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NSP – Jul 19, 2014 – Co-host: JT

Posted on July 19th, 2014 by Calvin

Co-host: JT.

Show Notes:

  • Anarchy: completely rejecting the concept of “rulers.”
  • Remembering the legendary, awe-inspiring blues guitarist Johnny Winter who recently passed away at the age of 70.
  • The frustrating tech issues of the past week.
  • Join Marc this August 2nd at the 2014 Jackalope Freedom Festival.
  • Weighing the benefits over the risks of filing complaints against aggressive prosecutors.
  • If you simply disagree with the Franchise Tax Board, you’re automatically considered a “tax protester” who likely occupies a “fortified compound.”
  • The intimidation and overbearing leverage prosecutors have over their victims.
  • Moments of psychopathy from America’s police booking departments.
  • Brutal acts of animal abuse from unhinged police officers.
  • The easy high-school level language used in writing the paperwork.
  • Filing a counter suit/claim for a damages and losses due to the prosecutor’s use of threat, duress, and coercion to force their legal attack.
  • McAllen, TX judge busted for DUI pleads with cops, ‘Please let me go, you are going to ruin my life.’
  • The crazy irony of the tyrannical state of Virginia incorporating sic semper tyrannis into their state flag considering their distaste for such publications of the likes of the “Assassination Politics” essay by Jim Bell.
  • Adventures in strength training and lessons in wound dressing.
  • Government: Indicted is a full working model of how to deal with government legal attacks.
  • Government is established to secure and protect institutional slavery, as noted in Government: Indicted.
  • The logic and process of the unsigned plea of guilty.
  • The essential importance of using the word “objection” during proceedings to preserve such objection(s) for appeal.
  • When they attempt to claim that jurisdiction in established within the ticket, you can then turn around and ask “what on this ticket do you consider evidence that proves the constitution and its subsequent laws apply to me?”
  • How much “respect” should a judge expect to be entitled to when they are using brute force to gain attendance and compliance to the court’s arbitrary proceedings?
  • Writing the motion to dismiss to cover criminal and civil complaint simultaneously to avoid them playing their legally shifty “games.”
  • Any complaint is deemed to be improper for adjudication if it does not set forth a legitimate adversarial context.
  • Delilah’s experience with getting confirmation or denial on what evidence the prosecution has to prove the constitution and codes apply on the phone or in writing before any of the court hearings.
  • Gun ownership should always consider the question “under what circumstances do you believe you are justified in taking my [force-equalizing] self-defense instrument away from me?”
  • Asking no more than “do you have any evidence of wrongdoing?” to the police officer during a traffic stop.
  • Lobbying for insurance policy reform for the insurers of bureaucrats to require audio/video documentation of all interactions with the public.
  • Keeping your dialogue consistent with the spirit of resolution.
  • Prosecutors will often attempt to avoid directly addressing what you’re presenting within your motion(s).
  • Objecting to the prosecutor’s misconduct when they repeatedly make arguments outside the facts and evidence.
  • The difference between a citation/complaint versus an actual justiciable case.
  • The importance of a Brady request and why you’d want to include the question “what facts and witnesses do you have to prove the constitution and codes apply?”
  • “A complaint is insufficient if it lacks facts to set forth a crime” and to have a code violation; they first have to prove the code applies.
  • Techniques of getting dialogue on some of the key evidentiary issues you’ll want to challenge.
  • “Irrefutable opinions” (Vlandis v Kline) are violations of due-process.

