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NSP – Apr 30, 2016

Posted on May 1st, 2016 by Calvin

Show Notes:

Caller’s Topics:

  • Ginger from TX: in a classic railroading hearing, how do you respond to the prosecutor’s “objection; relevance” to your question of “is there an injured party?” <> how would you proceed in cross-examining the witness in a steamrolling proceeding? <> and what do you think about the procedure and aftermath from Ian Freeman’s trial resulting in community service?
  • Dan from CA: what can one do to avoid traveling all the way to Texas to litigate bogus criminal trespass charges?
  • Seth from HI: success story: the defendant gets the judge to change his mind and verbally dismisses the case utilizing the Marcratic questioning method! <> discovery was never given to the defendant in a railroading proceeding <> and prepping for an upcoming hearing.
  • Jeffery from IN/NY: challenging a seat-belt violation ticket <> experiencing the predictable responses from the judge and prosecutor during trial <> requesting an appeals hearing to reverse a bad judgement <> getting post conviction relief for the summation of expenses it costs defending oneself against an invalid complaint <> questioning the prosecutor on what evidence they have to prove jurisdiction <> varying arraignment procedures from state-to-state <> administrative hearings that guise as real court hearings <> missed the first hearing due to being on dialysis <> walking through the first actual hearing <> adverse reactions from almost everybody when they see you challenging the system with unrelenting tough questions of fact <> and supporting the research and production efforts.
  • Michael from NY: a retired cop newly introduced to and learning the material here on the website <> escaping the local cash-before-kids bureaucracy <> starting points for learning how to apply the Socratic method in court <> coming back to New York to do a workshop <> appealing to a local organization, Americans for Legal Reform, to help organize an educational event <> horrendous family court stories <> filing contempt charges against the ex to get the kids out of a crappy situation <> spending valuable time and knowledge with children <> cops are expected to meet “productivity goals”, or quotas as we call them <> and getting an internal reputation for using too much discretion while policing (more evidence good cops get marginalized).
  • Jose from the NSP Skype group-chat: how is it fair if there is no discovery before the day of your trial?
  • Cayman from MI: listening-in on the caller line. [Tip: LRN provides a listen line you can dial-in to so we can reserve the spots on the caller line for the callers.]
  • Witt from AZ: proud Floydian <> and upset about his reputation preceding him (apparently he doesn’t like his negative and menacing rhetoric being quoted back to him, irony is an upapologetically negative and disrespectful individual requesting others to be nicer to them). 😐
  • Patriot Wonder from FL: pondering follow-up questions for when the prosecutor admits jurisdiction is essentially based upon the defendant’s physical location.

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  1. The Infamous Witt Says:

    Counselor, I know this might be a bit much to ask of a man who associates with 911 untruthers, all’s I ask of you is to just first tell the truth [aboutJames Wittekind:()], then let me give my opinion! I could care less about my reputation in the liberdopian community, to Witt, truth is all that matters. Leave aside it is you, or is it your cite administrator, posting things about me that have nothing to do with my call into the so called No State Project radio show…but since I can quote your fellow so called Liberty Radio Network host, ex violent con but every bit coined conman Minister Mark “I hate him. I HATE HIM” Edge…i know who you, or is it your cite administrator, who you, or your cite administrator, is trolling the Internets for. Call it “negative and menacing rhetoric” all you want. Not that you care about your friends in the liberdopian community libeling me, you, or is it your cite administrator, seem to get your rocks off attributing and posting immoral thoughts and sentiments about me, by taking something I said and instantly turning it into something I would never say…for example, thanks to you Marc, or is it your cite administrator, just click “negative and menacing comments” from above, scroll down to the bottom, and click “James Hates on Muslims Some More”…Notice on the clip I never even use the word Muslim! Libel it is perpetuated by you, or whatever cite administrator’s clip you, or your cite administrator, linked to your web page Marc? But like I keep having to say about you all liberdopians on so called Liberty Radio Network: All progressives have is smear itself. Truth is not a progressive virtue, smearing people who disagree with you Marc is a virtue. Do not believe me Marc, take a look at your own web page. Thanks for taking me on, gotta run on

  2. Calvin Says:

    James, check your email I sent you two days ago or I’ll just post it here for you to read if you won’t.

    It is ironic that a history buff such as yourself has a problem with their own historical record. This is why I posted the disclaimers in the show notes (which I kindly removed at the first request I got (on air)). Like your last appearance, instead of having a productive conversation; your calls tend to become an infinite loop of complaining about what other people say about your infamous history. Maybe they say these things because of your repeated history.

    I am not trolling you for having to hear you call into several talk radio programs and listen to you complain about yourself several times a week. I wish I didn’t have to hear it at all, but knowing about your infamy (as you even dub yourself, not me); I wouldn’t be doing my due diligence without at least warning the audience of your machinations. Every program I have heard you call-in to turns into a senseless argument of you defending yourself from other people calling you out for the jerk you often are.

    In closing, if you have a problem with your own history (of which is how you choose to identify yourself to an audience of strangers), that isn’t the cite administrator’s problem to fix; it’s yours. I know there is a word for those who blame their problems on other people, it just slips my mind at the moment…. Now go read your email before getting unnecessarily fired-up here in the comments section.

