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Posted on June 1st, 2006 by Marc Stevens

Phone consultations with Marc. $100 p/hr.  Phone consultations involve a break down of your situation and examples of how to effectively get problems resolved i.e., what I have done in the past, why they were done and the results.  We also discuss what to do if the problem isn’t initially resolved.  

On a limited basis, I also act as a representative in tax cases where being a lawyer is not required, such as with the California Franchise Tax Board.  Please keep in mind this is about damage control; there is no winning when a bureaucrat attacks you.  We can only limit the amount of damage they may cause and have them leave you alone.

This does not mean tickets and assessments are not dropped, it just means that despite the ticket getting kicked out, you lost your time, money and energy having to deal with predators.

As you can see in the Call of Shame, consults also include calls to the bureaucrats attacking you.

Notice: If you have done Pete Hendrickson zero returns and are being investigated by the criminal investigation division (CID) of the IRS, I am not available to help any longer.  I talk about this on the No State Project.

Click here to send payment and be sure to read over our return policy & contact information.


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  1. Shallon Bent Says:

    Hi marc i had guns pointed at my 18month old son my 13 year old son got punched and kicked like a man and my 18 year old nephew got 5 stiches in his face all in front of me while the police kicked the shit out of me i have never been so mad in my life i need help dont know how to go about this any help would be greatly appreciated

  2. Shallon Bent Says:

    Hi Marc this is Shallon again I know that you are busy but I really need HELP! I need a referal to someone I can talk to. I think that millions could be made from this case. I need to go to the newspaper and stuff like that but i was told I should get a lawyer first. Please help I know how important you are in enlightening people and wouldnt want you to put off anything for me but like I said this could be very lucrative for whoever jumps on this please reply. Thanks so much marc

  3. Steve Says:

    Hello Marc, I have a Domestic Violence charge that i pled Guilty to do I have a chance of getting it overturned ? Thks I don’t see how to contact you for a consultation .

  4. Marc Stevens Says:

    I would have to know what happened first, though pleas can be thrown out. Sorry I missed this, I’ve been away traveling. You can set up a consult by using the paypal donation button

  5. jason Says:

    hi marc i have a traffict ticket coming up soon can i get a consulation from you – i dont think your button works – thanks

  6. jason Says:

    im assuming the button is the gun picture

  7. Marc Stevens Says:

    no, but that’s a good idea. The paypal button is the bottom right of the page

  8. Kim Lewis Says:

    Is there a way to deal with a DUI I have a hearing on Nov 29th? can I set up a call with you?

  9. Marc Stevens Says:

    Yes, just use the paypal donation button on the bottom of the page to set up a consult

  10. chris Says:

    Donation are for an hour?

  11. Marc Stevens Says:

    Yes, we can start with an hour and if you want me to make calls to the FTB that would be more.

  12. chris Says:

    I need help with the FTB thanks

  13. Marc Stevens Says:

    The FTB, had some call with them today. As I mentioned, use the paypal donation button to get that set up.

  14. chris Says:

    Ok great Marc I will paypal ASAP…Chris

  15. chris Says:

    Tried to pay this morning with credit card $100.00 but did not receive any confrimation it went through, did you receive it? thanks Chris

  16. chris Says:

    “confirmation” haha I used to know how to spell

  17. chris Says:

    The reason I tried to use a credit card, is I do not have a paypal acct.

  18. Frank Says:

    Hey Marc,

    We met met at Libertopia. I would like a consultation. How can I send you payment and a way to contact me? I have something that I need to attach in an email to you before we talk.

  19. Marc Stevens Says:

    Easiest way is to use the paypal donation button on the website.

  20. Echo Says:

    Hey Marc. Love your book.Read it twice. I spread the word big time. So I started an independent record label with my friends and created a corporation. My friend already had to pay a bunch of taxes and we didnt even sell one record yet. He was served with a tax warrant with words like “we command you to pay such n such” about 1500 bux. So I was wondering why we even have to pay taxes when we havent generated any income yet. We already paid the taxes on the start up money and they want more. What I really wanted to know was ,is it worth fighting with a 3 way call?..would love to have my own call of shame…anyway I will probably call the show today and ask you myself.

