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NSP – Oct 22, 2016

Posted on October 23rd, 2016 by Calvin

Show Notes:

  • Kevin Meaney passed away yesterday, his comedy will be missed.
  • Launching a midweek 1-hour video-stream edition of the No STATE Project focusing on court prep and role-playing on Wednesdays sometime during the late afternoon/early evening.
  • Open to bartering or trading-up for acoustic panels to help improve the sound quality from the new “fortified compound.”
  • Using the free and retail resources available here on the website for role-playing sessions in the NSP Skype group-chat to better hone-in your litigation skill-set.
  • The Socratic method is not a legal defense, we use the Socratic method in our defense.”
  • Measuring our effectiveness by our many international success stories [Ireland, England [+1], Canada [+1], Israel, Poland, Deutschland, and Australia] and domestic success stories.
  • Anarchists inherently reject double-standards and logical fallacies.
  • The “Marcratic method” is all about simply holding the prosecution to their burden-of-proof by asking questions challenging the accuser’s accusations, claims, and arguments and not allowing any free-passes on any sacred cows.
  • Legal advice: make your court dates on time.
  • Pro-tip: avoid putting the cart before the horse, common sense and logic dictates that you cannot break a law if it has not first been established that the said law applies in the first place.
  • The judge’s only job is to look at what the prosecution has submitted and make a determination if the evidence is sufficient to establish that the court does, in fact, have jurisdiction.
  • Your defense utilizing the Marcratic method should always follow these guidelines: 1) zealously attack the prosecution’s key claims and arguments, 2) do not allow the prosecution any free-passes on their burden-of-proof, and 3) challenging the foundation that sets the relevance of all the rules that follow.
  • Setting a preliminary hearing to determine probable cause.
  • Yet another judge repeats the common judicial lie that “jurisdiction is a trial issue.”
  • Impeaching the witness by allowing the prosecution to disqualify their own witness due to them being incompetent to give legal conclusions; competency and credibility are an essential part of an “effective cross-examination.”
  • Effectively litigating by keeping the burden-of-proof on the one who’s making the claim.
  • Making sure you’re making proper objections to preserve your issues for appeal.
  • The lack of activity from other people participating in the Same ole Lie World Tour.
  • Its always more effective to challenge issues of objective fact rather than subjective issues of law.
  • A judge affirms that jurisdiction is an element of the charge.

Caller’s Topics:

  • Shelby from OH: seeking advice for challenging a parking violation <> offering to pay the fine for the parking violation if the money goes to a charity for disabled people <> jurisdiction is “the legal power over another person” and is based upon actual loss, injury, or damage <> and what do I need to do after filing the paperwork with the court? A: role-playing in the NSP Skype group-chat.
  • Jayvell from CT: incarcerated after police executed a warrant at the defendant’s peaceful place of business for a bogus probation violation <> the judge kept kicking the can down the road by issuing continuances when the defendant challenged jurisdiction <> filed a “notice of status” common-law declaration used by the likes of Karl Lentz <> recovering from a bad case of ineffective counsel <> buckling down and self-learning a number of different legal defense strategies <> the court was trying to trick the defendant into doing various things against their own interests <> and role-playing to better prep for court this Tuesday.
  • Ginger from TX: putting the Socratic method to the test against public officials to try to hold them accountable to their own public relations <> being arrested for “obstruction of a roadway, disorderly conduct, and failure to produce an ID after relying on the first amendment to publicly say “f**k the police” <> interacting with other legal defense groups exploring different ways to oppose the STATE’s legal BS <> juggling charges in 3 different courts <> always bringing it back to arraignment, until the prosecution has clearly confirmed or denied the existence of evidence to prove jurisdiction <> the judge terminated the proceedings because he conflated the defendant’s objections as “interrupting the prosecution” <> and moving the court to dismiss for failure to provide a speedy trial as the case has been kicked down the road for more than 180 days now.
  • Michael from NY: has recently come to accept anarchy from listening to how Marc repeatedly explains anarchy on the show <> hasn’t yet acquired the public speaking skills required to go toe-to-toe with the prosecution in the family court <> paper-terrorism coming from bureaucrats <> firing ineffective counsel <> the conflicts between principals and practice (appreciating the principal of “do no harm” while routinely harming others for a living as a cop) <> using good problem solving techniques as part of your police-work <> stories of getting undesirable jobs for failing to get your “numbers” for revenue generation via traffic citations <> knowing the different types of judges working at the courthouse <>  convenient circumstances for throwing a case out of the courts <> and challenging red light camera citations.
  • Mike from TX: if the judge denies your motion to dismiss, can the judge stop you from verbalizing any points asserted in your motion in your opening or closing arguments?

