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NSP – Jul 12, 2014 – Co-host: JT

Posted on July 12th, 2014 by Calvin

Co-host: JT.

Show Topics:

  • Upcoming Libertopia Festival and Jackalope Freedom Festival appearances and video reports.
  • The difficulty of getting more politicians on the No STATE Project radio show as part of the Same ol’ Lie World Tour which questions their very sacred, and quite psychopathic, operating presumptions.
  • How much more publicity is it going to take for the arbitrary nature of government, as proven and documented in the CoS section of the website, to go mainstream?
  • Senior Deputy Secretary of State Cannot Prove Laws of State Apply.
  • Pointing out that the presumption of applicability of the law, and its subsequent codes, is causing real harm and loss to an untold mass of peaceful victims.
  • We would be criminals if we acted in the exact same manner as the government D.B.A. “the STATE.”
  • Tracking down insurance information from the risk management department of a municipality.
  • The unflinching moral blind-spot of so many bureaucrats.
  • “It is of no moment.”
  • The judge cannot determine probable cause because the judge has not seen any evidence to prove the laws apply in the first place.
  • Career prosecutor Richard Harper’s problem with answering simplistic questions and concern with not being featured on, especially the Call-of-Shame, after describing the questions of evidence as “mumbo jumbo.”
  • Anatomy of a Murder as featured on
  • Missouri prosecutor, Richard Harper, cannot, or will not, name a single witness with personal firsthand knowledge that the constitution and codes apply.
  • Things that are criminal for you and I are not criminal when those calling themselves government grant themselves “lawful authority.”
  • Streamlining a template to file insurance claims against colluding judges and prosecuting attorneys.
  • Update on the resurgent legal-attack being mounted against Bill, and his business, exploring some of the prosecution’s blatant fallacious contradictions within their own statements.
  • If you are a critic of the material presented on the radio show, books, or website, then please address such criticisms on an open forum so we can be properly corrected.

Role-play workshop with Joey and Jenny from South Carolina:

  • The right way and the risky way to file your paperwork.
  • Comparing and contrasting the nature in which government provide their products and services with the way the rest of society provides their products and services to the marketplace.
  • Getting the judge’s permission to act in a advisory councilor role during court proceedings.
  • The anxiety-inducing intimidation tactics used by predatory judges and prosecutors in many courtrooms.
  • Countering the common distractive gaslighting techniques used by prosecutors and judges when they cannot answer your questions.
  • Role-playing an arraignment.
  • Making objections to the prosecution’s vague BS assertions, such as “the ticket is evidence of jurisdiction.”
  • Countering the dismissive and misleading line “that’s a issue/question for trial.”
  • For a judge that is looking to force a plea upon you, you can set him up to disqualify himself by asking if they “are under the impression you are refusing to plea?”
  • Tracking down the real perpetrator of threat, duress, and coercion in a legal attack.
  • Dealing with judges that don’t accept what they call a “conditional plea.”
  • Judges are supposed to verify that the proceeding is legitimate.
  • Overcoming courtroom fear and intimidation.
  • Adventures in parenting.

and continuing the conversation and court preparation with Michael from Texas and his current adventure in legal-land:

  • The “I smell alcohol” line police use to escalate their roadside legal attacks.
  • Asking questions equates to refusal to comply for short-tempered Texas police officers.
  • Objecting to the use of force to extract blood and other specimen.
  • Keeping you dialogue limited when interacting with the police.
  • The historical use of torture techniques persecutors use to obtain the confessions they want.
  • The defendant filed an eloquent motion to reconsider.
  • The grounds you’d cite in a motion to vacate a forced plea where the judge is picking up the prosecution’s burden of proof.
  • Its prosecutorial misconduct when the prosecutor makes arguments outside the facts and evidence.
  • Richard Harper isn’t the smartest crayon in the box, but he knows when to keep his mouth shut.
  • The judge becomes unhinged when the defendant asks questions of evidence to prove jurisdiction.
  • Calling the judge out on his breach of his obligation to presume you innocent before a case, backed up by evidence and facts, is presented before him by the prosecutor.
  • How can they show probable cause, or reasonably articulable suspicion, without first proving it applies?
  • Asking the judge how he factually connects the defendant to a constitution drafted generations ago?
  • Getting agreement from the judge on common fallacious positions we can predict the prosecutor is going to make. 😉
  • Engaging in role-playing to refine one’s litigation skills.
  • Asking leading questions to discover if there is any evidence to prove jurisdiction.
  • All you are simply doing is asking for the evidence their arguments are based on.
  • The many instances of prosecutorial misconduct you can expect from the prosecutor.
  • The effectiveness of asking the judge and prosecutor if their application of the law is arbitrary or not.
  • Your objective is to go from the prosecution’s vague arguments to the specific facts that their arguments are based on.
  • Familiarizing yourself with common logical fallacies used in the courtroom so you can point them out on-the-fly.
  • Making a basic objection based on [lack of] fairness, whether it be 1) the judge picking up the prosecutor’s burden of proof or 2) the judge not presuming you innocent before seeing facts and evidence from the prosecution to prove your guilt.

Editor’s Note: Since I could not overcome my technical difficulties, I am leaking the full podcast recording before the scheduled end of the broadcast. I would notify the Skypers, but my Skype has a bug in the form of a infinite loop stopping the program from launching the username and password login screen. 🙁


2 Comments For This Post

  1. citta Says:

    MUMBO JUMBO . (Richard Harper).. you should have responded “I’m sorry, I’m not a lawyer, is that a legal term?”

  2. John Says:

    One of the best recordings yet, Marc. Very helpful second half for those prepping for court. Listened to it twice.

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