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Motion to Strike/Dismiss Template

Posted on May 1st, 2006 by Marc Stevens

There are two standard templates, state and federal.  The state templates are written to include both civil and criminal elements.  The grounds of the motions (demurrer in California, Kentucky) are no valid case/controversy, a lack of standing and no corpus delecti.  The cross-reference is here.   While the motion was written for Arizona, there are equivalents listed for every “state” in the cross-reference and I have most “states” crossed-over so make sure you provide an address so I can get you the right one. Templates are also available for Canada, England, Australia and New Zealand.

The motion has been used successfully in many types of proceedings, even when the motion is summarily denied or not ruled on, the cop does not show up more than 75% of the time and the ticket is kicked out.  There are several available that have been edited for other “states”, such as Texas, Penn., New Jersey, Florida, Canada, California and England.  There is also a new general template making it easier for “states” that do not cross-over as easy as others.  The files are emailed with instructions on how to file.  The templates are $25 each and I email those over with instructions, so provide me with an email address and let me know which template you’d like.

Click here to send payment and be sure to read over our return policy & contact information.

Paypal is available again:



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  1. tim danehy Says:

    tried alertpay and credit cards. neither worked.

  2. Marc Stevens Says:

    sorry about that, I’ll get that fixed, try the paypal button below

  3. Kept Private Says:

    Mark, will you email me and tell me what the prices are and how to acquire the templates?

    p.s. time may be of the essence.

    Thank you, your work is nothing short of awesome.


  4. Kept Private Says:

    Mark, disregard the above. given the Tim’s post above mine I thought that link was broken … once clicked I see the prices … will you confirm that I can pay via paypal?
    Thanks again

  5. Marc Stevens Says:

    you can use the donation button at the bottom right of the page

  6. Sandra Cote Says:

    alert pay would not work, I never got the phone call for the code. Can I just send you a money order?

  7. Marc Stevens Says:

    yes, you can send a blank money order to P.O. Box 31258 Mesa, Arizona 85275

  8. janice Says:

    hi mark. I spoke to you on your show and you said you had a template for canada. Can you point me in the right direction? thanks

  9. Marc Stevens Says:

    When you order the template, leave a note that you’d like the Canadian template. I still have work to do on the website

  10. janice Says:

    it won’t accept my visa card right now…let me know when it’s up again. Also mark…I would like to post a scanned copy of my husbands notice to appear in court. Believe it or not it has a “victim surcharge” on it.
    i’ll be ordering the transcript as well as i know he will turn into a blubbering bowl of jelly if he’s not prepared. Thanks!

  11. Luke Says:

    Do you take bitcoins for this?

  12. Marc Stevens Says:

    Just the ebook right now

  13. Shane Says:

    Hi Marc,

    I have a traffic ticket, and would like to order the “Motion to Strike/Dismiss” template. However,
    AlertPay says it’s not accepting credit cards. I’m assuming my debit card wouldn’t work. You mention
    Paypal, but there is no link. how can I order the templates?

    Also, I’m hoping these are emailed. I’m never home to receive mail.

  14. Marc Stevens Says:

    Just use the paypal donation button, I have to fix the alertpay buttons. Yes, they are emailed

  15. Seandell Forman Says:

    Hey Marc, I am trying to get your strike/dismissal template for the state of north carolina. The alert pay doesn’t work the paypal link works, but I wanted to make sure you knew what exactly I was looking for. Thanks

  16. Marc Stevens Says:

    Just put in the paypal note what you’d like

  17. john pritzos Says:

    Hello, I have trial [I failed to get dismissed for conflict of interest and pled not guilty] for a failure to stop at red light in Oakland, California from state patrol officer…. Tomorrow.. [2pm jan 19] I’m wondering if this motion to dismiss [civil I believe] will be delivered by e-mail and I will try to utilize during trial if so.. thank you in advance john 415-513-8393

  18. Marc Stevens Says:

    by email

  19. john pritzos Says:

    Paypal’s reply to my donation attempt is “You cannot confirm a gift address” ?? I use paypal all the time and I’ve never encountered this john

  20. Marc Stevens Says:

    Sorry there’s a problem, email me about this and we’ll get you the template

  21. Marc Says:

    I would like the motion to strike/dissmiss template. I spoke with you about a marijuana possession charge in nc. I cant afford the donation to speak with you for an hour but I would like some help from you or anyone on how to handle my battle. Paid for a lawyer, he set up a class that I have to pay $2oo more to take a have charge dismissed. I want to tell him to do the Michael and Rep myself. I actually feel wronged,violated and then some but I have no lawful support around me. I am suppose to complete the class by March 19 – 2012. I know I need to send in paper work ahead of time and show strength on paper and possibly not even have to go to court. I dont how to begin or what to send or what to tell the lawyer or who is sincere as for as helping me aid myself. I like your calm focused style and the way you stay on track. No loss/ harm/ violation of anothers rights = no case. I do need help but I also am over flowing with loyalty and humble courage. I am smart enough to say please help, somebody please help. – 843-496-1424

  22. Mike Zurawel Says:

    Hi Marc,

    I am a fellow voluntaryist and regular listener to your show. I really
    appreciate all of the great work that you do!

