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NSP – Jan 17, 2015

Posted on January 18th, 2015 by Calvin

Show Notes:

  • Political persecution for asking questions of evidence to STATE officers.
  • Tuesday at 10am, Paul will have a hearing at the Tempe City Court and could use media reps to help report on the courtroom shenanigans.
  • “Oh, the prosecutor can’t prove their case with facts and evidence? Eff you, pay me.”
  • Paul Gibbons‘ $5,000 challenge for anyone who can prove the existence of a STATE or citizen.
  • Ian Freeman has, very coherently, explained many times how there are no citizens or STATE because there’s no duty to protect.
  • A job based on violence and coercion is not going to attract good people.
  • “Do you have any principals worth standing up for?”
  • A black robe seems to signify who the lead prosecutor is in court.
  • If you’re struggling with getting Marc’s humor, then you’re likely to be confused by legal jargon used by the court officers and you should be doing some role-playing to better prepare.
  • Your objections should be numerous considering past hearings where the prosecution proceeds without facts that aren’t entered into evidence, among other common due process violations.
  • Demonstrating to peers and family how you can challenge traffic tickets and get them dismissed from court without a lawyer.
  • “Nothing but disdain for the lawyer profession.”
  • Denial of an effective voir dire is an automatic reversible error and a violation of due process.
  • Adding a motion in limine to the motion to dismiss package.
  • Objecting to common logical fallacies used by the prosecution.
  • Its always much easier to prevail on grounds of fact and evidence instead of legal interpretation (constitutional arguments).
  • Bipolar govtards that promise protection out of one side of their mouth, but then arbitrarily victimize after they’ve secured their post in society.
  • Formatting your paperwork properly.
  • If they are assuming jurisdiction, then you are allowed to, and should, challenge the evidence to support the assumption.
  • Making the challenge of jurisdiction the focal point of your defense.
  • It doesn’t matter what type of hearing you are given when asking questions of evidence of jurisdiction.
  • Nearly all government agents will tell you that they have jurisdiction to do what they’re doing.
  • Court proceedings are supposed to be evidentiary based.
  • “Nothing is relevant until the issue of jurisdiction is established with facts and competent proof.”
  • What the success actually is in the success stories posted on the website.
  • Off-duty kop acquitted for drunkenly pulling over an innocent man and shooting him.
  • Strip away all the political language from your courtroom dialogue and keep it simple, factual, and objective.
  • Always treating your interactions with government agents as a cross-examination.
  • Getting into the habit of objecting to non-responsive answers to your questions.
  • Overcoming authoritarian courtroom conditioning and intimidation.
  • The importance of proving the applicability of the code/constitution/law: you can’t violate a code that doesn’t apply to you.
  • Filing a motion to quash following a grand jury indictment.
  • The disadvantages of using an attorney.
  • Presumption of innocence is a due process principal the the judge is required to honor.
  • “You don’t learn how to box right before a match:” get your feet wet at a low-risk city council meeting or two.
  • How can traffic violations be victimless when everyone is taxed to support the arbitrary and violent enforcement? (You are the victim)
  • “It doesn’t matter what the laws say if it can’t be proven that the laws apply in the first place.”
  • Internal memo from Gary Murphy that was disclosed in a FIOA request about radio host Marc Stevens.
  • Jerry Cobb’s Mountain of Evidence or Logical Fallacy?
  • “Never take a position unless you’re just asking them to confirm theirs.”
  • The horrific nature of life as a judge by sending so many victimless criminals/innocents to be locked up.
  • Everything presented on this site, and on the radio show, is subject the scrutiny.
  • You do not have to send paperwork to the court via certified or registered mail.
  • Martin Jenkins told Marc that the fact IS that we (the government) has more power than a small business owner.
  • Testing the personal firsthand knowledge of the witness.
  • Some judges have gone to jail for their corruption.
  • Filing mass misconduct complaints against criminally unfair judges.

