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NSP – May 30, 2015

Posted on June 4th, 2015 by Calvin

Show Notes:

Caller’s Topics:

  • David from FL: getting robo-calls from I.R.S. scammers <> difficulties actually making contact with an agent at the I.R.S. after getting one of their infamous form letters <> responding to current tax issues stemming from prior adventures in the tax courts [Cracking The Code tax mess presumably] <> and how tax courts tend to unfairly flip the burden-of-proof on to the defendant.
  • Patriot Wonder from FL: rumors of citizenship <> “once you get elected you become a CITIZEN, I think” <> suggest sending ‘a letter’ to the chief council to the previous caller <> the “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” is the chief counsel when THEY are attacking you <> senseless bureaucratic entropy <> Clint Richardson’s dependence on obscure definitions and complex gish gallop non-responses <> where is the paper-trail for the allegedmillions/billions of dollars your live birth certificate is worth annually?” <> someone is foolishly claiming “you can pay your medical bills by producing your birth certificate to the hospital” <> Clint’s friend apparently was able to trace his bloodline to his privileged posterity, which was how he was granted his special citizenship status <> and analyzing more of Clint’s statements from last week.
  • Jamison from the NSP Skype group chat: “the birth certificate is a securities instrument” according to his research at VCU, but admits to not having evidence to support that assertion/statement.
  • Art from NY: dealing with a number of traffic tickets, filed the motions after the hearing <> having trouble getting judges to validate their assumed authoritah <> focusing on using their laws against them and keeping the burden-of-proof on the prosecutor <> asking for the facts and evidence the prosecution is basing their assertions on <> the judge cites prior rulings that the courts do have jurisdiction, but doesn’t cite any evidence <>  some of the government agents become slightly intrigued by a break in circular logic <> denied cross-examination into what facts and evidence there is to prove jurisdiction <> getting information from risk management so that you can later file a claim when they unfairly victimize you <> how do you respond when they tell you that “you can appeal their decision” when they’re not answering your questions and just railroading you? <> the neighbors are watching Art’s case so they can see how to defend themselves against aggressive revenue generation <> and how should you respond to a photo-radar ticket where there’s no cop, accuser, witness, ect.?
  • Buddha from CA/LA: being forced into doing jail-time to preserve a career <> tricky ex-wife surprises her ex-husband, the defendant, with a restraining order <> arrested in his classroom for a bogus “escaping release” charge <> the judge says “come back in 2 years” to get a felony ruling overturned, which ends up causing a whole slew of problems downstream <> charged with possession of cannabis when cops bust into the wrong house <> “I’ve never heard of a criminal prosecution being entered via subpoena; a subpoena is for evidence and witnesses” <> the charges in New Orleans is preventing closing the case in California <> issued a competency exam for not using an attorney <> filed a motion to quash <> setting a motions hearing date <> they court claims the defendant “switched the case to civil” somehow <> reviewing strategy from this point forward <> incorporating the concepts and material discussed on the show and website into a classroom <> and continuing to persistently challenge the court’s legal-attacks despite so much personal hardship.
  • Gary from England: helped a friend get a complaint kicked from court by using the motion to dismiss! <> the court escalated their legal attack by compiling additional charges, driving points, and fines upon their vulnerable victim <> tea served in court?! <> experienced success in the court years ago for a lost V-5 document charge <> using defenses that actually work in court <> assisting in litigation without asking for permission! [someone buy this guy a pint, eh?] <> no magistrate is properly legally trained; its the court clerk that wields the power in UK courts <> if its victimless; there’s never a valid cause-of-action and there’s no jurisdiction <> coming around to thinking critically on a factual and evidentiary basis, utilizing the scientific and Socratic method, to formulate our primary rhetoric, actions, and beliefs <> and the objective and impact of challenging the prosecution’s baseless assertions in a public forum.


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  1. desertspeaks Says:

    Hey Clint, are you still “hiding” that unicorn case where your friend changed his status to “private citizen” and the cops BOW TO HIM when he shows them the case?.. you know what I’m talking about, the case you lied about.. the one that doesn’t actually exist! The same case you profess exists, but you yourself haven’t taken advantage of for yourself, to afford yourself the same protection that your “friend” has.

  2. Calvin Says:

    You see NonE, when you suggest I “relax, take time, smell the roses,” you must remember what kind of flowers I’m smelling. 😉

    Sorry with the delays on this podcast, it took a good amount of patchwork to make it happen as we lost our master recording after the show. There are a few spots in the podcast where the packet-loss resulted in some muted seconds, but nothing too bad to take away from the dialog. In short; archive quality takes some time and elbow grease, enjoy.

