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NSP – Apr 5, 2017 – Bonus Wednesday Edition: Episode 15 – Court Procedure and Vegan Ethics

Posted on April 6th, 2017 by Marc Stevens

Spoke with KC from Spokane about his court proceedings.  Prosecutor given a continuance to respond to KS’s motion to reconsider.

Chris in Oklahoma called in about veganism.  Vegans don’t talk enough about ALL animal products, we only talk about animals as food.

Spoke also with Jim in California about his current adventure in legal land.  Never ask about the all CAPS name, there is no merit to it.  Stick to hammering away at the prosecutor’s burden of proof, challenge the claims they are actually making.


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  1. Gaslight1978 Says:

    No comments

  2. NonEntity Says:

    Gas lights have mantles, not bulbs.

  3. NonEntity Says:

    Ooops. Wrong thread. Sorry. I have a lot of comments, but will add them later. To throw out a tidbit, Marc, if there are no rights then there is no moral claim. As I’ve said repeatedly (I hope it doesn’t take you as long on this one as it did on the vegan thing! 😉 ) morality is a human construct, it’s a choice. One can choose to be moral or not. Obviously your guess has chosen not to be moral… But he is consistent (mostly) in his arguments, whereas I was frequently tempted to ask the radio… you… for your evidence, since I saw you making claims but failing to back them up with anything other than more claims. Which I found funny coming from Mr. Evidence himself. For all who may read this, I consider myself mostly vegan and find Marc’s position highly commendable, it’s just that I find him making the arguments a tad more simple than maybe they really are.

  4. Max2 Says:

    “human construct” sounds suspiciously like an ossuary, and suggested by by a supposed vegan, a common tactic of the cannibal. I never get to be the bulb.

  5. Max2 Says:

    I have read that a good proportion of a human isn’t human, our bodies are invaded by a multitude of biotic agents. At any moment one portion is alive, another dies and is digested to support and create the alive. How can the most devout Jainist ever evade killing something when killing kills, not through killing but through existing? We kill by being alive. I’m sad again.

  6. Max2 Says:

    Spat in the face, nail some sense in em.

  7. Andy Says:

    ““human construct” sounds suspiciously like an ossuary, and suggested by by a supposed vegan, a common tactic of the cannibal.”

    A mental construct can be a ***mind-spun fabrication***, such as the above quote. Why not spin it as, sounds like one hand clapping? Or, sounds like a guitar? Or sounds like a rock? Or, sounds like __________fill in the blank___________.

  8. Max2 Says:

    Did you ever believe ICBMCatcher ever rode a bike from New York to Waco Texas, still a fatso.

  9. Max2 Says:


  10. Max2 Says:

    There are no sounds, is that what you meant?

  11. Max2 Says:

    Is Andy an irretreiviable scientologist?

  12. Max2 Says:

    Andy you are the control.

  13. Max2 Says:

    Andy why do you care?

  14. Max2 Says:

    ***mind-spun fabrication*** your mind or nylon sheep

  15. Max2 Says:

    If Adam were the patriarch of all kings, all men are of that family, including you and your sons and daughters. Everyone is sovereign.

  16. Max2 Says:

    possibly inbred also

  17. Max2 Says:

    Although I hate stupid, I can’t resist reading about it. Does this make me stupid?

  18. Max2 Says:

    happy eastaaaaaa

  19. Andy Says:

    Chris, torture bad, killing okay/good? WTF!

  20. Andy Says:

    @Max2, you’ve convinced me your positing here is that you have nefarious intent.

  21. Max2 Says:

    Jesus never enjoyed an easter with the chocolate and the eggs, it was all carpentry all the time and on friday he was served fish for dinner, carp.

  22. Max2 Says:


    I’m going to overturn the order of the world with the internet comments, read that a few times to yourself.

  23. Andy Says:

    @Max2, that you sensationalize further confirms my suspicion of nefarious intent. Not the order of the world, just Marc’s website. Defeat one visitor at a time, could that be your motto?

  24. Max2 Says:

    On a more serious note Andy, While I probably was/am diluting content doing this, I hate authoritarian sorts, my bad, I have other things to do than argue with stupid Russell Piazza if thats even his real name. He would only drift further and further from a topic with more and more puffery, of course I also drink into the next day. What was he talking about that you hadn’t heard before? He is the bulb.

  25. Max2 Says:

    Who told god he was a god?

  26. Max2 Says:


    “@Max2, that you sensationalize further confirms my suspicion of nefarious intent.”

    Sensationalize what? being silly? if someone is evasive in a forum such as this we go silent? Like them we can’t force an answer.

    Marc’s socratic method/technique is very frustrating to the smug and certain to the point they stammer, I fully approve of Marc’s website here, you aren’t wrong though I ought to find better endeavors. I’ll give it a break,better?

  27. NonEntity Says:

    Calvin!!! Where’s the ignore button?

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