    I was a registered forum member prior to your website being hacked but recently
    tried to logon and was denied access.
    When I attempted to re-register, I received a message that said registration was
    disallowed because my details match
    those of a known spammer. What’s up with that?

    I would very much like to have access to the forum again.


    Mike Z.

  23. John Padilla Says:

    I was interested in the template for motion to dismiss but there is no sample so I really dont know what I would be purchasing – for as much as I would like to get it – I feel Im going in the blind as to what I would be getting.

    I thank you so much for all the good work you are doing – may god nless you a lot :).

  24. Shane Says:

    (after signing up with Alert Pay, and giving personal information)

    …Marc, I cannot load money from my debit to Alert Pay. After reading the FAQ,
    I learned this is not allowed. This is absolutely frustrating. I’d rather send/wire the
    money through Western Union. It’s quicker, as it takes 2-3 days to have the bank
    wire deposit confirmed through Alert Pay.

    Besides snail mail, do you have any other wire transfer options?

    If not, just reading your site, I have yet to find your post office box address. Can
    you please post it, or provide a link.

    Thank you.

  25. Shane Says:

    I just found you P.O. Box address in an answer above. Lol

  26. Nathan Brown Says:

    I am trying to get the Motion To Dismiss Templates for the traffic tickets cases Im going to court this week..

    I am looking for the Paypal button but I cant see them here on this site?
    How do I purchase using the Paypal. I do have a Alertpay account but cannot get it funded with my debit I dont use those accounts anymore..

    Can you please tell me what email address to send the money too…via paypal…and is it 25.00 for the entire Motion Templates???

    I have to get the paper work ready in 5 days from time is of the essence..thanks

    Nathan Brown

    from Hawaii

  27. Jim Says:

    Do you have an email address listed anywhere on the site? Thanks.

  28. Marc Stevens Says:

    marcstevens (at) mail (doc) com

  29. Jeff Says:

    I hate to bother you, but I am wanting to purchase the motion to dismiss on grounds of no corpus dilecti. I am wanting to send a money order. If you could please let me know the amount, and where I would mail to, I would get this out asap, as I have a court date coming up as soon as I send in my ticket with not guilty/trial by jury request. Thanks, appreciate all your info. Jeff

  30. Marc Stevens Says:

    No bother at all. It’s 25 and the address is PO Box 31258 Mesa, Arizona 85275

  31. Terry Says:

    Marc, hi i dont need legal papers or help. i just like to watch your videos, but they dont work on youtube so where can i watch them now. Anyone with good info like you or the antiterrorist the video willn’t work, and your site on youtube is gone altogether

  32. David Says:

    Hi Marc,

    I sent you e-mails at the following: . I keep getting the following:

    Sorry, we were unable to deliver your message to the following address.

    Remote host said: 550 Mailbox quota exceeded [RCPT_TO]

    I am presuming that you may have another e-mail address. Please reply back to me, via e-mail. Also, I may be needing your assistance. I hope that we can catch up sometime soon. Appears to me that the revenue bureaucrats are hungrier than ever.

    Diligence with due vigilance, for sure. Peace.



  33. Marc Stevens Says:

    use marcstevens (at) mail (dot) com

  34. Minh Vo Says:

    Hi Marc,

    Need your help. My cell phone is 619-366-1084. I have a big case in Texas. I already attend one of your seminar and i did not pay for the fee. I like to pay for that fee and also discuss further arrangements if you can help me. I was traveling on I40 and patrol pull us over and was going to let us go with a warning for change lane too rapidly which is bullshiet then come out to be a full blown arrest. They already breach their fiduciary duties. They have not tried my case for 2 years since 2009 now they wanted to start it and I been studying but don’t have the confident. I do have a decent lawyer representing me. He wanted to do a motion to suppress evidence and he asking me to show up and I don’t think he really wanted to fight because this case is no case and should dismiss along time ago for long cause. Please help. I will donate for the service fees require. Thanks. Minh

  35. Mark Says:

    I cannot find all the stuff for the motion templates. I found the motion templates and the seminars, but cannot find the questions you ask the judge and cop. Also, the link is dead for the cross referencces. How caan I get this stuff resent to me? Do I need the PayPal receipt?


