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NSP – May 24, 2014 – Co-host: Calvin and Guests: NonEntity & Andreas Antonopoulos

Posted on May 24th, 2014 by Calvin

Co-host: Calvin and Guests: NonEntity [,] and Andreas Antonopoulos [, @Twitter]. Join the discussion as NonEntity helps us break through the statist propaganda and social conditioning, and we explore the radical technologies of today that will exponentially facilitate a more voluntary society tomorrow with Andreas Antonopoulos.

Show Notes:

  • The retrospective red-flags raised from Reason Magazine‘s past reporting and analysis of statist-private partnerships such as privatized prisons, RFID tollways, and their handling of the McMartin preschool case.
  • The potential unperceived effects of Edward Bernays type of media manipulation, conditioning, and propaganda techniques that even the more cognitive of us voluntaryists fall victim to.
  • The default discredited nature of government “official stories.”
  • The $6-7 billion dollar estimated revenue loss because of self-driving automobiles.
  • Traffic traps in bureaucratic revenue districts.
  • At what point/percentage will it have to get to for people to chose to opt-out of the corrupt bureaucratic system?
  • There are no good cops because you have an almost absolute inaction internally to defend the “good” cops that try to do the right thing and blow the whistle and fraud, waste, and abuse.
  • The low percentage of non-violent convicts populating Joe Arpaio’s gulag tent-city.
  • The philosophical non-aggression principal is lost on most individuals, even though there is such an abundance of video evidence documenting statist brutality.
  • Teaching your children how to interact with the police.
  • The expectancy and early days of acceptance of stateless cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin at for example.
  • The slow adoption that some technologists, economists, and those with sensational perception-based confirmation biases have with acceptance of, the now repeatedly validated, decentralized cryptocurrencies.
  • The late Aaron Swartz‘s analogy that programmers are inherently talented to the extent of incredible, almost sorcer like, super-powers in their capacity to potentially, and so positively, aid others distressed in terrible living conditions.
  • Bitcoin: the currency versus Bitcoin: the network, design pattern, and invention.
  • The easy drop-down-menu-and-click setup process to start your own cryptocurrency.
  • The conversation and questions technologies like cryptocurrencies generate when comparing them against an objective cost-benefit analysis of other common fiat instruments of trade.
  • The history of successful “currencies of choice” versus the ill-fated historical record of “monopolistic currencies of coercion.”
  • With Bitcoin, possession is 10/10th’s of the law.
  • The security protections of cryptocurrencies against extortion from third parties.
  • Examining the effect of the large portion of unbanked peoples that could, for the first time, have access to trading tools outside the limitations of their immediate oppressive environments with the utilization of cryptocurrencies.
  • The fundamental flaws of centralized systems of authority and how decentralized systems provide increased resiliency against such flaws.
  • “Innovation without permission.” 🙂
  • Utilizing power-equalizing, decentralized solutions and tools that are consistent with real autonomy and fr33dom.
  • Disrupting outdated forms of monopolistic, centralized social authority and policy.
  • The abolition of fictitious STATE monopolized government executed by brute force and ignorance and incrementally replacing it with more consensually-based alternatives.
  • The billions and trillions of dollars simply lost in the fog of war.
  • Public ledger technology is much better at achieving radical transparency than radical anonymity.
  • The effect of manipulated inflation and deflation on cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.
  • Failures with startups providing services via the Bitcoin protocol are due to using functions of the old centralized systems and falling victim to the known vulnerabilities of such obsolete systems.
  • Building systems that “can’t be evil” rather than just simply preaching “don’t be evil.”
  • The risk reducing effect Bitcoin has provided the sometimes dangerous counter-economic markets [e.g.: the failed “Drug War”].
  • A life of many conscientious objections when you believe that “no products or services be provided at the barrel of a gun.”
  • “Decriminalizing” drug use, and other victimless crime, ought to be considered community “devictimization.”
  • The United States, and many other governments, are largely founded upon genocide and coercion, which Bitcoin greatly helps circumvent.
  • Governments aren’t much more than “organized crime syndicates with a flag.”
  • The inconsistencies of those who claim they are pro-free speech, pro-free expression, pro-internet but are anti-Bitcoin; which is an extension of all three.
  • Bitcoin is democracy in its purest form, but ironically shunned by many who claim they promote and believe in democracy.
  • The general poor comprehension of the current parasitic monetary monopoly and new fr33 alternative cryptographic currency systems.
  • The almost forced critical-thinking and examination that technologies like cryptocurrencies invites us to do.
  • Flash crashes of complex high-frequency trading systems that make trades on stock exchanges by running algorithms that automatically analyze “signals.”
  • The very likely mass adoption of Bitcoin, and some of the late-comers to the scene.
  • Even when banks begin to use cryptocurrency, they’ll have much less privilege and control over the levers like they have become used to.
  • Bringing about a voluntary society is not without non-compliance to the [provably non-applicable] constitution and codes of the statist psychopath.
  • Pending CoS/LFA with Greg from Idaho Lieutenant Governor Brad Little’s office who believe that the factual application of the laws is “intuitive.”
  • How many responsive answers have we got on the single, straightforward question of “what evidence do you have to prove the constitution and codes apply?” versus the number of times that inquiry has been submitted?
  • Developing a non-spinable framework of evidentiary questioning.
  • The psychopath Michael King snaps at Marc; “I don’t need evidence, I have a statute!”


