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Adventures in Legal Land Book

Posted on July 1st, 2006 by Marc Stevens

Adventures in Legal Land paperback book.

The book that started it all and helped launch The No State Project radio show.  If you’ve ever felt there was something wrong with the world but you just couldn’t put your finger on it, then Adventures in Legal Land is the book for you.  Perhaps the most controversial, informative and entertaining book to see print in years, you need to read Marc Stevens’ Adventures In Legal Land.

This unique book, while unreserved and outrageous, is also very amusing.  Full of controversy, it will not only enlighten, but may jar you awake forever changing the way you look at the world, especially “law” and politics. Adventures has been called “Better than a law school education in 250 pages.”  Read first hand accounts proving the world’s biggest hoax.

Here is a short excerpt.

Adventures in Legal Land PAPERBACK – $20 USD ($25 outside of the USA).  This is no longer available from our website, however you can get it at Amazon.

Adventures in Legal Land eBook – $7 USD. Book will be emailed to you.

To help build the free market and also engage in non-violent non-cooperation, now considered a “unique form of domestic terrorism”, you can now get the Adventures in Legal Land eBook and .mp3 of either the Austin Workshop and  Colorado Springs Seminar if you use Bitcoin.

Click here to send payment for the ebook and be sure to read over our return policy & contact information.


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  1. Jason Vance Says:

    I would love to purchase your e-book, but when I click the link it takes me right back to this same page…

  2. Marc Stevens Says:

    Jason, until I can fix the button, you can use the paypal donation button on this page for the purchase

  3. outlawtrucker Says:

    I am looking at purchasing books here. Just couple questionable if anyone can answer, would be; the information I would be receiving in the book, is it how to process or more a story line? What books would you recommend that you have to teach people how to research the law, and where to go for resource information legal definitions scripts guidelines how to file court papers in the correct order how they must be written using the correct legal language etc…?

  4. Peter Brooks Says:

    To OutlawTrucker: If you want the technical nuts and bolts from A to Z of how to research, prepare, and conduct a legal action – and win – then go to; but if you want the VERY BEST advice of how to conduct yourself in Court, Marc Stevens is brilliant. Get the book and get his audio series. You won’t regret it. I do not live in the USA, so I do not get full value from either of these two sources that an American would. However, the basic principles that they both teach are universal to English language jurisdictions. I am extremely grateful for what I have learnt from Marc Stevens. I have to use a bit of common sense to adjust his experience to the legal system I live under, and I have to do more research of case law than an American, because he does some of that for you; but I would still happily pay much more than he asks for what he has taught me. He is the best!

  5. Pedro Says:

    Hi there,
    I have sent you a donation of $8 usd and would like to receive a copy of your adventures in legal land e-book, or a link so I can download it; the information of the transaction is below.
    If you need more data please let me know,
    Best regards

    Paypal Confirmation number: xxxxxxxxxxxxx394B

  6. Pedro Matos Says:

    About order: xxxxxxxxxxxxx394B

    Thank you very much for your fast answer.

    The downloads were done without any problem, and contain excellent information for a very very very good price!

    Best regards

  7. OC Sorrells Says:

    I paid $7, when can I get my ebook?

  8. Marc Stevens Says:

    I already sent it over, I was at libertopia and didn’t have the file on the computer I took with me

  9. Hai Nguyen Says:


    I ordered your book but the postal address is incorrect, can you please email me to get the correct address. I got a Delivery Status Notification fail when i tried to email you.


  10. Marc Stevens Says:

    my email is marcstevens (at) mail (dot) com

  11. Hai Nguyen Says:

    Thanks for your fast reply.

  12. Leonard Says:

    Sent a donation of $7…can you send me the download link? Just listened to your interview with Ben Lowrey…very informative.

    Thanks for all you do…



  13. Glenn Says:

    How long will it take for me to recieve the ebook after paypal funds have been received?

  14. Marc Stevens Says:

    It’s not automated yet, but I usually get to it immediately

  15. Ronald Says:

    The IRS is taking to court. Misdemeanor threats to which are not proved. Can that summons be enforced without a written authorization from the local Sherrif?

    Can anyone comment?

  16. Marc Stevens Says:

    The sheriff is usually not the one carrying out federal warrants.