  36. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ mark the scripts are under the store link

  37. Mark Says:

    @ Marc — I asked how it could be resent. I already purchased this stuff. Cant find a lot of it because it was on my older computer and it died. There were a series of questions that came with the purchase of the motion template package, some links for the seminars – Can that be resent?

  38. Storm Says:

    Would like to pay with paypal.

  39. Mark Says:

    You know, I have been asking about this for over a week now. Cant log onto the forum because it says I am a spammer, and it wont let me form an account. So, I ask in these comment sections, and get half answers. I call, leave messages, and so it goes.

    Whats it take? Repurchasing everything again?

    Here is the question again:

    There were a series of questions that came with the purchase of the motion template package, some links for the seminars – Can that be resent? Is there a link to DL it?

    Are you ever going to fix this forum issue? I have read where others are having problems with it as well.

  40. Marc Stevens Says:

    I’ll email you about this. The forum is an ongoing problem I have not been able to fix yet.

  41. Minh Vo Says:

    Hey Marc,

    Can you email me so I can get in touch with you over the phone so I can get help with my case? Thanks. 6193661084.


  42. John Osika Says:

    Hello Marc,

    I am having trouble purchasing several items online and would like to know if it is possible to purchase and pickup in person? Thank you…. 76zero 88zero 4043

    John Osika

  43. Marc Stevens Says:

    Sorry, if there is online trouble you’ll need to mail it. I can email the files. Also, the paperback is not available right now, only the ebook. Paperback is only available in bulk orders (20+).

  44. Lorin Kee Says:

    Hi Marc,

    I got a delivery failure notification for, so I’m trying to get my message to you through this post. I’ve just mailed a check for $25 in order to get your Motion to Strike/Dismiss Template. I’m trying to beat a ticket in Tennessee on April 24th. I purchased your book, several years ago and am studying hard to make your techniques work for me. I know I need to get the motion mailed relatively quickly, so I hope you can get the template to me promptly upon receipt of payment.



    P.S. – Maybe bitcoin would be a better alternative to alertpay?

  45. Marc Stevens Says:

    All email needs to go to marcstevens (at) mail(dot)com

  46. Mark Says:


    The forum is a very important addition to what you offer, yet we cannot sign up because we are denied access. This really severely limits the value as far as I am concerned. Cant you just build a forum such as Simple Machines Forum in a different directory? I am a web developer and would be happy to help, as without participation in your forum, knowledge gets limited and whats the point then?

    Has anyone posted on how to use the motion template for photo lite tickets?

  47. Kel Says:

    @ Mark,

    Can’t really help you with the forum issue, but here’s a link to the Adventures In Legal Land wiki: if it’s any consolation.

  48. Mark Says:


    Thanks, but thats a zero. Notiung there, incomplete. Cant even ask if anyone is in Illinois so I can make a record on the day.

  49. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ mark email me at marcstevens(at)mail(dot)com

  50. Jonathon Says:

    !@$%!#%^ ARGHHH! If I didn’t want this product so much I would have already walked away. Alertpay is a PILE! what a worthless piece of software that I will never use again.

    Please provide me with an alternative way to send you money. I would like a package deal if you could. Your book, seminar mp3, Cross examination and motion to strike. Total me up and gimme a way to pay.

  51. Marc Stevens Says:

    I’ll be taking the alertpay down soon.

  52. Mark Says:

    Thanks Marc – All is well now!

  53. richard byfield Says:

    need to order this script but there is more paypal either. alert pay don’t work for me either

  54. Matt Says:

    Hey Marc, I need to get the NY motion template and the criminal scripts tonight if possible. Could you email me a way to make a payment via paypal. I’m not sure how to make a donation I do not see a button.

  55. Tyler Eckes Says:

    Hey Marc,

    I have been trying to use the Payza but it seems to be not working. I am having some problems with paypal. l would really like to purchase this template ( Motion to dismiss – california) Traffic ticket. I am already in the mist of my process. I know everyone has time constraint and I am no exception. I would be happy to pay more then the 25$ if I can receive this information more quickly.

    Thank you for all that you do. I have been watching and learning from you and others for about year and a half now. I am finally applying what I have learned. Thanks again!!

