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NSP – Apr 12, 2017 – Bonus Wednesday Edition: Episode 16 – Sacred Cows and Court Procedure

Posted on April 14th, 2017 by Calvin

Had an email I responded to where someone claimed my logic was faulty.  He was claiming the concept of government is valid and cannot be challenged, I disagree.


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  1. Ben Says:

    That guy is just doing what everyone else does. Instead of providing the evidence Marc is asking for this guy tries to use the same method against Marc. He just knows bigger words in the futile hope that Marc doesn’t know and understand them.

    Reductio ad absurdum is presocratic philosophy. Socrates then later Plato, through a dialectical method, modified this form of argument into what is now known as the Socratic Method.

    This guy is using nothing more than a fancy idiom, fight fire with fire, to try and bureaucratically dodge the question at hand. Typical SJW response to a question regarding facts. LOL!

    I can’t answer that question and arguing/debating won’t work either. So I’m just going to use his tactic against him instead. smh…

  2. NonEntity Says:

    I hafta say, Mahc, this is a fine piece of work. I think it belongs in the “Best of Mahc” section (get on that, will ya Calvin?) The paraphrase near the 30 minute mark is worth the price of admission alone. GOOD WORK!

  3. Marc Stevens Says:

    Glad you like the show NonE, means a lot. Wish I had not forgot to start my good audio recording though.

  4. Rob Says:

    Assertion: it is a maxim that God exists, therefore all demands of proof to support the claim God exist are invalid.

    Why is Gods existence held to be a maxim?
    Because someone wrote it down, and many people believe it so.

    Assertion: It is a maxim that Fairies exist, therefore…

    Ad nauseum

  5. les Says:

    Agreement with NonE… a classic show.

    I love the claim that questions are argumentative…
    Judge: “Are you Mr Smith?” – Mr Smith: “Objection, argumentative”.

    “Let the data show…” Presupposes one has the ability to read said data.

  6. A&L Says:

    Anyone care to comment on the above link regarding this IRS case?

  7. Max2 Says:

    With socrates and plato, how are you really supposed to know? By democatic decision? Socrates, a occasional champion of democracy was voted to be executed by democracy. Fuck other people, I’d rather kill them.

  8. Steven Richards Says:

    Are Mad Max and Alan Williams Marc Stevens’ Methodists? They’re on the recording from last night, it can be heard by clicking the name I’m using. I seem to recall Alan claiming to be a Marcratic Methodist.

  9. Andy Says:

    Well, I don’t know whether Mad Max And Alan Williams are Marc Stevens’ Methodists”. They sure shot several holes in in imbatman57’s methods. As one individual said at the beginning of the first video at the link Richard gave: “Is the batman method effective or not effective in court. I’ve not seen any evidence that it is.”

    I listened half way into the video (which is a Takshoe audio recording) And imbatman57 made no attempt to show evidence.

    Here’s some “poison” from the linked page: “The two share many similarities, I believe, at least when compared and contrasted with Sovereign Citizen or Freeman on the Land strategies.”

    Note to readers, Steven Richards, in the past posted on strenuously advocating the imbatman57 methods. I couldn’t get further than half way through the video/audio due to imbatman57, the host, stepping on (talking over) the other individual speaking.

    My intent at this time is to make no other comment about this. I can only hope that others would refrain from commenting or debating Sovereign Citizen or Freeman on the Land strategies.

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