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NSP – Sept 13, 2014 – Co-hosts: Calvin and JT

Posted on September 13th, 2014 by Calvin

Co-hosts: Calvin and JT.

  • New video responding to P.I.O. Jerry Cobb and his logical fallacy of appeal to the stick.
  • Marc’s short call with Maricopa County manager Tom Manos.
  • Posing the question of the statist double-standard to bureaucrats.
  • The Feds are “determined to meet [percieved] ‘threats’ through infiltration, disruption and dismantling of organizations which seek to challenge the legitimacy of [its arbitrary] authority.”
  • Bureaucrats conflating “society” and “the STATE” as one of the same.
  • Examining an extensive government study on multi-departmental agency prioritization of perceivedterrorist threats.”
  • Calling bureaucrats out on equivocation and other logical fallacies often draws the predictable response “you’re just using semantics.”
  • While people are packing up to fight for ISIL in Syria, “sovereign citizens” top the list of terrorist threats, despite the lack of history of them conducting acts of violence.
  • Overcoming government generalizations and common assumptions.
  • Michael Hayden’s [possibly off] analysis that “anarchists” are “the most dangerous group of cyber-sinners.”
  • The comparison of the social hazards and deadly consequences of a monopolized, and militarized, police force to the social hazards and deadly consequences of “sovereign citizens.”
  • Better assessing risks and dangers in society based on facts and evidence.
  • Taxation is simply taking property by force.
  • The contradiction of logic when considering one a terrorist for objecting to all forms of terrorism. 😐
  • Crypto-abolitionism: abolishing the obsolete monopoly of the STATE through means of liberating, mathematically secure, autonomous, technological systems.
  • The challenge to leak the Patriot Act section 215 and torture authorizing legal-opinions locked away in a safe.
  • Examining the assumptions and lack of evidence the prosecution holds in the Ross Ulbricht case.
  • Lawyers and judges flipping the situation to dodge actually giving responsive answers to a defendant asking effective questions of evidence.
  • 1) Assuming facts not entered in evidence, 2) making arguments outside the facts and evidence, or 3) presuming guilt of an element of the charges before being presented with proof of  guilt/application are all violations of due process and can be used to file a complaint of misconduct.
  • Hell is the absence of reason.”
  • Security researcher submits that the Feds are lying about how they obtained the ‘real IP’ of the Silk Road servers, implying that the likely unlawful practice of parallel construction was utilized to obtain incriminating data.
  • “Justice” is a low priority function of government.
  • The type of people that are attracted to government office.
  • Psychopaths are still human, we only criticize their behavioral disorders.
  • The extreme treatment of high-profile targets/victims/dissenters of government, while murderers are able to dodge such treatment while incarcerated.
  • Violators of human rights often avoid jail or any sort of accountability because they are acting behalf of, or with sanction of, the STATE.
  • Whistle-blowers who present us with information that more accurately portray the state of affairs empowers people to make better decisions on how they delegate their support for authority.
  • Non-enemy combatants are executed by democratic governments, more so than actual enemy combatants, every day.
  • Advocating the use of more effective peaceful activism and dissent instead of violence to object against arbitrary rule by force.
  • Americans turning a blind-eye to extreme domestic, and foreign, political persecution.
  • The fascistic revolving door between mega-corporations and political office.
  • Attorneys enjoy multi-hundred dollar “consultation” rates with the protection of the violent monopoly of the STATE.
  • Jerry Cobb’s colleague goes as far back to the ancient Greeks to derive applicability of the CONstitution.
  • Dan Evans does not treat others as he’d like to be treated and fails to meet a decent standard of research with his publications of half-baked criticism.
  • Making every attempt to get a critic, who said they’d come on the show, to elaborate on their criticisms.

  • Appeal to consequence logical fallacy: “The sound of the handcuffs on your wrists is evidence the laws apply to you.”
  • Schizophrenic application of law by bureaucrats.
  • Update on John Myser‘s recent arraignment where he explains he’s “legally incompetent” to respond to the confusing legalese of the judge and prosecutor.
  • The judge and prosecutor in John Myser‘s case engage in ex parte communications.
  • Applying the medical definition of a psychopath as outlined in Government: Indicted to judges and bureaucrats.
  • The addictive properties of authoritah exercising their authoritah.

21 Comments For This Post

  1. Saul Rosenburg Says:

    I’m reading over the show notes and see nothing about Jeremy. I take it he pussied out?

  2. Calvin Says:

    I did make a vague reference to it with the show note “Making every attempt to get a critic, who said they’d come on the show, to elaborate on their criticisms.”

    Methinks no need to give it more publicity than it deserves.

  3. Saul Rosenburg Says:

    Thanks for the pointer, Calvin. That’s unfortunate. I was looking forward to the intellectual (I use that term loosely) sparring. Perhaps rationale got the better of notsurejeremy. Good for him.