    ~Tyler Eckes

  56. RealFake Says:

    Marc. Is there any way that we could donate to you and get a template to show your appreciation for supporting the site, like a TV evangelist would peddle their wares–no offense. I do not like the Alert-Pay or the Payza. Lots of fees. I have a court date next Thursday 7/26/12 and need motion to dismiss material. I have ordered from you site in the past using a straight credit card, but the only reason I would use the Alert-Pay or Payza is to order from your site.


  57. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ realfake – There is a paypal donation button on each page you can use.

  58. Del Gonzales Says:

    I signed up for a Payza account because I wanted to purchase the Motion to Strike/Dismiss papers and receive them via emai like it explains in that section of your website.

    Payza confirmed the transaction had gone through and that $25 had been sent to

    It then re-directed me to your website. When I got there, the page displayed an error message, “404/Page not found”.

    Please email me the MOTION to DISMISS/STRIKE papers as soon as possible. I have a court appearance next week on Thursday July 26th. Please help.


  59. RealFake Says:

    What is your email address. I made a donation and wanted to send you an email.

  60. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ realfake, if directed at me, my email is marcstevens(at)mail(dot)com, and thanks

  61. Ruwack Says:

    Hi Marc, It seems that payza doesn’t accept payment with MC. I see that you accept donations by MC. Can I donate the requested amount, or more, with my mastercard and get the Motion to Dismiss emailed to me?
    Thank you

  62. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Ruwack you can use the paypal donation button

  63. Bob Says:

    hi marc, im also a MasterCard guy. what is the procedure for donating the $25 fee and get the templates for motion to dismiss for NC speeding ticket?

    I hired a lawyer to fight my ticket so i wouldn’t be bothered and he pleaded guilty now Ive got to pay more…… this crap isn’t going to happen to me again.

  64. Nyeshaa Says:

    Hi Marc, I made a donation of $25 w w reference to email I did not realize that what auto-filled was an old email that I can no longer get into. I attempted to email you at but received a unable to deliver message. Confirmation number is 2TG81263HT688243L. Can you please forward Motion to Dismiss to my current email provided in above profile information?
    Thank you dearly.

  65. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ nyeshaa, I emailed you when I got it and you already know it got kicked. Thanks for contacting me so soon.

  66. nicco Says:

    Good day Marc,

    I made a donation on 8/26/12 for your criminal civil and tax scripts, that I have yet to receive.
    I’m sure this is just an oversight.
    Could you please forward them to me as soon as possible?
    I am very anxious to have them.
    Not to mention I’ve paid for them.

    Nicco Christante

  67. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ nicco I sent everything over a few days ago, I forwarded you the email.

  68. Nicco Says:

    Hi Marc,
    Still haven’t received the scripts as of 9/8/12
    please assist me with this.

  69. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ nicco, I just emailed them over for a 3rd time. Maybe they are going to a spam folder? Maybe skype is a better way to go if you still don’t get them, I’m at frankrizzo3

  70. Brett Says:

    I was wondering, if I was convicted of a DUI (represented myself) and am now trying to have the DUI eliminated on the motions that you have supplied in the packet offered is that a viable option? Or, since i already plead guilty is it worth purchasing the packet to see if I can utilize the methods you suggest to fight the judgement?

  71. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Brett, the principals are the same, but you’d be looking to void the judgment. Grounds would be the same, lack of jurisdiction. Did they ask you if you were waiving your right to counsel? You can email me marcstevens(at)mail(dot)com

  72. nicco Says:

    thanks marc
    i received them.

  73. Alden Says:

    Just purchased your motion to dismiss for $25 thru that visa payyas thing.
    How do I get the copies. I was redirected back to your site but it errored out with a code 404 (I think). Have recieved nothing. Plkease advise. Alden

  74. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Alden, I emailed you about this already.

  75. Vito M. Says:

    Hi Marc, I used the paypal to submit a $25 donation. Please confirm you received and I would need to dismiss some sitation in New Jersey. Thanks!

  76. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Vito, took care of it for you, thanks for your order.

  77. Vito M. Says:

    Hi Marc, I havent received anything yet…When should I expect the email?

  78. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Vito, I just sent it again, it may be going to a spam folder.

  79. Vito M. Says:

    Sorry Marc but no spam folder issue with me. Please try again??

  80. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Vito, email me and I’ll just reply to it.

  81. Vito M. Says:

    I sent you an email at marcstevens(at)mail(dot)com…correct??

  82. Marc Stevens Says:

    Yes, and I already sent it, let me know you got it.

  83. Vito M. Says:

    Marc, I’m started to feel like Abbott and Costello’s who’s on first!?LOL… Nothing received…Should I try another email address? Try POPELEO2 same location..

