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NSP – Jun 6, 2015

Posted on June 6th, 2015 by Calvin

Show Notes:

  • Thank you to all to the affiliates and pirate radio operators rebroadcasting the No STATE Project!
  • Our continuing conversation with Clint Richardson will likely broadcast on June 20th.
  • Someone had emailed a letter purporting to be evidence that the birth certificate creates a trust or corporation by way of an AT&T phone bill that was paid for using a “treasury account.”
  • “One of the most ignored legal precedents in California is a tax case citation involving Deukmejian.”
  • “I guess when you steal billions of dollars from people, they’ll name a million dollar building after you.”
  • The only way for the prosecution to defeat the motion to dismiss is to at least show, on the record, where their evidence is to substantiate their claims. They either have the evidence or they don’t, there is no gray area; its quite Boolean.
  • “Police authority cannot expand the limited jurisdiction of the court. Just because the can write a complaint, it doesn’t mean that they actually and factually have jurisdiction.”
  • “Most people will agree that you should zealously attack the all of the prosecutor’s arguments and that there are no sacred cows.”
  • A libertarian punk suggests using an attorney, who historically don’t challenge all of the prosecutions assertions, when fighting your activist battles.
  • Where is the proof that government are deferring to a birth certificate before they initiate their legal attacks?
  • Is there actually documentation showing that birth certificates are being held and/or processed by the county assessor?
  • Cleverly debunking UUC con-men in the mid nineties.
  • The protection racquet known as government.
  • Why would an organization that solely relies on coercion need to give their victims an escape-clause”
  • How far disconnected are we really?
  • Its all about that bass.
  • Justinian’s three precepts of the law: live honestly, injure no one, and give every man his due.
  • Determining the type of civil proceeding: tort or contract.
  • Using a city council meeting to see how well you can ask questions of evidence to bureaucrats if you were in a traffic hearing setting.
  • Everything you are doing is calling the prosecutor’s bluff and asking for their evidence to back-up their claims/arguments.
  • Double-jeopardy only applies when you’ve gone through trial.
  • Submitting a number of petition for writ of habeas corpus for Ross Ulbricht and not holding our breath waiting for the media to report on it.
  • Why to basic rules of non-aggression apply to us, but not to the ruling class? Statist double-standard much?
  • Recent Call-of-Shame: a Canadian bureaucrat claims she doesn’t have to prove their laws apply.
  • The intercontinental success that the effective questions of evidence has achieved.
  • “The opinion that you violated the law is not evidence they apply in the first place.”
  • High-level judges and attorneys have admitted that they can’t cite evidence to prove the laws apply.
  • “You can’t show a legal injury without first showing the laws apply.”
  • The burden-of-proof on appeal is much lower/easier with an issue of hard fact than it is with an issue of interpretive law.
  • True adversarial proceedings maintain a proper presumption of innocence of all the assertions being levied against you.
  • New Call-of-Shame with the Minnesota Department of Revenue.

Caller’s Topics:

