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NSP – Sept 27, 2014

Posted on September 27th, 2014 by Calvin

Show Notes:

Caller’s Topics:

  • Keith and Bradley from England: Keith’s McKenzie friend, Bradley, was banned from last week’s hearing, at the plaintiff’s request, and is now being accused of UPL <> dissident citation escallation <> objecting to non-witnesses giving testimony <> getting the judge to stop the plaintiff from referring to the defendant by using accusatory assertions rather than calling them by their name <> building confidence in litigation through experience <> the uncompassionate nature of family courts <> objecting to the judge conferring with the prosecutor in ex-parte proceedings <> the strategic reasons for litigating cases in the higher courts where judges tend to respect procedure and evidence a bit more than in the lower courts <> the lack of professionalism in the courtroom <> disclosure is extremely important in an effective defense <> using the prosecution’s argumentative promiscuity against them in your arguments <> and pushing to set precedent for full representation by McKenzie friend in UK courts.
  • Noncompliance Chip from NC: it took twenty months for a court to hear an appeal from a defendant that has been convicted <> success story: after a long-awaited appeal hearing, all felony charges were dropped and the self-representing defendant was no longer considered a ‘felon <> the very consequential downside to using an attorney who doesn’t really have your best interests in mind and in heart <> using NSP chat-groups to prepare for court using role-play and drawing off other people’s personal experiences <> strength and confidence through experience <>

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  1. indio007 Says:


  2. Bjorn Hansson Says:

    Thank you Marc, JT & Calvin for the work to make No State Project accessible.
    For someone like me who did not have the capacity to question the concept av statism before Ayn Rand and Capitalism the Unknown Ideal 25 years ago leading to-
    todays values of Agora,Anarki and living a Life of Voluntary relations have been a long journey to understand and implement.
    I have bought your books,but, it should be said that I fell into Adventures in Legal Land through a PDF on the Net back in 2007-8 which took me to your website otherwise I would not have been aware of you.
    Thank you for your clarity, definitions and logical reasoning that have been a lifechange for me the last 6-7 years and I look forward every week to your broadcast.
    I apologise for not being in contact and give you the recognition/acknowledgement,give every man his due,over the years. Long time coming ,Thank you!
    Bjorn Hansson, Gothenburg, Sweden.

  3. NonEntity Says:

    Congratulations on your unplanned wedding, Calvin! Were shotguns involved?

  4. NonE Says:

    Okay… Tuesday morning. The honeymoon is over. Back to work.

  5. Calvin Says:

    I just lost 6 hours of work on the show notes because WordPress decided not to save backups of my work for when it also coincidentally decided to throw me an error when I clicked “Publish” resulting in a loss of show notes. I will try to write them up again, I had a lot of very cool links….

    Anyway, the audio wasn’t lost, so the final version of the show is persevered without error, enjoy.

  6. Ben Says:

    @ Marc Stevens

    I would love to hear your thoughts about Adrian Wyllie, a libertarian who is running for FL state governor this year. You both share virtually the same ideals about government, big business, and the non aggression principle. Check out his websites, facebook, youtube, etc. and let me know what you think.

  7. 11:11 Says:

    @Ben, I don’t see how they “share virtually the same ideals about government..” seeing as how Wyllie is for taxation, only lower taxes and for government, only smaller government. They’re nothing alike at all.

  8. Ben Says:

    @ 11:11

    I have to disagree. I think they do, roughly, share the same goals. You have to remember he’s running for governor and for him to get up there and say things like “I’m an anarchist and government is nothing but liars, thieves, and killers!” (which is true) That’s not going to get many people on his side. Especially with people who are addicted to government. They both support the non aggression principle and want government out of our wallets, our bodies, and bedrooms. I just think it would be a great idea if Marc and Adrian were to get in touch with each other. I see this as a golden opportunity for both of them to start getting the truth out to a more prominent majority of people.

  9. 11:11 Says:

    I see where you’re coming from but that thinking is similar to the Ron Paultards of recent times who said that Paul had to lie now to get into office to change things while ignoring that he is a liar.

  10. NonEntity Says:

    So sorry, Calvin! Aren’t computers FUN! 🙁

    BTW- just in case you’ve not be paying attention…Survivor premiers tonight!!!! 🙂

  11. Bradley knight Says:

    Love it where the judge states I am not going to have a kangaroo court (last call). Side subject I had a judge once said, I need to declare that I was the prosecutor former teacher but this was seven years ago but there is no conflict of interest in the case. As it happens case went well but let’s be honest there is a conflict.

  12. euripides pants Says:

    just a thought how to counter the fallacy that the “proof that the law applies is all the people in prison” we could say…”ok lets start there, what evidence was used to prove that the codes and constitution applied to any of those people who are in prison?”

  13. Ben Says:


    Your absolutely right about Ron Pualtard. I got that feeling there was something off about that guy. That little voice in the back of my head was yellin “I wouldn’t trust that old bastard as far as I could throw him.”