  84. Amy Miller Says:

    Hi I really want to try out your motions, however I cant get this payza thing to work. Can I donate $25 via credit card and get the documents? Thanks so much, we have active cases we are trying to win.

  85. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Amy there is a paypal donation button on the website you can use.

  86. Diane Little Says:

    Hello Marc,

    I am looking for a form on your site where I can request my traffic case be dismissed. My case is being tried in Municipal Court. Do you have a form like that, or is there something else I should be looking for? I requested a continuance once and was granted, I requested another continuance but it hasn’t been granted.

  87. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Diane the motion template is available here for $25, you can use the donation button.

  88. Gina Says:

    Can your motion to dismiss template (civil) be used in a judicial action for foreclosure defense (lack of standing)? I live in Kansas which is a judicial state. If so, I need to get this ASAP and would like to pay via PayPal, if possible.


  89. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Gina yes, it can be used, Armando used with with success 2x in Texas.

  90. Gina Says:

    Terrific, can I pay through PayPal to get it, or do I need to sign up with Payza? Thanks

  91. Gina Says:

    I paid through Payza and got the 404 error page not found. Can you send me the motion to dismiss (Civil for Kansas) template via email? Or do I need a link….Thanks again

  92. Bruce Says:

    can u email me a better way to obtain the templates other than the alert pay seems i cant use it reason unknown,must be a problem with the site?for the state of illinois quasi-criminal/traffic. thank you for your great work

  93. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Bruce, you can use the paypal donation button.

  94. dakota Says:

    tried to buy motion template but seems payza sign up isn’t working for me to pay, is there another way to buy the motions?

  95. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Dakota, you can use the paypal donation button.

  96. Diane Says:

    Hello Marc, I tried to purchase the motion to dismiss template but the payza system wasnt working…you suggested I use this form because of my situation, but the circumstances have changed. I was given a citation because the officer said I did not come to a complete stop at a stop sign, then when I refused to sign the ticket he threatened to take me into custody for “impeding his duties”. I signed the ticket, and later filed a continuance because the court date fell on finals week for school, the next date they gave me was on the first day of class. I filed another continuance( however, the clerk told me I wouldn’t know if it had been approved or denied until AFTER my court date) because if I don’t attend class the first week, I get dropped. It was denied and now I am ordered to pay $100.00 just to get back on the judges calendar, in addition to the original fine of $194.00. I can appear in court at 2pm M-Th to pay, but I don’t have that at all! But I need to drive to get to class. I am making a general donation now but I don’t know what template Ill need now, if any will help.

  97. Dan Says:

    Hey Marc, I need to buy your dismiss template for NJ, how do I do this?

  98. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Dan you can use the paypal donation button or mail to PO Box 31258 Mesa, Arizona 85275.

  99. Diane Says:


    I first contacted you Jan 25th, 2013 for the Motion to Dismiss Template, I submitted a donation of $30.00 separately because the payza system was not working. Although we have been in contact I havent received the template. I am in a tight bind and need to file that motion today 02/06/13 how can I obtain the template I requested?

  100. Frank Svoboda Says:

    Many years in Arizona: Now in Cleveland Ohio: who has persecuted: Family and self with the help of the Federal Government.

    Please Call: 216-941-6696

  101. Kevin Says:

    I would like to purchase the scripts and motions, but I am not finding the ability to do so on this page. Can I simply make a donation with my CC on the donations button….if so how much are both items.
    Thanks for all the advice and guidance…long time listener and this is the fist time I get to put it to use…have three cases coming up.

    Kevin in MD

  102. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Kevin, you can just use the paypal donation button on this page. The script and motion are $25 each.

  103. Christopher Says:

    Looking for a motion to dismiss template suited for Connecticut but I am getting this error response from your payment company

    We apologize, but the payment button settings are incorrect. The following problems occurred
    ap_purchasetype field is invalid. Acceptable values are item, service, item-goods, item-auction and subscription.
    The ap_currency field is invalid.
    The ap_itemname field cannot be left empty.
    Sorry the merchant account is invalid.

    If you are a buyer, please inform the seller.

  104. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Christopher, you can use the paypal donation button instead.