Caller’s Topics:

  • Joey and Jenny from SC: the judge denies the defendant permission to record the hearing, even after a Glik decision reminder, saying only “recognized media” are allowed to record <> Police Chief says he’s taken a “sovereign citizen” training course, making the erroneous assumption that’s what the defendants are operating upon <> the prosecutor pulls the defendant aside and offers a 0-point $100 amended charge plea-bargain <> other traffic citation victims paid 3-5x more and got points on their driving record 🙁 <> overcoming the anxiety induced by the intimidating and brutal court system <> and considering the effective damage control in the form of a reduced fine, no points towards the driving record, and the invaluable experience of standing up to statist extortionists; it was well worth it to litigate pro se.
  • Tom from MI: kudos to those overcoming the stress of pro se litigation and exercising effective damage control <> review of Government: Indicted <> past work with Johnny Winter, and other music legends, as a sound engineer <> update on the “disturbing the peacecomplaint that was never formally issued to the defendant <> magistrate acts as the judge, prosecutor, and witness and other courtroom shenanigans <> the judge does not want to discuss evidence of jurisdiction from a witness with personal firsthand knowledge until after a plea is entered <> magistrates typically do not want to follow their own rules [of evidence] <> the system racially, and disproportionately, targets non-white “offenders” <> unintentionally accepting the jurisdiction of the court by being tricked into signing certain paperwork <> the judge does not like to be addressed by her first name <> the court enters a “not guilty” plea on the defendant’s behalf and refuses to provide the actual complaint to the defendant <> past experience where a judge ruled in favor of the defendant in the face of their objections on the grounds of basic due-process violations <> the complaint/ticket is not evidence of jurisdiction [so don’t accept that response from the prosecutor, and in court: “objection; non-responsive”] <> when the defendant refuses to pay the an outrageous bond, the judge surprisingly waives the bond <> update on the second citation in litigation: the prosecutor’s sloppy response to a motion to dismiss by 1) conflating criminal nature of the complaint to lessen the burden-of-proof and act as an [poor] excuse for denying granting the motion, 2) claiming the simply [being forced to] getting a license to operate a vehicle is acceptance of jurisdiction, and 3) “there is no legal basis for the claim for dismissal.” <> and sympathetic judges giving lighter sentences to real criminals who cause real harm.
  • David from TX: asking the complainant questions, at the scene of the citation, that the prosecutor would object to in the courtroom so you can at least get some sort of official statement to the questions that are most often dodged <> David had concerning observations about a police officer, who went on to murder a college student during a traffic stop, when he was his counselor years back <> and raising awareness by “playing their game” and lobbying the legislature for mandatory audio/visual documentation of all police incidents.
  • Art from NY: the effective use of the unsigned plea of guilty to avoid them claiming you are “refusing to enter a plea” <> threatening prosecutors suggesting their victims to cower and follow their orders <> the prosecutor and judge do not like to give grounds for some of their key denials and rulings <> understanding the nature of the collusion between the judge and the prosecutor <> the judge left the building after finishing with the lawyers, leaving the rest of the defendants for the court clerks/staff to extort <> cops pushing for plea bargains and making decisions on behalf of the defendant in court <> and no responses from anyone from the court on the filed paperwork.

13 Comments For This Post

  1. indio007 Says:

    kudos on the fast upload!

  2. Calvin Says:

    Thanks! This is an experimental test that’ll likely continue.

    You’ll notice that the broadcast version (usually 64kbps, 44kHz, mono) is stereo, that’s because I have the raw stream on the right channel and the ‘leveled’ stream on the left channel. This preserves the original broadcast in its purest form and includes an audio optimized counterpart. So you open the .mp3 with audacity and ‘split’ the stereo track, you’ll have a mono version of your choice of either version of the audio. 🙂

    Myself, I like the stereophonic effect of having both streams at the same time, it adds a depth effect that reflects audio positioning in an interesting way. 😉 Let me know if this is something you’d like to see included with the posts from here on out.

  3. desertspeaks Says:

    Listening to one of the callers, I can’t recall his name but he was “mistakenly” listed as the plaintiff..
    The “prosecution” CLAIMS that he submitted to the jurisdiction of the court by having a license!!!!!!!
    Forgive me if I’m missing something but IF you don’t have a license, then you are NOT SUBMITTING THE THE COURTS JURISDICTION??
    And that brings us to,.. Tickets for DRIVING WITHOUT A LICENSE! how do they make the case that if you have a license that you submit to the jurisdiction AND on the other hand if you don’t have a license, you are still under the jurisdiction of the court??? Damned if you do and damned if you don’t??
    In the REAL WORLD it makes NO SENSE and the laws contradicts itself!