  21. Ronja Says:

    Would like to have a consultation with you Marc…. but a mail order would probably take to long as im in australia. I have paypal and am happy to make payments asap.

  22. Ronja Says:


  23. Lloyd Says:

    I tried to process your tax script order but the payment system could not process the order. It would not allow me to choose a payment option.

    The IRS is going to levey my paycheck please can you assist me.

  24. Mark Says:


    Just get a debit card that accepts green dot, then anyone can just go online and charge up your debit card.

  25. nicco Says:

    hi marc
    trying to purchase scripts. What is the procedure for this? I generally use paypal for online transactions, can this be done?

  26. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ nicco yes, there are paypal donation buttons on the site

  27. Jpfinn Says:

    Phone consult as long as it takes must win DUI case.


  28. NonE Says:

    @ Marc

    First you broke down and got a driver’s license, now you’re back to using PreyPal. What’s next, you gonna start drinkin’ coffee??? 😉

    – the Very Intersting NonE

  29. marcus Says:

    I need help with a case. let me know if you can help?

  30. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ marcus – email me about it marcstevens(at)mail(dot)com

  31. Moses Rodrigues Says:

    @ Marc Stevens


    A phone consultation with you, within the next few days, would be greatly appreciated. I noticed your posts saying to use the Paypal Donate button to setup a consultation but I also noticed to the left of the button it says “Payments for consults are no longer available through paypal”… Let me know what way is accepted and fastest.

    My trial is on Novemeber 1, 2012 for “Operating with a suspended License” and I hope to overcome any fear through the clarity of my undersdtanding. I’ve done a great deal of learning but there’s still some confusion, which is where you or someone else comes in, hopefully!

    Hope to hear from you soon Marc!

  32. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Moses, I’m gonna have to update that, I had to go back to using paypal. If you want to use that, that’s the fastest way.

  33. Nick Says:

    Hi Marc, I have a pre trial hearing tomorrow and would like to purchase an hour of consultation. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

  34. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Nick, glad to help, just use the donation button. Very short notice though, at least it’s not a trial tomorrow.

  35. Nick Says:

    Marc, thanks for the speedy reply. I just made the donation VIA PayPal. Let me know when we can speak. I plan to get an adjournment tomorrow because I’m from New Jersey and the power outages here have really hindered my ability to build a defense. I don’t think that the judge will have too much of a problem making that happen.

  36. Nick Says:

    Hey Marc, did you receive the payment? I have the conformation number. Feel free to e-mail me. My trial date is on August 29th so lets get this how on the road soon.

  37. James Says:

    Hey Marc,
    Found your amazing work AFTER I plead into the system. DUI has ruined me. Driving home late dozed, hit a tree. No injured party, no property damage…no breathalyzer, but Court never had standing in my opinion. No Corpus Delecti, no injured party etc. Possible to get court to vacate/void/nullify judgement? I’d pay for an hour to hear how to do this if its possible as probation is eating me up as is the stigma. Thanks

  38. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ James – The court has to have jurisdiction the plaintiff needs standing, but we don’t use standing when talking about DUI, unless you are in New Jersey. Did you plead guilty? Contact me by email marcstevens(at)riseup(dot)net

  39. Charlie Says:

    Marc, I have sent you a note without reply,yet KNOW I must consult with you.
    My home was a victim of fire last Sunday, and I can not prove my suspicions.
    Too complicated to share all with you via a reply box.

  40. Jared Says:


    I posted on another page of this site. I’m interested in a phone consultation.

    With that, your book, the scripts, motion to strike templetes is possible to get a DUI thrown out/dismissed

    I’m in California if that matters.

    Thank you in advance for your reply,


  41. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ jared email me at marcstevens (at) mail (dot) com

  42. john Says:


    Need a consult. Have a credit card or have cash. Will donate with one $100/hr or mail a money order with the other (or actual cash if you prefer).

