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NSP – Feb 25, 2017

Posted on February 26th, 2017 by Calvin

Show Notes:

Caller’s Topics:

  • Jermaine from the Calgary Remand Centre, Canada: we are working on getting him released from jail with a petition for a writ of habeas corpus <> the motion to dismiss and discovery request were filed and there was a fair amount of role-playing prior to prepare for effective Socratic-based litigation <> the prosecutor was so stunned with silence by the defendant’s effective questions (just like the prosecutor Jean Killham in Ian Freeman’s Administrative DMV Hearing), that the judge had to step-in and start prosecuting the case for the prosecutor [Pro-tip: that’s one count of misconduct, as you’ll want to keep track of and verbally summarize at every appropriate opportunity] <> the judge repeatedly gave the prosecutor continuances in response to multiple requests to produce the basic evidence and substantiate their case <> because the defendant was so persistent with his effective questioning, he has been denied bail for 40 consecutive days now based on the grounds of previous failures to appear <> they keep switching prosecutors nearly every hearing <> discovery consisted of nothing more than a copy of the ticket <> the Marcratic method and motion to dismiss do have real merit and teeth based on a past success story where Marc’s motion to dismiss resulted in a mistrial of 5 citations, including a drug charge! <> getting in touch with the prosecutor to get more information to formulate an effective petition for a writ of habeas corpus <> the defend was denied cross-examination of the witnesses/cops who provided inconsistent testimony <> and calling-out the judge, who was prosecuting from the bench, helped regain leverage in a hearing that was beginning to head towards a railroading.
  • Jay from TX: kudos to Jermaine for his successfully exercising effective damage-control while in confinement <> past experience of beating felony charges on grounds of the cops lying on the stand (testilying) <> the educational Court Procedure 101 in the movie “My Cousin Vinny” <> weighing options for handling a few traffic citations for the wife <> and how can you go about seeking relief on an “unappealable” administrative hearing conviction?
  • Tristan from IN: coping with the feelings of helplessness from falling victim to an oppressive statist system <> learning and articulating effective damage-control like a second language <> license suspended for not maintaining a SR-22 insurance policy <> “Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth.” -Albert Einstein <> experiencing the predictable reactions from the judge, prosecutor, and witness(es) as discussed here on the show <> the judge goes out of his way to bully his victim by condescendingly verbalizing “how horrible of a job” the per pro defendant is litigating <> and better understanding the method and strategy behind litigating utilizing Socratic questioning and understanding the key principals at play as the foundation of your defense.
  • Allen-Nelson of the Boisjoli family from Canada: appreciation for helping Jermaine who is locked-up in Calgary for misdemeanor failures to appear <> commenting on ICBMCatcher‘s many logical fallacies, flawed analysis, and erroneous conclusions <> if you have a piece a paper that shows you agreed to their proceedings, then you can prove jurisdiction <> rejecting logic that puts the cart before the horse <> if your statist society is so wonderful, then why do you have to force people into it? <> alternative, non-coercive ways to gain compliance to social norms and laws <> Q: being forced to participate in their coercive system is “a big fraud that we all agree to play in, right?” A: no, nobody “agreed” to play <> “under all that paperwork there is a barrel of a gun” <> examining the non-voluntary nature of consent to be governed by bureaucrats <> determining the fundamental nature of the STATE <> and understanding the absurdity of forcing your beliefs, be them religious or social, coercively upon other people.
  • Parker from WA: Town of Castle Rock v. Gonzales: police have no duty to protect (contrary to what ICBMCatcher erroneously and stubbornly believes) <> there is no valid so-called “social contract <> taxes are essentially a protection racket <> many people cannot handle the cognitive dissonance induced by challenging statist dogma against the mass K-12 statist social conditioning <> cataloging common courtroom fallacies, and appropriate responses for them, in the framework of a voluntaryist wiki’s Statist Fallacies <> and anarchists that go-off doing harm and causing injury are not real anarchists as they are in violation of their own very nomenclature.
  • Patriot One from FL: friend got pulled over for rolling through a stop sign that led to an arrest for possession and paraphernalia <> how do you draft a motion to dismiss when there is no sworn charging instrument and all they want is bail money? <> filing for a request for facts and evidence <> and possibly adding an affidavit to the motion to dismiss.

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    “might verse right” … what, is that a musical argument?

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