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NSP – Jul 1, 2017

Posted on July 1st, 2017 by Calvin

Show Notes:

  • Recapping the Iron Maiden show from this past Wednesday.
  • Fixed a little technical error with the recent video “Tyranny in New Hampshire – No Evidence? No Problem, We Got Prisons” featuring the crescendo of Bill’s adventure in legal-land.
  • Finally getting around to watching the movie “Where Eagles Dare,” where the first track of Iron Maiden’s “Piece of Mind” album is inspired by and titled accordingly.
  • Announcing a new series of short videos exposing aggressive individual bureaucrats, starting with Greg Ives who targeted a peaceful business operator and contributed to the ultimate destruction of the Twin Mountain Country Store.
  • Sometimes your legal attack will conclude favorably like Cory’s in California.
  • Shady traffic courts and police abuse & misconduct, like when they write coded notes on the back of their tickets and target out of state travelers.
  • Traveling in a manner so to not give the roadside extortionists a reason to target you, your time, and your pocket book.
  • Pro-tip: asking what the prosecution’s burden-of-proof is (beyond a reasonable doubt = criminal, by preponderance of evidence = civil) to determine the nature of the proceedings.
  • Damnum absque injuria applies both criminally and civilly, so they cannot back out of their prima facie burden to confirm an actual violation of another’s legal rights and damage.
  • Asking the witness (the cop) whether he filed a valid cause of action, and then how many elements are in a valid cause of action to demonstrate that the cop is not qualified to file the complaint.
  • Exposing the conflict-of-interest between the prosecutor and judge to demonstrate it is impossible to get a fair trial.
  • Using the judge’s misconduct of allowing the proceeding to continue without the prosecution confirming their minimum prima facie burden-of-proof to get a change of judge or recusal.
  • Only the minority of free-staters have actually done something to advance the cause of liberty as most the the free-stater legislative body did next-to-nothing to come to a fellow free-stater’s aide.
  • Pro-tip: always formulate your questions during cross-examination as leading questions so you are controlling the answers they are giving you.
  • Overcoming their outcome-based proceedings, especially in their traffic courts, by exposing their contradictions against their own rules and rhetoric.
  • Always objecting and asking your leading questions to clarify and expose the statist double-standard.
  • Countering the common judicial lies that jurisdiction is a pure theoretical issue of law, that it is strictly an issue for trial, and/or that you were refusing to plea.
  • Recognizing when they are putting the cart before the horse by accusing you of violating their law(s) before even proving that their laws apply in the first place.
  • Freedom/liberty is taken, not given (refer to the Declaration of Independence and Revolutionary War for example).
  • Scouting places to do the radio show live and a following jam session.
  • A gracious thank-you to all the supporters of the big show and we hope to see some of you out at the Jackalope Freedom Festival in just 30 days.

Caller’s Topics:

  • Jordan from CA: just purchased the motion to dismiss package to challenge a recent speeding bureaucratic legal-attack <> accolades for the simplified and effective litigation/damage-control strategy that has garnered many excellent reviews and success stories <> clarifying the proper procedure for filing the motion to dismiss paperwork <> is there no prosecutor in California traffic courts? <> recapping the bureaucratic legal-attack thus far; from the stop on the side of the road up to today <> the common harassment and intimidation during traffic citations <> getting dodgy responses from the court clerks on whether the traffic infraction is criminal or civil in nature <> should I challenge the ticket civilly or criminally? <> and joining the NSP Skype group-chat to role-play and better prepare for court.
  • Maggie from CA: what angle of approach should I take if the cop actually shows up at court for a contested “no seat-belt” citation using the motion to dismiss? <> California courts tend to force you to trial (pro-tip: use the unsigned plea of guilty to gain some significant leverage by challenging the prosecutor’s prima facie burden-of-proof) <> filed the motion to demur with to officer, but not the court yet <> and where do I begin with cross-examining the police officer?
  • James from NJ: making a small, personal contribution to the freedom-to-travel activism by traveling without permission papers and challenging the resulting citations for doing so <> the citing offer issued seven tickets and the defendant is on his fourth arraignment hearing <> after taking a cigarette break from the arraignment hearing, skipping all the pretrial procedure (Brady disclosure and discovery), the judge attempted to suddenly shift from arraignment directly to trial <> the defendant was tailed on the way home after the hearing <> the trial is scheduled for July 11th, the motion to dismiss and discovery request has yet to be filed <> raising the misconduct and judicial error committed thus far at the next hearing <> maintaining cordial composure when walking into their hostile proceedings <> role-playing to sharpen your litigation skill-set and responses in the loin’s den <> confirming that the prosecution bears the burden-of-proof and zeroing on the prosecution’s utter lack of evidence to actually prove their assertions <> and the extreme leniency the judge grants the prosecution to make empty objections as he sustains each one of them without the prosecutor every having to state their grounds for objection (do you need any more proof of bias?).


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  1. NonEntity Says:

    Jordan sed: do how is your dagoing? Marc sed: Did you just say DAGO? 🙂 !!! 🙂 ROFLMAO

  2. desertspeaks Says:

    Greetings, for an iron maiden fan “marc”
    Recently saw a comedian’s show you will in all likelihood appreciate, Steve Hughes While It’s Still Legal, he refers to his comedy as heavy metal comedy and has a bit in the show on iron maiden, which you will enjoy!

  3. Duce White Says:

    This is not a reply to the above but I didnt know how else to ask…I read an article from this site enumerating points about the courts were created to protect rights, etc. I can not find it again. Can anyone help?

  4. Marc Stevens Says:

    I have info here

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