  • Anthony form CA: had some success in exercising effective damage control against a traffic legal-attack using the motion to demur/dismiss and discovery request package <> the motion was initially denied and the judge overreacted bitterly without stating the grounds for his denial <> the fear and intimidation tactics that are deployed against challenging litigants <> the judge genuinely and embarrassingly did not understand some legal terminology <> keeping the burden-of-proof on the prosecutor when the judge begins prosecuting the case for them <> calling out a seasoned, veteran officer on their lack of knowledge of an essential element of their job <> the judge will not grant you the latitude they grant the prosecution and their witnesses [the statist double-standard] <> the cop/witness defers to the law (a legal opinion) when answering a question of fact <> the bailiff reacts with legal threats when the defendant asks to use their recording device <> and businessman Steve Clark seeks initiative to overhaul and abolish ‘outdated’ California alimony law.
  • Rick from NV: the process of expatriating and revoking the (assumed) authority of the birth certificate <> <theory>the ALL CAPS corporate/legal title of your name is the government’s property</theory> <> don’t act under their tricky contrapt system <> “the only jurisdiction they have is the gun” <> living without asking for permission <> and proving how an organization’s rules don’t apply to those who don’t voluntarily subscribe to them.
  • Jameson from VA: 3 years wasted researching and trying to validate various popular legal theories such as sovereign citizens, UCC theories, birth certificate bonds, ect <> all roads lead to “the gun in the room” <> <anecdotal evidence>his birth certificate was being held by the county assessor’s office, not vital statistics</anecdotal evidence> <> UCC advocates never seem to want to show documentation of their specialized status and always want hundreds of dollars for their seminars <> Slaves By Law is very similar to Marc’s books <> “no duty to protect” is the key to disproving citizenship <> CUSIP numbers on the back of social security cards <> “your tax payments got to the IMF” <> expatriot hunting tax wranglers <> and “if a grandfather builds a house, he cannot compel his grandchildren to live in it.”
  • Ty from UT: challenging a “valid cause for action” with a motion to dismiss in response to a civil legal-attack <> expecting the judge to deny the motion and planning a contingency in case of <> would they revert to attacking the registered owner of the car rather than the driver if they don’t feel like dealing with the pro per traveler <> and getting connected to the many NSP educational resources to better prepare for court.
  • Paul from AK: won two cases in the local court system, but the courts responded by filing even more charges as a result <> properly objected when the judge attempted to enter a plea on the defendant’s behalf <> corresponding with the courts during the same time-frame as bringing a child into the world <> being hit with escalated “illegal” fishing charges <> the D.A. failed to show up for a hearing, how is the case not dismissed for failure to prosecute? <> using special signatures on paperwork filed with the court <> what’s the power of including “SEAL” with your documentation? <> offering a plea of guilt if they can offer evidence to prove jurisdiction (something they are supposed to have anyway) <> failure to respond fee statement included in the motions filed with the prosecutor <> staying outside the bar and using the birth certificate when they want to interact with your corporate person <> and making strong objections through practice and experience.
  • Ted from WA: please elaborate on how important the issue of jurisdiction is and how you can raise the issue at any point of litigation <> and challenging a judgement that has expired the deadline for appeal.
  • Imran from AZ: courtroom extortionists do not want to fully disclose the nature and cause of the charges and proceedings being brought against you <> American courts systems are run by a private British guild by way of a failure to fully emancipate from the crown <> getting harassed by the local police for providing transportation to drunk patrons on Super Bowl Sunday (so much for public safety…) <> how can the Chandler judge/attorney act for the State Attorney General? <> easily demonstrating the conflict-of-interest between the judge and prosecutor and how that is grounds to void a judgement <> and a potential Call-of-Shame audio of an interview with a cop asking tough questions about their statutes and definitions.

8 June 2015 update.  I could not find the alleged evidence of the birth certificate being a bond and creating  a prepaid treasury account during the live show, but I have it and it’s posted below.  The actual file I was sent was pretty bad, I did find another one of higher quality and that is also posted, I’m posting both in case I’m accused of hiding something.

The higher quality one, I got from this website.   It purports to be a letter from AT&T that a bill was paid with a prepaid treasury account.  If we accept his is a valid document, then it still in no way proves there is a prepaid treasury account created with the birth certificate.  That is a huge assumption being made from this document.

There are so many questions also.  Why is this from the correspondence department and not the billing department?  Exactly how does this prove there is a prepaid treasury account created when one is born and a birth certificate is done.  Wouldn’t there be public regulations whereby hospital staff would know to somehow communicate with the treasury that another birth certificate was done, so they need to create another prepaid treasury account?

I just don’t see this as evidence.  What immediately comes to mind are the treasury checks people get after doing a zero return.  Yeah, you get a check, but you also get prosecuted as the IRS claims it was a mistake.  Once, and if, it is authenticated, then one still needs to know if this is an AT&T mistake, if there is a real account, how did AT&T process the payment?  Is it like a bank transfer, did it come directly from the treasury, the customer?  Exactly how are the funds of this prepaid treasury account accessed by such third parties?

Maybe someone who claims to have one of these prepaid accounts can contact me for a copy of Government: Indicted, and use the account to pay for it?











32 Comments For This Post

  1. desertspeaks Says:

    Thanks Calvin,.. marc gets the glory and you do the work lol

  2. Calvin Says:

    @desertspeaks & Farmer James: I am very glad to hear y’all appreciate and enjoy the efforts put into making the podcast high-definition archive quality because it does take a considerable amount of time and effort. Thank you.

    However, Marc does a great deal more work than I and none of this would be where it is today without him, but that, unlike jurisdiction, is a given. 😉 I am happy to contribute some of my time working production here and learning quite a bit along the way!

    I hope the material is presented well enough to where very few people have a problem picking up the concepts and running with them. I have personally found the information here effective and valuable and can appreciate those wanting to share their experiences with others better develop themselves, or more simply put; KOPIMI.

    If you feel its worth sending me some funds to help me continue to work on production, you can find my Bitcoin address here, email me if you’d like to contribute any other ways, and again; thank you for the kind words and gesture.

  3. Mike Says:

    on Ontario Birth Certificates there is a cusip number (it’s in red) and on copies prior to 1964…it says on them…not to be used as personal ID. The BC now in Ontario is used to get other government ID cards…drivers license, SIN card and health card. On my credit card bill…my name is in all caps as well as my address but the address to send the money to is in regular script. All bills/forms having to do with money from you always address the bill with a name in all caps…it’s definitely a banking thing.Maybe the government uses the all caps to identify you as a potential taxpayer(slave)

  4. NonEntity Says:

    So… if they put you in ALL CAPS duz that mean they are then authorized to bust a cap on you? I’m just trying to get a grip on all this.

