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NSP – Jun 7, 2014 – Co-host: JT – [DRAFT VERSION]

Posted on June 8th, 2014 by Calvin

Co-host: JT.

Show Notes:

  • Why would arbitrary rulers, who [re]write history and [re]define terms, have objective definitions for the language we use? (e.g.: “domestic terrorists,” “anarchists,” ect.)
  • What anarchy actually IS and the simple practical application of the non-aggression principal.
  • Those acting as government are fundamentally inconsistent with the guiding principal for a peaceful society; the non-aggression principal.
  • Innocent teenager spent 35 days in jail because he had the same name as the REAL suspect but ‘incompetent’ police didn’t check and other horror stories of police grossly misidentifying their suspects.
  • The statist double-standard: the golden rules of morality and ethics that the “non-privileged class” abide by do not seem to be equally applied to the “privileged-class bureaucratic authoritarians.”
  • Surprise update from Noncompliance Chip on his appeal resulting in his traffic violation conviction being vacated and a reversal of his [non-Texas] felony mala prohibita possession conviction. 🙂
  • Courts get away with so much pro se railroading.
  • The cost-benefit-analysis of D.I.Y. damage control versus cowering to the attorneys.
  • Bad-luck with the jokes.
  • How to challenge the opinion/assumption that a “driver’s license is accepting and establishing jurisdiction.”
  • Belief in authority inevitably causes and perpetuates statist psychopathy.
  • Non-violently deincentivizing bureaucratic attacks.
  • The proper way for a prosecutor to strike a frivolous motion or argument.
  • You might be a domestic terrorist if [INSERT STATIST NEWSPEAK HERE].
  • Sick people who believe that children belong to “the village” and are property of the STATE.
  • Cops killing people for loose non-compliance violations and other Bureaucrats Gone Wild stories.
  • Dave Chappelle’s good reasons for non-whites to be hesitant to interact with the police and when keeping it real goes wrong.
  • New CoS with a “very high-level” Maine tax agent who hilariously claims that the evidence to prove the constitution and codes apply is “they do [apply] because ‘they’ say they do.”
  • Getting the classic dodge of accountability, by way of the “STATE-department two-step,” from Missouri prosecuting attorneys.
  • Getting to the point of consensus with the general populous by continuing to demonstrate how those D.B.A. the legally fictitious STATE are, factually, highly organized criminals.
  • “The truth can withstand the most rigorous investigation.”
  • Raising children without accepting dangerous superstitions by teaching two very important guiding principals: 1) you’re not the boss of me, and 2) treat others the way you’d like to be treated.

Caller’s Topics:

  • Tom from MI: update on the ongoing adventures in legal-land <> the judge’s error-ridden opinion on the prosecutor’s burden of proof <> pending reviews of “Government: Indicted” and “Adventures in Legal Land.” <> upcoming June 18th arraignment hearing for a complaint that has yet to be seen <> filing a “flurry” of motions with the court <> and questions on people who are in prison that have worked with Marc.
  • Herman from NJ: can you use the same questions of evidence as a company/corporation? <> and working offline to assess a resolution from a bureaucratic attack.
  • John from NC: analysis and suggestions for an improved discovery request template <>

5 Comments For This Post

  1. Bradley Says:

    I have witnessed many times court clerks issue warrants and draft orders following discussions with prosecutors without any judge present here in the UK. Court cases here in the uk generally don’t start til 10am however, I have witnessed utility companies in court as early as 8:30 requested rights of entry warrants to properties in order to replace meters just to the court clerk whom grants them and even without the notice of the party involved even knowing the hearing was going to happen. Skulguggery!

  2. Bradley Says:

    Is it just me but did the lady at the end make no sense whatsoever? Or I am being disingenuous?

  3. indio007 Says:

    Hey Marc , I’d really like to see the PDF on citizenship John sent you.


  4. Art Says:

    I have recorded on my phone, where one of the court clerks sent some kind of information to Department Of Motor vehicle to suspend my Driver’s License. Cheif Clerk tolds me that all court clerks have that authority, they can do what they did if they feel like doing it. Can anyone imagine, that i can be arrested and sent to jail by some 4-th party mistake based on their mood,opinion, imagination.

  5. NonE Says:

    Art Sed:Can anyone imagine, that i can be arrested and sent to jail by some 4-th party mistake based on their mood,opinion, imagination.
    Art, it doesn’t take a lot of imagination. Just spend a bit of time watching YouTube videos and you’ll see all kinds of things. I happen to remember a little religious group in Waco, Texas getting burned alive in their home while snipers shot at those trying to escape. And of course a couple of Atomic Bombs being dropped on some people whose “leaders” were attempting to give up. You need to expand your imagination! It appears to be seriously limited. Actually, give up on the imagination and just focus on reality, that’s enough for anyone. ;(

    – NonE

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