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NSP – Nov 22, 2014 – Guests: Bill Buppert and Ted

Posted on November 23rd, 2014 by Calvin

Guests: Bill Buppert from Zero Gov returns to “philosophically terraform the planet one disobedient surf at a time” and Ted from Washington joins us to share his recent AiLL success story.

Show Notes:

  • The tendency for some “bad apple” cops to get-off by executing animals.
  • The poor discipline of health of uncontrollable cops.
  • “To protect and serve”… the ruling class.
  • There’s a reason you can’t bring a protective instrument into a courtroom that victimizes so many people.
  • Officer’s safety” is a legal and linguistic tool/loophole to secure absolute immunity for police.
  • Sequoia‘s use of exposing the statist double-standard while debating the police’s invasion of privacy practices.
  • The inhumanely disgusting “just following orders” defense.
  • 90-year-old veteran faces jail time for feeding the homeless.
  • Using social pressure to help cops act more peacefully.
  • Why aren’t more older people standing up for justice and freedom with civil-disobedience?
  • The free-passes people give to government types while ganging up on their fellow neighbors.
  • The logical-fallacies often heard from “economic illiterates.”
  • The crime and casualties caused by governments outside of wartime.
  • The unseen consequences of perpetuating the drug war/neo-prohibition.
  • Charlie Parker was barred from playing at a venue named after him because of government institutionalized racism.
  • Lincoln brought Hamilton’s wet dream to reality.
  • “Once a gang has flags and bad songs then they can call themselves a government and then the real criminality begins.”
  • A few of Larken Rose’s excellently coherent productions: Mr. Jones Plantation and The Tiny Dot.
  • There is no such things as a good cops: if a good cop opens his mouth, he’s then considered a bad cop by his fellow cops and general public.
  • Bad oath-keepers: “we’ll never take your guns, but we will take your cannabis.”
  • Anti-drug war government workers still oblige themselves to enforce drug legal opinions.
  • Private businesses don’t have a history of violence and have to be held to account for their damages and injuries; unlike government services.
  • Dale Brown of Detroit-based non-government public security service Threat Management Center.
  • The back-story of Ted’s recent traffic ticket dismissed from court for a lack of evidence after filing the motion to dismiss.
  • Using role-playing and going into city council meetings to build confidence in asking questions of evidence to prove their laws apply.
  • Overcoming the personal bias and cognitive dissonance of government workers.
  • Minimizing the risks of asking questions of evidence directly to law enforcement officers.
  • Cops are instructed to not exercise discretion when enforcing the law.
  • What other job can you get where you can kill an innocent person and receive a paid vacation and fast-tracked promotion?
  • The difference of getting a granted dismissal with and without prejudice.
  • The fairer hearing people get when the prosecutor doesn’t have such an intimate relationship with the presiding judge.
  • Objecting and countering a ‘steam-rolling’ court proceeding.
  • A court escalates fines and court appearances when the non-local defendant questions the prosecutor’s assertions.
  • Applying for a change/disqualify the judge and filing a misconduct complaint against them.
  • Dress code harassment.
  • Learning how the courts operate by sitting in and watching the fleecing.

Bill’s past appearances on the No STATE Project: Nov 8, 2014, Oct 22, 2011, and Jan 8, 2011.


4 Comments For This Post

  1. billy r. Says:

    These are not my words but i would like to share with you,And without voluntary citizens as military soldiers,governments legal codes and authority diminish absent that violent force of blind obedience to back up forcefully its necessarily tyrannical laws.Keep up the good work Marc and company.

  2. eye2i Says:

    from the WikiP entry Calvin (so graciously) linked:
    ❝ From its founding, Stoic doctrine was popular with a following in Roman Greece and throughout the Roman Empire — including the Emperor Marcus Aurelius — until the closing of all pagan philosophy schools in 529 CE by order of the Emperor Justinian I, who perceived their pagan character as being at odds with the Christian faith. ❞

    [side-track: how NonStoic of mĩ here to get all emotional at the use of the word “pagan” for such… ¿? and why “Christian” gets a capital c, but not “Pagan”? next up: Stoic “doctrine”¿? –smdh@i-self]

    [apologies if this winds up a double post (NonEchoes?), but after checking the first one as having posted, via refreshing my browser, the website didn’t show it, even tho i’d clicked “Submit” and it loaded the typical “submitted” page]

  3. MikeV Says:

    @ eye2i
    good catch because they basically “Capitalized” on the term/concept of christian no different then Citizen or any other concepts the Roman system claims patent ownership of, so it would be wise to loose all title/concepts, if you are “Christian” one should say “I follow the teachings of Christ or Jesus”, titles and religions are man made so claiming either would be falling under a jurisdiction of man NOT being free under God the creator the higher authority.
    The pagans closed down shop do to popularity, capitalized on the christian faith, merging the 2 into what we now know as Roman Catholic Church but being nothing more then the shape shifting of one form of paganism to a newer more acceptable form. And the pagan Roman cult lives on today through the US federal government acting as its military arm.

  4. eye2i Says:

    @MikeV: what evidence are you relying on when you use the terms (for concepts/notions like) “God”, “the creator”, “the higher authority”?
    Suffice it to say, you took a 180 degree position than i do from that history report.?

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