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NSP – Jan 7, 2017

Posted on January 8th, 2017 by Calvin

Show Notes:

Caller’s Topics:

  • Jeff: Q: Why not be more direct by presupposing the prosecution does have prima facie evidence to prove jurisdiction, and just ask them for the evidence? A: Using the Socratic method to get the prosecution to contradict themselves and set themselves up for committing serious due-process violations when they make arguments outside the facts and evidence is more effective.
  • Kevin from OR: contemplating following others who have successfully removed a paid-off property off the county property tax assessor roll <> inquiring the local bureaucrats about what laws apply for personal property tax on a lien-less property <> and has the Marcratic method ever worked in backing-off the personal property tax assessor?
  • Ginger from TX [Soulless Productions]: making a recording of more deeply analyzing the recent ticket dismissal <> update on the kangaroocourt series in legal-land: the prosecutor claims that “the only evidence they need to come back with a guilty verdict is the fact that the officer jailed the defendant” <> Ginger makes the lucid point that since the judge has admitted that he has nothing in front of him to make a decision on, then the complaint should be dismissed for failure of the prosecutor to state a claim upon which relief can be granted <> “the Socratic method is only as effective as the person that wields the Socratic method” <> making note of the comfy relationship between the prosecutor and the judge <> the judge gets all clammy over him being called-out on his logical fallacies <> we are, in no way, antagonizing them by holding them to their burden-of-proof and calling-out their own logical fallacies <> the necessity of practicing courtroom litigation in role-playing sessions to be able to effectively operate in your proceeding <> exposing violent bureaucrats that target vulnerable victimless defendants <> and “roadside philosophy” is extremely risky.
  • Tom from MI: musing music banter <> clarifying the disposition of Ginger’s dismissal <> checking the court’s records on the disposition of your case to make sure that the judge hasn’t entered a plea on you behalf (this is a dirty tactic, often recurring in traffic courts) <> how do you properly raise a Brady violation? <> and an update on Jerry’s “long grass” complaint; the court clerk said he “wasn’t allowed to file any motions.
  • Chris from CT: update on his fishin’ without permission complaint: the judge is very, very generously extending continuances to the prosecutor ex parte <> attempting to get copies of the prosecution’s motions filed ex parte <> blaming the victim for asking questions in their own defense <> declining a plea deal from the prosecutor in favor of the production of the evidence to prove jurisdiction as per the discovery process <> and the migration of insurance companies from Connecticut to Georgia.
  • Tyler from CA: a court order to suspend a driver’s license, without receiving any notice, gets Tyler fired from working for Uber <> finally understanding why an attorney is a poor defensive choice if you want to effectively challenge jurisdiction <> filing a motion to vacate based upon the lack of notice to appear in court <> should I move for dismissal based upon violation of due process? <> and doing whatever necessary to get the driver’s license back so to continue work, then challenging their jurisdiction.
  • Joe from PA: challenged 2 speeding tickets <> ended up accepting a plea deal that dropped the violation down a tier and halved the points accumulated on the record <> how can I verify the judgement? <> Socratic questioning is considered “hypothetical” according to some YouTuber (so asking questions of facts and evidence to prove jurisdiction is “hypotheical?!”) <> and coming to the conclusion that there is no evidence to prove the constitution applies to any of us by reading through the works of Lysander Spooner.


12 Comments For This Post

  1. Inigo Montoya Says:

    Will the No State Project be declared “Fake News” by Facebook?

  2. Andy Says:

    Show Notes said: “Why would be be considered…”

    There is no we. 🙂

  3. NonEntity Says:

    But there IS a Bebe. (Or at least there was when Nixon was around.)

  4. NonEntity Says:

    “Marc is now on Facebook.” I’ve seen all those signs that say the end is near, but I never realized just HOW near.

  5. eye2i Says:

    @Andy: lmbo!

    Show Notes typo: “and” vs “can”
    What can asserted without evidence and be dismissed without evidence.” –Hitchens’s razor

    What can asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.” –Hitchens’s razor

    😉 (me be thinking C’note ♪hould share whatever it is he’s smokin’ up there!)

  6. eye2i Says:

    can be, and be… (who’s on first?)

    Sharpening of thinking suggestion per a shownotes statement:

    “Never claim constitutional protections or rights, otherwise you are de facto accepting their jurisdiction.”
    Never claim constitutional protections or rights, otherwise you are de facto risking reinforcing their religious belief per them believing you have signaled acceptance of their opinionated claim labeled jurisdiction.

  7. Boxer Says:


    Never claim constitutional protections or rights, otherwise you are signaling that you are just as psychopathic as they are.


  8. Calvin Says:

    @Andy and Eye2i: Thanks for catching those typos. I corrected them.

    It is encouraging to see you guys are reading through the show notes thoroughly! 🙂 I spend many hours into the early morning working on squaring away the raw broadcast audio, while simultaneously writing show notes, that there are bound to be some errors hear and they’re. All and all, I am glad the main objective of the topics being (mostly) indexed and searchable by keyword on the site is being achieved.

    Cheers guys, thanks again!

  9. Boxer Says:


    “I spend many hours into the early morning working on squaring away the raw broadcast audio, while simultaneously writing show notes, that there are bound to be some errors hear and they’re”

    Nice! Way to goad the grammar nazis.

  10. NonEntity Says:


  11. NonEntity Says:

    Or maybe GodE, come to think of it.

  12. eye2i Says:

    @ Boxer: wow, see a nazi & a psychopath behind every shadow there chicken little? (is there a chicken little behind every shadow as well?! /self:poke:)

    @ Calvin: my attempt at brevity appearing fleeting, 2o lame, my intent was in no way intended as negatively critical or from a position of archy; more to simply possibly be yet another form of, or backup of sorts, for ye olde commonly running in the background (as a positive tool) spellcheck; see the word choice of “typo” on my part (and how often me, myself or i have those)?.

    fwiw, ☑ i appreciate all that you do for ‘the cause’! hope for the most part, it’s a labor of luv for you! ヅ

    “i will not be a grammar hammer … i will not be a grammar hammer … i will not be a grammar hammer… X100 on the cyber chalkboard

    –goNads2i (the artist formerly known as a scrotal recall)

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