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NSP – Sept 20, 2014 – Co-host: Calvin and Guests: Jeff Berwick, Bradley, & Keith

Posted on September 20th, 2014 by Calvin

Co-host: Calvin and Guest: Jeff Berwick.

  • Marc on the Anarchast podcast.
  • Lyn Ulbricht on the Anarchast podcast where Jeff explains Marc’s material when discussing how prosecutors routinely deny discovery.
  • What is the vision and mission of the Dollar Vigilante?
  • What to expect with the next economic collapse.
  • Free-market solutions to STATE monopolized services and products.
  • The always increasing and compounding of unbound monetary inflation.
  • Growing dependency on social and corporate welfare.
  • You’re always entitled to your own opinions, but you’re not entitled to your own facts.”
  • The cooked economic data.
  • Mainstream news channels suffering major continuous losses in ratings.
  • The use of Orwellian terms in economics and social conditioning.
  • Uncorrected parasitic and manipulative market forces.
  • The questionable solvency of precious metal reserves.
  • Overcoming people’s normalcy bias and assumptions.
  • The critical role the internet has played in exponentially expanding critical thinking.
  • The willingness to change one’s perspective based on new information and evidence.
  • The relative ‘freedom’ one can enjoy in different countries.
  • Directly dealing with personal conflicts.
  • A Canadian bureaucrat thinks a writ of seizure has nothing to do with the taking of any one’s property.
  • Why did you become an anarchist?
  • Bill Buppert’s excellent ‘brush fire freedom’ communication skills.
  • Scotland’s Independence Would Ignite Secessionist Movements Worldwide.
  • Secession would be wisely, and better, achieved through peaceful non-compliance.
  • Preparing to emancipate from an authoritarian government.
  • Economic, social, and political unrest will facilitate a paradigm shift towards peace and freedom.
  • John Locke’s definition of an ‘illegitimate government’ is a government that rules arbitrarily.
  • “Government is an unnecessary evil.” 😉
  • Bureaucrats tend not to exercise corrective logic.
  • Bankrupt government sponsored enterprises.
  • Bitcoin is a key technology that will help in bringing about a voluntary society.
  • Keynesianism is a form of brain damage.
  • “You cannot change systems, you must build new systems to replace obsolete systems.”
  • Bitcoin technology is the new standard for bank accounts.
  • Marc’s attempt to questions the NY Bitcoin persecutors on what evidence they have to prove application of their laws to Bitcoin users.
  • 3-D printed houses, cars, and guns, oh my!
  • What is the internet, anyway?

Find Jeff’s work at,,, and

Guests: Bradley and Keith from England

  • Its always advantageous to respond to an IRS letter/summons immediately rather than later.
  • New Call-of-Shame with an IRS Agent that can’t explain beyond “I don’t know why the constitution applies.
  • The effectiveness of using objective records of admissions from agents and bureaucrats against them in court.
  • The key importance of requesting full disclosure/discovery, prima facie evidence, and all witnesses be available for cross-examination.
  • The use of pseudonyms by government agents.
  • Conrad Black calls out the corrupt justice system.
  • Proof of sending documents to the court.
  • Yet another success story from Bradly: complaint dismissed from court because the pro se litigant requested discovery, prima facie evidence, and all witnesses be available for cross-examination.
  • Critics who like to move the goal-post to avoid being called out on their BS.
  • Judges and magistrates fail to follow their own law on a routine basis.
  • Not allowing the judge to give the prosecutor a ‘free pass’ on the factual issue of jurisdiction.
  • A template for the intended plea of guilty and a template for a discovery request are part of the motion to dismiss package.
  • Make calling the prosecutor and asking them “what facts and evidence do you have to prove your CONstitution, code, or laws apply?” part of your litigation.
  • Refusing to plea until the defendant has had disclosure.
  • Keeping your ‘collateral attack’ focused on the prosecutor.
  • Rebutting the assertion that the ticket is evidence.
  • Unless under extraordinary circumstances, you are generally not allowed to make arguments outside the facts disclosed in the discovery process.
  • Upcoming video demonstrating how easy it is to call attorneys out on their logical fallacies such as appeal to consequence.
  • Courts assuming jurisdiction despite the noted lack of evidence.
  • The ‘four legs’ of jurisdiction.
  • The nature of adversarial proceedings.
  • The point of citing case law.
  • Lawyers get pissed when complaints of misconduct are filed against them.
  • Update on Keith’s child custody case where they appeal to the higher courts for adjournment.
  • Getting ripped a new one by a higher court judge.
  • Lawyer’s will try to manipulate you into a position or situation.
  • Simplifying your oral statements and written paperwork.
  • Wearing a black robe to court hearings and calling court actors by their first names.
  • The failure of abiding by the golden rule by respecting other people’s autonomy.
  • Having some fun playing a bit of the name game back on the attorneys.

