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NSP – Feb 7, 2015

Posted on February 8th, 2015 by Calvin

Show Notes:

Caller’s Topics:

  • Trevor from OR: handling multiple legal attacks from Oregon state Revenue Departments and the I.R.S. regarding business and personal taxes <> the tax agents reclassified “independent contractors” as “employees” <> measuring an appropriate and effective response to a cross-departmental legal attack based upon past successes of effective damage control <> why would anyone have to submit self-incriminating paperwork to the government if one may not be compelled to as per the 5th amendment? <> appreciation for the expert control of dialog demonstrated in the Call-of-Shame posts <> and the consequences of telling tax agents how you feel in honest, colorful language.
  • Craig from CA: compliments on both books Government: Indicted and Adventures in Legal Land and using some of the content with formulating a personal template <> return listener to the show <> Adventures in Legal Land audiobook by Jace <> Marc’s phone call from leaving a home phone number written inside one of the books he sold <> legally attacked for being outspoken about analysis and conclusions from independent legal research <> attorneys, who never sign anything under penalty of perjury, which is necessary for the accuser to enter a complaint, fail to satisfy one of the essential elements of jurisdiction <> verifying there’s actually a real accuser behind a complaint before the court <> properly determining a valid cause for action and  standing <> chasing [interpretative] USC statutes to mount a defense <> hundreds of on-the-record entries for ongoing tax legal attacks <> and catching the judge prosecuting from the bench.
  • Ken from IL: moving to the Shire to refine activism <> issued a toll violation for which the defendant was allowed approximately a month to respond <> how can I preserve driving privileges while out-of-STATE during scheduled hearings? <> the Orwellian newspeak of a modern fascist police state <> and challenging legal threats by asking the prosecution if they have any evidence to prove their jurisdiction, and if they don’t then let’s all go home; the prosecution has no case.
  • Ricky from Legal Land: after responding to a accidental 911 call, the cops begin to question, and later book, the home owner <> responding to a resisting kidnapping, obstruction of injustice, and CDP charges <> can you be properly charged without voluntarily submitting identification? <> and filing a order to show cause.


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  1. Michael Scharen Says:

    I’m looking forward to the Government: Indicted index. It will be very helpful. I can see that having only read it twice, I am still behind.

    Regarding media representation — we may offer that we represent the No State Project when asking questions of so-called public servants?

  2. Michael Scharen Says:

    Hello Marc,

    Below is a link to my comments at the Salinas, CA City Council last week.
    TubeChop is an online app I found to quickly clip my comments out of the YouTube video.

    I was thinking that the next time, I might comment on the fact that the City is pitting people against each other by forcing businesses to buy licenses and creating unfair competition between brick-and-morter and street vendors. There were a few comments by flower shops complaining about people selling flowers in the street.

  3. Dr Hypno Says:

    I feel we are dealing with deeply hypnotized people, identical to cult members.

    How I see this interaction : ‘It’s too vague’ was either a straw-man evasion(bad faith), or she literally could not process something so far outside of her reality tunnel (good faith)

    The confusion she experienced (pattern interrupt) provoked a Transderivational search, and so to look for a “big because”

    Her map of the world may have offered the big because = ‘you are being adversarial’, a mind reading fallacy, so was again either a straw-man evasion(bad faith), or she literally could not process something so far outside of her reality tunnel (good faith)

    This pattern interrupt can be useful to us…

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