    However I believe Adrian is the real deal here. Because three years ago he surrendered his driver’s license in protest to the Real ID Act. Because of how it violates our natural ability to privacy. After he surrendered his license he actually called the local police departments, got on radio stations, and dared the local police to pull him over so he could have his day in court. For three years, yes three years, he did this until finally, somewhere in March of this year (while he’s running for office of course), they arrested him. He did get his day in court but unfortunately he lost, and I wish he knew about Marc then, but he still refuses to renew his license and continues to drive without it. That’s just one of many reasons why, I think, this guy is the real deal.

  14. Boxer Says:


    I don’t have faith in anyone that “runs for office”, however, I am intrigued by the whole “no driver’s license” thing. How, exactly, was he able to keep his auto insurance policy?

  15. 11:11 Says:

    I’m not familiar with this Drivers License incident, however consider that the whole thing could have been staged. In other words, Wyllie could have lost his case in court on purpose in order to reinforce the belief that Drivers Licenses’ are legal and indeed compulsory. Look also at the timing of it during the election cycle.

    Remember, becoming a politician and running for elective office, he has shown himself to be a flawed individual because no normal person wants to have power over another person.

    Further, being a Libertarian the most votes he will receive is around 10,000 so why doesn’t he go ahead and tell the truth, i.e. there is no state, there is no constitution, etc.?

  16. Socratic Jeff Says:

    I notice while listening to the callers, who apparently haven’t read “Govt Indicted” have a far fetched approach in presenting their question in court. I believe it is as simple as knowing everything said is being recorded. You must ask for the court reporters business card. If the proceeding is not being recorded then eat that day and request to have a recording device (video camera or digital voice recorder) back by the rules permitting you to have such for your defense and appeal. When your get past the BAR, don’t let up and keep control of the proceeding. Constantly ask the judge if he is intimidating, bullying you, trying to coerce you with violence to participate. He will swallow his pride then to save face. I have recused three judges back to back because of their one mistake “no allowing the defendant DUE PROCESS” once you master this by way of the Socratic method, the snake called the prosecutor will have constipation and the look of shame each time. You also have to have effective recusal motions too. Just use the transcript against them as evidence and sent the cop a copy too as icing on the cake.

  17. 11:11 Says:

    @ Socratic Jeff: “I notice while listening to the callers, who apparently haven’t read “Govt Indicted” have a far fetched approach in presenting their question in court.” HaHa, I’ve often thought the same thing.

  18. Ben Says:

    @ 11:11 and Boxer

    This is when Adrian surrendered his license.

    This is when he got pulled over for the first time after he got on the radio and dared the local sheriff’s office to pull him over. But they did NOT arrest him.

  19. Larry Says:

    I’m intrigued that in a society where we value the vote somehow this site and its audience finds means to discredit those we willingly elect to GO OUT and champion our interests,needs and dues.
    What about a governmental’less society appeals to anyone but the most fringe. Clearly you value and to a further extent utilize the very institutions you speak so bleakly of. Even by Gods law man NEEDs law and therefore a structure which can only exist with enforcement.
    Seems contradictory to take advantage of infrastructure and elements brought forward to the people only to have them quite honestly mocked by a group who seem angry that perhaps they received one to many wedgies in high school and have taken to pseudo ghost writing and anarchist ideals to lash back at a majority who find the majority of the content on this outlet not only counter productive but cowardly. By your own position we are to have no recourse of wrongs committed against us or our rightfully earned properties? I for one WANT a stable and uninvolved mediator to engage in the relatively rare occasions where I and a fellow citizen disagree or have caused animus.

    Good luck with your project although it’s so remotely fringe and devoid of sense that it’s very existence is laughable

  20. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Larry – so you don’t think it’s wrong to force people to give you money? Please call the show, I have to record this week’s show and we can set a time to record with you.

  21. eye2i Says:

    @Larry: what evidence do you have to support your claim that “we support the vote” equals we the society?
    If i might suggest, your childhood indoctrination is showing precisely here –for starters.? [the bit about “God” being yet another.? –talk about devoid of sense and something laughable– but i’m betting you won’t find it funny? i know i didn’t when i was under that indoctrination still, fwtw]

    And what evidence do you have that most here, around Marc’s website, don’t value “stable and uninvolved mediators”?
    (not to even get into this U.S.ociety not having that even now/already!?)

    And have you at least given any thought to there being more than one “vote” in “our society”? And that the so-called “ballot box” one is arguably the least significant of them all –yet is the one that gets all the attention by most?
    The one vote each of us is patently denied? The very one used in the con artistry –aka given lip service to– popularly known as “The Declaration Of Independence”: consent. Individual “inalienable” consent.
    (the prime tool used to squash awareness of that crucial vote? childhood indoctrination)

  22. Pete Says:

    Larry won’t call the show.

  23. Boxer Says:


    Saw the videos. Not entirely impressed. I’m still confused as to how he retains his insurance coverage.

  24. BO Says:



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