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NSP – Oct 11, 2014

Posted on October 13th, 2014 by Calvin

Show Notes:

  • Join Marc, and many other fellow voluntaryists, at the 2014 Libertopia Freedom Festival in San Diego, CA where he’ll be speaking on the subject of journalistic activism.
  • James’ conviction despite multiple-offense perjured witness testimony.
  • Deconstructing the false presumption of legitimacy unwisely granted to those calling themselves government.
  • Reframing the statist double-standard in court.
  • Examining two very common lies you’ll hear from judges when challenging evidence of jurisdiction: 1) ‘jurisdiction is a trial issue,’ and 2) ‘jurisdiction is a matter of law; not a matter of fact,’ and how to counter such absurdities.
  • How to get signed-up on the forum.
  • Jurisdiction, from the moment its asserted, is subject to challenge at any and every point throughout litigation.
  • Jurisdiction isn’t just an issue limited to the judicial branch of government; jurisdiction is a cornerstone element in the executive and legislative branches of government (according to their PR/CONstitution).
  • Revisiting the grounds-for-dismissal of a complaint filed against the NSA where the opinion is firmly upheld; “there is no doctrine of hypothetical jurisdiction.” <- let that sink in…
  • Their jurisdiction is really just a euphemism for their willingness to kill you for non-compliance to their opinions; a.k.a.: the force continuum.
  • Vox et praeterea nihil: voice and nothing more.
  • Anarchy is not social chaos; it is the abolition of the privileged ruling-class, not the abolition of rules.
  • How to best conduct yourself during a traffic stop.
  • Mike from Texas had a ticket kicked from court for a “lack of evidence,” as stated by the prosecutor. Due to technical problems, Mike could not join us, so we’ll attempt to reconnect next week to get Mike’s story.
  • The adversarial nature of the courts and properly determining standing.
  • Zeroing-in on the prosecution’s lack of evidence.
  • Government [men and women providing their services on a pay or get summoned, then threatened, then arbitrarily detained, then publicly persecuted, then extorted, and then executed if non-compliant basis <- long-form version of “pay-or-get-shot” 😉 ] force their prey/victims/citizens to pay their salaries and their invoices for their toys.
  • The problem isn’t the service in of itself (police, firefighters, road workers, ect), its the manner in which its provided. Because its paid for on a compulsive basis now, does it mean it cannot be paid for voluntarily at all?
  • Abstaining away from making assertions, in doing so you’re taking on an unnecessary burden-or-proof, and sticking to a more objective scientific approach.
  • The importance of a truly fair and independent arbitrator.
  • Judges seem to collectively agree that the rule of necessity overrides your due-process guarantees of a fair hearing; its more important for them to put you on trial than it is to give you a fair trial.
  • Debunking jurisdiction based on location and other common logical fallacies.
  • Who bears the burden to prove what in court.
  • Seeking evidence to prove that the constitution and codes apply is very different from arguing constitutionality.
  • Non-experts on the constitution make determinations that the constitution in fact does apply even though they are not qualified to make such legal determinations.
  • Appeal to tradition.
  • Replacing propitiatory STATE monopolized services with freedom-based voluntary alternatives.
  • The psychological trauma induced by those who so dearly adore and worship the God STATE.
  • When you combine compulsory payment with immunity from accountability, you then have what is known as a ‘recipe for disaster’ resulting in the birth of an anti-social psychopathic Frankencrat.

Caller’s Topics:

  • John from FL: right to travel issue: who owns the car? <> reformatting your position and challenges in the motion to dismiss as a petition for redress of grievances to better secure a favorable outcome <> government do, and also does not, use coercion to achieve their political objectives <> chasing the motor-vehicle certificate of origin (MCO) down the rabbit-hole <> the [perceived] need for government to mediate conflict resolution <> the once good intentions of the now aggressive and victimizing taxation system <> practically dealing with the existential government threat of violence <> and asserting your rights through clever legal-hacks.
  • Mike from Ohio: Kop claims he clocked the defendant from 4000 feet out from his unit! <> asking the officer for his oath of office during a traffic stop <> and in a past case, when the defendant asked the witness if there was a valid cause of action; the judged objected [I don’t wonder why…].
  • Ron (former MP) from CA: demanding production of an officer’s ‘oath-of-office’ and/or business cards is foolish while stopped by a police officer on the side of the road <> agrees with some of Marc’s analysis and material, but does disagree with Marc’s conclusions on taxation <> how would society pay for shared resources if not for taxation? <> nomenclature dissonance <> Marc’s clever ways of finding consensus on an issue <> appreciation for the standard of requiring callers to support their arguments/claims/opinions with substantive facts and evidence and not taking anything on face value <> other people poorly utilizing Marc’s line-of-reasoning in court (e.g.: conflict-of-interest type questions) <> “jurisdiction is definitional” <> what would satisfy the inquiry of evidence of jurisdiction? <> problems with some voluntary, subscription-based social services <> bothersome police documentarians <> and drawing your lines in the sand with caution and an open mind.


