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NSP – Mar 11, 2017

Posted on March 15th, 2017 by Calvin

Show Notes:

Caller’s Topics:

  • Patriot One from FL: reading the sheriff’s fictitious probable cause statement <> better understanding sworn and certified statements <> specifying nature and cause of the charges and proceedings being brought forth <> and “do you waive a probable cause hearing by bonding out of jail?”
  • Liam from Northern Ireland: “unsuccessful” utilization of the Marcratic method that did eventually yield a dismissal of the charges on a technical issue <> quoting the ministry of justice’s rules for challenging jurisdiction back to them to stop them from continuing to be overzealously dismissive to legitimate questions of evidence <> getting confirmation of jurisdiction for private companies to collect traffic fines <> filing misconduct charges for obvious conflicts-of-interests <> the overreaction elicited from the local terrorcrats when challenging jurisdiction <> next hearing on March 23rd with a potential dismissal on grounds of the prosecution’s lack of evidence, and another hearing on March 27th for separate charges <> and routinely uses the motion to dismiss to challenge jurisdiction.
  • Steve from NY: unanswered questions in a fraudulent foreclosure railroading <> making a case of fraud based upon the evidence provided by the plaintiff themselves <> arguing “improper venue” as part of the defensive litigation strategy <> deferring to Randy Kelton for foreclosure expertise <> the court is actively refusing to accept the defendant’s documents (motions and notices) by every means possible <> “what is not in writing before the court does not exist” <> and the power of questioning the prosecution’s assertions and all elements of their charges.
  • Able from legal-land: the pleasure of meeting-up at various anarchist functions and conferences <> the federal government has a license to do whatever they want <> theoretically; if the government violates its own constitution then they should be considered illegitimate <> Larken Rose’s “The Mirror” project <> government are dependent on the use of intimidation and fear to keep people in submission <> encouraging people to question authority <> exercising the rights the claim you have <> and educating those with stubborn minds.


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  1. Tony Says:

    Marc I can tell you from a recent personal experience, you are factually correct about how they behave & their criminality when you take a moral stand & just question their validity, with the socratic method. They ramped the violence up to the point of giving me death threats. I had to give up my job I wouldn’t leave my house. My neighbour today verified the traffic of people and cars had stopped due to me being removed from my house the fact they sent people to just constantly intimidate me as I wouldn’t leave my house. I made the fatal mistake of asking for help from my Dr!. Never ask a Dr for help. Before I knew the psychological team were at my door. I had to voluntarily put myself into psychological evaluation under the mental health act, other wise I was going to sectioned for a minimum of 28 days. As previously stating my neighbour has today verified the dog walkers (my prison guards & intimidators)& cars of men that just sat in their cars outside my house for hours at a time had ceased to zero. They believe they can now use the Stockholm syndrome to huhum are you ready “make my mind better”. I should also add that unless I took their {DRUGS} I wouldn’t be released from the secure ward I was placed in. They I believe didn’t think I would be able to adapt on the ward to their situation of their “cause & affect”, I was released after a week, as I believe I got on far to well with the nurses & other patients. I am still in fear of my life from the state & it’s subversive manner and will not leave the house unless with someone I have known and trusted for many years. The STATE is PURE EVIL FACT peace brother.

  2. NonEntity Says:

    This is quite frightening. It reinforced my fear of those who believe they have “rights.” Believing you have “rights” (I’m lookin at you, Habby) is as dangerous a hallucination as those who believe in the right of the majority to dictate how others must behave. The reality is that it’s a dangerous world and each of us is totally responsible for creating our own safety, health, peace and love. Believing in “rights” is just as parasitic as believing “the government” owes you protection, education, health and all things wonderful.

  3. Habenae Est Dominatus Says:

    NonE, I am well aware of what happens because rattlesnakes, scorpions, and bears don’t believe in the right to life.

    I am also well aware of what happens when criminals called government believe they have (legit, valid, bona fide) authority like our statist lawyer guest believes.

  4. NonEntity Says:

    Habby, or dim witted lawyer doesn’t believe he has the right, he just believes, like the rattlesnake you referenced that he CAN. And evidence seems to back him up. Playing with your magical beliefs of mortality and rights is as good ask asking god to protect you. He’s got no morality, why do you keep trying to force your ideas on him? You get upset with him for his ideas yet you act just as he does in response. You’re being hypocritical on top of being self-righteous.

  5. NonEntity Says:

    Do you get all self righteous when you encounter a rattlesnake? My guess is you either kill it or avoid it. You can’t reach it to sing.

  6. Andy Says:

    Rights are like minds. They are mental constructs. Neither have a physical/material referent.

  7. NonEntity Says:

    Between the spell chick in my “phone” (Big Brother Viewscreen) and the inability to make corrections to our posts, clear communication here is damned near impossible. I think Habby should leave ICBM alone and go after Calvin. It’s certainly mostly his fault. Or maybe Hillary. no, definitely Calvin.

  8. Habenae Est Dominatus Says:

    Well NonE. You da one invited me to dis dance.

  9. NonEntity Says:

    See, just like the dynamic duo… I ask you a question and you change the subject.

  10. Habenae Est Dominatus Says:

    Well… With the gracious tutelage of the dynamic duo, what did you expect from me?

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