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NSP – Jun 14, 2014

Posted on June 15th, 2014 by Calvin

Show Notes:

  • This week’s lesson from legal land: belief in the arbitrary, violent STATE legal-fiction perversely warps one’s moral compass.
  • Responding to an extortion/levy letter from Idaho Central Credit Union in Boise, ID; Darren and Wanda Levy think the coercive nature of taxation and their likely involuntary working relationship with the the Idaho State Tax Commission are “legitimate” and “not relevant.”
  • The sick irony of tax-extortionist accomplices accusing Marc of being “forceful” and “mean” for non-violently asking questions regarding the nature of their relationship to a government that uses intimidation and violence to enforce compliance.
  • There is no need for rulers/violators of the NAP/politicians to preserve a free society.
  • Testimony given under threat, duress, or coercion is inadmissible in court, whether its accurate or not; its wrong to use such force.
  • Debunking the notion that “its not stealing if you do something ‘good’ with the money.”
  • Attorneys deceptively conflating stare decisis with res judicata to attempt to get around their glaring lack of evidence.
  • The defense against the initiation of the use of force, or better put; a real and legitimate threat, is always morally and ethically justified without having to cite any law.
  • Events that trigger the attax dogs after you.
  • If there is any question, doubt, or anxiety about the courtesy that’s extended by coming on the NSP as a politician or critic; refer to Kolby Granville’s appearance from last year.
  • The rank hypocrisy when you can be criminally charged for not assisting a police officer when requested, while police officers enjoy full immunity from accountability when they fail to protect the people that their PR says they are there to protect (contrary to the opinion of the robed psychopaths).
  • Limitations of judicial power based on [evidence of the application of] jurisdiction.
  • With the obvious moral objection to torture/coercion, the objective of the always cunning statist is to redefine/re-categorize acts of “torture” into routine due-process procedure.
  • To show probable cause/RAS, you have to be able to prove jurisdiction.
  • “You cannot violate a rule/law that does not apply to you.”
  • The “putting the cart before the horse” fallacy from tax agents and bureaucrats.
  • The “comply or die” nature of bureaucrats, and making a living outside statist coercion-based system by use of agorism and pioneering technology.
  • Securing BTC against government seizure by employing cold-storage security measures.
  • The dangerous potential for abuse with police and civil asset forfeiture law.
  • The criticism of the lack of success stories of “felony cases being dismissed from Texas courts.”
  • When the judge denies a motion to dismiss, ask him what evidence he’s seen to verify the prosecution has specified exactly what evidence they can produce to prove the constitution and codes apply.
  • Using the leverage of an unsigned plea of guilty to fast-track some answers to questions of evidence.
  • More jokes without landing gear. 😀
  • Using speedy trial rules to leverage the judge to dismiss the complaint of an apparently overburdened prosecutor.
  • Review of Jimmie Vaughn’s show last week.
  • Improving your litigation skills by role-playing on the NSP skype chat with others who have spent time in the lion’s den.
  • No matter what aces you have up your sleeve, do not give the prosecutor a free-pass on their burden to prove evidence of jurisdiction.
  • Considering uploading the first hour of every NSP radio show to YouTube, feedback of your thoughts from this week’s video is warmly welcomed.
  • Because the judge and prosecutor are immune from any civil suits filed by a railroaded defendant, you have to seek out the insurance information from risk management and file a complaint with the insurers.
  • Private courts ran by credit card companies caught and shut-down.
  • How to properly go about filing a claim against a city or municipality for damages and expenses.
  • Looking forward to talking with Bo’s lawyer friend if he’s willing to come on the show for an engaging discussion.