Caller’s Topics:

  • William from MI: legally attacked and physically threatened by a cop <> sent a motion to dismiss and discovery request to the court <> the court workers were courteous until the defendant asked for evidence, after which they employed the cold-shoulder with all future inquiries <> initially denied a public defender, then they later wanted to force one upon the defendant <> the history of misconduct of the presiding judge <> traffic court racketeering <> no response to the discovery request and a blind denial to the motion <> using police report discrepancies as leverage <> THEY don’t follow THEIR own rules <> back-of-the-bus treatment from the court for making real challenges <> questioning the jury [voir dire qualifying questions] <> and all the citable case law that states you “do not need a driver’s license to travel.”
  • Joseph from NY: wanting to do some role-playing for a parking ticket legal attack <> returned the parking ticket stamped with “void” citing a lack of standing and requesting they provide proof of jurisdiction <> filed a FOIA request for all the paperwork involved with the case which mysteriously is missing some key paperwork <> filing an article 78 appeal <> different types of hearings (administrative, criminal, civil, admiralty, ect) and their restrictions upon the defendant <> “if they understood their own laws, then they couldn’t write many of their tickets” <> most government complaints filed in court lack standing and a claim upon which relief can be granted <> appreciation for the “dealing with predators” section in Government: Indicted <> role-playing court procedure <> fine-tuning the use of leading questions <> and what are the essential elements of a crime?
  • King from IL: what type of issues can you raise when a complaint is past the grand jury indictment process considering there is no injured party? <> challenging an indictment while having a public defender assisting as counsel <> and strongly requesting the prosecutor to produce the evidence they have to prove jurisdiction.
  • Ryan from TN: discovering the NSP through law/legal research <> being legally attacked for traveling without permission <> using the STATE’s terms and definitions against them to defend an erroneous assessment <> inclusive and exclusive code-application statements <> long time subscriber to the golden rule, new to the ideas of voluntaryism <> catching up on the Calls-of-Shame, book, and other great material indexed at the website <> what kind of questions should I be asking a tax assessor? <> don’t enter evidence, leave that to the persecution <> and appreciation for the research and publications indexed on the site.
  • Genia from AZ: can this radio show host answer questions regarding car problems? <> and what do you do when a connecting rod shots out from the bottom of a car?
  • Joe from PA: has a hearing in traffic court this Wednesday <> filed the motion to dismiss and served copies to the cop and judge by hand and certified mail <> has a court reported attending the hearing <> the court clerk declared they don’t hear motions in the courtroom <> asking for evidence of a valid cause for action <> in the courtroom bureaucrats complain that they’re not generating enough revenue to which a cop replies “don’t worry, we’ll change that” <> role-playing some courtroom procedure <> county judges seem to be more corrupt <> and has anyone filed a RICO complaint against a judge?

21 Comments For This Post

  1. Steve Says:

    I would like to know if your new book “Government: Indicted” is now available as an E-Book.
    If not, do you plan to make it available as an E-Book. When do you think it
    will be available, if you are, in fact, going to make it into an e-book.
    Thank You,

  2. BryanD Says:

    I have both books but would like to have a disk of the books, especially Govt Indicted. I want to be able to listen when driving and other times too, to try and get this info thru my head and stick there.

  3. desertspeaks Says:

    Question Marc, For a jury to be seated, they are required by the private for profit corporations own law to be US Citizens..
    IF you can’t stop prosecution prior to going to trial, can you not challenge Citizenship of the jurors so that they CANNOT seat a jury??

  4. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ desert that is actually a pretty good idea. I know no prosecutor has ever proven he/she has a client, that would be some challenge. We’ll have to talk about it on the the show. Good job.

  5. NonEntity Says:

    Desert, What a clever thought! A comment (not a criticism) is that to most peoples’ minds it is inconceivable that “they” wouldn’t follow their own laws and act with some level of integrity. That is the power the sociopath has, the ability to do stuff the normal mind can’t protect against as it simply can’t conceive of it.t

  6. Andy Says:

    Do They have evidence the constitution and code is applicable to potential jurors? Are you here for jury “duty” by your own choice of free will, or, were you coerced or threatened with fines and or imprisonment if you didn’t report for jury “duty”?