    I don’t have bitcoin but if I can buy it with VISA then I’ll use that.

    We need help a couple of thing; 1. FDA thing , 2. ID for my kids.



  43. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ john, you can use the paypal donation button on the website. Cash can be mailed to PO box 31258 Mesa, Arizona 85275.

  44. rebecca sharp Says:

    Hey Marc,

    Just sent in a donation to have you assist my friend Monique from GAI will have her call you for a consultation. She is also going to need some scripts for her case which is coming up May 5th. I am going to go with her to assist.

    Hope you can help she can fill you in on the detailes.

  45. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ rebecca, thanks, we spoke briefly and her phone dropped. Her voicemail is full and I can’t leave a message.

  46. Michael Zelke Says:

    Hi Marc,

    Is it possible to do a consult today? I have trial for a speeding ticket tomorrow. It’s a 1:30pm trial, so tomorrow morning would work as well. Wanted to know if it was possible before I went about paying for it. I appreciate it.


  47. Jerry Says:

    Hi Marc,

    Are you still doing consultations? I could sure use your help. If so when would you be available? And how do I pay since it appears you don’t take Paypal anymore?



  48. Jerry Says:

    Hi Marc,

    Just finished your book. Wow! I could sure use your help. Are you still doing phone consultations?

  49. eye2i Says:

    You might want to try the Contact (email/phone) resources here:

  50. Marc Stevens Says:

    I am available for phone consults Jerry.

  51. Darin Deterra Says:

    Hello Marc,

    How do I book a phone consultation?


    Darin Deterra
    (831) 332-4421

  52. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ darin, you can use the paypal donation button.

  53. Gina Says:

    before I donate can you help with CPS

  54. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Gina, those are tough whoever helps you. I can help with that though.

  55. randy Says:

    Hey Marc,
    I just sent my donation for a phone consultation. I look forward to speaking with you soon.

    770 865-3893

  56. Justin M. Forsman Says:

    Marc, I am fight two driving while suspended’s in Washington State. I really need your help! Would like you to represent me as you did in Ian Freeman’s DMV Hearing. Is that at all possible? I have a nice law suit attached two one of them where the Officer made my intoxicated Girlfriend drive us home, where I have three witnesses of supporting evidence… Curious if there are any actual cases where DWS has been fought and upheld on Right to Travel or any other argument. Also Do you think if a Officer Made my Drunk Girlfriend drive home without making sure she was fit to do so counts under unusual Pain and suffering to myself and or the public He is “oath’d” to Protect.

    Mr. Stevens, please contact me via comment, email, or Phone thank you. 503- 987- 2076.

  57. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Justin, I may be able to help, though I do not raise the right to travel issue. It’s all about the evidence.

  58. effingeez Says:

    uhh… when the eff can i get government indicted?

  59. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ effingeez, it will be available by the end of the month.

  60. Justin Says:

    Marc, I am going to schedule a phone call with you… I just haven’t yet. I just started following your work about 3 weeks ago and feel that I have gain quite a bit of knowledge. I have a question and I hope you can answer it… I think I have a civil suit, but I know nothing about them other than there’s a victim and there’s money involved and very rarely jail time… here the down low..
    I was stopped by Officer1: PALMQUIST, DUSTIN while at AM/PM. I took my drunk girlfriend at the time to get her more beer I didn’t want to get. While sitting there, the above officer ran my plates out of the 30 some cars currently in the lot and sat across the road waiting for me to leave because i’m suspended. Never been to this town before… Woodland, WA. I started to leave, seen him and pulled back in my spot. He then flew across the road, behind me and declared an emergency..
    He said he would not give me a no insurance ticket, but would give me a DWS 3rd. Also he instructed me that since my girl had a valid license, she would drive home…. She was sooo wasted!!! so she left driving while the supervisor and two other cops were there at the location. No one made sure she was fit to drive… I have two witnesses other than us who knew we left and knew her state, plus me and her… Do I have civil case? Is the officer completely responsible? thank YOU!