Caller’s Topics:

  • Bo from TX: shared interests and past success of getting citations dismissed from court in Travis county <> the increasing frustration of dealing with bureaucrat’s opinion and precedent on the applicability of the code such as Marc’s objective questioning with Judge Buttrick <> hiding additional legislation within legislative bills sent to capitol hill <> government establishes itself and declares constitutionality under the guise of protecting the rights of the individual despite the courts repeatedly and unanimously ruling that government has no duty to protect <> the majority of people who believe the statist government is legitimate and voluntary <> the positive functions of government despite the fact that everything they do is paid for by criminal extortion <> discussing applicability of the constitution and codes based on birth certificates, UCC, admiralty law, and geolocation with an attorney friend <> and how to avoid signaling a red-flag in the line of sight of the STATE extortionists.
  • Norm from FL: sending a payment via Dwolla for a motion to dismiss template <> challenging bogus charges filed by an overly aggressive kop <> properly raising jurisdictional issues in the correct venue <> if you are booked for a felony in Florida; you are then required to submit your DNA during the booking process <> dealing with a divorce case <> and the bystander effect takes place in a Florida court where a judge physically attacks a public defender.
  • John from CO: anticipating and preparing for an OSHA bureaucratic attack <> government is not afraid of us, they will do what they want <> building a livelihood from working outside the system <> and giving in and complying with senseless regulatory standards just to keep the bureaucrats off you back.
  • Harold from TX:  upcoming court date on the 30th for a “no driver’s license” citation; motion to dismiss has already been denied and there still is a pending discovery request <> nine appearances and a plea has yet to be entered <> government priesthood will do what they wilt to whomever they deem inferior or inconvenient <> the condescending abuse pro se litigants receive from courthouse personnel <> has Marc ever had any experience “exposing the gun in the room” in court in front of a jury? <> a pending trumped-up class B misdemeanor driver’s license charged, that was “enhanced” due to previous convictions, is going to determine the nature of seven other class C charges <> countering complaints filed by a disinterested third party <> being followed home from a court appearance by cops to issue a summons for driving against a judge’s wishes <> having forfeited a speedy trial by requesting continuances, the plan is to challenge probable cause of the witnesses/cops on the stand <> spreading information and exposing the gun in the room through court activism in local courts amongst peers <> the prosecutor claims they are the only party that can motion for a dismissal <> 25% of Harold’s 16 year career income has gone towards paying the STATE to grant their permission to travel to and from work <> and building confidence through experience by persistently interacting with the courts.
  • Tom from MI: final preparations before this week arraignment hearing <> saving Marc’s motion to dismiss template as a backup in case of failure of other motions already filed <> the awkwardness of using the unsigned plea of guilty despite the fact that no complaint has been formally served to the defendant <> how can you bring a suit against the judge and prosecutor for wasting the defendant’s time and money on a unjusticable case? <> the vague and broad application of “disturbing the peace” charges brought forth by abusive LEOs <> hopes of a jury trial to expose the gun in the room to an audience <> and arguing motions with positions of constitutionality instead of using motions to point out the prosecution’s lack of proof of evidence of applicability of jurisdiction.
  • Fred from CA: suing the San Jose municipality/city for expenses and suffering in a case that was won by the defendant using the prosecution’s evidence against them <> the cops doctoring evidence, twice, to attempt to make a valid case out of their bogus “no parking zone” legal-attack/complaint <> fighting tooth and nail to prove your innocence in a system that is supposed to presume you innocent before proven guilty is  unnecessary and costly to the real victim <> and sizing up the city revenue generated by corrupt and abusive operations of aggressive parking zone enforcement.
  • Sam from TX: facing the highest class misdemeanor, just below a felony, in Texas <> local bail-bondsmen denies services because clients are Puerto Rican <> limited on access to technological resources <> learning and recognizing the fallacies that fly wildly in the courtroom from trial a& error experience, exhaustive & expansive research, and pattern recognition <> freedom-to-travel case from hell that actually ends well with the return of seized property <> and keeping a healthy, optimistic, and confident spirit when dealing with future legal attacks.


5 Comments For This Post

  1. indio007 Says:

    G. Edward Griffin has an awesome commentary on the “majority rules” determine truth.

  2. NonEntity Says:

    Excellent talk! Good link. What really gives me hope is seeing all of the people in that rest home jumping up and grabbing their walkers to go out and kick some serious ASS! 🙁

  3. NonE Says:

    Can’t say Mother after Superior… WHAT??? 😉

    DAMN, Marc, this is one of the best shows you’ve had in a while. Major good stuff!

    – NonAl: Martin

  4. mike Says:

    should get this guy on the show A Bum Without a Country
    Mike Gogulski Builds a Life Outside the State

  5. Wise One Says:


    Marc did have Mike Gogulski on the show a few years ago. Go here to get the mp3 link

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