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NSP – Jul 26, 2014 – Co-host: JT

Posted on July 26th, 2014 by Calvin

Co-host: JT.

Show Notes:

  • Next week’s No STATE Project radio show will not be live, but will be all new content, so tune into for your weekly report from legal-land.
  • Marc’s response to the all-toofamiliar over-emotional critic spouting-off that “Marc Stevens is a COMPLETE F**KING MORON !!!
  • Debunking the common assertions that the act and basis of taxation and the getting a driver’s license are somehow voluntary.
  • Marc recounts an incident where the cops threatened to set his car on fire if he didn’t comply with the demand to produce STATE-permissive travel documents.
  • Bureaucrats believe they have jurisdiction solely based on geographic location and their say-so, not because of ALL CAPS, maritime law, UCC statue, Freeman, or sovereign citizen unproven theories.
  • The reasons why you have out of control cops that are killing people in open daylight, and the amount of community effort it will take to physically restrain them in the moment while they’re racking up a body count of even more peaceful individuals.
  • Marc’s recent interviews on July 22 on Brian’s “Max Resistance Round Table” and on July 23 on Doug Voluntaryist’s “Drive By Commentary” series.
  • How-to role play using skype. [Although, we are interested in testing other VoIP clients. Contact Calvin for details.]
  • Join Marc next week, August 2nd, at the Jackalope Lov3 & Freedom Festival and on November 13-16 at the Libertopia Festival in San Diego.
  • The questions you’re asking the judge are really to define and confirm the parameters of the prosecution’s requirements and are ultimately questions for the prosecutor.
  • Being denied the ability to ask questions is a violation of due process on grounds it compromises the fairness of the proceeding.
  • How to counter when the judge wants to consider the ticket/citation as the evidence of jurisdiction.
  • You have to role-play, preferably with the experienced folk in the NSP skype group chat, before you are fully prepared to effectively defend yourself against the team of STATE persecutors.
  • All you are simply doing when you go to court and question their evidence is you’re taking their assertions and asking for the facts they’re based on. 😉
  • Going from their vague legalese statements to specific facts.
  • Overcoming the intimidation of courtroom authority figures by addressing bureaucrats as simply ‘sir’ or ‘mame’.
  • If government products and services were so truly necessary, then why do they have to force people to pay them?
  • Florida woman, who took Joe Biden’s bad advice, and fired a ‘warning shot’ in response to an aggressor, is now being denied a self-defense hearing.
  • Questioning them on what the STATE actually is or refers to.
  • Using an unsigned plea of guilty.
  • Epic potential Call-of-Shame with a “high-profile spokesman from New York” and another one with a Deputy AG from NH.
  • The deep lack of empathy that makes a bureaucrat a medically-defined psychopath.
  • Don’t stop with just challenging jurisdiction in court to counter prosecutorial legal-attacks, question jurisdiction at city hall meetings and any other venue you are able to inject the questions. 😉
  • How to destroy the facade of the presumption of innocence by asking questions that expose the judge is assuming the element of jurisdiction, entirely, without any proof provided from the prosecution.
  • Technically, you can only waive your right to counsel on advice of counsel. :-/
  • Making assertive, opportunistic objections.

Caller’s Topics:

  • Tom form MI: going through a transcript of a court hearing from this week with a very distracting judge-prosecutor tag-team <> the expense and risk of taking on a legal attack pro se <> the use of “points” on your STATE driving record as a secondary source of extortion for the insurance cronies of the STATE <> citing their rules to establish the minimum threshold of evidence the prosecutor is required to meet <> clarifying to the judge how the prosecutor’s reply to the defendant’s motion to dismiss was non-responsive <> the judge says “there is no legal basis for the claim for dismissal” as his grounds for denying the motion to dismiss <> the prosecutor pretends the motion to dismiss is only raising criminal issues and deceptively shifts the legal burden-of-proof to civil and claims the defendants motion is erroneous <> the court is conveniently not required to maintain a record of the proceedings <> deconstructing the “pay-or-get-shot” nature of the proceedings <> the judge is perplexed when asked if the defendant is “presumed innocent of every element of the crime” <> judge doesn’t believe he has to answer any questions from the defendant <> the judge completely denies addressing the formally raised issue of the prosecutor’s evidence needed to prove jurisdiction <> the judge says “you need to read the motor vehicle code, not the constitution” <> the judge mocks the defendant and claims they don’t know the difference between a “civil infraction” and a “civil case” <> the judge claims the district court “is not adversarial” <> verifying whether there’s a valid cause for action by examining the required factual elements of 1) the violation of legal rights, and 2) actual damage <> using Ian Freeman’s administrative DMV hearing as a guide on how to litigate in the lion’s den <> walking through a rather lengthy and arbitrary denial of the motion to dismiss <> plan b: flurry of motions <> the hardest thing to do in an aggressive courtroom is focus <> and prepping for the other bogus complaint where the court has not submitted a copy of the written complaint to the defendant.
  • Troy from IL: what to file in response to being forced to plea <> arrested for driving on a suspended driver’s license when picking up his wife from her workplace <> the cops said the defendant wasn’t under arrest, but wanted to arrest him for resisting arrest <> the judge wants to grant the defendant permission to file a motion to dismiss, but gets the bait-n-switch on the next court date <> the helpfulness of deferring back to the script and the issues within the motion to dismiss as a form of recovery from attorney judo moves <> the judge arbitrarily denies a motion to dismiss saying its frivolous, but would not specify which part(s) exactly were frivolous <> signing paperwork with the additional statement “this is not a plea” to mitigate the risk of the judge claiming you are pleading “not guilty” to the charges just by filing paperwork <> requesting your plea from the court when they claim you have somehow already entered one <> filing a motion for reconsideration <> seeing the collusion between the judge and prosecutor firsthand <> and how to properly raise the conflict-of-interest issue.
  • Mike from TX: treading through an arraignment release <> judge baffled by the question “what facts has the prosecution provided to you to prove jurisdiction?” <> the efficiently streamlined extortion designed to fleece vulnerable uninquisitive defendants <> falling victim to courtroom gaslighting, intimidation, and peer pressure <> using role-playing to better prepare and build confidence to litigate with bully attorneys <> the judge maintains no presumption of innocence when the defendant questions what evidence the prosecution has produced to prove jurisdiction <> pointing out the fact you are being forced to proceed with the hearing without being made aware of the nature and cause of the charges and proceedings being brought fourth against you <> how to deal with underhanded threats of mental competency <> defense attorneys often compromise your rights <> the court admits it has to prove their cases beyond a reasonable doubt in their intro video <> and encouragement from nearby attorneys and spectators to “keep on” with the challenging litigation and for not giving the prosecutor a free pass.

7 Comments For This Post

  1. Jack Worthington Says:

    Well, Marc, you handled Steven Bates very well. The vast majority of people cannot do the things that Bates suggests. Bates completely discredits himself with the use of explitivies and ad hominem attacks. I would flee Bates were I in his vicinity.

  2. 11:11 Says:

    RE: Tom from MI: I do not know how it works in Michigan but in Louisiana, in a Motion Hearing, you’re allowed to call witnesses to testify. I suspect that’s why the cop was there because he expected to be called to testify.

  3. JP Says:

    I cannot find your “podcast” anywhere on itunes? Can someone direct me to it? Or is this just an MP3 download thing? thx

  4. Calvin Says:

    I’ll give you two links which may be useful. The first one is the one you asked for and the second one is an RSS feed for the podcasts, use whichever works best for you.

    iTunes feed RSS feed

    Both are found on this page:

    I don’t know why the iTunes feed seems to have a delay in picking up the podcasts…

  5. El Says:

    Listened to this the day after I sent the Court an Answer Letter denying their assumption that I was in possession of under an ounce of evil weed. Did not understand, challenged jurisdiction and told them to prove it.

    I resisted EVERYTHING the LEO wanted the evidence….there was none.

    Felt really confident I did right, then they sent a letter telling me I was scheduled for trial, just like that. Talk about railroading. Anyway, I folded. I’m not in my place of power to fight right now so I paid. 650.00.

    So much for investing that into my small business.

    HOW THE F does this self-eating system continue like this? I literally could not make products to save my life due to the fear. And it’s SO easy to pay, like any bill. Seems like you can get away with anything in system if you just pay.

    I’m so sad, I feel like a coward. Even after I did my DUE DILIGENCE.

    I hate this crap that why I’m here. Fooled me once….

  6. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ el, it continues because they have terrorized enough people into compliance. Don’t worry about it, keep learning, confront them at city council meetings or on the phone and you’ll be better prepared if there is another attack. File to get the money back or file a claim against their insurance.

  7. Jonathan Rabbitt Says:

    Ask the magistrate if you could have an ounce of that reification he’s on.

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