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NSP – Aug 8, 2015

Posted on August 8th, 2015 by Calvin

Show Notes:

Caller’s Topics:

  • Mike from TX: after a successful use of the motion to dismiss, the same level of “success” was not achieved in a recent speeding ticket case <> countering courtroom trickery that prosecutors and judges use to avoid hearing the issues brought up in the paperwork <> asking the judge “how many elements are in a properly submitted ticket/(valid complaint)?” <> the judge condescendingly asks the defendant “what does corpus delicti mean to you?” <> the judge condescendingly denied the motion to dismiss while ignoring numerous citations reinforcing the motion’s relevance <> courtroom revenue generation operations <> starting the appeals process raising the original issues and the judicial and prosecutorial misconduct from the previous hearings <> and better preparing for court by role-playing and learning from others.
  • Joey from CA: constructively discussing anarchism and contracts with an acquaintance who is an criminal defense attorney, however the attorney later has “an epiphany in the shower” that “the existence of the constitution is evidence the constitution applies” and becomes very agitated continuing the discussion <> a court citation that determined you do not have standing and cannot claim damages if you incurred them while committing a crime <> and challenging the facts and evidence that substantiate the prosecutor’s assertions and claims.
  • Browser from Scotland: housing and land management has transferred its cash-flows over to “charities” <> government employees that don’t seem to be serving the public interest <> more people are realizing that government are simply a subversive enterprise of criminals forcing people to pay them <> appreciation for effectively challenging the bureaucrats with questions that get to the core of their protection racquet extortion schemes <> the applicability of Scottish law <> the escalating Constitutional crisis <> and making a call to the local council about Scot on Scot crime.
  • James from CA: the very real hardships in the aftermath of the Rawesome Raid <> Steven Colbert’s coverage of the Rawesome Raid <> Long Island native <> the suppressed history of health improvement from the nourishment of raw milk <> political envy of James’ pioneering and successful initiatives that led to the raid on Rawesome Foods <> the Farmed and Dangerous saga <> the membership nature of Rawesome grew out of overburdening bureaucracies <> mistakes made by pursuing constitutional legal issues as a defense <> interrogations while in custody to determine if James considered himself a “sovereign citizen” <> they actually used the NAZI practice of armband symbols to identify undesirables as greater threats than ISIS and that are subject to invasive scrutiny and targeting <> being held hostage by the CAFTB’s claims of damages from alleged “unpaid taxes” <> and the shocking reality of what is popularly considered “sensational reporting.”
  • Seth from his unfortified extremist compound somewhere in the American Southwest: challenging the evidence to prove jurisdiction of a speeding ticket charge in southern California by filing a discovery request and motion to dismiss <> the different terminology used to title the motion to dismiss: “motion to demur” and “application to dismiss” <> last experience in court was for a speed-trap revenue generation ticket <> rubbing elbows with even more fellow “domestic terrorists” <> helping James out by using some of his great natural products at OliFlix <> increased censorship has led to greater anti-censorship development <> pushing for better adoption rates of privacy preserving technology <> where’s the tool for reporting courtroom misconduct? [update from Marc pending] <> how exactly does the Same ‘ol Lie World Tour work? <> welcoming attacks on information systems to increase the resilience of such critical technologies <> and the benefits of I2P network technology.
  • Imran from AZ: attending a showing of “The Stanford Prison Experiment” movie in Scottsdale <> and calling into a judge’s radio show and asking him tough questions of evidence to prove jurisdiction live on-air.
  • Al from CA: providing the court an explanation of why you think the ticket is improper with a speeding ticket appeal <> attempting to get a copy of the original ticket <> the best time to file your paperwork <> filing interrogatories with the prosecutor to get disclosure on evidence and procedure <> and better honing one’s skills by role-playing courtroom procedure.

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  1. desertspeaks Says:

    In Joey’s call he brought up CONstitution as a contract, and identified as such in the Padelford decision. “which definitively states that the private person is NOT a party to the CONstitution and identifies the CONstitution as COMPACT, the decision goes on to say THE STATE are the parties”
    Blacks law tells us that a compact IS a contract.

    In the Arizona CONstitution Article XV
    15. Acceptance of constitutional provisions by existing corporations
    Section 15. No public service corporation in existence at the time of the admission of this state into the union shall have the benefit of any future legislation except on condition of complete acceptance of all provisions of this Constitution applicable to public service corporations.

    As we see in Arizona’s CONstitution, CORPORATIONS were given a CHOICE to completely accept the CONstitution, or forfeit any benefits of future legislation!
    Oddly, I can’t find anywhere where the PRIVATE PEOPLE were given ANY option to accept or reject the CONtract!

    Any thoughts, comments?

  2. Steven Says:

    “Blacks law tells us”
    Who is us, and what did ‘blacks law’s voice sound like? Raspy? Deep? Monotone?

  3. dan Says:

    After that beautiful Bruce Dickinson opening I thought the rest of the Big Show would be a wash. But the evidence is clear, I was wrong. Slow clap for Marc and all the great callers!

  4. NonEntity Says:

    Steven Sed: “Blacks law tells us ”Who is us, and… 
    YO! Clint! Get a life.

  5. NonEntity Says:

    Calvin! What’s happened? Are you okay man? I’m worried. It’s Sunday. The show’s up. With copious (sp?) notes and links and stuff. You’re not shooting speed are you? That stuff is not good for you! Don’t forget the flowers. Smell a few, okay?

  6. Andy Says:

    @ desert, Though the Padelford case does exist, I bet dollars to donuts that Joey can’t cite/quote from it to support his assertion/argument. The best he’ll do is give you the bogus quote that has been floating around the interwebs for ten years or more.

