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NSP – May 20, 2017

Posted on May 21st, 2017 by Calvin

Show Notes:

Caller’s Topics:

  • Daniel from FL: working through two court cases, starting with a status hearing this Monday <> locked-up for responding to a warrant stemming from high school citation for not paying a court fine on a misdemeanor offense <> the second case is from being falsely accused of assaulting 3 officers while in court, however the video recording equipment conveniently malfunctioned and cannot be reviewed during the first case hearing <> the lawyer does not seem to be helping much at all, let’s not expect him to not give the prosecution any free-passes <> charged with multiple battery charges despite zero aggression asserted <> and attempting to get witnesses to testify to the fictitious charges of assault and battery.
  • Ron from CO: cops busted through the driver’s side window in response to their victim not exiting the vehicle on a cracked windshield violation <> the judges seems to be filling the role of the prosecutor by doing all the litigating for them <> can the judge respond for the prosecution? <> submitted an affidavit to preemptively negate any of their erroneous assumptions or presumptions <> filing for discovery and Brady material (you can find instructions in the motion to dismiss package) <> the judge has reset the proceedings to pretrial status <> and vocalizing “for and on the record.”
  • James from TX: paying 3x the surcharges (extortion) to get your license back from DMV <> you are essentially considered a criminal as soon as you step-out in public <> documenting interactions with non-responsive bureaucrats and exposing their fraud & violence <> and learning from others, such as “judge” David Wynn Miller’s “sovereign citizen” tax protestor tactics.
  • Shermaine from TN: the Socratic method makes for very effective damage-control against bureaucratic legal-attacks <> getting rid of a menacing public defender that is hindering your effective defense <> backstory on a recent success story of a dismissal of two felonies <> creating a record of physical abuse from law enforcers <> overcoming courtroom intimidation and standing your ground <> at a certain point, the judge began covering for the prosecutor <> and the joy of watching the prosecutor squirm under their own burden-of-proof.
  • Al from CA: Al’s dismissal by trial by declaration <> a new bureaucratic legal-attack: $2,000 citation for inspection violations at wife’s beauty salon <> and filing for dismissal and discovery.
  • Angelo from CA: litigating over evicted property that has not been affirmatively and properly claimed <> challenging property hoarder’s standing to complain on neglected properties <> retaliation on wife, who was a CHP, for effectively contesting California traffic laws <> and running out of resources to pursue appeal.
  • Tony from CA: police stole a vehicle right out of the driveway because of an ex-wife that happened to be on some paperwork for some assets <> condescending attorney tries to explain/justify their theft, then resorts to ultimatums, straw-man arguments, and threats <> filing/applying for a judgement on grounds the prosecutor missing their deadline; denied on grounds of “improper service” <> pinning down who exactly made the determination of “improper service” <> catching the judge in ex parte communication <> motions hearing set for this Tuesday; change of judge and discovery requested, but made the mistake of requesting for Brady material <> the judge has predetermined the litigants position if frivolous <> and Socratic questioning the mayor and city attorney during a city meeting (video footage pending).


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  1. Steven Says:

    You’re not trying to show “they” aren’t abiding by so-called rules; you’re trying to show “they” aren’t “legitimate”? Is that how you want treated? As if you’re part of a “group”, that’s doing “wrong”?

    When someone says “the state of … is charging ‘you’ with …”, how does Marc make the leap from so and so charging, to evidence of so-called jurisdiction? Could that leap be evidence that he believes there’s a “State”? How about asking to speak with The State of …? Could The State of … be the only one with firsthand knowledge of who, or what, is being charged? I hear some say it’s the name being charged, but why claim that, or assume it’s not, until speaking with the one doing the charging, or at least someone claiming firsthand knowledge of who/what is being charged?

  2. NonEntity Says:

    Steven sed, “…but why claim that, or assume it’s not, until speaking with the one doing the charging, or at least someone claiming firsthand knowledge of who/what is being charged?” — That is exactly the point of Marc asking for a witness with first-hand knowledge that the laws apply to him just because he’s in ____.”

