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NSP – Jun 7, 2017 – Bonus Wednesday Edition: Episode 22

Posted on June 10th, 2017 by Calvin

Show Notes:

  • A big thanks to everyone supporting the No STATE Project radio show and the resourceful website, hope to see y’all out at Jackalope Freedom Festival 2017.
  • Dirty tricks judges use to railroad defendants into a trial, instead of doing the right thing by holding the prosecution to their burden-of-proof and dismissing a case that can’t be soundly established.
  • When the prosecution is extending their deadlines, that may be a sign that you’re ultimately looking at the a situation where the prosecution will be withdrawing their charges as they did recently in Chris’ case.
  • Why would it take so long for the prosecution and witness to produce evidence they should already have before even filing a complaint with the court?
  • Cops don’t like not being in control in the courtroom subjected to your questions, unlike the roadside stop where they have full freewill and dominance.
  • A good time to get in on some role-playing is after the No STATE Project broadcasts.
  • According to California Penal Code 1004: “The defendant may demur to the accusatory pleading at any time prior to the entry of a plea, when it appears upon the face that the facts stated do not constitute a public offense.”
  • How to file the motion to dismiss and what to expect from the judge and prosecutor.
  • You are heading down the wrong path, and you’re taking an unnecessary burden upon yourself, when you find yourself filing notarized affidavits.
  • People who forces other people to pay them are crooks, no matter what they title themselves.

Caller’s Topics:

  • Cory from CA: update on the Blythe legal-attack <> back in February, the judge denied all the motions filed with the court and ignored the Brady disclosure request and discovery request, and then set a trial date for June 15th <> requesting a continuance, if not; dismissal, of the charges on grounds that the prosecutor is failing to provide timely discovery <> approaching another officer with questions about traffic court cross-examination procedure <> trying to anticipate what the cop is going to be testifying to due to the lack of discovery <> during the motion hearing, the judge determined he “didn’t find any basis” to grant the motion to dismiss based on what was stated within the motion to dismiss [ask “has the prosecution submitted facts and evidence to constitute a public offense”] <> and raising the issue of the conflict-of-interest between the prosecutor and judge.
  • Ken from IA: arrested under the patriot act back in 2004 <> Snakes in Suits: “their hallmark is a stunning lack of conscience” <> asking for the evidence and the accuser during the preliminary hearing in an emptied courtroom <> judge David Wiggins: “all pro se motions denied” <> charged the daughter with “failure to appear” for jury duty with a warrant and arrest at the residence, then later dismissing the charges <> calling out the conflict of interest between the judges and prosecutor <> the incredible human harvesting happening in the courtroom <> and the indifference of courtroom injustice from other bureaucrats.

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6 Comments For This Post

  1. HooliganHoodlum1904 Says:

    I am going on my third Aggravated Assault on a Mesa Police Officer (AZ)in last 3 years, without Charges of what I was supposedley being arrested for. First Agg. Assault on a Lieutenant. Mesa P.D. Internal Affairs Division, after 10 Judges and over 30 court appearances and a 404B Hearing (30 days b4 Trial) 17 months after arrest, Complaintant refused testify and 2 Mesa P.D> Officers testified under oath, “..someone is lying I did not witness that and I did not write or sign that report.”

  2. Richard Says:

    Marc, I’ve been listening to your shows religiously since 2011. Never missed an episode. Thank you for all you’ve done.

    My question is a little off topic, sorry, but I have had a life changing event lately. I think I may seriously be going insane, and this is no joke. Google the Mandela Effect.

    Marc, I respect you and would like to ask you a question about Staten Island and the Statue of Liberty, since you grew up on Rhode Island.

    1) How many bridges go to Staten Island?
    2) Do you remember the Torch of the Statue of Liberty being opened to the public?
    3) Were you aware that the German’s attacked NYC in 1916?

    I’m sorry that this is off topic and may seem irrelevant and out of place, but I am being VERY serious here. Please, can you answer these simple questions? And anyone else reading this too? Thank you for your help.

  3. NonEntity Says:

    Seven islands go to the tower of Staten’s torch.

  4. dan Says:

    I think that’s Satan’s torch

  5. NonEntity Says:

    Hey, watch it! Remember who’s the damned Nazi around here.

  6. dan Says:


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