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NSP – May 16, 2015

Posted on May 17th, 2015 by Calvin

Show Notes:

Caller’s Topics:

  • Ian from CA: the disconnect with statists that get knocked-down with the truth and pick themselves up and walk on as if nothing had ever happened <> logically countering those who believe you need government <> learning by doing and from examples <> mixed feelings about the Free State Project <> if you cannot coherently discuss your facts and evidence, then how can you properly defend your assertions? <> using the adventures in legal-land featured on the website to better know what to expect when defending yourself pro per <> and analyzing the new Call-of-Shame.


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  1. NonEntity Says:

    Too quick, Calvin. You need to learn to relax, take time, smell the roses! 🙂

  2. Rick Says:

    Hi Marc, violence has the same root word as violate. The aggressor is violating someone’s rights; committing violence. The use of defensive force is not violence or aggression.

    Great show!
    Thanks, Rick

  3. jim witt Says:

    Hello all; Printed out No Treason 1,2,6 and Introduction. Fascinating, enlightening, and spot on as we are seeing in current events. The players change, but the game remains the same. Pillage the village. Also read the bio, gives some real perspective of where these fellows were coming from. Man, did they have vision, laser like, cut right thru the smoke and mirrors AND the hypocrisy. Kudos to Marc for the brilliant work, and the tenacity demonstrated. I’ve learned, stay on point, do not get distracted. Been going thru some of the calls of shame, great learning tools.

  4. KeithOB Says:

    There are so many topics I would like to cover in this comment but Calvin did it for me.

  5. Calvin Says:

    And despite my efforts, there are some topics I missed like Ian’s friend getting a ticket tossed from court!

    Good job standing up to the authoritarians and not funding “opinion enforcers”/statists to further oppress us!

  6. NonEntity Says:

    And roses. You totally missed the roses!

  7. Steven Richards Says:

    ‘Anarchy is no rulers, not “no rules.” ‘

    What’s the difference? How might we enforce rules without becoming rulers?

  8. NonEntity Says:

    Steven Richards Sed:
    ‘Anarchy is no rulers, not “no rules.” ‘

    What’s the difference? How might we enforce rules without becoming rulers?

    Excellent question! I will suggest that perhaps the issue is “authority.” Consider the idea that anyone can propose a rule, but to feel you have the right to kill someone for violating your proposed rule is an entire different level. Maybe Larken (Rose) has it right in that the issue is ONLY “authority.”

    I’d love to hear others’ thoughts on this.

  9. Rex Says:

    I truly want to add NSP to my podcasts, but cannot figure how. Hints?

  10. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Rex, the NSP is on itunes. if all else fails, just download from this site every week.

  11. Andy Says:

    How are rules/laws/statutes/codes enforced now? Let’s say you get a speeding ticket. The rule was enforced on you but not the other 99 people doing the same speed as you. Lucky you. It’s your turn in the barrel today. Some people have all the fun. 😉

    Another example, you get busted for marijuana possession. A thousand other people with marijuana weren’t busted. You got fu*ked. Bend over, grab your ankles… and for gawks sake, don’t forget the K-Y Jelly.

    What about real crimes – the initiation of violence? Well, if you try to pick my pocket I may enforce my rule of “leave me alone” and when you don’t leave me alone, I cut off your hand. I’m sure you’d rather I dial 911 for help.

    Which brings me to a third example. What about a frail person that can’t defend herself/himself? Dial 911 of course. The cops will be there in time to do crime-scene follow up and chalk-outline the body.

    Other options/possible solutions; private security business and dispute resolution organizations.

    Back in the 1980s surveys of prisoners were asked which they feared more being caught in the act of committing a violent crime. Were they more afraid of being caught by the police or the property owner? Around eighty percent were more weary of “civilians” than cops.

    I suspect that if they did that survey today, twenty-five years later, the majority would be more afraid of the cops. Which is understandable not so much because most police departments have access to military grade weaponry, rather, because of the military-combat psyche that police have been normalized with – shoot first and worry about questions later. Officer safety is the mantra — “he was reaching for his waistband”.


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