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NSP – Mar 19, 2016

Posted on March 20th, 2016 by Calvin

Show Notes:

Caller’s Topics:

  • Franklin from IN: mailed the police officer a letter asking if he’d be willing to withdraw the citation on grounds of a rebuttal of presumptions that no one was hurt and there was no damage <> the judge summarily denied a motion to dismiss raising the issues of no injured party and no jurisdiction <> the judge condescendingly stonewalls the defendant’s questions to better understand the nature and cause of the charges and proceedings <> the judge admitted that they “assume jurisdiction” <> what can you do to ensure you receive responsive answers and clarification to your questions in court? <> building fall-back options if you primary defense goes awry in court <> and it has proven slightly more forthcoming to use “demands” in place of “requests.”
  • Ian from CA: starting the discussion of taking back self-defense <> de-romanticizing nationalism <> European nation’s response to the Syrian/middle-eastern refugee crisis compared to Donald Trump’s response <> the people we need protection from are the ones claiming a monopoly on protecting us <> the dreamy desire for an Arthurian protector originates from a conditioned sense of dependency and defenselessness <> “I think we can get a non-violent organization to build and maintain the roads” <> and society’s recognition of a failing system of hierarchy.
  • Jamison from TX: legal-attack/railroading update; the first words out of the judge’s mouth was “we’re not going to play catch-22 today” after the defendant asked if he’s entitled to a fair hearing <> notice of trial set without a plea <> the code applies because the code applies and more blunt assertions in the courtroom; no evidence to prove jurisdiction was ever presented in court <> and cleaning up a big mess of misconduct.
  • Benedeto from AZ: knows a friend who’s similar questions and tactics got rejected out-of-hand by a judge <> how can you secure an actual fair hearing? <> and received 2 tickets for the same “failure to register” offense within weeks of each other and before the first court date.
  • Gabe from OR: tackling a myriad of citations, including a DUI, where does one start? <> the prosecutor hasn’t filed the citation, which disallows the defendant from filing their paperwork <> the prosecutor offered a plea deal early on the proceedings <> and verbalizing the roadside intimidation coming from the cops.
  • Ted from WA: checking on the status of your paperwork after its filed <> and contacting the prosecutor and getting a statement on their evidence against you ahead of your arraignment.
  • Jeffery from NC: jailed 30 days on contempt charges for objecting and challenging jurisdiction <> requested a “common law” hearing and evidence to prove a valid contract <> the defendant was being accused of being a “sovereign citizen” without even knowing what a sovereign citizen was <> and where to start correcting the wrongs of the justice system.


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  1. 11:11 Says:

    Good show and good callers. Thank’s “Ian from CA,” for the suggestion on how to reply to those who ask, “Who’ll build the roads?”

  2. NonEntity Says:

    So Marc, what’s with the obsession with obituaries? Now if you were to focus on dead cops, bureaucrats, lawyers, and politicians I could maybe see it the value…

  3. NonEntity Says:

    Marc, you suggested to the gentlemen from S.C. that he go after the judge by making claims against the insurer. This was a big thing for you a while back but I’ve not heard it mentioned for quite a while. I wonder if you care to comment on this? Has it been found ineffective, or are you just busy with new ideas, or something else, or whut?

  4. Rad Says:

    Marc mentions “risk management”. When I did my lawsuit against the police and “the city” I went through risk management. I think with a judge you would pursue it as an action vs their “employer” such as the city, county, state or whatever deity/imaginary higher power they think/hallucinate they “represent” in their “job capacity” if you were to pursue it as a lawsuit.
    Also, I think in theory you’d also have to prove that they were acting according to “policy” of the “defendant”(city, state county, etc) as well as outside the scope of “the law”.

  5. Rad Says:

    “Policy” can also mean “ratification” after-the-fact by whomever has “final policy-making authority” (according to the sacred writ).

  6. Rad Says:

    “Risk management” is just a lawyer and an office up on the 9th floor of “city hall”. Just like “the court” is really just a lawyer in a priest robe, and a magic hammer.

  7. jim witt Says:

    will forward additional donations as conditions provide. the work that your team is doing is out standing. the jurisdiction issue is the one thing that seems to be the thing that they don’t have any facts to back it up. others in this field seem to continue express that an unsigned document ” constitution” is valid today. Lysander Spooner said well in his works. All the best to the team.

  8. Rad Says:

    jim witt:
    They operate on a whole slew of unprovable/unfounded presumptions. Supposedly they’re system is an “adversarial” one where a “real party” “in interest” sues another “real party”. Have you ever asked them: when do I meet the other “party”? Ask them if there’s any evidence of a claimant/plaintiff and watch their head start spinning. imo. Where’s the claimant RIGHT now? Is the claimant in the court room today? Would you please identify the alleged claimant? etc.. imo.

  9. Rad Says:

    “The claimant is the city”
    Is there any evidence that that’s true, or is it conclusory? What’s the evidence specifically? Other than the ticket/complaint ALLEGES that the city is the “claimant” what EVIDENCE is there to support the allegation on the ticket? vox nihil…

  10. Paul NZ Says:

    Lots ad great info as usual.

  11. Sheryl Richards Says:

    is there anyone in grand junction colorado who can help me with some advise? i just found your site, im not very good with computers, and my time is short! i go back to court on 25 and will probably be thrown back in jail. my public pretender has been useless and my case is FULL of things the police man did wrong on my traffic stop. i feel helpless

  12. Rad Says:

    They just put up an article on copblock that covers a case kind of similar to what you’re talking about, where “the county” is being sued for prosecutor misconduct(alleged). Should be an interesting one to watch.

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