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NSP – Jan 10, 2015

Posted on January 10th, 2015 by Calvin

Show Notes:

  • The induced stress and generated fear from dealing with a bureaucratic legal attack.
  • What the term “legal attack” means and implies: political terrorism.
  • The benefits of relieving metal stress through healthy physical exercise and more gym talk.
  • Any and all records the I.R.S. can get they will use against you in their legal attack.
  • One of the foundations of due process is the notice and opportunity to be heard.
  • “What is proper for an affidavit are statements of fact that you have personal firsthand knowledge of; legal opinions have no business being in an affidavit.”
  • Government agents seem to have no problem when they commit due process violations when they can’t put up a legitimate defense.
  • Setting an order to show cause hearing to attempt to halt a courtroom steamrolling.
  • Objecting, citing due process violation, when the judge starts covering for the prosecutor and doing their job for them.
  • Using p2p systems to educate each other on logic and litigation.
  • Objectively reframing the legal attack to better navigate a peaceful resolution.
  • Clarifying the use of the unsigned plea to guilty.
  • Adventures in hand-serving motions and other paperwork with the court.
  • How to best interact with a cop on the side of the road.
  • Use the forum to solicit a media rep to report on your hearing.
  • Jurisdiction is the threshold issue; if there is no jurisdiction, then there is no business even being in the courtroom.
  • “Saying that the law was broken does not mean, nor prove, that the law applies in the first place.”
  • Objecting to non-relevant inquires.
  • DISCLAIMER: the emotional “Guns and Weed” host on has an ironic history of making accusations without first doing investigation, even when the facts are brought to him.
  • Pursuing questions that elicit specific admissions on whether there are facts to prove the constitution and codes apply, and what those facts are exactly.
  • Expanding the NSP to a weekday show for people to call into for role-playing and prepping for court.
  • The Barry cam is now just a phone app, not a hidden keychain cam.
  • Do not release your camera footage until after police file their report so you can catch them by surprise if they lie.
  • Calling or confronting city council members on the same line of questioning you’ll be using in court to help hone your questioning skills.
  • You too can be labeled a threat to officer safety by questioning them directly on what facts and evidence they have to apply their laws upon us.
  • The consequence of not responding to legitimate questions on the basis of your authority may result in peaceful non-compliance.
  • Family courts adopted civil rules for procedure.
  • Courts are limited to hearing only justicable cases and controversies.
  • Courts are so subjective and complex, its hard to say any particular defense “just works.”
  • When a kop pulls a gun they are one step away from killing you.
  • “The culture of cops is so violent that they will eat their own if they break ranks and blow the whistle.”
  • The most brutal kops tend to “fail upwards.”

Caller’s Topics:

  • Randy from MI: recently experienced a legal attack from a U.S. Marshall who served him with an order to show cause for an I.R.S. summons after working with someone who was suggesting sending the I.R.S. paperwork revoking all signatures filed in past paperwork <> from all the paperwork that was served some key documents were conveniently missing from the file <> the series of events that led up to the I.R.S. legal attack: Irwin Schiff‘s recommendations, OID, affidavit of rescission, ect. <> formulating a proper and effective response to an I.R.S. legal attack <> and the lack of plaintiff information on the documents.
  • Bob from MO: upcoming traffic hearing in St. Louis next week <> the dialogue degraded after the driver began using “right to travel” language with the cop <> reading through Adventures in Legal Land and Government: Indicted to better prepare for pro per litigation <> filing the paperwork with the court via mail versus hand-serving <> the cop tries to understand what to label his victim by cuffing him and placing him in the backseat of his patrol car [cordial much?] <> and walking through some courtroom role-playing.
  • Scott from PA: am I allowed to film my own court hearing? <> Am I subjecting myself to their jurisdiction by signing their paperwork? <> properly filing a motion to dismiss with the court <> can the judge hold you in contempt for not ‘playing ball‘? <> and how to confront city hall members and ask them what facts or evidence they have to prove their laws apply to us.
  • You rip up these pants from OR: has a motions hearing set in a family court; the judge claims the case is neither contract dispute nor tort and the the petitioner does not have to allege a civil injury <> and are family courts really civil courts?
  • Adam from VA: made a call-of-shame to the city personal property tax assessor on the operating assumptions on the application of property taxes and their statist double-standards <> the Marcratic method has really brought some clarity to the self-discovery process <> bureaucrats act they way they do because they assume “applied consent” <> understanding the challenging the prosecutor’s lack of facts and evidence to prove jurisdiction is nothing short of an act of civil disobedience and activism <> and finding the best method for damage control from statist legal attacks.
  • Shem from TN: a police officer pulls a gun out during a routine traffic stop (ten miles per hour over the speed limit) with a child in the car <> the officer makes the assumption that his victim is some sort of “sovereign citizen” <> the officer was caught in so many lies during a cross-examination that the couldn’t indict their victim on a felony <> responding to an over-escalated roadside legal attack <> and when a complaint was filed against the officers who pulled a gun on a traffic stop, internal affairs swept the complaint under the rug.


