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NSP – Sept 6, 2014 – Co-host: Calvin

Posted on September 6th, 2014 by Calvin

Co-host: Calvin.

Show Notes:

Caller’s Topics:

  • Gilbert from CA: attempt to contact a dodgy agent at the CAFTB <> getting paperwork challenging jurisdiction into the hands and eyes of an agent who’ll actually respond to the issues raised <> and more circular logic and strawman logical fallacies when questioning the applicability of the law is conflated and mischaracterized as “a debate” in California family court.
  • ‘I Am Self’ from the NSP skype group chat: “what’s frustrating is that they act like the words appeared by divine conception on a piece of paper or in a computer without ANY TYPE of human aid or assistance; and THAT is why it applies and is valid.”
  • Gary from British Columbia, Canada: property ownership within the concept of a voluntary society <> claiming “jurisdiction” before a court in defense to protecting oneself within their own property from an imminent threat with force <> do property boundaries really exist? <> legal complexity versus common sense <> how do we solve the free-loader problem in a voluntary societyd? <> and bringing on a firm supporter of the constitution on the NSP radio show to debate the merits with Marc.
  • Tom from MI: splitting up motions that have multiple issues/challenges into as many motions as possible [a.k.a.: motion flooding] <> in Michigan, allegedly, you are not entitled to discovery when charged with a misdemeanor crime according to the MI court rules <> how to go about filing a motion to disqualify the judge <> and sending an information request to all parties involved with a summons that has no documentation.
  • Ben from FL: a friend concludes that working towards bringing about a voluntary society is dreamy <> and how do we solve the free-rider problem in a voluntary society?
  • Mr. Black from PA: compliments on the interview with judge Buttrick questioning him on what evidence is there to prove the constitution and codes apply <> and how do you properly file a writ of mandamus to the appellate courts when a lower court judge denies your motion(s) without stating any grounds?
  • Joe from IL: a sneaky travel-documentation check from the local police <> the police mailed citations to the vehicle owner, not the driver, for a seat-belt violation and disobeying an officer of the law <> being physically threatened in court to provide incriminating information against oneself <> serving a writ of habeas corpus on the fly <> additional traffic citations issued with the time and date the defendant was actually in court <> a new and unique way to call out the favoritism the judge has for the prosecutor and his witnesses by asking why he allows the prosecution’s witness to wear a firearm into court <> and joining the NSP skype group chat.

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  1. NonEntity Says:

    I only listened to parts of this, but themain takeaway I got was that most of the callers were antisocial cretins who sincerely believe they are wonderful people. For instance the one Canadian who thinks people are great but worries that if there are too many of thrm then he won’t be able to control them. Then there was the other guy who liked the idea of voluntary interaction but was concerned that if people weren’t living their lives the was he wanted yhem to then he would need to be able to light a fire under their asses.

    Makes me want to sing the Lee Greewood hym to genocidal ethics. 🙁

  2. NonEntity Says:

    Oh yes… I forgot Calvin’s new word! Ostritchisize. Cal, is that like when you take someone else’s head and shove it firmly in the sand? I can see some really beneficial uses for this! 🙂

  3. NonEntity Says:

    Oh yeah… what the hell has property lines got to do with one choosing to protect one’s self from an attack? ??? WTF?

  4. 11:11 Says:

    I gathered that the caller was trying to say something along the lines of since you have a legal description of your property, then that must apply to the state’s boundaries as well?

    @NonEntity “Oh yeah… what the hell has property lines got to do with one choosing to protect one’s self from an attack? ??? WTF?”

  5. NonExclusive Says:

    NonEntity, I can see you got your own show, congratulations.

  6. Spooner Says:

    I went to court back in June for “driving while suspended”. I filed marcs motion to dismiss and they had at least 5 cops waiting in the lobby I’m assuming was there for me (I felt special) lol….anyways, I basically destroyed the prosecutions case in a matter of minutes and she didn’t know what hit her lol….Marc,I don’t think you realize how much you mean to people. the knowledge you have taught me is worth more than any material possession on earth…thank you!

  7. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ spooner, thanks, I appreciate that. Sounds like you got a dismissal, do you have that in writing? Can you give us some details?

  8. NonE Says:

    It must still be Sunday morning SOMEPLACE, huh Calvin? (By the way, a new season of Survivor will be showing up in the not toooo distant future, so you’d better get your XXXX together! 😉

    – NonSurviving

  9. spooner Says:

    you’re welcome, Marc. and yes I have it in writing. I settled for damage control. went from 150$ to 50$. I would’ve fought it to the full dismissal but statist pukes make me nautious so i wanted to get the hell out of there lol…oh and when i filed the motion the traffic clerk lady basically threatened me and said i was going down a dark path….what the?

  10. Buddy Says:


    I would have to concur. Marc took my beliefs and turned them upside down. His books have taken me on an exceptional journey in discovery that felt a lot like this:

  11. SovereignDirt Says:

    Can’t wait to download the low quality version w/ off air comments!

    He’s our man,
    if he can’t do it,
    maybe somebody else can!?

