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NSP – Nov 21, 2015 – Co-host: JT

Posted on November 22nd, 2015 by Calvin

JT returns for a good portion of the show as we fall a little deeper down the legal-land rabbit hole.

Show Notes:

  • Phil “Philthy Animal” Taylor from Motörhead passes at the age of 61.
  • Breaking down the latest video: Sophie Tittle – Liar For the IRS, Fresno.
  • Every single issue of the Meads v. Meads citation, like most common court citations used by FMOTL and UCC types, is a legal opinion, not fact or evidence.
  • Formally calling-out the predictive common lies you’ll get from attorneys in your paperwork.
  • Two primary ways of emancipating from the ruling-class: non-cooperation and self-defense.
  • Past challenges made against the STATE’s client and that there’s a lack of an actual adversary.
  • Being jailed for not understanding double-speak attorneys in the courtroom.
  • Is the driver’s license a valid contract?
  • Objecting and halting the proceeding until the prosecution can provide the evidence required to substantiate their case.
  • Don’t travel with a car that’s out of regulation if you don’t want to attract legal harassment.
  • Behind the scenes of our latest Irish success story.
  • The false dilemma logical fallacy.
  • Simplifying complex/Orwellian language.
  • What evidence is there to prove that the laws of the STATE apply to you solely based upon your geolocation?
  • How and why the driver’s license is not evidence of jurisdiction.
  • Nobody delivers more rehearsed dialog than prosecutors.
  • The preparational purpose of the script combined with role-playing.

Caller’s Topics:

  • RAD from CO: real people suffering real consequences by authoritarians hiding behind legal fictions to conceal the nature of their criminal acts <> encouraging people to factually challenge “judicial mythology” <> the judge plays the “name game” during Ademo’s hearing <> and are statists and their apologists religious fanatics or double-standard dunces?
  • Johnathan from TX: being harassed by law enforcement for living autonomously <> and going through a number of weak lawyers before deciding to go pro per.
  • Jeremy from NV: past work with Marc on a BLM legal-attack <> filing a motion to dismiss in response to a legal-attack from a BINGO ticket traffic stop that is past-due for a plea <> questioning city council members on what evidence they have to prove their laws apply and the statist double-standard <> and determining the path of least resistance when procrastinating a response to a bogus legal-attack.
  • Chris from the NSP Skype chat: how could an anarchist counter the appeal to consequence logical fallacyif you don’t like it then you can leave.”


5 Comments For This Post

  1. dan Says:

    Air conditioning in late November… Gold Jerry

  2. Steven Says:

    Enjoyed it, brother. The point about not assuming to be or claiming to be the so called name, leading to so called failure to appear makes a lot of sense. The point the guy you were talking with (RAD?) was speaking about, that there ‘needs to be’ a controversy, makes a lot of sense too.

    Seems to boil down to which is more important to the so called individual; so called anarchy or honoring the decisions ‘other’ so called individuals seem to ‘make’.

  3. Kawlinz Says:

    About an hour into the podcast there was a lot of talk about supernatural and if the state fits the definition. I think it does. I also think that, while they don’t say explicitly “hey the state is a deity”, they do say that the government has certain powers and authorizations that it can grant to a “person”.

    If this government didn’t have powers, there’d be no judges, lawyers, or presidents – this entity must be supernatural. If you ask a judge where their authority comes from, they say the constitution or the government gives the power. If it’s just a DBA, then Tim or Mary gave the judge their authority which is as ridiculous as it sounds.


  4. Says:

    Hey Kawlinz, I came across your post the day after realizing the state is a deity. I am setting up a web site to communicate this clearly, because I don’t see a great summary anywhere else. Feel free to get in touch.

  5. Ronnie Says:

    Marc the way you walked Jeremy through was great. I learned a lot myself. It was more simple than Delusions. and that speech itself was easy to follow. Thanks Calvin for the podcasts!

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