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NSP – Oct 18, 2014

Posted on October 18th, 2014 by Calvin

Show Notes:

  • Documentary evidence of Mike’s ticket kicked from court on grounds of lack of evidence.
  • Common Judicial Lies – Yes, Judges Lie All The Time.
  • A few of Marc’s YouTube videos are being flagged as ‘spam‘ and ‘misleading‘ even though all the evidence is documented within the video. 😐
  • The pro-taxation bias of career bureaucrats.
  • Join Marc at the 2014 Libertopia Freedom Festival as he’ll be giving a talk on journalistic activism.
  • A presumption of correctness should not be granted unless it is based upon facts. 🙂
  • The capability of generally unwilling courts to conduct a telephonic hearing for litigants who are not local.
  • The usefulness of referring to the complaint/citation/charge, where there has been no injury or damage, as a “code violation.”
  • People’s misguided principals of right and wrong based upon where you were born.
  • Its contradictory to challenge jurisdiction if you are recognizing and legitimizing their jurisdiction by seeking and using their services.
  • Letting the evidence tell the story.
  • Challenging all of the prosecutions arguments and not giving them a free pass on any of their assumptions or legal opinions.
  • Stalling by attempting to figure out intent of one who is asking questions of evidence.
  • Charting all the elements the prosecution has zero supporting evidence of.
  • Just because a cop can write a ticket, it doesn’t mean that the court has jurisdiction to hear it.
  • Word of caution: do not actively engage the police with your questions of evidence unless you too want to make the suspicious citizen list.
  • The racial profiling and personal self-interest motives of border enforcement officers.
  • One of the legal grounds for a motion to dismiss/demur is that “there’s not sufficient facts to set forth an offense.”
  • Its always about keeping the burden-of-proof on the one making the claim(s); the prosecutor.
  • Breaking down and debunking assumptions of citizenship by examining the STATE’s admission that they “have no duty to protect you” and the forceful nature of revenue generation.
  • The essential factual elements that make up a bureaucratic psychopath.
  • Going through the painful process of weeding out our own contradictions we tend to hold.
  • Ray Raphael‘s work spotlighting the effective shutting down of the courts and local government.
  • Stopping attorneys from substituting/conflating issues of fact with issues of opinion.
  • The educational and instructive Call-of-Shame reports are a good way to build a template of how to operate in court and what to expect.
  • How can there be any sort of consensual contract when there is force present at every step of the way with government?
  • Taking one’s operating assumptions and arguments and questioning them on it is a very effective way of exposing the weaknesses in their position.
  • The liberal application of straw man logical fallacy with most all attorneys.
  • A fine demonstration of the appeal to consequence logical fallacy on the latest CoS with a local bureaucrat in British Columbia, Canada.
  • The value of litigating you own cases pro se.
  • CAFTB cases that were stopped due to bringing up the issues of a lack of evidence.
  • You can, and should, require production of essential elements of the prosecution’s case via pretrial discovery.
  • How to use an unsigned plea of guilty.
  • Marc’s back-and-forth with a childhood friend online over the legitimacy of burning a flag in protest.
  • What would you call someone who drops bombs in a non-war zone where innocents are among the collateral murder?
  • Being arbitrarily dismissed by way of reverse ad hominem.
  • Good moral principals tend to be life sustaining, while bad moral principals tend to cut one’s life short.

Caller’s Topics:

  • Dean from SD: what ultimately happens to the people who chose to challenge their citations on an evidentiary basis? <> how far have people litigated these questions of evidence in the higher courts and to what degree are the higher courts corrupted? <> and responding to a headlight citation in non-local Oklahoma with a mailed motion to dismiss.
  • David from CA: the county filed for child support against a father who is already living with and supporting his kids, which was seemingly triggered by an application for food stamps <> intentional paperwork futzing leads to the father not being identified on his child’s birth certificate <> divorcing from the monopolized money system is much more difficult with children <> a judge says in open court that he has “no control on what the sheriff does” <> going to jail for holding a sign that read “I hope your day is going better than  mine” <> and the obviousness of the inherent problem with being a evidentiary-based pro se litigant in so many STATE kangaroo courts.
  • Joe from CA: seeking for truth and discovery on courtroom procedure lead to discovery of damage-control “guru,” evidence-aficionado Marc Stevens <> pursuing “no subject matter jurisdiction” defense for a “failure to obey a traffic sign” code violation <> “documentation beats conversation any day” <> why should it be a problem to simply ask a question? <> past occupations on “the other side” with Border Control under the umbrella of the DHS <> people waking up to the immoral and unfair nature of government <> and getting an invalid ruling overturned and seeking restitution.
  • Joe from IL: update on his psychopath circus of three ‘contempt-of-authoritah‘ charges for appearing in court for a friend who was running late <> being legally literate enough to draft a writ of habeas corpus on the fly <> filing counter-charges against the cops who have caused actual injury, loss, and damage upon the defendant <> why pay a lawyer who is going to lose your case for you, or sell you down the river? <> says he has respect for law and country as a law abiding citizen despite a lack of reciprocal respect from the system <> overcoming our personal bias in our personal search for knowledge <> the bureaucratic targeting of political dissenters <> how are the claims stated in court rulings and other documentation [circular logic] not evidence the code applies? <> and some role-playing of evidentiary questioning and litigation.
  • Art from NY: when asking a Newark, NJ judge on what evidence has the prosecution presented to prove jurisdiction, the judge referred to the citation and city as the evidence <> the prosecutor only wants to discuss the maximum punishment for a conviction under the charges, nothing about evidence proving jurisdiction <> motion to disqualify the judge quickly brings down the temper and increases the reasonability of the judge <> the defendant accepts a favorable plea bargain because of a heavy case-load in other courts <> a NY judge enters a plea on the defendant’s behalf when he cannot reasonably respond to the defendant’s questions, the defendant calls out judicial misconduct of practicing of law from the bench <> the cop testified on the stand that “if you’re on the roads; the laws apply”/appeal to consequence <> and a supreme court judge admits that most all judges do not care about the blatant violations of due process that fly freely in their courtrooms.
  • Mike from TX: back-story of his ticket that was kicked from court by pointing out the lack of evidence or claim of actual injury <> the prosecution attempts to intimidate the defendant into submitting a guilty plea <> and their desperate attempts to save-face of their completely corrupt and monopolized adjudication system.
  • Billy from OH: preparing for arraignment to respond to a flurry of vehicle registration code violations this coming Monday morning.
  • Andre from CA: a judge almost jumps out of his seat when answering a question on the nature and cause of the charges and proceedings <> and jurisdiction must be proven with evidence, not just some attorney’s say-so.


2 Comments For This Post

  1. hector Says:


    You say what evidence do they have that the constitution and laws apply to us? Well, Here we have somewhat of an answer. They prove that even thought they are written, and it protects us, they still don’t apply.

    Just saying.

  2. eye2i Says:

    Yeah, right Marc, s-u-r-e: it was a computer “sound card” problem *wink*wink* and not that your computer caller ID was showing you that “Jeremy>notsure7” was on the phone line and kept calling in trying to get on the big show… y-e-a-h, that’s the ticket. *badda-boom* [/sarcasm]

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