction — which is different than personal jurisdiction.

    How was notice given that you were in danger of violating the law? A sign? Is there PROOF the sign was there when you parked? Don’t volunteer but be ready to move to dismiss if the officer doesn’t offer facts that you were given actual notice. Did the ticketing officer keep written notes? If not, how did he/she know that you had violated the ordinance or statute — how did he/she keep time in other words? Mark your tire — then EXACTLY how long was it between trips and how does he/she know? How can he/she prove that? Did they use a parking meter that may or may not work properly? Does the revenue from the ticket go into the fund that pays the police department budget or his/her salary? What about the Judge’s? Just some questions I thought of off the top of my head . . .

    Good Luck!

  10. AL Says:

    Thanks for you input.
    I am working on converting the demur to a notice that documents why the City and officer who cites parking statutes have not established standing, jurisdiction and valid cause of action. Failure to do the above should invalidate the fine. Then I believe it is appropriate to ask for the refund of the fine, appeal fee and other costs such as mailing fees.
    This whole process of converting the defendant (the one receiving a ticket) to plaintiff is probably intentional, on the City’s part, to confuse the public and it may also shift the burden of proof to the person receiving the ticket.
    I have had to talk to no less than 5 court and city personnel to get simple answers regarding where to even send notices and only one was sure about the procedure.

  11. RadicalDude Says:

  12. RadicalDude Says:

  13. RadicalDude Says:

    Judge Joe Brown talking about his visit to the Florida court and the judicial misconduct he saw:
    “I saw about eight or nine criminal violations down there.”

  14. RadicalDude Says:

    Judge Joe:
    “Challenge the jurisdiction, challenge the qualification, challenge the venue, challenge the service of process, challenge the summons, that’s what a defense lawyer’s supposed to do.”

  15. Rodney Says:

    I love this stuff, and hate the road pirates here in N. Calif. My question is: If I work for the state can they prove that the laws and constitution apply to me if I got, for example, a speeding ticket. Am I screwed because I work for the “d.b.a.” known as the state of California…???

  16. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Rodney, yeah, I think they would hammer you with that. I would encourage you to get a job where support is not compulsory. You can still point out there is no valid cause of action though.

  17. Rodney Says:

    @ Marc Stevens…Do I understand this correctly as this what you’re saying…
    I’d have to use the defense that I am entitled to a fair trial and assumed not guilty of all elements of the crime, one being jurisdiction, therefore they have no valid cause of action (i.e. no victim)… Thanks Marc!!!

  18. Rodney Says:

    Also, FYI… I work for the Dept of Water Resources, where we are about 95% or more self funded by generating power using hydroelectric, and don’t make our $$$ stealing it from people… I hate the idea of living from the compulsory support of other people.

    I also wanted to tell you had the Secretary of State investigate me because I put I was not a “US Citizen” on a voter registration card they sent me when I moved… They claimed it was some state law that I had to register to vote because I moved, so, since I don’t have any evidence that a US Citizen even exists I put I was not one… The investigator really was so confused… LMAO… I find the incredible irony massively funny that they let you vote with no ID whatsoever, but they called me to investigate me because I don’t state I’m a ‘citizen’ of their political body yet I voted in the past… I asked her if she had evidence that I was a citizen, and she tried the old “physical location” thing on me. I told her I’m not Catholic etc… she was silent for a long time, then went back to trying to call me a citizen again, so I corrected her every time. I said I’m not a Democrat or Republican or a US Citizen, just that I was born in a town called “small town”, CA, so I’d agree I meet the definition of a native Californian geographically, but I had no evidence that I’m a Citizen of a political body and didn’t wish to be… I also told her I’m not a slave so I choose not to belong to any political organizations… She was taken aback by that comment… LOL… Thanks for all your eye opening help Marc…!!!

  19. NonE Says:

    Rodney. You’re a trouble maker. We don’t like your kind around here. … Oh – WAIT! I’m sorry, I got that totally backwards. Never mind. – NonE

  20. Dan Gould Says:

    Rodney, I think NonE mistook you for me.

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