    Monday Sept 8, 2014 5:04PM CST

  12. NonE Says:

    YO! Calvin! It may still be Sunday in Mizzoorah, but over here in Arizona it’s Monday afternoon! :p

  13. NonE Says:

    I remember Sunday morning
    I would meet him at the park
    We’d walk together hand in hand
    ‘Til it was almost dark

    Now I wake up Sunday morning
    Walk across the way to find
    Nobody waiting for me
    Sunday’s just another day…

  14. Incubus Says:

    Is that all you do is whine about others not working fast enough to your liking?

    Why don’t you contribute instead of complain all the time? Oh, wait. Nevermind. Survivor’s on…grab the Bonbons and do what you do best; nothing useful.

  15. NonE Says:

    Incubus, if you’d pay attention you might have noticed that I have probably praised Calvin for all of his wonderderful work behind the scenes than anyone else here. Just because your sense of humor is fatally flawed does not mean that the rest of the world must live in a Protestant hell where no one is allowed to have fun and smile on occasion. As my favorite person in the world is wont to say, “Life is to serious to take seriously!”

    But don’t worry, there’ll probably be another Sunday coming up in a while, so all is not lost!

  16. Rod Says:

    “I don’t need evidence, I have a statue.” is a statement that essentially says “You are my slave and we are your Masters.” It really is no more complex than this. He thinks we are his slaves. Yes, it is a “cast” system for sure, which is why they buried the original 13th amendment in my opinion. There is only two ways to get someone to do what you want; cooperation or coercion. Coercion is done with “the stick” of course. I think you (Mark Stevens) should consider using the word “Slave” when these psychos start talking this way… Just my 2 cents.

  17. Rod Says:

    My reference to the 13th amendment was not to imply I think the constitution is anything more than 4 pieces of paper…

  18. Incubus Says:

    Aha. I see. My sense of humor is “fatally flawed” thus your delusional self-entitlement is justified. And of course, I clearly despise joy and laughter. Gosh, you’re so intuitive.

    Is it to serious or too serious?

    The problem, other than you expecting the world to cater to your wants and desires (typical statist), is you’re just not funny. If you had something clever to say I’d laugh.

  19. Calvin Says:

    @NonE: LoL. I know my feed was breaking up during the live broadcast, but I g_t my uninterrup___ trac_ _ploaded in the full podca__. 😉 Then again, there is a good deal of fragmented thought and poor pronunciation in there as well, so point taken.

    The podcast took some extra time this week as I had to step away from the workstation Saturday night, and after 2-13 hour shifts on Sunday and Monday, I don’t have time till Tuesday to get cracking at it again. So, if anyone is so inclined to allow me to quit my Sunday shift to guarantee podcast production ASAP, contact me and I will send you my BTC address.

    I enjoy the humor and the patience. My goal is to produce a high quality, content rich, audio archive for the show to preserve its value and maximize the educational experience. I find it useful to have the show topics and caller’s topics indexed for reference, so generating the show notes can sometimes add to longer production times. I know others have found the material on this site resourceful as well, so I will continue to keep on with production as much as opportunity allows.

  20. NonE Says:

    Calvin, So to make sure I’m clear on this, if you send me enuf Bitcoin and I then allow you to quit working on Saturday, you’ll remove all of my chances for making fun of you? Izzat correct? Due I have that right? I don’t know, man… I’m thinkin’ it’d hav’ta be a lotta Bitcoins. Lemme think on it and get back to you, okay? (I’ll need to discust this with inkubust, too, of course.)

    P.S. You know that now that you’ve made Wednesday the new Sunday, the Survivor show people are going to have to change all of their schedules and stuff. Did you think of that? Huh? Huh? … I didn’t think so!

  21. NonE Says:

    A Sirius question: It seems to me that I heard long ago that if someone pointed a gun* at you this was considered a mortal threat and that taking defensive action was legally warranted. *Probably an intentional aiming, not an accidental one.

    Does anyone know if that is or was true? I’m asking this question in the context of the apparent current common practice of most/many/all government agents to automatically draw a bead* on you the moment you happen to come to their attention.

    – NonSoftTargetMaterial

    * a bead, many beads, a WHOLE LOTTA beads, etc.

  22. NonE Says:

    Kudos to ANDY for this quote from this podcast. Go to this forum link to read…

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    […] Joe from IL: update on his psychopath circus of three ‘contempt-of-authoritah‘ charges for appearing in court for a friend who was running late <> being legally literate enough to draft a writ of habeas corpus on the fly <> filing counter-charges against the cops who have caused actual injury, loss, and damage upon the defendant <> why pay a lawyer who is going to lose your case for you, or sell you down the river? <> says he has respect for law and country as a law abiding citizen despite a lack of reciprocal respect from the system <> overcoming our personal bias in our personal search for knowledge <> the bureaucratic targeting of political dissenters <> how are the claims stated in court rulings and other documentation [circular logic] not evidence the code applies? <> and some role-playing of evidentiary questioning and litigation. […]

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