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NSP – Mar 28, 2015

Posted on March 29th, 2015 by Calvin

Show Notes:

Caller’s Topics:

  • Chad from OH: thanks for the great research presented on the website <> paid $3,000 to a lawyer who futz’d the case despite significant exonerating evidence <> and joining the bar cult to be able to push the challenge of jurisdiction and pursue justice as one of them.
  • Kim from NY: a police officer performs a random home inspection fishing for a violation of parole offense <> attorneys plea bargaining jail sentence lengths for a defendant who is pregnant and losing weight from the induced stress <> the defendant’s attorney tells his pregnant client to “suck it up and stop playing the victim” when requesting a different probation officer that isn’t so enthusiastically jail-happy <> can a defendant or a third-party independently challenge evidence of jurisdiction after litigating so long with a hired attorney? <> involving the National Liberty Alliance in the case to get some attention on the aggressive legal attack <> employing KISS in your defense <> attempting to challenge the wrongful application of Admiralty law <> coping with information overload fatigue <> the persecuting bureaucrats refuse to communicate with the defendant’s parent to get discovery and full-disclosure <> and getting a traffic ticket dismissed from court pro per by challenging jurisdiction!
  • Jake Witmer from AK: talking with and debating local bureaucrats as they are available <> the most convincing cybernetic power will dominate society <> proving the non-applicability of the law from multiple angles <> common law and modified social contracts <> the ease of psychopathy as demonstrated in Milgram’s agentic state theory <> using arguments that are most effective with brainwashed people, just as Lysander Spooner and Fredric Douglas had <> the individual and shared interests in defending yourself against arbitrary authoritarians <> and stories of jury myths and misconceptions: can jurors be punished for jury nullification verdicts?
  • Shelby from OH: how do the I.R.S. cases that are featured on the Calls-of-Shame turn out? <> have you ever been invited on the Alex Jones show? <> falling down the No STATE Project rabbit-hole is “kind of like losing your religion” <> remembering “no victim, no crime” <> and how both law and religion can, and all too often do, serve as extortion instruments.

Editor’s Note: a big thanks to Ian Freeman, director of and host of Free Talk Live, for the support in the face of numerous technical difficulties. After you’ve lined our pockets for selling you snake oil and send some LOV3 out to Jace’s brother; please consider AMPing our home network


7 Comments For This Post

  1. NonEntity Says:

    “The ends justify the means.” That fellow can try and pretty it up all he wants, but that is the core of his belief system. Anyone willing to claim the right to use violence to get what he wants is simply an antisocial criminal, no matter his diction or sartorial superiority.

  2. Alex R. Knight III Says:

    Great show this week, Marc — especially the summation sequence with your caller.

    BTW, here was my “promotion,” as it were, of your second book just a little over a year ago. 🙂



  3. Russell Coenen Says:

    Was driving with a suspended license…..(I’ve had several severe head injuries, + the renewal escaped me… expired over a year earlier, and I was pulled over……They took my rear license frame,etc,as as he said the film over it would not allow the plate to be read properly….They took the plastic film over it, ***AND*** the license….I am planning on sueing(sp?) for my missing plate frame….But how about dbl jeopardy here for the suspended license, as I already have a hearing date set up for that in another county….Any ideas……Help………….!!!! Thanks Marc………….

  4. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ russell, start with the motion to dismiss, get a script and role-play to prep for court, learn the objections.

  5. Rusell Coenen Says:

    How do I acquire the *script” that you recommend?????

  6. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Russell, it’s under the store link

  7. billy r. Says:

    Lots of Supreme Court rulings on no duty to protect the people, but anyone notice how there is a duty to protect the fish, it’s called a “forced fishing license.”

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    […] Jake Witmer from IL: tracking the blood-money governments extort to further refine and more efficiently carry-out their extortion operations <> “government by consent” is a fallacy, here’s why <> how do you define “social contract”? <> simplifying your position to your opponent’s level [when they are so criminally deceptive?] <> civilization has progressed in a non-violent manner [when humans kill each other for sport?] <> recognizing sociopaths <> jury nullification was born out of arbitrary execution of unjust law <> reading through “The Better Angels of Our Nature“, which does include some statistics on democide <> the lack of intellectual honesty and integrity when dealing with the general public <> finding consensus on the illegitimacy of government <> Rhode Island’s historically exceptional recognition of Native American autonomy <> getting closer to “proper” jury trials <> corruption with jury selection during the voir dire process <> government is a very expansive term, with some uses with less malicious connotations <> having a platform to present an “optimal strategy” <> finding “threshold resistance” that objects to criminal government solely on the issue of victimless crime <> and maintaining a high moral standard within an immoral system. […]

  3. NSP - Jun 13, 2015 - Co-host: Calvin - Says:

    […] Jake from AK: speculating where Clint’s inspiration comes from with his statement of “conjuring up a demon” <> encountering thousands of UCC advocates over the years has brought about the epiphany that they want the battle in court to be easier than it really is <> agorism distances anarchists and activists too far from the general public who still operate within the systems parameters, so we ought to utilize political activism to also reach them <> the force continuum and authorization to use deadly force is the evidence to show that they are forcing you to participate in their system; it is not contractual or voluntary <> sociopaths are constantly trying to game and exploit empaths and expand their influence of power <> Ross Ulbricht’s defense attorney failed to humanize him and to remind the jury to mind their conscience <> sociopaths lack mirror neurons that allow empathy <> when empaths find themselves operating within the sociopath’s system, they enter into an agentic state <> the judge is an expert at manipulating the agentic state of the jurors <> Norbert Wiener‘s development of cybernetics; the study of adversarial systems <> bringing a more intelligent strategy to bear against sociopaths if we expect to overcome them <> pursuing operations your adversary does not want you to engage <> how the libertarian party is purposefully made ineffective <> accessing the ballot simply because they don’t want us to <> Dick Randolph‘s political success in Alaska as a libertarian by getting abolishing the state income tax on the ballot <> Douglas Durham Was FBI Informer During ‘Wounded Knee’ <> earning the position of authority from the agentic masses <> and the greatest weakness of the totalitarian state is the voir dire process. […]

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