  4. NonE Says:

    YO, Marc! So you’re confused about how some people whose minds are so free and uninhibited that they can make extraordinarily creative musical performances might end up having “substance” abuse issues. Really? Would you also be confused as to how it might be that people who often kill themselves driving into telephone poles and other things like this might coincidentally have alcohol consumption problems? Uh… Dude!

    Gary Duncan of Quicksilver Messenger Service said, “We all lived together and we took a lot of drugs. [It] sounds a little trite, but drugs had a lot to do with it. Weed, LSD, speed, DMT, you name it… we took it and played music on it. Not advocating drug use, it’s just a fact.”

    Just sayin’, you know. Just sayin’.

  5. citta Says:

    Driving License – when passing the driving test ( in UK, not sure USA ) you get issued a ‘Competency Certificate’ which is then submitted / exchanged for a driving license. This would allow you to gain employment as a driver ie taxi driver, bus driver etc. As far as i am aware you are competent to drive a private vehicle and the license is proof of your capacity to do so but you are not operating under it unless acting in commercial activity.

    (this info could be 30 years out of date)

  6. Andrew from Canada Says:

    RE: substance abuse.

    The brain produces it’s own chemistry to activate/stimulate certain parts of the brain. Psychotropic substances affect certain parts of the brain in various ways. A brain, in it’s individuality, will maintain a certain chemical balance which may provide the individual with a certain affinity in, say, arts or engineering.

    That is why some people are natural artists while others only BECOME artistic while under the influence.

    I’ll go ahead and support that by producing a lecture by Dr. Michael Persinger at the Laurentian University (41 minutes):

  7. NonE Says:

    Andrew, Each of us is different. I agree with your statement. That someone may choose to enhance his or her own natural proclivities seems uncontroversial to me. It’s also worth noting that there are many ways of altering the body’s (and hence brain’s) chemistry: meditation, brain-wave entrainment, running, and probably power lifting among many options. I have very limited bandwidth but will attempt to view the video you’ve linked. Thanks. – NonE

  8. tom Says:

    So what did they file in the motion to dismiss on the traffic ticket?

  9. Dan Gould Says:

    Is there evidence that supports the notion that naturally artistic apptitude is diminished under the influence? For me personally I am not naturally artisctic so I need all the influence I can get.

  10. NonE Says:

    My experience is that often my artistic vision is expanded whilst under “the influence” but my expressive capabilities are diminished. So what I find is that my mind gets expanded and sees the world in a different light, a different manner, and then once the influence has worn off I still have that understanding but I’m now in a state more capable of expressing that new vision of reality.

  11. Joey Says:

    Tom, the motion to dismiss has 6 points and main point is that there has been no facts or evidence submitted proving the laws and codes apply. Until the prosecutor proves their vague allegations with actual facts and evidence a (fair) judge should dismiss based on lack of jurisdiction, and failure to prove all elements of an alleged crime exist.
    However most judges are not fair and will work in collusion with an officer or prosecutor to get you to abandon your questions and enter a plea.

  12. Joey Says:
    This is a link to what police departments are teaching their officers about sovereign citizens as talked about above. It is scary to see how the cops are grouping all people who ask questions into one category. Cops are learning to treat people who dare question their authority as hostile and threats to all officers everywhere.
    When in reality the real threat is the coming from the coward cops who place their own safety above those they swore an oath to protect.

  13. brad Says:

    If you do receive a name, it may be a “sovereign” name, compounded with “El” or “Bey” and intended to denounce their association with the name provided them by a government entity.
    I thought this was an interesting point.

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