    Justin M. Forsman

  61. Larry Says:

    Hi Marc,

    I have 2 Operating while suspended’s pending. Can I schedule a conversation either tomorrow or Weds if I donate?

  62. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ larry, I am going out of town and won’t be able to do a consult this week. Email me about it and we can schedule something.

  63. Mark Says:

    hey Marc,

    i got your Motion to dismiss script and edited all my information in it.. and i sent them to the Court Clerk and prosecutor.. i was studying some of your stuff over the past 2 weeks.. i took some notes but i don’t know if i know everything i need to when i go to court on Nov. 26.. are you available for a phone consultation this week or next?

  64. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Mark, I am available for phone consults.

  65. Doug Says:

    I founded and operate a 501(c)(3) and would like to discuss any options available to withdraw from this IRS designation and close up shop. Is this something you think you could consult on?

  66. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Doug, sure, you end the corporation, we’ll have to discuss what you’d like to do and if it is feasible if you are non-compliant to the predators.

  67. Doug Says:

    @ Marc…great to hear. I will start getting my ducks in line for a call. What does your schedule look like the rest of this week? I am in central time zone.


  68. Jarrod Says:

    Hi Marc…İ am in Turkey and would like to do a 30 min consultation concerning some philosophical issues how Should İ proceed?

  69. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ jarrod, just use the paypal donation button and we’ll set a time to call.

  70. Wise One Says:


    I seem to remember you saying on a show sometime in the past year or so that you helped a client get an IRS “lock in” letter lifted (the one that “directs” an employer to withhold from a paycheck at the rate of single, with zero allowances, i.e., the maximum withholding). Am I correct in this? If so,I’d like to set up a consultation. However, there seems to have been some talk that you’re no longer accepting Paypal. If that is so, how to get a payment over to you?

    Thank you.

  71. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Wise, it’s not easy and it’s rare. I’m happy to help though, contact me by email marcstevens(at)mail(dot)com.

  72. john Says:

    Paid for consult. Need help with licensing

  73. Joe S Says:

    Hello, Marc. I love your work! What I’d like to know is if you offer some type of legal aid/retainer service? I’d happily pay a down payment and then an ongoing monthly service fee. Or just phone consultations by appointment only? Either way, you’d be THE first person I’d call for assistance. You are to be commended for your efforts! Thanks for your time and attention. Cordially, Joe S.

  74. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Joe Yes, I do phone consultations, make the payment and we’ll set an appointment.

  75. mitch Says:

    dud I don’t see a pay pal butten.

  76. jake Says:

    oh, and why is it that you don’t ever talk about what happens if the defense fails? If you plead not guilty, isn’t the price higher? or is it the same as what’s written on the ticket?

  77. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ jake, I always talk about them, we usually refer to those as train wrecks. Look up Mike in Idaho and James in Alaska.

  78. Chuck Sorensen Says:

    I received a speeding ticket and have a traffic court hearing tomorrow at 2 p.m. Any chance for a consult? I’m sorry for the short notice; I only found your website today.


  79. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Chuck, sure you can set that up by going to the store link

  80. Boxer Says:


    How did you hear about the site?

  81. Chuck Sorensen Says:

    I set up the account on Dwolla and forwarded you the donation. Anytime early this morning (Central) would work fine for me. Thanks.


  82. Chuck Sorensen Says:

    I found the site through conversation with an individual that mentioned Marc’s website.

  83. Boxer Says:


    Thanks for sharing. I’m always curious how everyone found their way here.

  84. Steve Nottingham Says:

    Received red light complaint (photo)from the City of Tucson,what should i do?
    Option 1-Pay the fine,2-declaration non-driver,3-request a trial,4-attend defensive driving school?
    Would gladly donate for your consultation.