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  1. Pete Says:

    One mistake Berwick makes is saying, “Governments print money.” It is true that the people at the treasury department make all the coins and paper money, but these are sold to the banking institutions for the cost of production (About $0.13 per hundred dollar bill). All so-called money in our system is created by privileged people called bankers when debt is created. When a borrower signs the loan documents to buy a house or car, the banker simply credits an account via ledger entry or computer keystroke and the “money” is magically created on the spot. The borrower must then pay back this “money” plus interest for borrowing something the banker never had! For this reason many people think the modern money system is a legalized-counterfeiting, debt-enslavement scam.

    Less than 5% of “money” is physical cash. The vast majority of modern money is what Murray Rothbard called “checkbook money,” which is ledger entries or digital blips on a banker’s hard drive.

    The people posing as the U.S. Government do not “print trillions” as Mr. Berwick suggested. The government people get all their money by borrowing from the elite bankers (a.k.a. Federal Reserve), or by taxing the debt slaves whose money also came from debt.

    Otherwise, great interview with a wonderful guest!

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    […] Keith and Bradley from England: Keith’s McKenzie friend, Bradley, was banned from last week’s hearing, at the plaintiff’s request, and is now being accused of UPL <> dissident citation escallation <> objecting to non-witnesses giving testimony <> getting the judge to stop the plaintiff from referring to the defendant by using accusatory assertions rather than calling them by their name <> building confidence in litigation through experience <> the uncompassionate nature of family courts <> objecting to the judge conferring with the prosecutor in ex-parte proceedings <> the strategic reasons for litigating cases in the higher courts where judges tend to respect procedure and evidence a bit more than in the lower courts <> the lack of professionalism in the courtroom <> disclosure is extremely important in an effective defense <> using the prosecution’s argumentative promiscuity against them in your arguments <> and pushing to set precedent for full representation by McKenzie friend in UK courts. […]

  2. NSP - Feb 28, 2015- [UPDATE: FULL PODCAST+] - Says:

    […] Brady from England: George Galloway exposing the Iraq and oil for food scandal and owing Senator Norm Coleman <> the few hopeful politicians <> Kieth’s [from Australia] 1000 mile journey <> update on Keith’s case: there’s a one-year stay on the case <> Keith’s adventures trading up <> Bradley has managed to get 80+ parking tickets dismissed from court and 40+ misconduct complaints filed! <> a cop does something peaceful by stopping kids from harassing one another <> effective damage control: 5 charges against Danny Shine got dismissed with Bradley full representing him as a McKenzie friend <> Bradley has maintained a damage-control record of “not one criminal charge proceeding to trial” <> successfully got an abducted child back to their mother <> adventures in fighting home evictions and getting stays <> got a drunk and disorderly charge thrown out for a few old ladies <> exercising effective damage control by realizing that it is impossible for them to follow their own rules and directing your defense accordingly and adaptively <> never submitting a plea before disclosure <> objections are considered an “American thing” by UK judges <> getting disclosure using a subject access request <> utilizing adverse possession to defend your property <> being charged with attempted burglary for filming a dancing security guard to stop him from attending a hearing <> first time experiences of offensive police intimidation <> and the push-back from prosecutors when you try to operate in the capacity of a McKenzie friend. […]

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