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NSP – Jun 28, 2014 – Co-host: JT

Posted on June 29th, 2014 by Calvin

Co-host: JT.

Show Notes:

Caller’s Topics:

  • Diana from HI: working with assistance during litigation <> the creative, loose standards that legally constitute probable cause for police to trespass against you <> getting a victim of trumped-up felony charges out of incarceration <> what is the best way to halt the authoritah from coming through the door? <> calling out the judge on blatant judicial misconduct for knowingly proceeding without [evidence of] jurisdiction <> requesting a preliminary hearing to determine probable cause <> during the second hearing, there was a second judge and other attorneys present specifically to listen and take notes <> organizing a workshop to learn how to effectively exercise damage control in Hawaii <> pro se success rates <> and the growing interest in Hawaii to not reform government, but to phase government out with consensual alternatives.
  • Citta Dhammo from Thailand: kudos for the embedded non-violent approach woven into the No STATE Project philosophy <> encouraging others to listen to the show because of the high-degree of ethical integrity and stimulative critical thinking <> and avoiding stirring the bee’s nest when you live under an actual king.
  • Bradley from England: more success stories, now from a Florida courtroom <> getting kicked out of a courthouse for observing and suggesting questions while “not being a US citizen” <> coaching a (rather drunken) traffic citation victim [Trevor Thompson] on how to effectively question the evidence of his traffic complaint and open container violation <> during cross-examination, Bradley suggests that Trevor move the court to dismiss the case on grounds the witness is either withholding or suppressing evidence <> in a very rare moment in jurisprudence: the judge tells the prosecutor that he’s “not here to prove your case” as the prosecutor requests the infamous “free-pass” <> the traffic and open container complaint were tossed from court after a surreal and short 10 minute hearing <> the greater failure rate with reaching consensus with people outside of court <> British Transport Police is considered a private organization <> the judge and court personnel describing their operations as “business” <> after confirming a case dismissal over the phone, the court will not remove the case off the docket, why? <> case from 2010 finally dismissed and award granted <> and thoughts on Gordon Hall.
  • Mike from TX: requested that the cop write that there was “no injury” when writing up a “no seat-belt” citation <> how to proceed with a “no seat-belt” violation in court <> using the fact that there is no injury plead as the basis for other legal challenges like lack of corpus delecti, lack of a valid cause for action, and a lack of jurisdiction <> and familiarizing oneself with court procedure before having to litigate.
  • Terry from MI: the STATE swiped Terry’s bank account for not properly complying with some sort of arbitrary $2,055 “driver’s responsibility fee” <> certain MI statutory offenses that the STATE can use to execute a levy against your assets <> is there any way to get back money that had been seized by levy? <> the legal immunity corporations enjoy when complying with an [arbitrary] order from the STATE <> and the socially destructive effects of the court’s so-called “corrective actions.”
  • Mike from TX: complements to the well drafted motion templates <> the judge grants the motion to vacate the forced plea <> before the beginning of the trial, the defendant moved the court to dismiss the prosecutor’s case on grounds that they [the prosecutor] was not ready to proceed because they clearly have not provided sufficient discovery <> cop was a no-show at trial, breaking his word that he’d be present for the trial <> confusion by legal jargon <> needing, but not having, the unsigned plea of guilty <> what you can, and cannot, say during different types of court proceedings <> Eddie Craig’s video What The Government Doesn’t Want You To Know About Your Drivers License <> where can you find documentation that outlines the required elements that the prosecutor must prove in their case? <> still working on sending money for a motion to dismiss template <> problems getting the NSP skype chat to sync <> and the hearsay nature of an affiant.
  • Patriot_One from FL: stating your beliefs and positions on an issue and asking them “where you are wrong” when questioning bureaucrats <> and using the “jurisdiction of the church” analogy to disspell the common superstition that there’s jurisdiction simply because you reside in the dioceses of the STATE.


7 Comments For This Post

  1. Bradley Says:

    Just to confirm it was not the judge that took me for a beer, it was Trevor

  2. NonEntity Says:

    In a TEXAS MINUTE? Are you getting your salsa commercials confused?!

  3. NonEntity Says:

    Hmph! Iron Maidrn beats out talking about jurisdictional issues regarding the ownership of property, huh?

    Okay. I can see where your priorities are now!


  4. NonEntity Says:

    P.S. Thannks Calvin for getting this out so fast! ♥♡♥

  5. Jonathan Rabbitt Says:

    We already have anarchism. There’s just this small problem with narcissists, sycophants and violent gangs.

  6. NonE Says:

    Thanks Bradley… I thought that it was VERY strange that the judge took you out for a beer! 😉

    – NonFoaming

  7. citta Says:

    Silence implies consent …… not if you are using an ATM machine.

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