Video from first segment of show discussing the midweek live stream of the No State Project.  My channel is here.


45 Comments For This Post

  1. TOM MIXX Says:

    323 downloads in less than 12 hours? Damn Marc I think this thing is pickin up momentum.. (highfive)

  2. stal janski Says:

    re; the judge terminated the proceedings because he conflated the defendant’s objections as “interrupting the prosecution” what about the officer, prostitutor, clerks and judge(s) interrupting MY LIFE? to steal some shekel$ and time, can i terminate with prejudice, their assault against me?.. or there a double standard to justUS?

  3. TOM MIXX Says:

    Lookin forward to the “live streams” on Wed nights…as you said, “without commercial interruptions breaking the train of thought much more can be accomplished”. (rock)

  4. dan Says:

    I’m really looking forward to listening and watching the live stream! Will the bumper music be live too?

  5. TOM MIXX Says:

    yeah Dan Metallica will be playin the bumpers live…

  6. TOM MIXX Says:

    maybe even Hed -Pe

  7. TOM MIXX Says:

  8. TOM MIXX Says:

    “see me, I’m still standin, might be bleedin but I’m still breathin”

  9. TOM MIXX Says:

    “Hate me but you cant break me”

  10. NonEntity Says:

    Damned fool idea if’n you’d be a askin’ me, messin’ with Survivor and all. People ain’t got a lick a sense noways. Blame foolishness is whut it is. Whole thing’s just goin’ to Hades in a hand basket.

  11. TOM MIXX Says:

    you been drinkin Non? its ok…we all need a break.

  12. TOM MIXX Says:

    Man I love the newbies
    keep goin non you WILL get there…

  13. NonEntity Says:

    Nope. I’d never drink Non. It tastes funny.

  14. TOM MIXX Says:

    Marc is here to help

  15. TOM MIXX Says:

    Nope. I’d never drink Non. It tastes funny.

    well then splain yer post…you have no excuse.

  16. NonEntity Says:

    We have pencil sharpeners. We have knife sharpeners. We even have drill sharpeners. Where are the people sharpeners?

  17. Andy Says:

    That’s the problem… external people sharpeners don’t exist. Individuals are self sharpening. Some are better than others. Progress is accelerating.

  18. NonEntity Says:

    “Progress is accelerating.” — To borrow a line from Mawk Stevens… “Evidence?”

  19. Andy Says:

    Sharpen your mind and you’ll find evidence. Here’s a thoughtful article:

    A conscious individual’s freedom to alter existence is limitless. Ask the six wise/honest men.

  20. NonEntity Says:

    Nothing I’m the linked article addresses the underlying issue of people believing it is fine to use force and the threat of force to control others. So maybe we have a disagreement over sharpness and ethics. The psychopaths I’ve known tend to be very smart, if totally devoid of concern for the well-being of others.

  21. Andy Says:

    Chalk it up to confirmation bias. An individual finds (or doesn’t find) what s/he is looking for. Black and/or white with no in between of progression.

  22. NonEntity Says:

    A valid observation. “THE TRUTH” may be impossible to determine. That has been my understanding for quite a while. It is best to always be open to the examination of new data and new data analysis methodologies. That said and acknowledged, your reply seems to be a sidestep. While I see much that fills me with hope my general experience less me to believe that humans are, for the most part, genetically predisposed against clear rational thought.