  3. Steven Says:

    I heard that today on the show, the witness with firsthand knowledge stuff… pretty impressed. Maybe Marc and I got more in common than I realized… although I do seem to recall telling Alan from the skype groups something similar, that “we” were essentially asking at least a very similar question, worded differently, if not the exact same question.
    Difference would still be claims of owning/being name, and claiming ownership of other things, but “heart of the matter” seems real similar. Maybe I’ll starting tuning in more, though the complaints about The State do get tiresome for me… 😀

  4. Steven Says:

    well, and another difference being claiming (admitting?) to be “in” The State of …, and claiming to be a so-called citizen

  5. Andy Says:

    The most important difference is that Marc is honest.

    “BlackSwanHunter (aka Steven) wants to know how a person loses credibility.” ~

  6. Steven Says:

    I hear everyone’s a liar… could it be?
    Why accuse? I hear people “do fine on their own”… could it be?
    What seems dishonest, to you? Not making claims you can’t “prove”? 😀

  7. Andy Says:

    The most important difference is that Marc is honest.

  8. Andy Says:

    Success Stories posted on

    Steven’s (aka BlackSwanHunter) success stories: _______________. None.

  9. Steven Says:

    There’s plenty of stories out there…200+ “batcalls” last I checked… there’s even a couple clips on youtube of someone actually asking to speak with the claimant, instead of just telling the story after
    Would you even be able to “catch it” if you witnessed “it”? Seems perception of tools vs obstacles influences what’s ignored (mostly everything) vs noticed… JBP ftw 😀
    Seems what Marc is doing could be helping, for now. If so, how sure are you that will continue? How sure are you that what he’s doing is “the best option”? Seems to me he’s instructing people to make claims they can’t prove, admissions and confessions even, such as claiming to be in The State (of …) and be a citizen/name… and owning name, money, house, car, phone etc
    How might anyone ever “prove” any of that crap? If what you say will be used against you, why claim stuff you can’t “prove”? Because the guru you follow instructs you to?

  10. Andy Says:

    Success Stories showing documented evidence posted on

    Steven’s (aka BlackSwanHunter) success stories showing documented evidence: _______________. None.

    Saying there’s evidence and showing evidence are not the same thing. Like Steven, most all prosecutors say the have evidence yet they show no evidence.

  11. Steven Says:

    Could the claims you make be all the evidence a so-called prosecutor needs? Without firsthand testimony from the one said to be charging, could you be meddling?

  12. Andy Says:

    “BlackSwanHunter (aka Steven) wants to know how a person loses credibility.” ~

    More recently is this thread BlackSwanHunter (aka Steven) started on the forum:

  13. Andy Says:

    “BlackSwanHunter (aka Steven) wants to know how a person loses credibility.” ~

  14. Andy Says:

    More recently is this thread BlackSwanHunter (aka Steven) started on the forum:

  15. spooky2th Says:

    Steven, what claims? Marc’s method is asking questions of evidence to the prosecutor.

  16. Steven Says:

    Claiming to be and own a name, claiming to be a citizen, claiming to own bank accounts, money, birthday/birth certificate, house, car, phone etc

  17. Steven Says:

    Oh yeah, claiming to be in the country/state/county/city of …

  18. spooky2th Says:

    If you have listened and – or read for any time here, Marc asks to prove all those and just decided to make it all simple by going right to the heart of the matter and questioning their sacred cow. Jurisdiction (slavery) and proof that the CONstitution & code applies.

  19. Steven Says:

    “questioning their sacred cow. Jurisdiction (slavery) and proof that the CONstitution & code applies”

    who even brings all that crap up? just because the state/city of is said to claim something, that brings to mind so called jurisdiction, constitution and code? how and why?

  20. Steven Says:

    well, said to claim or do something, like charge

  21. Alex Says:

    Here in Europe you can say whatever. They issue penalty if you dont pay it will be taken from your bank account. If there is no money there it will be an oustanding charge against any money arriving minus some monthly living minimum of 460 usd approx 😀

    In usa did any ever managed to say bypass paying speeding fine? If yes links to howto pls 😀

  22. spooky2th Says:

    That is the heart of their argument/claim against you. Stick to that one thing, and not letting them knock you off the point.

  23. Steven Says:

    You claim that is the heart of “their” argument, but what i read and hear are brothers and sisters claiming things like “the state of … is charging you with”, “by the authority of the state of …, you are being charged/arrested/detained…”, not things like “you’re subject to jurisidiction/consitution/codes of …”, at least not until after you guys bring that stuff up.
    How does the mind you’re using jump from “the state of … charging” to so called jurisdiction and constitutions? Could that jump be evidence you believe what you heard or read about the state?