16 Comments For This Post

  1. NonEntity Says:

    “Stay tuned and happy.”

    Why thank you, Calvin. I intend to do just that. The same back attcha! 😉

  2. NonEntity Says:

    What’s this about [s] Tuesday [/s] Friday?!?

  3. eye2i Says:

    Calvin: any idea what’s up with the multiple persistent mini-mutes happening in this podcast? All through it and frequently there are like one second instances that the audio quickly fades out, then comes back, having muted the conversation momentarily. It interrupts the flow of thought and often leaves the listener back-guessing on what they missed in order to reconstruct the thought.
    [kudos for including Kurt’s band Temple 8’s clip of Turn Left among the bumpers this week! miss ole 3rdeye on the forum]

  4. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ eye2, the LRN feed was doing that, I noticed it myself during the bumpers. Kurt’s a good guy, wish he still came around.

  5. 11:11 Says:

    @eye2i While listening to the live broadcast I noticed those ‘mini-mutes’ too. I thought that, perhaps, due to the way they were happening, that someone at the station was censoring Marc.

  6. NonEntity Says:

    eYeToo, flow of WHAT??? ; p

  7. marc stevens Says:

    I don’t think the full podcast will have that since it’s recorded from my end.

  8. NonEntity Says:

    “since it’s recorded from my end…”

    — I probably shouldn’t comment on this, should I? 😉

  9. Thomas Paine Says:

    Waiting for the compressed version…

    By the way — just finished ‘Government Indicted’. Brilliant! (except for the editing errors). I’m psyching up to go confront the City Council over their criminal activities!

  10. NonEntity Says:

    “Brilliant! (except for the editing errors)” —and no meaningful table of contents and no index whatsoever. It’s a great book to read but because of the above limitations it’s almost worthless as a reference tool, sadly. I hope the promised ebook version will correct these deficiencies.

  11. Thomas Paine Says:

    Yes, I would very much like to get an electronic copy that would be easily searchable. Then it will be a much better research tool. I have to cut Marc some slack as I assume this book is self published and resources were limited.

    To some, I’m sure that the subjects covered would seem repetitive, but I believe it is necessary especially for those who are just opening their eyes. Cognitive dissonance creates very strong resistance. I’ve been listening for over a year, but it still helps me with deeper understanding of the insidious nature of our enslavement.

  12. Stal Janski Says:

    re;“Brilliant! (except for the editing errors)” —and no meaningful table of contents and no index whatsoever. It’s a great book to read but because of the above limitations it’s almost worthless as a reference tool, sadly. I hope the promised ebook version will correct these deficiencies <<< I hope thats a sarcastic joke…i got to say its one of 3 great books i ever read, one is legal land, and other is Larken Roses book, then theres the audio of Lysander Spooner…so correction, totals of 4 things EVERYone needs to read,irregardless of some editing, turn of that damn hypnotizing propaganda TV, read it, and make sure all your neigbours read them to.

    that said, Gov. Indicted is being read again.. Robbert'n'ebbert would give hime 10 out of 5 rating. Thanks Marc, Calvin, JT, Spooner, Larken, Passio, and a couple hundred bad this eareth dosnt have anymore brilliant minds like these people. the earth would be a different place.

  13. NonEntity Says:

    Stal, do you have comprehension problems? I quote: “It’s a great book to read but because of the above limitations it’s almost worthless as a reference tool, sadly.” … I challenge you to quickly find ANYthing specific in the book. It IS a grest book. Too bad it’s not finished. t

  14. Incubus Says:

    Is a “grest” book better than a great book?

  15. NonEntity Says:

    Much better! 😉

  16. Calvin Says:

    @NonE and all other interested listeners: I finally got around to catching up on some dated podcasts that needed updating. This here updated podcast does not have the “mini mutes” that are in the version, but does include some off air commentary and other optimizations. I hope its worth a relisten, enjoy, again. 😉

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