  7. Andy Says:

    Yes, I know your argument for jurisdiction. Would you like me to repeat it back to you? Actions speak louder than words. Can you show me evidence that supports your words, supports your argument?

  8. RAD Says:

    “the decision goes on to say THE STATE are the parties”

    A contract between imaginary supernatural “persons”. A religious covenant. Believed as an article of faith.

  9. desertspeaks Says:

    Contract law.. When one is NOT a party to some agreement, contract, compact or CONstitution, one CANNOT be bound by it or be obligated to obey it or any promulgations arising from of or by any alleged authority granted by the original instrument!
    Did you sign any CONstitution? did you contract to be bound to obey it in the form of an oath? No???
    Then how can it apply to you?

  10. NonEntity Says:


    F.U. PAY ME!

    That’s how. (Keep praying to the godz of rights, I’m sure you’ll do fine. [rolls eyes])

  11. desertspeaks Says:

    non, fu bite me, 😛 lol, good thing summer isn’t around, she’d be offended!

  12. NonEntity Says:


    summer more easily offended than others!

    And besides, I’m just quoting Marc who’s quoting some movie.

    So their! :p

  13. Incubus Says:

    NonEntity Says:
    August 9th, 2015 at 8:15 am

    Steven Sed: “Blacks law tells us ”Who is us, and…
    YO! Clint! Get a life.

    His comment reads exactly like something you would say. Aren’t you the one who drums on about there is now “we”, there is no “us”?

  14. desertspeaks Says:

    @ non,
    I know!

  15. NonEntity Says:

    WHAT?!?!? You presume to point out the mental defishencies of THE GREAT NonE??? Curses on you and all of my offsprings. 😛

  16. Incubus Says:

    You curse your own offspring? You are mental.

  17. Billy r. Says:

    Great show as always.Here’s a quote for ya I heard from R.Reagan he once said,These are the most nine terrifying words of the English language, I’m from the government and I’m here to help.

  18. summer apple Says:

    Billy, Those are very terrifying words. I have heard them myself. In fact, if I don’t continue to give them my money (pay their “fine”) , they will put me in a cage. I am extremely claustrophobic. It scares the hell out of me to be locked up in a cage.

    And I think that is how they control me and most people – FEAR.

  19. TOM MIXX Says:

    “Calvin! What’s happened? Are you okay man? I’m worried. It’s Sunday. The show’s up. With copious (sp?) notes and links and stuff. You’re not shooting speed are you? That stuff is not good for you! Don’t forget the flowers. Smell a few, okay?”

    I may be somewhat at fault…I challenged Calvin to get it up quick cuz I wanted to listen to it at work on the Skype chat at the end of the BIG SHOW…damn Calvin I was kidding but thanks…(bow)

  20. TOM MIXX Says:

    second run thru today..

  21. NonEntity Says:

    Oh… I see how this works. When I ask he takes weeks… WEEKS! But you ask and Bingo Bango, next day. I’ll be remembering this for a long elephant time, Calvin!

  22. summer apple Says:

    Anyone new trying to “communicate” on this website… “It’s a big club – and you ain’t in it”. Don’t waste your time.

  23. NonEntity Says:

    “It’s a big club – and you ain’t in it”. Don’t waste your time. – summer
    Aren’t you glad Marc doesn’t take your advice vis a vis the really big club? – “if you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs, and blaming it on you…” – Rudyard Kipling

  24. desertspeaks Says:

    Wait, there’s a club?? when did this happen??? or is someone pulling more crazy out of their box!?!?

  25. dan Says:

    Yeah NonE, and Tom is an asshole!

  26. TOM MIXX Says:

    Yeah NonE, and Tom is an asshole!

    now there’s a true statement if I ever heard one!

  27. Boxer Says:

    Anyone new trying to “communicate” on this website… “It’s a big club – and you ain’t in it”. Don’t waste your time.


    Why did you write this?

  28. summer apple Says:

    Boxer, I have bookmarked this site for a few years now. I enjoy listening to the radio shows, the calls of shame, etc. But when I started to comment. I felt like an outsider who dare challenge what was already apparently exposed and known. Any trained monkey could know.

  29. Jakk Wylde Says:

    Just a little friendly shaming at garage sale up north… 🙂

    Marc, take off eh!! You hoser!

  30. desertspeaks Says:

    Marc, you in fact become a lawyer in the US without going to law school

  31. desertspeaks Says:

    Summer’s claims to have listened to the radio shows, but apparently has no idea who clint richards is, which is only possible if you haven’t listened to the radio shows.. marcs shows “which she claims to have listened to” also has numerous times gone over the erroneous disinformation postings of others and clint.. she now claims she is seemingly unaware or unexposed to clint or the posted disinformation.. me thinks you’re being disingenuous summer.

  32. RAD Says:

    The state religion is like any other cult, you never really get over it even after you leave it. Part of the indoctrination stays with you. Just look at Michael w. Dean and his attack on Marc. The old statist indoctrination comes out when MWD’s money is on the line(remember, MWD payed for Jillian’s bail money). Kind of like if you know someone who is an immigrant from another culture and when they get mad/stressed out the old accent comes out.

  33. summer apple Says:

    desert, I don’t listen religiously to Every show and there are times when I have not had access to the internet. I just got it turned on again last month. And I don’t look for information from just this one website.

    RAD, I remember the open letter that Micheal W. Dean wrote. That was awhile ago.

  34. summer apple Says:

    Non – “if you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs, and blaming it on you…” – Rudyard Kipling

    Sounds familiar. . .

  35. desertspeaks Says:

    summer that’s what the website is for, the archive, you can listen to all the broadcasts, download them and listen at your leisure! if you are so inclined.

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