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Government: Indicted - Believing in Governments is the Worship of Psychopaths

Government: Indicted – Believing in Governments is the Worship of Psychopaths

Posted on November 14, 2013 by Marc Stevens

As noted on the No State Project 9 November 2013, the wait is over; Government: Indicted is finally available.  The cover was a major reason the release was delayed for so long: Government: Indicted is an indictment of the concept of government itself, not any particular group of people calling themselves a government.  G:I is […]

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Adventures in Legal Land Seminars & Workshops - Dealing with Legal Attacks

Adventures in Legal Land Seminars & Workshops – Dealing with Legal Attacks

Posted on February 22, 2012 by Marc Stevens

I’m setting up seminars and workshops for this year regarding dealing with legal attacks.  This is for damage control; once attacked by a bureaucrat you’ve already lost; this is to limit the damage they are going to do. Seminars & workshops are one day long, usually from 9am to 5pm, sometimes till we get asked […]

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No State Project Shirts

No State Project Shirts

Posted on November 07, 2011 by Marc Stevens

Finally, the No State Project shirts are here and true to form, the choices are limited, at least for now. They are only available in gray and white and the size is large.  They are %100 cotton. I am working on different styles, including one for court: “No injury=No jurisdiction”.  More sizes and colors will […]

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Adventures in Legal Land Book

Adventures in Legal Land Book

Posted on July 01, 2006 by Marc Stevens

Adventures in Legal Land paperback book. The book that started it all and helped launch The No State Project radio show.  If you’ve ever felt there was something wrong with the world but you just couldn’t put your finger on it, then Adventures in Legal Land is the book for you.  Perhaps the most controversial, […]

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Posted on June 01, 2006 by Marc Stevens

Phone consultations with Marc. $100 p/hr.  Phone consultations involve a break down of your situation and examples of how to effectively get problems resolved i.e., what I have done in the past, why they were done and the results.  We also discuss what to do if the problem isn’t initially resolved.   On a limited […]

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Motion to Strike/Dismiss Template

Motion to Strike/Dismiss Template

Posted on May 01, 2006 by Marc Stevens

There are two standard templates, state and federal.  The state templates are written to include both civil and criminal elements.  The grounds of the motions (demurrer in California, Kentucky) are no valid case/controversy, a lack of standing and no corpus delecti.  The cross-reference is here.   While the motion was written for Arizona, there are equivalents […]

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Scripts for court/resolving disputes with tax agents

Scripts for court/resolving disputes with tax agents

Posted on April 01, 2006 by Marc Stevens

Script of questions for court as discussed in book and on radio.  There are 3 different scripts 1. criminal; 2. civil; and 3. tax.  Each are sold separately and are $25 each. The criminal script does have some civil parts as it was written for a consolidated traffic proceeding.  The tax script is geared towards […]

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Colorado Springs Seminar/Script/Book Package

Colorado Springs Seminar/Script/Book Package

Posted on March 01, 2006 by Marc Stevens

This package includes MP3s of the Colorado Springs Seminar, Script and copy of Adventures In Legal Land.  You will receive an email with the digital files attached and instructions to register on and email the username to Marc Stevens for access to the downloads. The script is from a criminal proceeding that also had […]

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Austin Workshop

Austin Workshop

Posted on February 01, 2006 by Marc Stevens

Austin Workshop in MP3 format.  In this all day workshop, we discussed court procedure and dealing with bureaucrats in general.  We used the criminal script as a basis and role-played.  We also discussed how to deal with tax issues.  This is about damage control, how to limit the damage a bureaucrat intends to do to […]

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Return Policy & Contact Information

Return Policy & Contact Information

Posted on December 05, 2005 by Marc Stevens

All sales are final.  There are no refunds unless I cannot ship a product within a week of purchase.  If there is a question with a purchase or a problem processing an order, please email first at marcstevens (at) marcstevens (dot) net or marcstevens(at)mail(dot)com.  You may also reach me at (602) 635-1974 from 8:00am Ariz. […]

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