  85. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ steve, I always challenge jurisdiction. They don’t like us to know there is another option to the ones they present. Contact me by email marcstevens (at) mail (dot) com

  86. B. Cleveland Says:

    Greetings. I was recently pulled over for speeding by the highway patrol. I had insurance but no license. The cop took my vehicle and gave me a court date. I need help with this one, and fast. I’ve already lost my job behind this situation, and my home is up next, unfortunately. Would greatly appreciate a response & your wisdom on this matter. I will pay, gladly for your services.

  87. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ B Cleveland, go to the store link and get the motion to dismiss and script, start role-playing with them.

  88. bill turner Says:

    my name is bill turner,would you consider coaching me on how to help my son on excessive force and denial of medical treatment?he is currently in a county jail. I would pay the 100 dollar an hour price.605 469 6100. also I have some tax questions

  89. bill turner Says:

    my phone # 605 469 6100

  90. Dane bourdo Says:

    Hey Marc it’s dane. We talked the other day and now I can’t seem to get in touch. It won’t let my email send. Please contact me when you can! Thank you

  91. Brian Says:

    I have an arraignment tomorrow morning over a ridiculous misdemeanor charge I just got. I would like to speak to you but won’t be able to before going to court in the morning. My concern is that if I go to court and plead not guilty, I will be accepting the courts jurisdiction which would make getting it dismissed due to lack of jurisdiction, which is the route I want to go, much more difficult if I am not mistaken. What should I do in the meantime regarding my pleading before I can speak with you??

  92. Kirbfx Says:

    I have an arraignment tomorrow morning at 9 am EST for a bogus misdemeanor charge. I would like to set up a meeting for us to discuss it however I don’t know what to do as far as pleading in the meantime. I don’t want to even plead not guilty because that would give the courts jurisdiction over me if I am not mistaken. I can set up a netting to you sometime in the next few days but in the meantime, what would you do in my situation regarding how to handle the pleading procedures??

    Thank you Marc

  93. Keith Says:

    Need information on an appeal. From a plea for two non violent misdemeanors. Got railroaded. 36 months probation and 9 months house arrest :/ Have 3 days left to file Would really appreciate some input brother

  94. Phil Says:

    Hi Marc my , I’m a little late on finding out about you for i have all ready plead not guilty to a driving with a suspended license ticket. I have court/ trial starts January 5th, today is the 26th. Is there a way you can help me this late? I was on your website and would probably like to talk on the phone with you on Friday t h e 1st that is when I get payd and can make a donation to you… looking forward to talking to you..

  95. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Phil, we can do a phone consult and there is a script and motion template available.

  96. Angelo Says:

    Can you please contact me I have an issue with several charges and 3 are 3rd degree drug related and 2 are 2nd degree due to a firearm found in the house which I don’t even own a gun.
    But here is the situation I do Not do or Deal drugs and this whole thing is a Farce to put me away due to a relationship I had with a Judge and she was corrupt and now shes trying to put me away to conceal what I know.. the lawyers are all in with her in this county.. they have no proof to any of the allegations and they are trying to put me away in prison.. no fingerprints, no photos, no video, no marked money,no witness’s only this female officers statement then they had a search on my home and had no probable cause.
    Trust what I say there is much to this story and when you here it your hair will stand on end.. I have lost my house and my business they took my Jeep and money from my house that was from the insurance proceeds from my business that burned down, and they are trying to destroy me I have only my fiancee who was a witness and she and I don’t do drugs, drink or even gamble… so please contact me this is serious and I can use your advice and help.. I am in New jersey these people have set a trial in April and I can use some help please.
    609 770 1588

  97. Peter Says:

    Hey, was pulled over by a police for failing to pull over for an ambulance, a cop who was following the ambulance pulls me over and smells weed in the car, although none was found, he gives me the field sobriety test and continues to arrest me for a DUI. Already shelled out 2,500 for a lawyer and now am fighting the case. any advice or can we do a consultation. thanks.

  98. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Peter, you can set up a consult here

  99. Franc Says:

    Hi Marc, my girl friend has a warrant out for a dui and some other charges like resusting arrest and i believe assault on an emt for resisting having blood drawn. She wasnt pulled over but stopped near her car. This is from months back and they only just now filed charges. The lawyer is trying to have the warrant go away but she has to be processed by the police again tomorrow!!!??? Also i have a driving without proof of insurance and plates that id like to beat on principle. Can we do a consult asap?

