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NSP – May 6, 2017 – Co-host: JT

Posted on May 7th, 2017 by Calvin

Show Notes:

  • The crap you avoidably wade through when treading social media.
  • Something screwy is going on with the algorithms at YouTube.
  • James Burke‘s excellent “Connections” series.
  • Count on bureaucratic psychopaths to lay charges against you, expect you to prove them false, instead of them proving you guilty with their evidence as they’re mandated according to their own rules.
  • A victory screech for Sam in Pennsylvania for his role in a recent success story helping someone else in court proving that the police destroyed evidence.
  • The local bureaucrats in Adelaide, Australia want to cage a non-violent, victimless, opinion-offender for 100 years for mere possession of a weed without permission.
  • Telephoning the prosecutor and asking what evidence they have to prove their claims of jurisdiction and noting their lack of evidence as the basis of your motion to dismiss the prosecutor’s complaint.
  • Pinning down the terms and definitions of the legalese that the prosecutor and judge are using to gaslight you.
  • Pro-tip: do not give the prosecutors anything to straw-man away from your strongest defensive issues raised. 😉
  • The some of the wasteful expenses accrued with government healthcare.
  • Fetishizing the concept of ‘property‘ to the insane point of murder.
  • Allowing the free-market to most efficiently sort out the economic complexities of healthcare and insurance.
  • Distinguishing socialism from capitalism from communism from free-markets.
  • The history of the demonetization of precious metals.
  • When it may be necessary to use a lawyer as standby counsel.
  • Key & Peele – Substitute Teacher.
  • Of years worth of documentation being used to persecute a business owner, the prosecution has admitted that they have nothing to prove a liability.
  • The ‘Marcratic method‘ is applying Socratic questioning in litigating and mitigating bureaucratic legal-attacks to expose men and women calling themselves government as the criminals they really are.
  • “Why would you give the persecution, who’s legally aggressing against you, a free-pass on their burden of proof?”
  • It is not accurate to call the bystander effectKitty Genovese syndrome.’

Caller’s Topics:

  • Tom from MI: nobody is entitled to healthcare and doctors are nobody’s slave <> clarification on Marc’s ‘blaming the victim’ example when referring to preexisting conditions clauses in healthcare <> N.A.P. is not pacifism <> what are your thoughts on ‘intellectual property rights‘? <> breaking down the motion-to-dismiss into 3 separate motions <> it’s a central banker’s world out there <> socialized medicine always fails <> and what is your take on what the ‘Marcratic method‘ actually is and is all about?
  • Jayvell from CT: forced to hire a lawyer to remove a cash bond <> and a fresh success story of defeating most out of a plurality of charges; judge ruled nolle prosequi.
  • Denis from Maryland: to file paperwork to challenge ‘taxpayer’ status into the court, they’ll tell you that you must first fill out a form 2848 stating you are a ‘taxpayer’ <> and filing for third-party authorization to assist.
  • Matthew from Australia: crowdfunding for new video editing hardware to up the quality and quantity of NSP media content.

9 Comments For This Post

  1. the Raw420 Says:

    Youtube Google censored my old channel “Raw420Films” back in 2011, allegedly for “unauthorized clicks” on the adsence ads. My channel at the time was earning close to $200 a month with under 1,000 subs. I only earned two months worth of ad revenue before Google pulled the plug causing me a major business failure after 5 years of extensive work uploading content I created. is still there the Gwen Stefani film I produced with her was earning $$ a big draw of course. The channel is still there, but no new uploads, it’s a dead, censored, channel that is/was more brilliant than these channels with 20 million subs for a bunch of pranks. Rare films I produced with the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jane’s Addiction, No Doubt, Gwen Stefani and more are now up at only 1,200 subs earns an average of $8 a month. Check out the content I uploaded there. it will blow your mind, the content and the value is stunning, Algorithms are not in my favor with the greatest rock n roll content that until 2015 was locked in my film vault since 1988.

  2. TOM MIXX Says:

    Am I missing something? Does what you just posted have anything to do with this podcast?

  3. NonEntity Says:

    TOM! … rock ‘n’ roll … sex … drugs … these things fit in ANYWHERE. 😉

  4. Habenae Est Dominatus Says:

    Click Bait.

  5. Nelson Donnell Says:

    Well Tom, Marc did mention that “Something screwy is going on with the algorithms at YouTube”.

  6. Ronnie Says:

    Opinion-offender! Nice one Calvin.

  7. Calvin Says:

    Glad some of you guys are picking-up on a bit of the nuance and hat-tips I drop into the show NotEs; keene eye2 Ronnie!

    😉 😀

  8. the Raw420 Says:

    No click bait, just triggered what Marc was saying about youtube algorithms and pewDepie type of site that have 30 millions subs with content based on stupid pranks somehow makes for better viewing? Dumb the kids down with stupid prank. God forbid we have good music, instead of stupid pranks. I don’t know

  9. Habenae Est Dominatus Says:

    Based upon your comment, R420, I withdraw mine.

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