  17. joe helverson Says:

    I was wondering…I was given a non-traffic summons. for public drunkenness/similar misconduct in pennsylvania,bucks county.The police mailed me a ticket/citation.They never gave me any field tests or breath test. They where question a friend of mine so I started asking then(the cops)What’s going on they said “mind your own business”. I kept asking them what was going on then they cuffed me searched me and throw me in back of the cop car and said “ARE YOU HAPPY NOW”. I was drinking before all this happened but there’s no way in my eyes I should have been ticketed!
    The problem is that I went to court and entered a plea of guilty and paid a lower fine the cop told me before the court started that more or less if I did not take that deal then I would have to pay the full fine which was close to $500.00 so my dumbass took the so called deal but now I feel like I was held up.The judge told me I had 30 days to ask for a new trail (Trial De Novo) also now that’s on my record,my record was clean for 43years now this bullshit! I also have a witness that was there and is willing to testify on my behalf to what happend (that in her eyes I was not drunk the cop was just pissed off at me) My question is can this book help me with a new trail? I already bought it I was just wondering….thank you joe

  18. Marc Stevens Says:

    I may help. You should also call into the show. A lack of a case/cause of action can also be raised and if there is a new trial, you should be able to get the cop declared incompetent.

  19. Jessica Says:

    I just donated $25.00 for a copy of your paper back book Adventures in Legal Land could you please let me know when I can expect to receive this? – thank you

  20. Marc Stevens Says:

    Your book shipped today, the post takes 4-6 days. With the Canadian post, it’s anybody’s guess from what I hear.

    Most get it within a week though.

  21. Jordan Bartol Says:

    Hey Marc, on behalf of jessicas order, i would like to say thank you i have now recieved the book!took alittle over a week to get to southern “Ontario”. greatly appreciated. thank you

  22. Marc Stevens Says:

    You’re welcome, let everyone know about it and the show, every Sat 4-7pm est.

  23. olmec mbeki Says:


    Marc i would like to purchase your book, the motion to dismiss template, and the scripts for criminal, civil, and taxes. I have an alertpay account but from what i am reading on your site that there seems to be some issues with how these items can be acquired.

    So could you please direct me to the proper procedure as to how i may order the said items?

    thank you for your time and concern

  24. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ olmec there is no issue with alertpay, it was with paypal. You can order with alertpay and I’ll email the files over.

  25. Steve Says:

    Does anyone have access to the book’s citations? I saw someone post about 3 of the cases mentioned in the book and wanted to follow up, but I don’t have a copy myself. It’s not that I’m unwilling to buy one, but my reading list is really long right now, but this looks like it would be a good resource.

  26. Marc Stevens Says:

    It’s actually a great resource, but I am pretty biased. There is a cross-reference on the website and there is the wiki page that has lots of citations.

  27. truthdividedby1 Says:

    Hey Marc,
    Would love to purchase a copy of an AUDIO BOOK narrated by yourself.
    I don’t have enough time to read, it would take me to long. You would give it a very interesting listen. Please consider and let us all know.

  28. Marc Stevens Says:

    I wish I had the time. I’ll do my best to get it for the new book though.

  29. kirko Says:

    would like to purchase aventures in legal land ebook but don’t see the paypal donate dial at bottom right side of site as mentioned. Please assist.


  30. Marc Stevens Says:

    Can’t use paypal anymore, you can use alert pay or mail.

  31. Richard Walbaum Says:

    You sure don’t make it easy to buy. I would recommend you use the free shopping cart from I don’t know anything about alert pay, and mail is cumbersome, especially when you don’t provide your mail address. Why is Paypal a problem? We can just email the money to your email address.

  32. Kosa Says:


    Where can I find the link to purchase the Legal Land e-book?
    Thank you for all the work you do!

  33. Marc Stevens Says:

    You’ll have to mail that to PO Box 31258 Mesa, Arizona 85275, leave the pay to line blank if check or cash and make sure you provide an email.

  34. John Pierce Says:

    I’m trying to buy your book, but nothing happens when I click the link. Can you please help?

    Thanks, John Pierce

  35. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ John I’m still working on a paypal alternative, you can mail cash, check or money order (pay to line blank) to PO Box 31258 Mesa, Arizona 85275.

  36. Jon Corbett Says:

    Hi Marc, I just sent you a donation at marcstevens (at marcstevens (dot net. Let me know if you will be able to receive it or not. Also, I am trying to post on the forum but my account has not been verified yet. I tried months ago and it didn’t get verified then. What can I do?