  4. indio007 Says:

  5. NonEntity Says:

    YO, Marc! I gotta say that on that county manager thing I think you’re outta line. The way I see it is that dis guy iz workin’ inside of an organization, with the members of that organization. It does not appear as if he is actually acting in a coercive manner with anyone. Itz kinna like if you started questioning the housekeeper of a Mafia boss. Capeesh?

    – NonRigatoni

  6. Boxer Says:


    Yeah, pretty sure Marc already addressed this in his last book when he described those who were religious or against murder/war working in the defense industry and the same person stating that “well, I’m not the one doing the killing”. That same person is benefiting from those very crimes they supposedly despise, yet, they have no problem with them as long as someone else is committing them.

  7. NonEntity Says:

    Addendum to above: Marc, I would day that your wife’s job with yhe hodpital and her culpability in that criminal cartel is about equivalent to yhr county manager’s culpability in the violence of the state actors.

    Just to put things in perspective.

    – NonGrossGeneralizations

  8. desertspeaks Says:

    Hi Marc,
    You got to lois lerner and her invocation of the 5th amendment..
    I personally sent Issa the following, presuming he and everyone else in congress were completely oblivious to it “since they pass legislation without reading it”
    18 U.S. Code § 6002 – Immunity generally

    Whenever a witness refuses, on the basis of his privilege against self-incrimination, to testify or provide other information in a proceeding before or ancillary to—
    (1) a court or grand jury of the United States,
    (2) an agency of the United States, or
    (3) either House of Congress, a joint committee of the two Houses, or a committee or a subcommittee of either House,
    and the person presiding over the proceeding communicates to the witness an order issued under this title, the witness may not refuse to comply with the order on the basis of his privilege against self-incrimination; but no testimony or other information compelled under the order (or any information directly or indirectly derived from such testimony or other information) may be used against the witness in any criminal case, except a prosecution for perjury, giving a false statement, or otherwise failing to comply with the order.

    Did Issa ever invoke 18 usc 6002?? NOPE! Did he ever reply in any way? NOPE!
    They ignored it as though IT DOES NOT EXIST!

  9. Incubus Says:

    Can we all agree the next time NonEntity goes all grammar-crazy on someone we can just reference the above post as reason for him to to not go all grammar-crazy?

  10. NonEntity Says:

    Naw, that won’t fly. There’s a difference between bad grammar and simple stupidity! 😉

  11. Boxer Says:

    I’m inclined to believe that I was the target of NonE’s grammar hit piece. If so, it’s a mea culpa moment but I have a valid excuse as I was toilet typing and had a limited window of time to get the, um, “thought”, out.

  12. NonEntity Says:

    Boxer, your point is well taken regarding those religious people who work in the killing industry. I have a friend who years ago worked in a garage. It was a long time before he came to realize that he was working for the Mafia, taking care of Mafia family cars. I’m thinking that when you are in a position of directly threatening people you have no excuse of ignorance.
    – NonE

  13. Harold Says:

    Marc, I just found an interactive column called ‘Ask the judge’ by flathead publishing group. I sure would love to see an article responding ti your questions of evidence. If ‘the judge’ would be willing to respond that is…

  14. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Harold, send the link

  15. Susan Says:

    General question. Has anyone used the “no applicability / jurisdiction evidence in the record” technique for a Bill Collector attorney going for a summary judgement against an ignorant medical billing victim?

    When the Judge presses ahead and invokes a summary/default judgement ignoring a demand for evidence of applicability of code, what is the next step? Object? Motion to reconsider? Appeal?

  16. Harold Says:

  17. 11:11 Says:

    @Harold: Judge Fagg? Thats funny.

  18. Harold Says:

    You just cant make this stuff up… ; )

  19. The Raw420 Says:

    Great bass playin, love the sound, what’s your set up Marc? I recorded a song called ‘shut up Richard’ sing and play bass in the band Fly Cutter. I rode skateboards with Jeff Ament of Pearl Jam here at the Glendale skatepark in California. Also rode with John Silva Nirvana’s manager. Jeff has a complex up in Montana. I’ve been listening since 2008 love the shows keep em comin in hot!

  20. marc stevens Says:

    @ the raw420, not what you may think, it’s a pretty nice bass, an Ibanez, the amp is a tiny Crate guitar amp. Hopefully we’ll have a jam at libertopia this year. I’ll bring a better amp, BiL gave me a nice Fender a few years ago.

  21. RAD Says:

    “Roughly 31 percent of the cases we handle are civil, 25 percent family and 16 percent criminal, with all other cases rounding out the other 28 percent.”

    “What people do to other people, even loved ones, is astounding at times.”
    “Deciding who children should live with, or how much a person should be sentenced to is sometimes quite challenging. Of course, these two areas are probably the most important things a judge does.”

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