  105. NonE Says:

    I do NOT understand. There are CONSTANT complaints about payment issues. The ONLY button I see is the PayPal button, so what other reality are these people complaining from??? And if there is some other thing that I CAN’T SEE on the site somewhere, something which DOES NOT WORK, then why don’t you REMOVE it, huh, huh, huh, huh, HUH? (Sorry, I think I had a melt down there…)

    – NonEnlightenedAboutOtherPaymentRealities

  106. Simone Says:

    I try to order different things but can’t find a way to do so if I just pay via paypal how do you know what I want to order ? can you pls be so kind and email me? thx Simone

  107. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ simone, if you use the paypal donation button, then just leave a note about what you’d like and I’ll email it over.

  108. Spike Says:

    Greetings. Is the pay issue solved? I’d like to order; case tomorrow…

  109. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Spike, you can use the paypal button on the right side of the website.

  110. Spike Says:

    Greetings. I have a misdemeanor dui case in Calif. Will the demurrer work in cases like that? Thanks

  111. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Spike the demur can help, DUI’s are tough though. The last one ended in a conviction with no jail time and is on appeal.

  112. Myles Says:

    Hi, just made a donation for the motion to strike/motion to dismiss template. Do you send me a pdf or how do I actually obtain the document?

  113. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Myles I’ll email the files over.

  114. Steve Shaver Says:

    Have these documents been updated?

  115. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ steve, yes most have been.

  116. william helderlein Says:

    i need the motion to strike. i need your mailing address so i can send you check or money order. also there is no price listed on this page. thank you marc

  117. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ william, the address is PO Box 31258 Mesa, Arizona 85275, leave the pay to line blank and include an email address. The motion template is $25.

  118. Jared Says:

    Will this work for a DUI?

  119. Hector Says:

    Mr. Stevens, Is this the package you wrote about? “file to dismiss the complaint for a lack of jurisdiction”?

  120. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Hector, yes that’s the motion.

  121. Hector Says:

    Thank you Mr. Stevens, I just emailed you a copy of the receipt via email.

  122. Michael Zelke Says:


    Trying to purchase motions, as well as scripts, but Payza is saying they aren’t in Ca. Yet. Need this stuff asap… trial tomorrow afternoon. Would like a consult as well if possible. Thank you very much.


  123. Eric Says:


    I just made a purchase via the Payza link, but I did not specify that I need a motion specific for PA (traffic court) in the purchase notes, if that matters. Also, will you be able to see the email address associated with the Payza account, and send it to that address? About how long should I expect it to take until I receive the document?


  124. derik wendt Says:

    hey marc i just sent $50 over via paypal donation and just want to make sure the script and template i need for south dakota speeding ticket get sent to correct email i listed in the paypal instructions… thanks again and have a great day.

  125. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ derik, already sent it, let me know if you have any questions.

  126. Jay Says:

    Marc, I don’t trust Payza. I have two questions before buying:

    1. Is there another payment method for the templates?

    2. Does the template work for Georgia Dekalb County Recorder’s court?

    Your assistance is appreciated, thanks.

  127. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Jay, there is a paypal donation button also. I have a template written for Georgia. Does it work? It’s been used successfully before, all we’re doing is pointing out the obvious, the cop/prosecutor has no evidence of jurisdiction. If they disagree, then they have to put up the evidence.

  128. Jay Says:

    Thanks Marc, I just donated via PayPal. Please let me know what the next steps are for receiving the templates. Separately, can you include an e-copy of the adventures in legal land book, please advise, thanks again.

  129. Tom C Says:

    Marc, I’m in the great “State of California” I wanted a copy of your motion to dismiss, but your cart won’t let me purchase one. time is of the essence and if you’ll just let me donate $25 via paypal I’ll be more than happy to do so however, I couldn’t find your email address so I’d like to first make contact with you to confirm that I will get what I need. Please let me know ASAP.


  130. NonE Says:

    Tom, email to marcstevens AT mail DOT com

    – NonE

  131. (Hernan) Rio Chavarro Says:

    Hello Marc,

    I’ve just paid $25 on Paypal for the Motion To Dismiss templates for the state of FL.
    How long does it usually take to receive the forms & instructions?
    And what format will they be in?
    Btw, you’re site is an invaluable source to all true justice seekers.

  132. Chris Says:

    I want to buy this motion, but don’t want to join the pay system.
    I don’t use paypal either.
    How can I pay w/a c/c and not use that system?
    Thanx … Chris

  133. junior Says:

    whats the price for the motion,,template??? i live in georgia

  134. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ junior, templates are $25.

  135. Chris Says:

    How can I pay without using PayPal nor the financial system your store has?
    … Chris

  136. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Chris, you can mail it to PO box 31258 Mesa, Arizona 85275, leave the pay to line blank.

  137. NonE Says:

    Are elevenplates also $25? (kinda like the “baker’s dozen”) Oh never mind.

