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NSP – Nov 28, 2015

Posted on November 29th, 2015 by Calvin

Show Notes:

Caller’s Topics:

  • Mike from CT: pulled over for no permission/license plate which resulted in a traffic ticket <> responding to a false dilemma plea request with the motion to dismiss <> and the judge wasn’t allowing proper cross-examination and blocking relevant questions from being asked.
  • James from PA: researching “right-to-travel” legal-opinion/law <> falling victim to STATE extortion <> and role-playing litigation and questioning to learn to effectively counter non-responsive attorneys.
  • Patriot Wonder from FL: Michigan gov-tards are wanting $13,000 in back-taxes from years where their victim was not a resident <> and objecting to and questioning who is providing testimony without being formally called to the stand.
  • Chris from the NSP Skype group-chat: how can you determine the limitations on penalty assessments? <> and challenging jurisdiction after not challenging jurisdiction.
  • Scar from AZ: past success with traveling without permission, until a few days ago… <> how can you appeal a case where there is no official record? <> role-playing to help recognize logical fallacies and keeping the burden-of-proof on the prosecution <> due process violations when they are non-responsive to your discovery requests <> and when exactly to file your paperwork.

drew December 1, 2015 UPDATE:  This video is from the last three live segments from this show.  This is where I discussed Andrew Nelson’s silly response to the motion to dismiss.  You’ll notice Drew didn’t provide any evidence proving the laws apply to someone just because they’re physically in Wisconsin.  The actual letter is below also.


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  1. NonEntity Says:

    Listening to scar’s call I had this thought: regarding the issue of a record of the court proceedings, and seeking to avoid the extortionate prices charged for a certified transcript or hiring a court approved court reporter, I’m wondering if one were to bring a few friends and have them testify as witnesses to a transcript that you yourself make from your own recording or some other means. If you have one or two witnesses who give their testimony (perhaps a statement witnessed by a notary public) wouldn’t this be a record the court would have to recognise? (I know people with guns don’t HAVE to do anything, but work with me here, okay?)

  2. staljans Says:

    re; recording, aka court of no record… I know they ARE recording it, why are there mic’s all over the place?, cause they are recording it..can they provide you with a transcript?, then yes they are recording it, and so is MY myphone recorder, and i have a witness if need be, send it to a 3rd party transcriber like fiver, and have them transcribe it..have a notery if need be, to make it official..also tell them you are recording them, bring a fake recorder, when they say no, turn the fake one of.., and keep recording..they are criminals and you need to treat them like you would a lying scumbag. 🙂

  3. dan Says:

    I’m down with Marc’s big picture (peacefully but physically shutting down courtrooms)

  4. TOM MIXX Says:

    OH you dreamers…(rock)

  5. TOM MIXX Says:

    maybe in Keene…

  6. TOM MIXX Says:

    “I’m wondering if one were to bring a few friends and have them testify as witnesses”

    ever try to get “a few friends” to take time off work and show up?

    its cheaper and easier to hire a certified court reporter

  7. Jarrod Says:

    It’s a money making scam. I think they can say something along the lines of your evidence is inadmissible because it could be staged. They will find some worthless reason to throw it out or deny it legitimacy.

  8. 11:11 Says:

    I watched the video of “Wisconsin prosecutor Andrew Nelson’s garbage arguments.” I wonder if the defendant could file a Motion to Strike that letter for reasons Marc pointed out and/or alternatively move the court for an Order demanding Nelson file it in the form of a pleading.

    Also on Nelson’s law firm website they’re advertising themselves as being, amongst other things, a “Criminal Defense” firm. Isn’t that a conflict of interest? How can this guy wear a prosecutor hat one day and the next be a criminal defense lawyer? Doesn’t Nelson have a vested interest in perpetuating the fraud?

  9. FBA Says:

    I was listening to the show but had to change computers, now it won’t load,….:-(

  10. dan Says:

    Tom, your panties in a bunch?

  11. TOM MIXX Says:

    yes Dan and they are my moms panties…tooooo damn tight…the bunch up in the crack everytime…

  12. Rad Says:

    Look at what he says:
    “All that is necessary…are that they occurred within the territorial boundaries of…the village of Roberts…AND THE DEFENDANT IS IDENTIFIED AS THE PERSON who committed the alleged offense.”(all caps added for emphasis)
    “…the village asks that the court not dismiss…”

    He’s up to the same tricks as like what I pointed out in the Ademo case when I called the show the episode before this one. His main 2 goals just like the judge at the Ademo/Brian hearings:

    1. Establish the supernatural mythology that there is an adversary(in this case the village of Roberts).
    2. Establish that the man being attacked is the same as the “person”/name in the charging instrument.

  13. Panxer Says:

    Hey Marc, Great show! One note though… Suggest dealing with this “lawyer” by making a formal and on record demand for evidence; then place a federal or “state” motion to dismiss side by side with your motion (which uses the exact same points & citations) and demand he reconcile the “gibberish” in your motion with the motion from the federal cult he worships… At the very least you’ll get a double standard on record, expose the ad hominem covering the non-possession of facts or evidence, AND publicly expose him for prosecutorial misconduct.


  14. desertspeaks Says:

    a bit of good news,

  15. SimonBlack Says:

    This is interesting on Universal Declaration Human Rights and how they get expressed in US law. Useful maybe

    I had fun at my Council Tax hearing. I was ace. They issued a Liability Order and denied me an understanding of the claim against me. They also denied me knowledge of my right to legal remedy for the derogation of my right to own property alone (it must be registered) and where it is provided for in the local statutes. I have requested a hearing for the determination of my rights in accordance with the covenant on civil and political rights but they don’t sell them. Wrong shop:-(

  16. NonEntity Says:

    Simon sed: “…but they don’t sell them.”

    “They” don’t sell what, hearings or rights? Or something else?

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