17 Comments For This Post

  1. Boxer Says:


    Are you a bitcoin “miner”?

  2. Dan Gould Says:

    NonE is Satoshi Nakamura

  3. NonE Says:

    Satoshi NonAmura, and no, i’ve not been a minor for a few decades. 😉

  4. Boxer Says:


    In the words of Ray Liotta in the movie Goodfellas:

    “You’re a funny guy!”

  5. Robert Says:

    Bitcoin: The centralized portion is the fact that the Internet is required for it to operate and the Internet is about to be taken over. Once this happens, Bitcoin will be no longer. Please comment!

  6. NonE Says:

    Robert, That’s kind of akin to saying, “they’re going to control 1s and 0s and that will make mathematics impossible.” – NonE

  7. Robert Says:

    NonE: No, it’s not saying that they can control 1’s and 0’s, I’m sure your wallet will be just fine on the computer you may have in your possession. However, with monitored and controlled access to the internet, you will not be able to USE your wallet as you will have no access. If the peers are not accessible, there is no network for transactions to take place on. I’m sure this is why they are rushing the new FCC laws and will eventually try to make it law that you need an ‘internet’ license to access it. Users will be controlled and monitored….much more than they are today. I’ve heard that the secretary of finance would like to make Bitcoin illegal. One way or another, they will attempt to squash it either by law or by force or by policy….

  8. NonE Says:

    Robert, “One way or another, they will attempt to squash it either by law or by force or by policy….” Of course they will, and they’ll probably succeed spectacularly, just as they have with controlling drugs, prostitution, gambling and music sharing. Oh yes, I forgot taping movies and sharing them! – NonE 😉

  9. NonE Says:

    Robert, I’m listening to Ernie Hancock and he brings up some concerns which are different, but along similar lines to your concerns. If you’ve not followed him on this you may be interested to do so. Specifically during the break in the Charles Goyette segment here you can here some of these thoughts:

    Personally, I think you are granting (in your mind) too much power to “the government,” and it is that fear that is mostly WHERE they get their power. But that is not to say that you don’t have some valid concerns.

    – NonE

  10. Robert Says:

    Thanks again NonE…..I do not operate from a position of fear, but of truth. This corporation known as the USG has just signed into policy that they can execute any ‘citizen’ anywhere without cause or due process.

    I assume nothing but that those with armies think they control everything: they do not, but many innocent will die. They have already ‘executed’ two. More will follow and wiht a corrupt legal system defending them, we have few options.

    So to think that their attempt to take over the internet can not happen is simply ignorant. THINK……I give them no power or authority. They are bullies who take whatever they wish…..

    Do not live in fear, but in fact…..

    I will listen to the recordings and thanks again!

  11. Incubus Says:

    NonE said, “…here you can here some of these thoughts.” For a self-proclaimed Grammar Nazi, you sure don’t live up to the title. Reggie’s going to school your ass and then rebuke you.

  12. Rod Says:

    Marc, your jokes are hilarious… Why doesn’t anyone else laugh…???


  13. indio007 Says:

    Top 500 Supercomputers Combined = 13 petaflops
    Human brain = estimated @ 40 petaflops
    BTC network = December 2014 = 50,000 petaflops
    January 2014 = 141,000 petaflops
    Today = 974,388 petaflops

  14. NonE Says:

    Incy sed: For a self-proclaimed Grammar Nazi, you sure don’t live up to the title. — Dude, everyone knows all Nazis are self important cretins who are way, WAY too full of themselves! (Besides, I saw that JUST after I hit the Enter key… if there’s any justice at all in this world, that should count for something! 😉 – NonE

  15. indio007 Says:

    Grammar Nazis….

  16. NonE Says:

    Jokes? There were jokes??? ;-P

  17. Wise One Says:

    NonE Says:
    May 28th, 2014 at 2:38 pm
    Jokes? There were jokes??? ;-P

    Yes NonE, these are jokes for a more selective crowd, the ones who appreciate subtle humor, you know all of us highbrow types.

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