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  1. eye2i Says:

    Will there be the typical followup/edited post of this show? Or is this the final release?
    And could you elaborate a bit or clarify this Show Note: “Abstaining away from making assertions, in doing so you’re taking on an unnecessary burden-or-proof, and sticking to a more objective scientific approach.” ?
    i.e. isn’t there a bit of a confusion per the way it’s written? (or is it just this 2typically confused reader, yet again?)
    Thanks, as always!

  2. NonE Says:

    “isn’t there a bit of a confusion per the way it’s written?” OMG OMG OMG OMG!!! That’s just too good! 🙂 🙂 🙂 (Sorry, I jest coodn’t hep mysef!)

  3. bruce sloane Says:

    holy crap …
    that must have been the real Jeremy calling in with his ” redress of grievances”
    filed constitutionally of course
    with his right of liberty, and full boat of other rights as a man as well
    glad I did not miss this

  4. eye2i Says:

    Marc, i wish when it comes to guys like Ron, the ex-Military Cop in this show, you would consider going to the parallel of The Roman Catholic Church claims of applicability of Their Code (Biblical Law) per being born and physically within a (“Their”?) geographical area. Would this individual agree he’s bound by and subject to that, and if not, how it’s different factually? (if he happens to embrace that particular rendering of Christianity, use The Mafia’s Jurisdiction = geographical area claim). With The RCC, if They decided to enforce it, would he pay The Tithe (as being The Law per The Code)? Part of the questioning being to ask how many individuals agreeing (Arguing) that it is applicable to him does it take to over ride his (“personal”) rejection, etc. And what if rather than The RCC, it was The ISIS/Islam Code (he was Born In/Into)? Might this be an effective way to make a crack in that specific fortification/fallacy?

  5. Boxer Says:


    Would you be so kind as to provide a direct translation for making the connection?


    Taxes = Tithe
    Diocese = County

  6. citta Says:

  7. NonE Says:

    requires joining Twitter in order to view…

  8. BryanD Says:

    Re: the x-cop bringing up child support as an example of forcing people to pay money as a good example, I wish Marc would have said that was not a good example because it was a human complaining against another human. There is jurisdiction there. There’s no jurisdiction in cases where the complaining party is the state or any other fiction.

  9. NonEntity Says:

    Regarding Ron’s (apparent) main issue, he seems to believe that the way he sees the world is the one and only correct way to biew the world and therefore anyone who doesn’t agree with that view is (by definition, he seems to like to be able to define his view as the only correct one) therefor subject to having force used against him to “bring him into line with reality.” As a thought experiment, take his position on taxation being a proper means of funding highways. Ehat about the Masai tribal people who have no use whatsoever for roads, much less Interstate Highways? Why is it that “we”are supposed to accept that Ron’s view of reality is the correct one and worthy of using potetially lethal force to shove down the throats of the Masai?

    It would appear to me that Ron is exhibiting a potentially narcissistic, maybe even sociopathic, view of hid relationship with other human beings.

    He seems utterly devoid of the ability to grant others the respect of making their own life choices.

  10. eye2ikippah Says:

    Ehat… for placement on his skull when NonEntity Enters The wwwHoly Enternet to biew its Glory to “Ehat about”.? .).

  11. eye2ikippah Says:


    You’ve done a great job yourself thus far; carry on! ?

    One corollary those less familiar with The Buybull (pronounced “Bible”) might not pick up, is how “God’s Law”, as words, is so much like the other god’s “Code” (Statutes, Legislation, Constitutions, etc) aka subject to Professional (insider) “interpretation”. Of course Most who tout It don’t actually read “their” Law in this Code form either.
    But what if indeed, The RCC (or any “Church” = “General Assembly” for that matter) folks’ Elect determined that, like Sodomy and Abortion, Blasphemy was (again) punishable? Say by death circa Stoning –as it is Written (aka Coded)? Add to that, that indeed, it is also written that: “The Government shall be upon The Christ’s Head” (hear “Pope” here?), and Jesus (The) Christ, it is also written, also said: “Bring those before Me who would not have My Government aka Me as their King (of kings)– on earth as it is in heaven– and slay them at My Feet! Heaven is My throne, earth is My Footstool. I did not come to abolish The (Old=First) Law, but to fulfill, to manifest it. Wherever two or more are Assembled in My Name, their I AM! Christ in you, the hope of Glory! Amen & amen (aka So be it, so be it).”

    Why wouldn’t The RCC enforce that (if it became popular enough/Majority view) –and would Ron etal believing as he says he does, submit to The Law of The Land Geographical (e.g. “Diocese”)?

    [note2, that the popular word “Catholic” more literally (i.e. insider) means “Universal”; i honestly have a slight tinge of a shiver when i put these verses together publicly and recall that so many Believers in “Jesus” probably are hearing it for the first time –and thereby potentially opening the fun-da-mental barn door for “CHRISIS” akin with “ISIS”?!?] :-/

  12. Mike Says:

    cop is such a statist

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