  5. NonEntity Says:

    Calvin sed,, or more simply put; KOPIMI.

    Uh… he’s like that southwestern petroglyph dude playin’ the flute, right?

  6. desertspeaks Says:

    @ Calvin,.. I wanted to acknowledge your efforts,. and yes I am more than aware that without Marc and his efforts, we would all be wandering through the legal wasteland, totally screwed..

    I can’t speak for anyone else but I was foundering, depressed and dejected because of our current fraudulent system and what was out there professing to be the answer. Freeman on the land, the name game, and all the other snake oil bs.. I tried for years to no avail, to locate confirmation for any of it. Including the birth certificate/social security cusip crap.. they had no concrete evidence to support it, just beliefs, speculation and a lot of lip service.

    Then I ran across marc’s youtube videos.. it was an epiphany! We all knew or felt something just wasn’t right about the entire system. Finally “with marc leading the way” everything started falling into place and making sense. Marc provided verifiable evidence that doggedly asking “the right” questions works and asking those questions could be duplicated and is being duplicated throughout America, Canada, England, Scotland, New Zealand, Australia and now Germany!
    AND he “marc” isn’t demanding money for some crap whose citations are completely fabricated with no basis in reality!

    ***Calvin, I don’t have your email but your system has mine, drop me a line*** we’ll have to start a drive for calvin appreciation week!

  7. Boxer Says:


    Did you see the news in kalifornia? They decided not to force their victims to pay in advance of the “trial”.

  8. NonEntity Says:

    Marc… “negative hallucination” ???
    Is that kinda like HYPER reality? Kinda like Ross Ulbricht is currently dealing with?

    Oh, as long as I’m here pestering you, there are 4 syllables, not 3: hi ER ar chy. 😉

  9. Boxer Says:

    “Oh, as long as I’m here pestering you, there are 4 syllables, not 3: hi ER ar chy.”

    I totally just learned something today.

  10. Inigo Montoya Says:

    I started my research into true liberty on the issues of ‘free travel’ or travel w/o a government license, then looked at the Birth Certificate/Social Security/ALL CAPS/Admiralty Law and Wall Street bonds based on the value of citizens. Basically, this is all a dead end, as one is trying to show a system of law would have loopholes built into it which exempted anyone who could find the hidden secret code. This took several months before I came across Lew Rockwell, Stephan Moleneax, Lysander Spooner, and Marc Stevens.
    Having taken nearly math/physics course there is, yet failing to apply basic Aristotilian logic and the Socratic method, as Marc does, I was embarrassed at how simple the whole matter is. The fraud is right in front of us and has been our whole lives. The sad thing is that I learned basic logic and the logical fallacies in junior high school.
    It is a given in math or science that for any theory or ‘system’ to be valid, it must be logically SELF CONSISTENT. This simply means that any complex conclusion or proofs must be based on simpler arguments or empirical evidence. Leaps of faith are not facts or evidence. A large number of these facts are proven over time or may be reproven at any time. The commutative or associative rules of addition and subtraction are always true.
    As Marc consistently demonstrates on the No State Project or his books is that Government is a ‘system’ which is NOT self-consistent. It is completely subjective requiring ‘government’ and ‘citizens’ to operate under different rules, makes up rules, or overlooks rules, based upon a special status they grant themselves. Sometimes this happens under threat, or under ‘qualified immunity’, ignoring conflict of interest, etc., etc..
    Actual crimes (not mala prohibita violations) involve a perpetrator, a victim, and empirical evidence. If courts were objective weighers of facts and truly followed the rules as promoted in the PR, it would be a great tool for determining guilt or innocence. Some of the original inquests of courts in England were on the right track. Decisions were based upon ‘old and good’ law.

    When things really started to be screwed up was when the laws were codified. As Marc points out in Government Indicted, the laws are numerous and contradictory with a biased lawyer in a black dress choosing which ones he will acknowledge.

    Much of this could be eliminated without government/monopoly control of courts or the justice system. Free Market competition for judges, juries, council (if needed), investigation, and even prisons should reduce the violence created by monopolies.

  11. Incubus Says:

    Did you learn that NonEntity has a sandy vagina on most days? And it often causes irritation and a crass attitude?

  12. NonEntity Says:

    Yeah, Incy, that sand really is irritating. I shouldn’t let it bother me, but, well…

  13. Incubus Says:

    Have you tried douching (or “NonEntitying”, as a synonymous verb) or attempting basic hygiene, instead of whining and being a sourpuss?

  14. NonEntity Says:

    Hey Incy, Imma jest tryina interject some lightheartednesses amidst all the doom and wailing. If your smile switch dun broke you might check for a warranty replacement. I’d be happy to help you install it! 🙂 As my favorite person in the entire all-of-it sez, “Life’s too serious to take seriously.”