  138. Chris Says:

    Thanx Marc, will do.
    … Chris

  139. Alex Freeman Says:

    I believe this is really what I need to help my fiance get out of the trouble he is currently in… how do I get a copy of these forms??? Will they let me mail them to him at the 4th ave. Jail???

  140. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Alex, use the paypal donation button on the site and leave in the note where this is happening so I can get you the right template. Email me from now on, I don’t log in here as often. marcstevens(at)riseup(dot)net

  141. Damon Schneider Says:

    Marc Stevens, I live in Jefferson County Missouri and would like to have your templates and the tax agent information. I am ready to purchase now. One problem, I don’t see a PAYPAL option available and would rather not try the other purchase options offered for I am already set up with PayPal in which I find easy. How else can I get this information as soon as possible. Also, I am not in need for I am not charged with a DWI but know someone whom is. Do these templates refer to that charge as well? Is DWI a form of traffic? or I would think Criminal? Thanks Please reply ASAP time is of the essence for I already wrote the Court on a traffic speeding ticket for dismissal but was DENIED. I would like to see these templates to know where I went wrong.

  142. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ damon, there is a donation button on the right side. The templates do not refer to a charge, only that it’s an alleged code violation.

  143. Marc Sadoyama Says:

    Aloha Marc Stevens, Is the Motion to Strike/Dismiss Template still available for purchase? If so, may I donate through the Paypal link instead of the Payza one? Also, is your new book available to order yet? I would like to purchase that as well. I really appreciate what you are doing!

  144. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Marc, yes they are available, you can use the paypal donation button.

  145. Damon Schneider Says:

    Well Marc, I don’t mean to sound like jerk and don’t think Id be any different than any other consumer by waiting impatiently for something I purchased to take care of my problem. I phoned twice and left you message and I tried email unsuccessfully. I am getting discouraged knowing my account has been charged but yet I don’t have what I ordered. So I guess I will give it one more day then contact the bank. I was really hoping to order some other services but I guess your to busy to have this site running efficiently.

  146. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Damon, I emailed you the day you made the order and the email was kicked back. I emailed you again yesterday. I’ll call you today about it.

  147. Marc Sadoyama Says:

    Thank you Sir. Rock on and play it loud!

  148. Bounty Says:

    Hey alert pay says they are not available to Texas 🙁 need motion to strike ASAP can I western union? Snail mail is to slow! Also (I’m sure this is posted somewhere already) what time is the show on so I can call in? Central time that is.

  149. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ bounty, the paypal donation button is good.

  150. Moe Says:

    Does this motion to dismiss cover state civil cases involving loans from the bank? If more information is needed will gladly forward via email, and how do I use the pay-pal so you know if this is for the state civil order

  151. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ moe, there is one specially for those types of complaints. Use the paypal donation button and leave a note for what you’d like.

  152. Kiana Sears Says:

    Hello Marc,

    I just made a donation of $25 to you but I accidentally pressed the send button before I put in my special notes. I really need the Motion to Dismiss Template for Arizona (Tempe, hah.) Same exact thing that you had on your ticket- and I was parked in front of my own house! Hope you’ll get to me quickly!

  153. Rich Peak Says:

    I successfully donated 25.00 dollars to you thru my paypal account for a motion to strike template for the state of new jersey,although my account was charged I havent received the template.

  154. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ rich, I was involved in a hearing today, over 6 hours, sorry for the delay.

  155. Eplo Says:

    i used the paypal button to order motion to stike/dismiss template never came court case was two days ago will it ever be sent? have paypal receipt

  156. Vasily Says:

    I left a donation for the Motions a few dayz ago and still waiting on them. Thanks in advance,

  157. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Vasily, I emailed you back on the 27th, I need to know where the motion is being used. I probably have a template already crossed over.

  158. Kim Worthington Says:

    Hello Marc,
    I will be donating $25 for motion to dismiss, my appearance is oct 16th, pls rush this to me so I can file as it is a few hours from where I live.
    I am in NY state. Thank you kindly, keep up the good work to liberate those who are awakening.


  159. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Kim, I will email it over immediately after the transfer.

  160. Barry Iaconelli Says:

    I just purchased the Template with Payza. I need it for New Jersey. Driving under Suspension. I am not sure if I was able to state that at checkout or How I will receive the Template. I was hoping to receive it through E Mail. Thank You

  161. Melody Lewis Says:

    I paid $25.00 donation to the paypal donate button. Could you please send me the template of motion to strike-dismiss right away? I would really appreciate it, and I do need it. Thanks.