  23. TOM MIXX Says:

    ” “THE TRUTH” may be impossible to determine”.
    not really Non..
    The Socratic method can be used to show someone that they are wrong, or at least imprecise, by getting them to agree with statements that contradict their original assertion. Since Socrates believed that the first step to knowledge was recognition of one’s ignorance, it’s not surprising that this method focuses not so much on proving your point but on disproving the other person’s point with a series of questions (elenchus), resulting in their aporia (puzzlement). This method is used in law school to teach students critical thinking skills, and it is also used in psychotherapy, management training, and classrooms. The judges and persecutors are fully trained in this method and experienced liars, killers and thieves.

    Hope that helps Non…

  24. TOM MIXX Says:


    yes Non, the caps suggest excitement. (rock)

  25. TOM MIXX Says:

    “We have pencil sharpeners. We have knife sharpeners. We even have drill sharpeners. Where are the people sharpeners”?

    Ever meet Gary Capps..he is THE “people sharpener”…

  26. Andy Says:

    NonEntity said: “my general experience less me to believe that humans are, for the most part, genetically predisposed against clear rational thought.”

    Good luck identifying external authority “people sharpeners”. Perhaps this will help:

    “Things in our country run in spite of government, not by aid of it.” ~ Will Rogers

  27. NonEntity Says:

    Someone take away the camera man’s coffee!

  28. NonEntity Says:

    “The Socratic method can be used to show someone that…” In “The Yage Letters” Allen Ginsberg wrote to his friend William Burroughs, “You can’t show someone something he hasn’t seen.” Which is why, among other things,compulsory schooling is such a destructive method. I might rephrase the statement as, “The Socratic method can be used to help a person with an open and curious mind…”

  29. NonEntity Says:

    It’s kind of like anarchy in the memesphere. “Make someone see” is about as effective and moral as making someone learn math. The use of force is always wrong, be it physical or mental. Not only is it morally wrong, it’s not effective, other than to destroy the spirit of the victim.

  30. NonEntity Says:

    And by “use of force” I mean the initiation of force.

  31. TOM MIXX Says:

    “You can’t show someone something he hasn’t seen.”
    So let me get this straight. If you have never “seen” a pencil before and I present one and “show” it to you, you still cant “see” it? OR I have a box, you cant “see” inside a box, I tell you there are 2 apples inside the box but you keep insisting that there is only 1. I then remove the top to let you “see” that there are in FACT 2 Have I then “shown ” you something you haven’t “seen”?

    “Make someone see” is about as effective and moral as making someone learn math.
    Are you conflating the Socratic Method with “making” someone “do” something?

    The Socratic method does not rely on force, it relies on self evidence.

    The Socratic method can be used to show someone that they are wrong, or at least imprecise, by getting them to agree with statements that contradict their original assertion. does this sound like “making” someone “do” something unwillingly?

  32. NonEntity Says:

    If you’ve never seen a pencil before and I show you one you will not see a pencil, you will see a roundish yellow pointy thing with a bouncer thing on the other end. A pencil is a specific concept, of which you have no knowledge. Until you understand what a pencil IS you will not see that what I’ve shown you is a pencil.

  33. TOM MIXX Says:

    “What is “IS”? I can play that game to Non.

  34. NonEntity Says:

    Tom, you may want to try out for the police, I hear they’re hiring.

  35. NonEntity Says:

    What’s lower than tle?
    Sub tle.

  36. NonEntity Says:


  37. Habenae Est Dominatus Says:

  38. NonEntity Says:

  39. NonEntity Says:

    Who is Dan Metallica? What instrument does he play?

  40. TOM MIXX Says:

    the triangle squared. Pythagorean style with a pick.

  41. TOM MIXX Says:

    Is the October 28 podcast going to be posted soon?

  42. TOM MIXX Says:

    29th oops

  43. TOM MIXX Says:

    Wednesday, November 2nd, 2016, ~6pm EST: Debut of the No STATE Project midweek video-stream via YouTube.

    Seems I missed it..where can I find the youtube video?

  44. Marc Stevens Says:

    We need to change that Tom, that is a mistake. It’ll be a week from this Wed.

  45. NonEntity Says:

    For those of us who have no idea when now is, I think you’re referring to 11/16/16, right?

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