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NSP – Jun 3, 2017

Posted on June 4th, 2017 by Calvin

Show Notes:


Caller’s Topics:

  • Al from CA: update on the legal-attack against his wife’s beauty salon <> role-playing in the NSP Skype group-chat so to better respond to their non-responsive rebuttals to your paperwork and positions <> registering on the forum <> and the contradictory nature of complying with their corrective demands while challenging their jurisdiction.
  • Tim from WI: had to fire his hired lawyer for an O.W.I. charge because the lawyer had a problem holding the prosecutor to their burden-of-proof <> the judge didn’t seem to be familiar with what a Brady request even was <> the judge claims that the police report contains all the prosecutor’s facts and evidence being used against the defendant <> the judge tries to flip the burden-of-proof upon the defendant <> discrepancies in the cop’s dash-cam video <> the judge claims jurisdiction was established once the defendant filed his motion paperwork <> and how can I reverse the erroneous decisions of the judge? A: start with a motion to reconsider.
  • Imran from AZ: how could a small business or corporation defend against serial lawsuits? <> the risk of trying to run a business without incorporating <> recent aggressive BTC arrest in the Phoenix valley and how defense strategies are now shaping-up <> and why they use certain detention tactics to limit your options as a defendant.
  • Chris from CT: update on the fishing without permission case <> the judge is repeatedly granting ex parte continuations for the prosecutor to produce evidence to prove jurisdiction <> got phone-slammed on for asking what evidence they had to prove jurisdiction; the prosecutor citing the question as “frivolous” <> effective damage-control success story: prosecution withdrawn!! <> past successes of getting speeding tickets kicked from court requesting for radar calibration data <> helping a friend with a bureaucratic legal-attack in the British Virgin Islands <> some kind words of appreciation for the efforts and good information week-in and week-out <> and working through the good, and sometimes dark, humor in “Government: Indicted.”

Editor’s Note: As a bonus to the podcast, I spliced-in Tim’s recent motion hearing audio. It serves as a good learning opportunity to better understand why prepping for court using role-playing is essential before defending your motions that you’ve filed into the court. If you are not properly prepared to counter their non-responses, logical fallacies, diversion tactics, and common lies; then you increase the risk of being quickly railroaded through their persecutions. If you appreciate the media production efforts here, you are welcome to help fund future development by investing in our work.


18 Comments For This Post

  1. Susan Renner Says:


  2. Andy Says:

    The Facebook link shows this: “Sorry, this content isn’t available right now
    The link you followed may have expired, or the page may only be visible to an audience you’re not in.”

  3. NonEntity Says:

    “the Facebook link” ??? Sorry, I musta misplaced my mind reading glasses somewhere.

  4. Michael Says:

    In New York, the traffic court would not let you file any paperwork and If you do not enter a plea before hearing begins, the clerk would check the court record that you missed the court appearance. When I entered “not guilty Under Duress” just to get to the microphone and create a record, judge interrupted me and said he will charge me with disorderly conduct and get me arrested if I do not “shot up” in the courtroom full of cheering cops. What would you do?

  5. Andy Says:

    Facebook link is above at: “A very cool instance of a class of girls that came to the same logical conclusions we have here through their mock trial exercises where they “challenge all aspects of the law”. 🙂”

  6. Andy Says:

    One who didn’t listen to Marc on the podcast say the girls have a Facebook page who came to the same logical conclusions… would not know where to look for the link. Save for reading the show notes and clicking on the links. Thanks, Calvin 🙂

  7. NonEntity Says:

    Thanks for clarifying. For me it (the link) asks me to sign in or join Facebook, neither of which is likely in this lifetime. It seems like sometimes you can access Facebook posts without signing in and other times not. I have no idea how that all is parsed out.

  8. NonEntity Says:

    If someone can figure out how to copy that material and post it here or someplace aside from Facebook that would be most excellent

  9. Andy Says:

    I only joined FaceFuck so I could read stuff that otherwise was unavailable to non members. Mostly (99%) I check in to see if Larken has a new post. They have an annoying popup that says “join or sign in to see more…” and unless signed in the pop-up remains to cover the lower half of the screen. Piss off potential “customers”/suppliers-of-data/product and current “customers”/product suppliers — heck of a business model. aye?

  10. Billy.R Says:

    Where do i go to learn more about Chris fishing without permission slip ?

  11. NonEntity Says:

    “Joining” FaceBook basically gives them a hook to own everything you do on your device. And now this:”They have submitted a patent to spy on users through their phones’ camera in order to analyze their facial emotions in real time.”

  12. Marc Stevens Says: I finally posted the screencap for ya NonE

  13. NonEntity Says:

    Way cool!. Thanks Marc. 🙂

  14. Nelson Donnell Says:

    Andy, that’s what Firefox with the add-on Adblock Plus and the Element Hiding Helper for Adblock Plus 1.4 are designed for, preventing those pop-ups from appearing. It’s always worked for me.

  15. Montoya Says:

    I’m baffled.
    So the judge is saying that allegations magically become evidence at the time of trial?

  16. Montoya Says:

    I thought discovery meant that ALL evidence had to be presented to the defense BEFORE trial. The judge is claiming that discoverable evidence will magically appear, but only when the trial begins.

  17. Montoya Says:

    Judge : “You’ve submitted yourself to the court and my jurisdiction.”
    Yes…or else we will come and kidnap you and throw you into a cage.

  18. Montoya Says:


    The last story about the two girls using the basic Socratic method is Brilliant!
    It would be great if you could get the girls, and the teacher, or other students to call in to your show! The interview would be a classic for your archive and for the education of others.

    I remember doing the mock trial, way back when I was in school where I was the defense lawyer. I wish I would have understood this method then.

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