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NSP - Mar 4, 2017

NSP – Mar 4, 2017

Posted on March 05, 2017 by Calvin

Show Notes: What “anarchy” means and what it actually looks like. Dissent Welcome – Prove States/Citizens/Governments Actually Exist. Living as morally consistent as possible, ridding oneself of egregious double-standards. Living in accordance with the non-aggression principal, but not the non-self-defense principal. There is no valid argument for statism that is compliant with “do no harm.” […]

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NSP - Mar 1, 2017 – Bonus Wednesday Edition: Episode 13

NSP – Mar 1, 2017 – Bonus Wednesday Edition: Episode 13

Posted on March 02, 2017 by Calvin

Show Notes: New Call-of-Shame with an IRS Agent agent where we learn how deal with the dismissive, bully-type terrorcrats. “That which can be asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence.” –Hitchen’s Razor The No STATE Project YouTube channel just past 8000 subscribers! Why would Scar make 9 appearances before finally prevailing over the charges […]

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NSP – Feb 25, 2017

NSP – Feb 25, 2017

Posted on February 26, 2017 by Calvin

Show Notes: Reporting a new Success Story: after 9 appearances, Scar Gets Another Ticket Kicked Out in Tucson; that makes his record 3 for 3 now! Congratulations! Why would a judge order a prosecutor to respond to the discovery request if the evidence we are asking for is really “completely irrelevant and not required?” [also […]

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NSP - Feb 18, 2017

NSP – Feb 18, 2017

Posted on February 18, 2017 by Calvin

Cringe Warning: ICBMCatcher discredits himself worse than last time, even “The Infamous Witt” couldn’t stand to listen to his logic. This time he sets an all-time new record of logical fallacies for one show! Show Notes: Explaining the force and violence inherent with taxation, again. Right after Marc gave two examples of people who went […]

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NSP – Feb 15, 2017 – Commercial-free Wednesday, Episode 12

NSP – Feb 15, 2017 – Commercial-free Wednesday, Episode 12

Posted on February 15, 2017 by Calvin

Richard in Austin called to talk about juries and inherent biases they bring to court.  All jurors are forced to participate, all believe an element of the charge is true before any evidence is presented.  They can’t be unbiased, more evidence of a rigged game. Moses from Colorado called about criminals in Adams County in […]

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NSP - Feb 11, 2017 - Critic Actually Calls In

NSP – Feb 11, 2017 – Critic Actually Calls In

Posted on February 12, 2017 by Calvin

Show Notes: Reviewing the topic of jurisdiction, and how & why it doesn’t apply. Lump-classifying their constitutions, laws, bylaws, statutes, rules, codes, ordinances, ect.: it’s all public relations. Distinguishing between authority figures by way of evidence and proofs (academic authorities) and others by violence and logical fallacies (bureaucratic authorities). The ground rules for all welcome […]

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NSP – Feb 8, 2017 – Commercial-free Wednesday, Episode 11

NSP – Feb 8, 2017 – Commercial-free Wednesday, Episode 11

Posted on February 08, 2017 by Calvin

A very aggressive YouTuber, ICBMCatcher, seems to be on a mission to put me out of business, he’s been posting a long copy and paste warning all over my channel.  So I invited him on a live broadcast, but he never showed up.  I’m not surprised, my critics don’t want to confront me on real […]

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NSP - Feb 4, 2017 - Post-broadcast Role-play Session

NSP – Feb 4, 2017 – Post-broadcast Role-play Session

Posted on February 04, 2017 by Calvin

This is a recording from a role-playing session that took place after the January 28th Saturday broadcast. Robbie from OR needed to prepare for court by getting into the ring and spar with some Socratic questioning and litigation best-practices, so Marc, Joe from HI, Gary from MO, and Ginger from TX strike-up a role-playing session […]

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NSP – Feb 1, 2017 – Commercial-free Wednesday, Episode 10 - Robbie Convicted - Witnesses Not Competent to Testify

NSP – Feb 1, 2017 – Commercial-free Wednesday, Episode 10 – Robbie Convicted – Witnesses Not Competent to Testify

Posted on February 01, 2017 by Marc Stevens

Only some minor tech issues today.  Spoke with Jose in New Jersey.  Judges distract from the prosecutor’s lack of evidence proving the constitution applies by claiming everyone has to have a driver’s license.  Nice presumption of innocence. Cory in Blythe is dealing with the infraction game.  This is where the courts claim the proceedings are […]

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NSP - Jan 28, 2017

NSP – Jan 28, 2017

Posted on January 29, 2017 by Calvin

Show Notes: Motion Granted Again – Dismissal With Prejudice. Countering pseudo-skeptics failing at basic skepticism. Discrediting Scott Bales – Chief Justice Arizona Supreme court. Verifying their assertions by asking for the evidence to prove it; keep the burden-of-proof on the one making the claim. Butch Trucks (while sustaining an I.R.S. legal attack) and Mary Tyler […]

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