  3. NonEntity Says:

    Just for the record I want to cite the above misspelling of the site administrator. To wit, Das Spelling Nazi

  4. TOM MIXX Says:

    Twitt please don’t call the show again. They seem to love you over at Free Talk so call them instead. We only get to hear Marc for 3 hours once a week if we are lucky. Please be considerate and not waste his or our precious time.
    Thank You

  5. TOM MIXX Says:

    I’m sorry “Witt” my bad…

  6. The Infamous Witt Says:

    Dearest Cite Administrata Da Witt, Sorry I did not read your email. Guess it must have ended up in my junkie box. Fitting, one might call you, just merely sending me such a message via the internets, Calvin DeWitt a troll! Isn’t it just a radio show you are a site administrator for Calvin DeWitt? I am just a caller answering the call up from Marc. What did I ever do to you cite administrata Da Witt to deserve your posting my mug shot on Marc Steven’s No State Project website? Because I had the audacity of dope to, just once[!], dare answer your boss Marc Steven’s challenge to call into the No State Project’s radio show if you disagree with the host’s position on election’s not mattering? Again, cite administrata Da Witt, don’t mean to bug you, but how many other callers to the so called No State Project have ever come to discover some troll posting one’s mug shot on the so called No State Project’s website Calvin? How kind of you to take it down, since you were shamelessly and unnecessarily so fired up to smear me online. You learned well how to repeatedly, repetitively, (ha ha I kid) repost unnecessarily smears of me from listening to and worshipping your other radio shock jock little cock hero’s… who are so want to smear yours truly on so called Liberty Radio Network’s so called Free Talk Live? “Talk radio were you take control…Bring up ANYTHING you want….Bring up what’s on YOUR mind”!!! Unless of course, you are James in Arizona, who just wants to respond to repeated smears by your hero’s, so called Minister’s, had to say about James in Arizona after they cowardly dumped James call on your bosses so called Liberty Radio Network!? Truth is not a progressive virtue. All you progressives have is smear itself. Clearly I have struck a nerve with you Calvin DeWitt, as you have already done to me…just for challenging Marc Steven’s to think a second time…and to even better, hopefully make you laugh. Lo and behold my self-deprecating humor, knowing there would be listener’s like you Calvin that would recognize my voice. I can feel your hate Calvin…not to mention see your hate seething on the so called No State Project’s website. Can’t help that you already having a preexisting problem with me Da Witt…not to mention a closed mind, with me for daring call into your favorite sista soldja show on so called Liberty Radio Network. But you are not trolling me while you are lashing out by trolling me because you can’t stand having ever to, god forbid, hear me on some other so called Liberty Radio Network radio show. You are such a LRN history buff you get all fired up to repeatedly, repetitively repost (ha ha I kid) repetitively your problem with me….without due diligence to even mention, to Witt, what warning the audience on the No State Project’s website about what my machinations in response to my one and only conversation with your boss Marc Steven’s is supposed to mean Calvin DeWitt. You got my email address. You even got my phone number. You even got the ear of your boss that has a live radio program. Care to take me on in any way you like Calvin DeWitt. All’s I ask of you is just try to first tell the truth, then let me give my opinion. But then again, being progressive means never having to say you are sorry Calvin DeWitt. All you have is smear itself. Again cite administrata Da Witt, if you have a problem with my own history humor me and make me think a second time and put it in writing. Reposting, repeatedly, repetitively, reposting smears and lies about me Calvin DeWitt makes you a troll. Not to mention immoral. Again, why is it you repeatedly, repetitively, reposts unnecessarily my calls to other shows on so called Liberty Radio Network. I can feel the hate in you Calvin DeWitt, not to mention see how gullible and closed minded you are…like Tom Twixx sticks for brains. Don’t mean to bug you with my infinite loop of complaining about your complaining about me for having the audacity of dope to call into so called Liberty Radio Network, let alone, did I mention what happened to me when I called into your bosses show cite administrata Da Witt? Troll you are Calvin DeWitt! To Witt, love your preemptive strike parting shot at me about not getting unnecessarily fired-up here in the comments section. Hers’s looking at you kid Calvin DeWitt! Call me a [I prefer “The”] jerk all you want, just for calling so called Free Talk Live….well exxxcuuuuusssse meeee! What year are you going to graduate from high school Calvin? I know there is a place for those like you that blame your problems with me on me because you can’t stand hearing me in the first place you troll…it is called the mirror in the bathroom, which unfortunately just slips past your closed mind when you dare look into it Da Witt. Isn’t it ironic you are such an Infamous Witt history buff but know not what you mean by “because of your repeated history”? To repeat, repetitively, you got my number, my email address, and even a boss who’s got a live radio show. You are more than welcome to take me on any colour you like…all’s I ask if you get the first word, then I get the last. But then again, truth is not a progressive virtue. All you progressives have is smear itself. And being progressive means never having to say your sorry Calvin DeWitt!? Gotta run on, yours truly, The Infamous Witt

  7. Incubus Says:


    How many times do you have to link to the same page in one post? Color me confused.

  8. The Infamous Witt Says:

    Wow you really got to me Calvin. Confused by your own high lighted links cite administra Da Witt or or me thinks you are just reverting to lying to me by omission like your free talk live zero’s Ian and Mar!?. But for the benefit of the audience may I point out that is you obsessively links my comments on another show, not to mention regurgitating smears, to your boss Marc Stevens so-called no state project radio show and website! Because… Marc, can you tell me what libel and defamation are and why your site administrator is engaged in such crude rude and immoral slander on your website? Calvin do to get to bed early you got school in the morning. Anytime you want to put up live on so called Liberty Radio Network be my guest. Gotta run on.

  9. 11:11 Says:

    Hey genius, ever heard of a paragraph break?

  10. spooky2th Says:

    Wow, this twit really is a troll. Just take a gander above to see the evidence!

  11. Andy Says:

    Troll? I think… …is more like it.

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