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NSP – Dec 7, 2016 – Commercial-free Wednesday, Episode 4

Posted on December 10th, 2016 by Calvin

This 4th edition of the Wednesday show we discuss Ginger’s recent success story of a judge granting the motion to dismiss based on the prosecution’s failure to produce evidence of that the laws apply/jurisdiction. Despite the plurality of evidence, it will not stop pseudo-skeptics and trolls from claiming the opposite. We also recount examples of journalists, researchers, and media commentators who conflate evidence as “an argument” to dismissively avoid discussing the truth.

Show Notes:

  • The hardships of marketing hard-hitting anarchist radio.
  • The failure of most people to understand the implications of a high-level chief justice not being able to provide evidence to support his assertions and authority, despite other high-level judges admitting that they couldn’t prove, with evidence, that their laws apply.
  • Achieving ethical consistency in all facets of our lives by arranging our lives in a way to exercise non-compliance with criminals who use unnecessary violence to support themselves.
  • A judge committing a due-process violation by denying effective cross-examination is a factual, not theoretical, issue of law.
  • A prosecutor making an argument outside the facts and evidence is blatant prosecutorial misconduct.

Caller’s Topics:

  • Dale from IN: dealing with the disruptors to the chat channels  <> wants to offer his skill-set for multimedia development <> distinguishing the helpful members in the chat and/or forum <> using alternative voice-chat clients for group-chats <> mentally digesting the books Adventures in Legal Land and Government: Indicted before putting effective damage-control into action <> “there are two ways to be fooled: you can choose to believe in something that’s not true or you can choose not to believe in something that is true” <> they have no evidence to prove their codes and constitution applies <> sheeple: masses that blindly obey authoritarians <> reaching out to other media outlets (radio, TV, online, newpaper, ect…) to share stories of people that are able get their cases tossed from court themselves just by persistently holding the prosecution to their burden-of-proof <> and the humor and education of listening to flustered and non-responsive bureaucrats try to meet their burden-of-proof.
  • Jeff via email: getting them to positively agree that certain facts and evidence need to be produced for them to even pursue prosecution of a complaint/charges.

All this content in an uninterrupted 1 hour broadcast is a great supplement to the Saturday broadcast on our advertising-driven home station; Join us Wednesdays between 6-7pm EST with your questions and comments. Please consider contributing funds to help with production of this content that helps you and many other people, and a big thank-you to all those who have already graciously donated. +karma


6 Comments For This Post

  1. Steve P Says:

    Hey Marc, You have some cool bumper music on your shows… could you find a place in the show notes to give credit to those artists and songs and maybe even the albums? Thanks
    Steve P in Abilene TX

  2. Marc Stevens Says:

    Good idea, will do. The artists are Nine Inch Nails, Metallica, Megadeth, Pantera, Rory Gallagher, Jeff Healey, Scott Henderson and Rage Against the Machine.

  3. Boxer Says:

    Perhaps you could add Perfect Circle and Tool? Just sayin.

  4. Tony Meehan Says:

    I must APOLOGISE. The comments I said haven’t been POSTED, HAVE been. I can only APOLOGISE to you Marc. I have NO problems REDACTING what I have stated. This was my mistake & my iPads problem… Marc has posted all that has been STATED & it is ME who at fault making CLAIMS it wasn’t posted. APOLOGIES Marc

  5. Tony Meehan Says:

    And just so we know where we are at. Being ” HONEST ” is NOT A LOGICAL FALLACY. It is an APPEAL to NOTHING. It is what it is ” HONESTY ” that’s what PISSES me off. HONESTY is deemed STUPIDITY! Well if I’m STUPID I’d rather be that than FUCKING DISHONEST, peace

  6. Tony Meehan Says:

    This is why I attack TROLLS Marc, as they have threatened my LIFE. This is why I stay on track & on point, as it means that much to me personally. My HONEST character is my integrity & actually keeps me safe, it is MY DEFENCE against evil bastards peace

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