  15. Incubus Says:

    Does your autism restrict you from detecting sarcasm or is that another symptom of sandy vagina?

  16. NonEntity Says:

    It’s the vagina. You can’t imagine how much sand in your vagina messes with your autism if’n y’all ain’t personally had the pleasure…

  17. NonEntity Says:

    And besides, I’ze dumb aza rock.

  18. desertspeaks Says:

    @ Marc.
    Did you see the this recent ruling??
    Judge Rules Administrative Court System Illegal After 81 Years –

    This SHOULD also apply to IRS administrative law courts!

    Are traffic courts administrative law courts, as well??

  19. NonEntity Says:

    WOW! Desert, that should change everything. Of course it will change nothing, but it’s fun to read about, just like going to see a Batman movie is a hoot.

    I’m sure Rippy’s gonna go all self-righteous on us now, get on his horse(the highest one) and bellow and fart.

    Buy it IS a really cool ruling. I wonder how long it will take before this judge has a fatal car accident. Bets anyone?

  20. Incubus Says:

    Don’t be so hard on yourself. That’s my job.

  21. NonEntity Says:

    No wonder you’re still only makin’ minomum wage! 😛

  22. NonEntity Says:

    Minomum. That’s on the fish scale, you understand.

  23. Inigo Montoya Says:


    Administrative Law unconstitutional — that’s huge!
    Government rakes in huge amounts of money and property through this flavor of fraud.

  24. desertspeaks Says:

    @ Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die.. lol

    Um no, the judge said: Administrative Court System, not administrative law.. admin court is a fraud in and of itself “and apparently illegal” run by an administrative officer, usually employed by the same agency “and in all likelihood a coworker of those” moving against you. no conflict of interest there, right?? lol

    Their laws are not applicable to private men/women.. there is no contractual nexus! There is no evidence that would remotely prove applicability/jurisdiction!

    We “as private persons” are not a party to their CON-stitutions*, “which is IMO fatal to jurisdiction” see; Padelford, Fay & Co vs. The Mayor and Alderman of the City of Savannah


  25. IZzI Says:

    The birth certificate and your Social security was implemented in 1933 which in my opinion is nothing more of a slave receipt, as a way of you being collateral to the USA Debt. Here is the article that contains the letter from colonel Edward Mandell to President Woodrow Wilson of how the system were under was a way to register our biological property or as we call them “our children.”

  26. Andy Says:

    @IZzI, The “money quote” at the bottom of the page is an excerpt from the novel, Philip Dru administrator, written by Edward Mandell House.

    I researched the quote a while back and didn’t find confirmation that it was ever actually discussed with Wilson.

  27. desertspeaks Says:

    IZzi, did YOU sign the birth certificate?? NOPE! then the entire b/c conversation is moot!

  28. Inigo Montoya Says:


    Yes, I’m totally on board with the No State Project, and the utter lack of evidence of ‘citizens’ or ‘states’.

    And, I understand on one hand, and don’t understand on the other why this court ruling is not making huge news! Of course the powers that be who control the media/public-private/fascist system would not stand for it, as the cronies benefit from the robberies of the state.

    However, the ruling against the administrative ‘courts’ greatly exposes the built in conflict of interest and hypocrisy of those administering ‘justice’ — just as Marc pointed out.

    If this ruling by some miracle stands, the courts would be gummed up beyond all hope, and a massive wrench would be thrown into the machine. As with Snowden, a real discussion could ensue.

  29. NonEntity Says:

    Inigo, unless you’ve got a HUGE scuba tank… don’t hold your breath.

  30. desertspeaks Says:

    @ Inigo,
    Personally, I would love for their entire system to crash!.. as to why this isn’t bigger news, the “so called” mainstream media sold their souls decades ago!
    Here is a chart that should clarify WHY this isn’t a big deal! Because they don’t want it to be!

  31. IZzI Says:

    @Andy, you do have a point on the legitimacy of the letter to Wilson. However, it does require further investigation to confirm if the letter is legit or not. I have noticed that every information is not readily available online which requires us to go a step further on seeking the information where this information can be archived in some vault or library of some sort. Nonetheless, it goes in comparison to the book of The Creature from Jekyll Island. Who is to say that the details of the meeting at Jekyll island in regards to the creation of the federal reserve is legit, which also requires further investigation as well.

    @desertspeaks, My previous post has nothing to do in regards of making an argument to signing any document. It was in regards to why was this system of tracking (Birth cirtif. & SS#) was put in place? What was the motive behind of implementing this type of system unto the people in 1933 ? Whether we signed the Birth certificate or not, which of course is signed by the our parents is another topic within itself.

  32. desertspeaks Says:

    @ IZzi, probably created by some bureaucrat trying to justify a paycheck

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