  24. spooky2th Says:

    What ever they claim against you is all based on the argument of jurisdiction that they say that they have. Territorial jurisdiction or subject matter jurisdiction or what ever they come up with.

  25. Steven Says:

    Would anyone claim jurisdiction or constitution applies, unless you bring it up?

    Could bringing up words like jurisdiction, constitution, codes, statues etc be evidence you believe what you read/heard about who/what The State/City of … is?

    Could jumping from The State/City of … charging or issuing warrants to laws applying, be evidence that you’re trying to get out of something, namely laws applying? 😉

  26. NonEntity Says:

    Steven, if some random stranger came up to you and demanded money, wouldn’t you ask them to show you evidence that you owe then such money? Do you believe it is reasonable for any group of random strangers to demand that you pay them? What if they write down “Steven owes us a bunch of money?” Is that enough evidence that you would happily fork over a bunch of money.

  27. Steven Says:

    NonEntity, possibly. Thing is, if someone tells me I owe Santa Clause, I’d probably ask to speak with him, for one. Two, should I happen to meet someone claiming to be him, I might ask “is it mine to give?” or “are you claiming firsthand knowledge that I could ever own anything?”
    What’s with mention of group of random strangers? Could that be where you’re “missing it”? Some claim The State of … is a collective noun, or fictional entity… anyone gonna have balls enough to claim that’s firsthand knowledge? or is it all just hearsay, till you meet the guy, or gal?

  28. Steven Says:

    actually, even missed a step.
    1. speak with Santa Clause
    2. ask Santa Clause if he’s claiming firsthand knowledge it’s me, or name
    3. ask “is it mine to give?” or similar

  29. NonEntity Says:

    Okay, I’m following you here. What Marc is doing is using the laws that they claim are theirs, claim are fair, and claim apply to all of us. He uses their material to force them to acknowledge that their laws and rules don’t apply, according to their own rules. Now you suggest that by failing to acknowledge or claim the name by which you are commonly known you are perhaps able to get them to leave you alone. (Or at least that’s what I think your position is.) But note that their rules generally make it a crime to fail to”identify” yourself, resulting in your being caged. From this perspective it would appear to me that in real world situations it’s more likely you’d be left alone using Marc’s thinking than yours. Whatcha think?

  30. Steven Says:

    why fail to identify? “the name i use is… i heard i own it… how might anyone prove such a claim?”
    if someone wants the name, ssn, birthdate etc could it be all about how you provide it? are you claiming to know it, be it or own it, or are you just passing on what you heard?

  31. Steven Says:

    claims or testimony?

  32. Susan Renner Says:

    I’d like to get the motion to dismiss for Northumberland county Pennsylvania if I may.

  33. Susan Renner Says:

    Yea I’ve tried the not claiming to own the name umm let’s just say they made am example outta me for teeing to do so… from my experience they care not if you claim to own, use, answer to they don’t care as long as there able to identify you in any form fingerprints they will that’s why I’m now going to attempt the Marc Stevens way see what happens.

  34. K Says:

    HELP ME!

    I was in a minor car accident (I was at-fault) on May 3. I took responsibility, told the other driver I would pay for the damage, and gave her my contact info. A cop was called to the scene by the other driver to file an accident report. Before writing me a ticket for no insurance he left for a domestic abuse call and left without telling me what to do pr.what would happen next. I received no phone calls/mail from the courts for a week, so I called the courthouse to make sure I didn’t have a warrant out for my arrest, which I did not at that time. A week later (14 days after the accident) I was arrested on a warrant for driving with no insurance, still without ever receiving a ticket/court summons/notice of warrant. I paid a cash bond and was given a bond receipt with an arraignment date. When I showed up to my arraignment the court clerk said there was nothing in my file yet and the judge would not see me today, and to wait for something in the mail….WTF HOW IS THIS LEGAL? Getting arrested without the courts having a file on me? Summoning me to court with the threat of jail, and not having a file on me????

    Someone with knowledge of civil rights/reasons for dismissal/police and Court misconduct HELP ME DISMISS THIS

  35. Louise Says:

    Tried subscribing to newsletter but says not available. 🙁

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