  37. todd Says:

    hi mark. trying to buy your book however cant find the donate button. call me old fashioned but were used to two cups and string down here

  38. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Todd email me about this marcstevens(at)mail(dot)com

  39. Dave Says:

    Marc, how about a barter for the e-book and the Austin conference for an mp3 album of original jazz? I was gonna send a bitcoin but I only have one and couldn’t pay the .01 tran fee.
    Thanks for your show!

  40. Marc Stevens Says:

    Sure that works, email me about it.

  41. Bret Flowers Says:

    I was interested in donating to get your book Adventures in Legal Land but I don’t see how to order it.

  42. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Bret, you’ll need to mail it to PO Box 31258 Mesa, Arizona 85275. If you send a check or mail order, leave the pay to line blank.

  43. MickeyG Says:

    Ok, I’ve been looking for the donate button for about 10 minutes now. Someone point it out a little better please.

  44. Terry Svejda Says:

    Where can I get this book there are no valid links?

  45. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Terry, email me about this.

  46. Candace Says:

    Hi Marc,

    First I wanted to know if this is the new “revised” adventures and secondly I have a summons for a “reckless” speeding ticket that I am going to fight and if Justice prevails, win. I wanted to be apart of Your NSP Traffic Study. I did not see an area of how to join up.

    Thank You for the information on Your site.

  47. Marc Stevens Says:

    No, but the new book will be out this year. Email me about the NSP study.

  48. NonE Says:

    New book! There’s a NEW BOOK? What? When? Why haven’t we heard about this before?????

    – NonE

  49. nick Says:

    I ordered your book about two weeks ago and was wondering when I was going to receive it?

  50. Marc Stevens Says:

    I emailed you about this today.

  51. Storm Says:

    Hi, I bought your book several years ago. Is there an updated version?

  52. Rob G. Says:

    Is there going to be a new/updated book?

  53. NonE Says:

    Rob G. Says: “Is there going to be a new/updated book?”

    NO! Of course not. That’s just another nasty internet meme being spread by the statists. Don’t believe a word of it.

    – the Very Evil NonEntity

    (just kidding)

  54. Rob G. Says:

    Ok thanks NonE

  55. Jim Dodson Says:

    Dear Marc Stevens,
    I would like to purchase your book to resell in my store. What are your terms for 12 copies of the paperback of Adventures In Legal Land, plus shipping? My contact information is listed below. Thank you.
    Jim Dodson
    Liberty Books
    75 Allison St.
    Concord, NH 03301-2839
    Phone: 603-223-0335

  56. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Jim, I emailed you about this a few days ago. I’ll have to call you later today.

  57. Randy Jones Says:


    I heard your new book was out,but I don’t see it listed in the store:(


  58. Incubus Says:

    @ Randy,

    It will definitely, probably, maybe come out pretty soon. Possibly. I think.


  59. NonE Says:


    Keep poking him with a sharp stick. It helps keep him focused! 😉

    – the Very Pestiferous NonE

  60. Tom Says:

    Looking to purchase Adventures in Legal Land, seems the link is not working for either the paperback (preferred) or the down loadable version.
    Please advise as to how to purchase this book.


  61. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Tom, you can use the paypal donation button.

  62. Kevin Kosiek Says:

    Hi Mark,
    Was wondering how to go about ordering your e book and audio series.
    What is the total cost.

  63. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Kevin, we can do that for 30.

  64. Kevin Kosiek Says:

    Sorry for the miss spell on your name….Marc.

  65. Steve Says:

    When will the pdf version of your new book be available and how much?

  66. Marc Stevens Says:

    The ebook is going to be available shorty after the paperback. Should be in a few months.

  67. Ryan Huntoon Says:

    Marc, I but in the $7 donation for the ebook. Email is Transaction # 44805121A0128201S. Love you videos.

  68. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Ryan, thanks, I’ll email that right over.

  69. ralph Says:

    I want to buy some more copys of your book and I can’t get the page to open

  70. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ ralph, if you’re having a problem, just use the donation button and put what you want in the note section.

  71. NonE Says:


    If Ralph has what he wants, why do you want him to put it in the Notes section? Then he won’t have it anymore. You be messin’ with my mind?


    – the Very Mental Case

  72. ralph Says:

    I just tryed to donate 40.00 to get 2 books and it won’t take pay pal marc can you email me I think someone don’t want this information out….

  73. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ ralph, the paypal button isn’t working? I’ve had other orders go through today. If there is still an issue when you try again, then you can mail the payment to PO Box 31258 Mesa, Arizona 85275. If you mail it I’ll comp you an ebook.

