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NSP – Jun 11, 2016

Posted on June 12th, 2016 by Calvin

Show Notes:

  • Hockey legend Gordie Howe passes.
  • Larry Smuckler’s circular logic: “The applicability of the duly enacted laws is a matter of law, not fact.”
  • Countering common courtroom logical fallacies such as “the laws apply as a matter of law” and “because we said so.
  • The universal lack of evidence to prove their constitutions and codes apply to us.
  • You do not have to call-in to the show to win the $5,000 challenge to prove that there is a citizen or state.
  • “Doing the right thing is never answering a police officer’s uninvited questions.”
  • Taking the proper steps to file a petition for a writ of mandamus.
  • A big thanks to Dan Gould for making it to a local court hearing as a media rep.
  • Going head-to-head with top-teir attorneys on what evidence can they produce to prove their laws apply: Scott Bales, John Buttrick, Earle McCormick, John Patrick, ect.
  • Them claiming “an element of the crime does not need to be proven” is evidence that it is a rigged, rather than a fair, hearing: openly ask in court “doesn’t this make this a rigged game if I cannot defend myself?”
  • Prioritizing which of the prosecutor’s arguments to focus on.
  • Avoid making affirmative statements by keeping the burden-of-proof on the one making the claim and stick to only asking them questions to prove their assertions.
  • Brady’s Blind Spot: Impeachment Evidence in Police Personnel Files and the Battle Splitting the Prosecution Team.
  • You are not accepting their jurisdiction by formally challenging their jurisdiction in a motion to dismiss.
  • The witness must have personal, firsthand knowledge of everything they are testifying to.
  • Modeling effective litigation techniques based off what has worked well in the past.
  • There are no silver bullet legal defense strategies.
  • The objective isn’t to “win,” but to achieve effective damage-control.
  • Alan Rodbell – Chief Scottsdale Police – No Evidence Laws Apply.
  • Pending petitions in New Hampshire, Maine, Toronto, and Calgary to halt the tax agencies from proceeding with their legal attacks when they admittedly don’t have evidence to prove jurisdiction.
  • Due-process violation for lack of discovery.
  • Family court hell.

Caller’s Topics:

  • The Infamous Witt from AZ: thinks JT was the rude one on his last call-in to the show <> requirements to show cause for a libel and defamation case <> plans to sue for their facebook page and accusations of multiple DUI’s, even though all of the material is quoted directly from James Wittekind <> smear victim complaints <> making sense of multi-jurisdictional requirements <> and sends his “love” to JT.
  • Daryl from MO: various past adventures in legal land <> hasn’t had a driver’s license since 1988! <> success story: first attempt applying the Marcratic method in the courtroom; won by default because the prosecutor couldn’t actually respond to the motion to dismiss <> business deal from hell resulting in indictment charges <> in Missouri you apparently do not get a preliminary hearing when indicted <> overcoming the propaganda that police are always there to help you <> filing a motion to quash the indictment <> the prosecutor’s boisterous public remarks on her aggression towards victimless defendants fuels courtroom activism <> corrupt grand jury in Missouri <> talking jury nullification <> and joining the Skype group-chat to benefit from the frequent role-play sessions.
  • Brad from PA: the motion to dismiss is a bit cumbersome <> following Karl Lentz’s material <> reducing the motion to dismiss down to it’s necessary language <> what was the conclusion of Ian Freeman’s administrative DMV hearing? <> filing a claim against the the court (or with risk management) for damages caused by their false claims and persecutions <> in it to win it; simplicity vs. effectiveness <> and not bending over and paying your abuser for abusing you.
  • Andrew from TX: mother got red light traffic ticket in the mail, how can I ‘take care’ of it as a surprise for her? <> the collection agency agent claimed “they don’t need evidence [to prove] that their laws apply” <> reversing a default judgement <> and joining the NSP Skype group-chat for role-playing litigation sessions.
  • Aaron from AZ: called the police after a hit and run incident, they found the perpetrator <> officer tried to impound the victim’s vehicle because of an expired out-of-state license <> the judge refused to answer whether there is evidence to prove jurisdiction and proceeded to have the defendant escorted out of the courtroom for asking such tough questions <> how to avoid verbally accepting jurisdiction <> and filing the paperwork and role-playing litigation before the next hearing.
  • Keith from NH: has anyone used the Marcratic method with family court contempt charges? <> unfairly ordered into an impossible payment structure by the family court <> lawyer did not help to avoid almost immediate bankruptcy after the judgement, despite multiple motions to amend <> invoking the constitution as a defensive litigation strategy <> and warned of being subject to criminal charges for an inability to make support payments.
  • Ron from CA: challenging “the belief” that “jurisdiction doesn’t apply to a person because of their physical location,” evidence: another argumentum ad baculum <> “distinction doesn’t matter” [when you want your point to be right despite fact and reason] <> wrongfully claims that Marc has stated that anyone who disagrees with his conclusions “is a psychopath” <> and recognizing a fallacious legal arguments.

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    That first caller should be re-nick named to “Nit Wit” . . What a spineless pussy! He needs therapy to get over himself. . .lol

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    Wait, wait… I didn’t call in, did I?

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    ooohhhh …
    Yes, I thought it was you,NonE

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    Counselor? Marc you’re killing me with that Cagney lol.

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    My bad. The Edward G. Robinson

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    Or maybe it was Ca G. Ney?

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