    I’ll remove the quote marks from duty as soon as They show facts/evidence the constitution and code apply, and thus a duty to report for jury “duty”.

  7. Jeff Evans Says:

    I believe it would be a financial burden on Marc when he already spends a lot of his productive time assisting us for free. If all the followers would donate ten dollar a month, Marc could provide more content, such as video mock trials and e-books. Donations can be made through the store. People need to do more than give him apat on the back who say they support him. Marc, please do not forget my email request on the modified arraignment questions~thx.

  8. dan gould Says:

    @desertspeaks, I agree with NonEntity (AKA Sister Sleazeous). But I think if one is being attacked and is in it so deep that there is a jury involved one should definitely inquire about the evidence proving each individual juror is in fact qualified to be a juror. Of course one should expect enormous objection from every psycho in the room including jurors.

  9. Wise One Says:

    Marc, I couldn’t help but notice your comment about the IRS document obtained by one of your clients wherein the IRS wrote that your calls have embarrassed them. Any chance you could post that document (with any personal information redacted of course)?

  10. Thomas Paine Says:


    Rebelutionary Z ‏@Rebelutionary_Z 18h
    While waiting at #Ferguson PD, a black man was just released after 2 weeks in Jail for traffic warrants from 10 yrs ago–Nothing’s changed.

  11. Thomas Paine Says:


    It would seem that the court would have to prove that the potential jurors were BOTH ‘citizens’ as well as residing within the ‘jurisdiction’ — assuming that jurisdiction exists…

    U.S. Code › Title 28 › Part V › Chapter 121 › § 1865
    28 U.S. Code § 1865

    Potential jurors may be disqualified for the following reasons…

    (1) is not a citizen of the United States eighteen years old who has resided for a period of one year within the judicial district;
    (2) is unable to read, write, and understand the English language with a degree of proficiency sufficient to fill out satisfactorily the juror qualification form;
    (3) is unable to speak the English language;
    (4) is incapable, by reason of mental or physical infirmity, to render satisfactory jury service; or
    (5) has a charge pending against him for the commission of, or has been convicted in a State or Federal court of record of, a crime punishable by imprisonment for more than one year and his civil rights have not been restored.

  12. Thomas Paine Says:


    Another curious example of Brady violations by the Feds on behalf of the IRS? Prosecutors ‘invite’ witnesses via summons (threat) to bring documents directly to them — bypassing the court and the defense.

  13. Thomas Paine Says:


    Does the judge ever formally take judicial notice that the Constitution and the laws apply to the one being attacked?

  14. desertspeaks Says:

    Marc, you made it into the movie Gray State. The Rise By David Crowley @ around 7:39min in

  15. Nelson Donnell Says:

    Looks like someone didn’t want that “Grey State: The Rise” by David Crowley to be on YouTube, they’ve taken it down already.

  16. 11:11 Says:

    @ Nelson donnell: “Gray State. The Ri…” This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Thomas Edward Rice.

    Wonder who that is?

  17. desertspeaks Says:

    is searching for it too difficult??

  18. desertspeaks Says:

    Another point occurred to me Marc,.. all of these government employees are REQUIRED by their own laws, to be US CITIZENS to hold their positions in the corporations! Since no one can prove that they are US CITIZENS, they are committing fraud and perjury by signing an oath stating that they are US CITIZENS! see 18 USC 1001

  19. Gary Stauffer Says:

    This device goes right through the metal detector tray in the courts houses. Plus you can get audio recording usb sticks, video wrist watches, pendats better pricing on ebay search terms “spy” pen, watch, usb, pendant.

  20. 11:11 Says:

    @Gary Stauffer I have two spy pens although neither one from this company. The biggest problem that I have with them and I’ve used both in court and elsewhere is that they have lousy sound recording quality. I wish that maybe Sony and Olympus would join forces to produce a spy pen with good resolution (Sony) and sound quality (Olympus).

  21. Gary Stauffer Says:

    use a usb audio recorder

    I’ve used this and have had really good clear audio. If your spy video pen audio is not so clear a transcript can be made of the usb recording, something only clearer.

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