  74. Rob Says:

    Hi Marc wanted the adventures in legal land e-book but the link will not highlight for me to click am I able to send a donation and recieve it that way?

  75. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Rob, yes, just use the donation button and I will send you the ebook.

  76. ralph Says:

    I sent a money order to your po box last week…I got a email today responding to someone named Rob….???

  77. Rob Says:

    Hi Marc,

    Donation sent can’t wait for that ebook to learn even more thanks in advance

  78. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Rob thank for your order, I sent it over.

  79. Rob Says:

    Hi Marc,

    Where did you send it? haven’t recieved it in my emails.


  80. ralph Says:

    I keep getting emails for Rob I sent a money order to marcs po box two weeks ago books?

  81. David Boyce Says:

    I’d like to get adventures in legal land as a Christmas Gift to myself. My lovely wife didn’t take the hint for my birthday. Lol. Is there a audio book version that will play on the iPhone?
    If so, how do I find it? Thanks Dave. PS. I’ve studied Robert Manard, The Anti Ter and many others. The only one I really connected with was Bill Thornton. Have you listened to his work? I also spoke with Ben Lowey who had his moped stolen by the police. I found many flaws with the freeman/sovereign/capture the straw man movement. I listen to them talk a great game. They all joke about going to court and jail. However I never see or hear the proof of them in court for them selves or helping others. Yet I see the videos of others in court. Never them. Have you tried getting a court reporter or video in a court room? When will the new book be out? I want that one too, lol.

  82. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ David, there is an audio version on youtube. The new book will be out in about 8 weeks. I did record a hearing in Tempe a couple of weeks ago, but as the phone was in my pocket it did not come out too good.

  83. NonE Says:

    Marc Stevens Says:
    December 3rd, 2012 at 7:42 am

    @ David, there is an audio version on youtube. The new book will be out in about 8 weeks.

    You pullin’ a Bill Clinton on us, Marc? “It depends upon what the definition of “is” is.”

    How do you define “week?” I’m guessing there may be some flexibility in your conception of time… maybe? Huh? Huh? Huh? 😉

    – the Very Mostly Somewhat Possibly NonE

  84. David Boyce Says:

    Is that the full version of AILL on YT? If so I still would like to donate. I’m a big fan of your work. I recommend you to all my friends, family and contacts. Thanks for sharing what you learn.

  85. Michael Says:

    Marc, I have sent you a payment of $20 on DEC.7th through the donation button for your book. My paypal is Thanks

  86. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Michael, I shipped that already. Check your email,

  87. Carlos Says:

    I donated 7.00 dollars via paypal Transaction ID: 3YW51208UK794090J, can you email me the Ebook. thanks

  88. Manny Says:

    U was browsing on youtube and came across a video of yours which led me to this website and I just ordered your book through the paypal donation button. Can I expect the book to arrive in about a week or so. Thanks

  89. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ MAnny – thanks for your order, I’m still out of town and will ship Monday. You should have it by Wed.

  90. Tyson Says:

    Hi Marc. love your work. I donated $8 please email me a copy thanks!
    I have a court date coming up ive been charged with failing to provide personal details because i refused to give the police my I.D any idea how to deal with these ridiculous charges or any direction to point me in for tips or anything would be greatly appreciated, I have basic freeman knowledge etc.
    Kind regards Tyson

  91. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ tyson, forget the freeman stuff, it’s much more effective and easier to just ask questions to have the accusers verify their positions. I’ll be live again this upcoming show and you should call in 218 632 9399 or I you can skype in, my username is frankrizzo3

  92. Manny Says:

    Marc, I have sent you a payment of $20 on DEC.27th through the donation button for your book. As you stated it should have been here by Wednesday but it is not. Did you ship the book out to me already?

  93. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ manny I did ship that but not til Wed. I was not able to Monday and they were closed Tuesday. Sorry for the delay.

  94. Wolf Says:

    Hey Marc! May I haggle? Could I get both the physical and digital book for $25 if you’re shipping (whatever is the cheapest method) to Gahanna, Ohio? Are you accepting Bitcoin yet?

  95. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Wolf sure that’s fine. I do accept bitcoin, though not for paperbacks yet.