  100. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ franc, yes, use the selz button or just go to

  101. Cecilia Says:

    I need help with property taxes
    I appreciate if you can email me at and let me know what to do
    Thanks Cecilia

  102. Frank Says:

    I got 2 tickets in NYC one for tailgating & the other for passing over double yellow lines that are total BS. Does your technique work in NYC traffic courts? We have a notorious judge named Levine on Staten Island who was in the paper for over 95% conviction rate do I have a chance against this criminal I mean arbitrator


    Hi Marc. i have a ticket for trespassing i need help with. they said i crawled under a train when it was stopped and they arrested me and i spent the night in jail. they are saying that the city is the plaintiff but this is clearly a victimless crime. any help would be greatly appreciated

  104. JR Says:

    Hey Mark!

    Do you give consults on a 42 usc section 1983?


  105. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ JR I can help with that, though I don’t recommend people doing them.

  106. Jose Dantas Says:

    Hi Marc,

    Jose Dantas here, just purchased a consultation from your site. was wondering how this works, as in, when you will call? I’m in Canada and have a issue with the Canadian Revenue Agency. Hope to hear from you soon, as this is turning into a big problem for me. Thanks for your time and attention.

    Best Regards,

  107. JR Says:

    When you say people, do you mean anyone or non lawyers?

  108. JR Says:

    Hey Marc
    I just want to say that i have been waiting for your reply and have received none. i actually feel like my questions was stupid even though i want to believe that theres no such thing as a stupid question. I decided to get legal advice (a 15 min consult which was all free) and was extremely helpful. when did u get so expensive for an opinion?

    sad thing is i still admire your opinion


  109. Phil Says:

    Hi Marc. I did a consultation with you a few years back.. im the phil from the December 2015 post on here.. I lost access to my old email account. Is there any way you can send me the mock trial court scripts nd the motion for dismissal I have to file.. im fighting a shop lifting charge and pled not guilty cause I thought they were going to let me enter into a program so it would not be on my record. Needless tosay they denied me the program in my pre trial hreing so now we are going to trial. And if its going to be on my record im going to make them atthe least earn it.. sorry to message you on here but the ony info I have from last t time we talked is yor phone number and did not want to impose on calling you.. my old email address is if you want to check back in your past emails that I did make na donation and only talked on thephone for 15 mins.. please email me on my new address I have trial in a few weeks. A nythhing you think you u can recomend me to do is greatly appreciatd. ? And just a heads up some time this summer I want to give u poa with the irs bothering me but one e thing at a time..

  110. Stormy Dunton Says:

    Are you still offering this? I have been researching and reading everything but time is not affording me researching to no end on some criminal stuff I have already been arraigned on, which I feel was done under duress.

  111. Marc Stevens Says:

    Yes, I still do consults

  112. jose herrera Says:

    I am willing to pay for help with my dwi case…my phone is 505-429-0147. I have a 93 year old mother that is in my care. I need help

  113. Marc Stevens Says:

    You need to email me about it marcstevens(at)mail(dot)com

  114. Shane Christopher Buczek Says:

    Have you done a traffic appeal before??

  115. Marc Stevens Says:

    Yes, we’ve been discussing one recently because a lying attorney tried to make it look as if we did not have success in the appeals court.

  116. Shawn Pitts Says:

    Hi Marc i was wondering if you have ever helped anyone in kansas

  117. Marc Stevens Says:

    Many times.

  118. Shawn Pitts Says:

    Well is there anyway that i could discuss my issue with you?

  119. Marc Stevens Says:

    Yes, you can set up a consult

  120. April Garcia Says:

    Hello Marc I’m being sued for a car accident I was in this summer where the lady that hit me had insurance and a driver license where in my case I did not she’s suing for damage cost and medical bills what do you think I should do

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