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NSP – May 10, 2014 – Co-host: Calvin – [ Broadcast Version]

Posted on May 11th, 2014 by Calvin

Show Notes:

  • Why would you give a “free pass” to someone who is leveling a legal attack against you that could yield some rather heavy consequences?
  • Norman Mailer and Marshall McLuhan’s very thought-provoking discussion circa 1968.
  • The proposal to retitling the “Call-of-Shame” as the descriptively-correct “Logical Fallacy Alley.”
  • A comparatively honest Idaho Tax Commission Tax Agent finally admits he “honestly can’t answer” questions of evidence of jurisdiction.
  • An IRS agent claims, and then later backs down from the statement that “earning income is proof the CONstitution applies.”
  • “If you cannot confirm jurisdiction; you have no business challenging the merits and nothing else matters.”
  • Recommended viewing: “Young Frankenstein
  • How can you “bypass jurisdiction” in a criminal or civil proceeding?
  • Where to file an appeal from the lower court to the higher court.
  • How to intend on pleading guilty to be able to get discovery on the nature and cause of the charges and proceedings being brought fourth against you.
  • The significance of “due process violations” and how to formulate them into a complaint of judicial and/or prosecutorial misconduct.

Caller’s Topics:

  • Tom from MI: report from legal-land of 2 ongoing cases where the defendant is utilizing good questions of evidence <> unusual shenanigans from tricky Detroit cattle-call courtrooms <> the cop amends his original citation to more serious charges after the defendant appeals the rubber-stamping judge’s guilty verdict <> constantly improving your litigation skills <> and “secret weapon statutes.
  • Mike from TX: what to expect for an upcoming pretrial hearing <> getting confirmation from the judge on what he’d consider ripe grounds for dismissal <> properly making your own recordings of your court hearings <>

*Editor’s Note: the show notes and full podcast with much off air commentary will be updated soon, stay tuned.


14 Comments For This Post

  1. NonE Says:

    Calv… Editor sed:*Editor’s Note: the show notes and full podcast with much off air commentary will be updated soon, stay tuned.——-Calvin, You need to get off your butt and get this posted soon, and then after next Wednesday (season finale for Survivor) you can take the entire summer off! Izzat a good deal, or whut? – NonE

  2. Jeffrey Burke Says:

    The luitenent that pulled me over, Refuses Common Law. Stole my truck and locked me up without authority. I submitted a Motion to dismiss with Appeal Courts decisions, and No acceptance Can you help???

  3. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Jeffrey email me, stop the common law stuff.

  4. Jeffrey Burke Says:

    and do what?

  5. Thelawdoesntapplytojudgesorprosecuters Says:

    @ Jeffrey Burke, not even enough info to even get started.

    Your MTD, did you have/schedule a motions hearing?

  6. Jeffrey Burke Says:

    not yet

  7. Thelawdoesntapplytojudgesorprosecuters Says:


    Do you have any idea what you are doing?

    MTD, based on what?

  8. Jeffrey Burke Says:

    Some For 1 thing tell the Judge, They are Stealing our Libertys to gain wealth!

  9. Thelawdoesntapplytojudgesorprosecuters Says:

    What liberties do you have? Our civil liberties were converted into privileges…

    Do you know the remedy to get them back to liberty status?

    The Constitution says our liberties can get taken away if we are found guilty of a crime…

    Even if you convert them over, do you know how to defeat the so-called crime you committed?

    Good Luck on your case.

  10. Jeffrey Burke Says:

    You can not convert a right into a Privilege
    They created a drivers license for converse, I do not make a living on the roadway’s We have liberty to use the common way.

  11. Jeffrey Burke Says:

    Besides that he never read me my rights There is such a thing as Due Process. They held me in jail for 5 days without a court committal.
    also there is no victim. so why do I even have to go to court?

  12. Thelawdoesntapplytojudgesorprosecuters Says:

    @jeff more like a nexus, but right to drive is different than a speeding ticket challenge…

  13. Thelawdoesntapplytojudgesorprosecuters Says:

    @jeff, so what did they charge you with?

  14. Jeffrey Burke Says:

    Drove vehicle without license/ privilege to drive Revoked.
    As a Habitual traffic offender
    Displayed fictitious plates.
    failed to present evidence of insurance.

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    […] Tom from MI: wants to send the motion to dismiss to the cop who issued a traffic ticket, but not the prosecutor[?] <> the cop reissues a more serious “construction zone” speeding ticket after the original ticket of a lesser offense was withdrawn from court <> the benefits of interacting with the courts pro se <> the small amount of court activism that would bring the court system to a halt <> suspects that a “welfare mom” is calling the cops on him because he wouldn’t help her with a car battery jump in record setting cold weather <> armed police confrontation just past midnight for an undocumented and unsubstantiated “noise” complaint <> the police peacefully left the house after Tom and his girlfriend retreated inside, ignoring them by watching a movie <> the [NOT ADVISED] refusal to “voluntarily identify” oneself in court and claiming protections under the UCC <> preserving your right to say you don’t completely understand what you’re signing <> filing a “motion to vacate the appearance date” <> using an unsigned plea of guilty to put the court in the position to determine the validity of the claim […]

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