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NSP – May 9, 2015 – Co-host: Vin James

Posted on May 10th, 2015 by Calvin

Co-host: Vin James from England, who co-hosts The Bunker Show, joins us as we explore and examine a few interesting adventures in legal-land and debate the illegitimacy of government.

Show Notes:

  • Directly questioning opinion enforcers has its consequences.
  • Government: Indicted eBook is now available!
  • Coping with and countering courtroom intimidation tactics and diversion techniques.
  • Upcoming discussion with Clint Richardson about why he believes there is a need for some government.
  • The material presented here on the website has definitely helped Al defeat a felony charge.
  • Peter King‘s claim that thousands of black lives have been saved by NYPD would not have gone unchallenged by the likes of Vincent Brown or Jeremy Paxman.
  • Keeping Lysander Spooner’s research visible and accessible on the anniversary of his passing this May 14th.
  • Analyzing the significant number of cases where the cop is a no-show, and the cases is subsequently dismissed, after the defendant had filed the motion to dismiss.
  • The Milgram and enclothed cognition effect.
  • The outrage from authoritarians and their apologists when you call the government’s bluff that they have jurisdiction by asking them for the facts and evidence they base it upon.
  • Being wrongfully accused of the crime of stolen valor by an over-emotional troll.
  • Anarchy: no rulers; notno rules“, that’s for the persecutorially immune.
  • Official positions from that tax courts is that they “do not accept moral objections to paying taxes.”
  • Al’s refusal to allowing attorneys to put him under oath and why.
  • The difference between perjury and giving false statements in an investigation.
  • Following up with the complaint filed against the professional liar Jeffery Wagner.
  • The usefulness of having the motions filed on the record and in writing in front of you.
  • The burden-of-proof is ALWAYS on the prosecutor/accuser.
  • “If you [the prosecutor] don’t have sufficient facts to support your assertions; that’s what a demur is for.”
  • Keith Moon thought drum solos were boring and that’s why he didn’t do them.
  • Considering every individual act of taxation is an individual act of violence; are we really less violent now than we were in our past?
  • “Due process” only guarantees that everybody gets screwed equally (at least in theory; enter capitalism).
  • Need more evidence of the statist double-standard? Why don’t cops get charged with a failure to appear when they don’t make a court date?
  • American genocide: the casualties from the displacement of the North American native populations outnumbered the casualties committed by the NAZI regime.
  • Distinguishing government from society; its the coercion stupid! 😛
  • The value for scientific fact and evidence has been a major driver for more rational, peaceful societies.
  • Weaponized science and technology.
  • Why you should avoid getting involved with any “Cracking the Code” tax refunds and FMOTL schemes.
  • Schizophrenic legal interpretations, then exemption and immunity if deception doesn’t get the job done.
  • Sticking issues of fact and evidence where the burden-of-proof is pretty low, do they have it or not?
  • Con-men are masters at exploiting other people’s weaknesses.
  • Attacking bad operating presumptions so we can benefit from a more rigid social framework.
  • Pointing out when the conditioning overrides the facts and evidence.
  • Publicly debating the FMOTL/SOV-CIT advocates sometime in the future.

Caller’s Topics:

  • Al from CA: latest success story from legal-land defeating an excessive traveling charge ($274+ fine for not turning on headlights); the cop was a no-show because he didn’t feel like following through with his legal-attack <> the judge commits a due-process violation and enters a plea on the defendant’s behalf <> filing motions is as useful as voting; just stick to asking simple direct questions <> if the cop can’t make legal determinations; then he is not qualified, nor competent, to issue a complaint where he’s made the legal determination that the law applies to you <> bureaucrats and attorneys protecting their lucrative revenue streams by excessive fines and intimidation tactics <> keeping the burden-of-proof on the one making the claim/complaint/assertion is key <> the destructive gang nature of government; if they are committing most of the evil in the world, then what good are they? <> the beard edge <> key to achieving success is keeping the burden-of-proof on the accuser to produce the facts and evidence to support their claims <> the prosecutor went crazy when the defendant earned an acquittal of their felony charges <> some of problems and admissions from Mike’s trial <> making effective conscientious objections <> the point of putting bureaucrats under oath and their otherwise utter uselessness <> the destructive nature and actions of government <> and the legalese jargon thrown around to obfuscate what’s actually happening.
  • Jake Witmer from IL: tracking the blood-money governments extort to further refine and more efficiently carry-out their extortion operations <> “government by consent” is a fallacy, here’s why <> how do you define “social contract”? <> simplifying your position to your opponent’s level [when they are so criminally deceptive?] <> civilization has progressed in a non-violent manner [when humans kill each other for sport?] <> recognizing sociopaths <> jury nullification was born out of arbitrary execution of unjust law <> reading through “The Better Angels of Our Nature“, which does include some statistics on democide <> the lack of intellectual honesty and integrity when dealing with the general public <> finding consensus on the illegitimacy of government <> Rhode Island’s historically exceptional recognition of Native American autonomy <> getting closer to “proper” jury trials <> corruption with jury selection during the voir dire process <> government is a very expansive term, with some uses with less malicious connotations <> having a platform to present an “optimal strategy” <> finding “threshold resistance” that objects to criminal government solely on the issue of victimless crime <> and maintaining a high moral standard within an immoral system.
  • David from FL: responding to a “Cracking the Code” triggered I.R.S. audit.

10 Comments For This Post

  1. Steve Says:

    I have difficulty understanding Vin. He sounds like he’s got a rag in his mouth.

  2. NonExclusive Says:

    He got a rag in his mouth.

  3. Steven Says:

    IRS agent or any government employee can violate the law because they don’t like their authority challenged.
    If they don’t have authority and they have the burden of proof name the names of the judges and the prosecutors who think they have the authority and the jurisdiction over you so we know who they think they are? Really their only people with title of nobility; could be your neighbor.

    If they have jurisdiction over you tell them to produce your birth certificate with their name on it.

  4. citta Says:

    Vin speaks with an english accent, maybe you guys just have difficulty with accents.

  5. Noway Jose Says:

    I wonder where he got it from.

  6. i.n.rem Says:

    I have so much difficulty with accents that I “hung up” on the Show

  7. NonEntity Says:

    I think it’s some kind of cultural thing. It seems to me most Brits speak as if the have a mouth full of marbles and its against the law to enunciate. Sigh.

  8. Steven Richards Says:

    Seems the guys on this recording bought into the whole idea that there is a “government”, and everything that goes along with it (rights, courts, judges, prosecutors, trials, politicians, etc). LOL. Maybe if they quit believing in such ideas, they could begin enjoying the moment, instead of theorizing about conspiracies?

    I’ll continue recommending the “No State Project” for people wanting to ask questions, but only as an alternative to the imbatman57 recordings, for those not yet willing to question the beliefs about so called “government” existing and conspiracy theories.

  9. Steven Says:

    For years, I have been making the argument that “administrative law” is on its face offensive to self-government. The co-mingling of legislative, executive, and judicial powers facilitated by this concept does great violence to the concept of the Separation of Powers. I look forward to reading Professor Hamburger’s treatment of this crucial topic. Is Administrative Law Unlawful? by Philip Hamburger.

    Also on filmed at Cato Institute.

  10. bo Says:

    New study suggests humans are not naturally violent

    The most damaging and dangerous form of organised and staged mass violence seems to stem from the Self-Ennobling Ones and their self-validating clergy being allowed to monopolise people’s thinking in persuading people of ‘their’ justifications for violence in their scheme of divide and conquer.

    The fault for mass violence then lies squarely at the feet of those, persuaded by the Self-Ennobling Ones and their self-validating clergy, who refrain from thinking for themselves and taking responsibility for their freedoms by giving their consent to be manipulated by the very perpatrators working against their freedoms.

    As Marc Stevens has continually pointed out, it all boils down to meaningless fictitious nonsense which people need not be bothered with.

    Nonetheless, this may be of interest in coming to see how fictitious nonsense is arrived at, particularly when it comes to legalising ‘theft’ where obvious, fair and continuous full-disclosure is lacking –



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