  96. Gene Says:

    Has anyone had any dealings with Sovereign Filings or Sovereign connection or Make Freedom dot Com? If so have they been positive or negitive. I’m on the fence about them and could use some input. It would be so very much appreciated. Just trying to find out whom I can trust in all this, do not have that much money for trial and error.

  97. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Gene I have done almost entire shows debunking the sovereign citizen freeman garbage, if you need to discuss this stuff, please do it on the forum. Do your own investigation and verify what is presented. That goes for anything I present, don’t take anyone’s word for anything.

  98. Nyle Says:

    Hi, just wondering has there been any australian cases published here with case numbers in regards to taking on the ato (tax company) and winning?
    thanks nyle

  99. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Nyle, no Aussie tax matters dropped yet that I know of.

  100. Efrain Perez Says:

    I purchased an ebook of the book Adventures in legal land, and you sent it over to me. (thanks) When I downloaded it in adobe reader only the first 2 pages downloaded. I emailed you several times and have yet to hear back from you. Please send me another format as your email reads, or I will pay the difference for a hard copy of the book.

  101. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ I believe I emailed that over already.

  102. Douglas Says:

    I believe what you published made a ton of sense. However, think about this, what if you were to
    create a killer headline? I am not saying your
    content isn’t solid., but what if you added something that grabbed people’s attention?
    I mean Adventures in Legal Land Book | MarcStevens.netMarcStevens.

    net is kinda plain. You should look at Yahoo’s front page and see how they create article headlines to grab people to click. You might add a related video or a related pic or two to grab people excited about everything’ve written.

    In my opinion, it could make your posts a little bit more

  103. Faith Bodi Says:

    I made a donation of $10 dollars, but i would like the ebook if i may please. I have my confirm # if necessary. Let me know dear. Thanks a bunch! ^_^

  104. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ faith, that was emailed over, but you have a spam protector so I was probably delayed.

  105. Faith Bodi Says:

    I got it. Thank you very much! ^_^

  106. Devin Jell Says:

    Hi Marc,

    I made a payment for the e-book on May 7th. I didn’t receive the file. Checking some of these other comments I imagine that it was likely filtered out from my inbox, but as it was more than I week ago it would now have been permanently purged. Could you please re-send it to me.


  107. Rob Says:

    Hi Marc I sent a donation and recieved the ebook but I seem to have lost the email that had the password to get into it and also is there any chance of getting the password so I can print the whole book out and read it as I can’t stare at a computer screen for too long.

    Hope you can help cheers

  108. OC Sorrells Says:

    Marc,When did you email the book? I still do not have it.
    paypal email is

  109. Mitch LaMoure Says:

    Hey Marc : just heard on a radio show you did here on your site that you might have some audio books done soon. I thinks it’s was a show fron=m last years sows I’m a hoping you might have it out, ready for me to purchase. I couldn’t see it on the site. If you have it please link me to it. I LOVE AUDIO BOOKS !! As a self employed welder fabricator and a 1 man show I can listen to audio books during my 12+ days without buggin’ anyone.
    Hope to hear from you soon … BTW I love your site and info.

    The Mitch

  110. Joe Graham Says:

    Hi there, I just recently donated $25 for a printed copy of your book. Could you let me know when it ships?

  111. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Joe, that shipped on the 31st, it takes about a week to get to Ireland.

  112. Joe Graham Says:

    Thanks Marc, that’s fantastic. Can’t wait to read it. 🙂

  113. Malcolm Says:

    hey marc,I recently made a donation of $7 for the ebook version of the book but i am yet to receive it any thoughts?

  114. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ malcolm, already sent it over, thanks for your order.

  115. Laurie Says:

    Sent donation for e-book conf#xxxxxxx0067617.
    Thank you so much

  116. randy Says:

    Hey Marc,

    I just sent you a $20.00 donation for your paperback book. I have sent you an email about a consult. Do I make that donation through here as well?


  117. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Randy, you can use the paypal button for a consult also.

  118. Jerry Says:

    When can we get a copy of your newest book?

  119. Jerry Says:

    Hello, anyone home?

  120. Randy Says:

    Hey Marc,

    I ordered a book from you a some time ago. I also had a consultation with you the following day. You stated that the book was on back order but said that you would send me the ebook. I did receive that but I paid for the hard copy. I have not received the book as of yet and wanted to know if I could get information that would help me with the case that I have coming.

  121. Justin Says:

    Marc, I encouraged a friend to buy your book. HIs name is James Bond, He bought purchased it like a week ago.