  3. k.mcn Says:

    lol…art said something i hear all the time…ppl will say…we will see how that works for you before we even consider what you are saying…

  4. desertspeaks Says:

    meet your slavery

  5. Steven Richards Says:

    Could it be if one doesn’t assume to know what’s meant when words implying “the state” exists are used, and does what’s best for everyone, there is no so called authority?

  6. Farmer James Says:

    Calvin, Do you have a place to send donations for your efforts? I have a small amount I would like to send in appreciation for the time and effort you put into post production and with Marc’s website. Many thanks, I really enjoy the high quality audio! -James

  7. citta Says:

    I reckon Marc should drop the music from the show … and get heckled instead, far more entertaining.

    Great show. Well done to Gary in England for helping his mate, it was interesting to hear how he went about this.

    I am looking forward to Jan Irving being on the show as his Gnostic Media podcasts are always quality. And Calvin, Thanks for salvaging the recording.

  8. jcfromnj Says:

    I’m in the process right now getting a copy of my birth certificate from the State of Penna. I’m in the Office of Vital Statistics in Philadelphia where they will issue you a copy of your Birth Certificate after you provide the documentation they require. The Birth Certificate/Bond issue is total Internet nonsense….

  9. NonEntity Says:

    Calvin, a rose by any other name blah blah blah. perhaps you need ta get yore glasses prescription checked.

  10. jcfromnj Says:

    P.S. Clint Richardson suffers from Information Constipation ….!

  11. NonEntity Says:

    For anyone interested in another perspective on Jan Irvin, this and the further linked correspondence may be of interest: Jan appears to have some very serious issues, to which I too can personally attest. It should, if nothing else, be an interesting show. Train wreck, meet apocalypse.

  12. Jeff Evans Says:

    Boy! I tell you folks like to complicate issues for no apparent reason, but to show their ability to be against the grain on everything. We can get something useful from anyone and we can dismiss nonsense that will produce nothing. One problem with the “No State Project” once again is funding. Unless we organize a budget and stick to it to produce meaningful “ad-ver-tis-ment” or a full length video documentry. It so difficult for many to vizualize the truth. A few video’s of mock hearing using Marc’s methods needs to be produced ASAP.

  13. mezocosm Says:

    I think Webster’s dictionary is definitely coded with occult mind control, i.e. “smarts” means “hurts” haha …and “literally” means ‘of books’. I see corrupt words hiding in plain sight. The definition of anarchism by Webster is 100% propaganda and flat wrong. No intelligent anarchist ever wanted violent chaos as their final goal and for a dictionary to pretend otherwise is a deliberate lie. Scientifically speaking, there is no such thing as government. It’s an agreement. It is art and so it is artificial, purely in the realm of philosophy, religions, books and dreams. Clint prefaced himself that he doesn’t think government is part of nature, OK right, and so the debate does not “move forward” from there. I do not validate your delusions. Government is a secondary layer of reality that is imaginary by his own admission. It is only necessary that you understand what I mean. It is NOT more important that I say it “correctly”. If I was Marc I would have said, ‘yes lets start at the most basic assumption: government exists only if we agree on it and at the most basic level I withhold my validation. Objectivity ends where my complicity starts.’

    Clint was right when he escaped with “every situation is different” because infinite diversity is a property of nature, has no authority, and we are nature…or is man artificial? The political condition is anarchy because that’s all it ever was. A political model that is informed and mirrors our true nature without any progressive delusions. Anarchism is what we are and if we get our ideas in line with reality then confusion ends and we see that the systems and controls are always created for “other” people. The truth is achievable only by the individual and does not require collectively agreed upon abstractions.

  14. SimonBlack Says:

    Does anyone know who this Gary is, the guy with the success in UK traffic?
    I have that very thing coming up. Could do with winning one, its feeling hopeless. Or can we recap his strategy, I listened twice and missed the core of it somehow. I still don’t know how a hearing runs of what rules they use. Court won’t tell me. I’m gonna freedom of association them if they don’t tell me next time. I expect its up to me, I just wandered out of the rainforest into a twisted linguistic nightmare! Sorry if I double posted, I have to click for notifications.

  15. Gary Says:

    This is Gary from the UK….. Simon if you need help fella give me a call 01827 54222 or email me

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