    I have a small question and this may be helpful to everyone here who knows… The prosecutor told me today when I decided to wave my 90 day speedy trial right that if I was to claim that the charge of Driving While Suspended in the 3rd degree is Unconstitutional that the burden of proof is on me…

    I was a bit taken back by this, it made sense, but then no because I thought that civil cases and on parts of the insanity plea the burden rests on the defended. But if you were to claim that A license is unconstitutional and you have case law what do you do? I would also like to claim that driving without a license is part of my first amendment on exercising my freedom of speech. Flag burning and Nazi Uniforms are free speech, why not driving your car without a license?

    Please let me know what you think, and yes my Buddy who bought the book from you is really named James Bond. He’s a good friend of mine and a vietnam war hero from Con Thien one of the biggest battles there. He hasn’t received your book yet, but he’s excited to get it.

  122. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ justin, I don’t think that is a good way to go, never take a burden on yourself. Stick to hammering away at the prosecutor’s burden of proof. Don’t claimn rights, just question the evidence the cop/prosecutor have to prove their laws apply at all.

  123. NonE Says:

    Marc Sed: …never take a burden on yourself.
    ——- This is another short phrase that needs to be put in a list of things to remember, things to trigger the mind into staying clear on the issues.

    Law is an opinion backed by a gun.
    Never take a burden on yourself.
    … more stuff in list…

    – NonE

  124. NonE Says:

    The LIST… could maybe be printed on a small card, perhaps like a bookmark, one which could be put in Government Indicted and also carried in one’s shirt pocket when going into the dark cave of justice.

  125. Mike Says:

    I would like to put cash in the mail for your Adventures in legal land and the four templates I can’t remeber what you call them. I do know there is a demur for ca. in the packet of four.
    What is the total you need to ship these items to me?
    Thanks. Mike

  126. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Mike, $45 will cover it, please provide an email address for the files to be sent over.

  127. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Spike, yeah, I sent it over already.

  128. Spike Says:

    Thanks Marc for you speedy response and delivery of my book, much appreciated.


  129. Jennifer Says:

    Just donated for receipt of you e-book… please send 🙂 thanks, Jennifer Smith.

  130. trevor dewitt Says:

    Hey marc. Just sent payment for the adventures in legal land e-book and a small donation for the cause. Transaction ID: 3KT17801LN032933C. Keep up the great work.

  131. Ryan Says:

    So I made a 8$ donation, would love to get the book in mp3 format. Confirmation is:

    Can’t wait. 🙂

  132. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ ryan, I sent over the ebook, the audio version was done by someone else and is on youtube.

  133. Chris Says:

    Hi Mark, I would like to purchase 2 books. Adventures in Legal Land and Government Indicted. I live in Canada. I was wondering how to order both books without having to order each one separately?

  134. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Chris, you can use the donation button, you can set the amount.

  135. Martin Padilla Says:

    Marc, can’t hardly wait for your third “pen-work”, are You working on it??

  136. Randy C. Says:

    Hey Marc, Last week I ordered your Paperback of “Adventures in Legal Land”. Do you possibly have an ETA? I received a summons for reckless driving and I am due in court again in about 2 weeks. Trying to learn everything that I can before each court date. There was no victim or damage of property.
    Much thanks.

    Randy C.

  137. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ randy, I will check the ETA and email you about it. For the ticket, I’d file a motion to dismiss.

  138. Jay Bluford Says:

    I am trying to purchase your Adventures in Legal Land eBook but the purchase wont go through. please help

  139. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ jay, all that is available right now is dwolla, bitcoin and mail order.

  140. Rudolf Says:

    Hi Marc, I want to order a copy of your book and want to pay by PayPal. Is it possible that you send it to Germany? Thank you.

  141. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ rudolf, yes, though it is better to order that from Amazon than directly from me.

  142. apple Says:

    marc, tried to get Adventures in Legal Land e-book on Selz site, but does not show, and a “search” shows “no results”

    Is the e-book still available?

  143. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ apple, it is, use the NSP support button and leave me a note.

  144. Richard Says:

    Hi Marc, I’ve sent payment for the State Motion to Dismiss thru Paypal. I tried to send you an email to but it bounces back as undeliverable.

    Keep up the great work and website!



  145. Kennth Says:

    Mark I need Some advice could you please contact me At 517-317-2096 plz call wood like to talk with u
    It’s important thank you

  146. Marc Stevens Says:

    Set up a consult here or my selz page

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