  162. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Melody, already emailed over. Thanks for your order.

  163. Justin Says:

    I apparently didn’t plan this out well enough ahead… considering I have court today at 2:30. I was basically under the assumption that the templet was downloadable… (haven’t got that far yet) I was trying to pay last night with a pre- paid Visa for the Motion to Dismiss templet. The payza site is not accepting card payments currently because they’re switching banks or accounts essentially. Marc, Can I pay you any other way with a card, through any other means. Two was my second court date, is it too late for the motion? also, how do I go about filing the motion?


  164. NonE Says:

    Justin, Use the “Donate” button on the right side of the screen. That will take you to Paypal. “Donate” to Marc for what you want and include a note with the payment for what you want and what state or whatever you are in, in case that may make a difference in what he needs to send you. The templates are not simple magic words, they are helpful hints for someone who KNOWS what they are doing. You really need to read Marc’s book or otherwise really get up to speed with the CONCEPTS that Marc is putting forth before the templates will really work for you. Sorry to be pouring cold water on this for you, but I do want you to know that you have a lot of study and practice to do before you have a good chance of not getting run right over by “them.” Best of luck with whatever your issues are.

    Welcome to site and community and all.

    – NonE

  165. jeg Says:

    The Template, do you have one for California?
    And do you have anything on how to deal with Parking Tickets? Any letters or process to kill it?

  166. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ jeg, yes there is a demur template for California.

  167. jeg Says:

    My other question was not answered: Do you have anything on how to deal with Parking Tickets? Any letters or process to kill it?

    Do you have any upcoming seminar in Southern California?

  168. NonE Says:

    Jeg, Marc’s method and position (as I understand them) are the same for all legal issues… he simply asks to be shown evidence that the laws apply to you. You may want to buy and read his book to learn his thinking. There are no “magic words,” it’s all about the underlying principles. – NonE

  169. jase Says:

    hi marc, i have been listening to you and stefan molyneux on the state. i wanted to build a case to get my traffic ticket dismissed, i used the donate button as other users have. i live in rhode island if that helps any. thank you so much for showing the fraud of the state and helping others like myself understand the legalese

  170. Nathan Says:

    Hello Marc,

    I want to strike/dismiss for florida, I got a red light ticket how can I get the template for that?

  171. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ nathan, use the paypal donation button and I’ll email it over, it’s already crossed over for Florida.

  172. justin. Says:

    hello, i thought this is a really interesting article from the FBI’s Web site of the freedom movement.

  173. Tony Meehan Says:

    Justin- in relation to the FBI article Home • Stats & Services • Reports and Publications • LEB • September 2011 • Sovereign Citizens
    Sovereign Citizens
    A Growing Domestic Threat to Law Enforcement
    By the FBI’s Counterterrorism Analysis Section
    NONE have you read this PROPAGANDA, now I know that you are a highly intelligent human, I assume you have took time to read this PROPAGANDA. I’d love to hear your opinions on this ridiculous piece of scaremongering. I actually lost count of the logical fallacies after the 2nd paragraph. Like I said NONE, ” You and your government friends truly are in a world of dread and fear”. They fear for there ability to abuse power and will use the most ridiculous and ambiguous lies to make there case. I like you know what’s right and what’s wrong. I know if a duck has a bill, feathers, webbed feet and quacks, it’s a duck. A duck is a duck is a duck, as banks commit fraud with credit agreements, by misrepresentation, concealment and false accounting, fraud is fraud is fraud.
    Yet the PROPAGANDA calls people for knowing there rights, also knowing how to IMPLEMENT there rights, ( is it not the governments position, that they have no duty to protect any citizen ?), they are now considered a domestic terrorist. That’s sounds like a group of people who are very worried about how this rolling stone is gathering no moss.
    NONE you seem to have keep silent, about your friends PROPAGANDA, I’d like to hear your thoughts, as being an intelligent person, who has valid opinions and is very knowledgable, knows that this ridiculous and ambiguous article, are the words of very worried people.
    NONE your on here constantly, can you hand on heart as an honest human being speaking with ” GOOD FAITH ” say, that anyone who comes here is angry, dangerous, a threat to any other human being. That anyone has ever wished any harm or violence towards anyone or any human who they have interacted with. Yes when speaking about government representatives words are used, but never is any harm or violence wished upon them. There corrupt in a corrupt system, and mind washing is mind washing, they believe they are right in all they do.
    Yet although no one on here validates or supports violent actions against any other human, lest in actual self defence. The FBI portrays normal, self thinking, critical thinking humans as domestic terrorists and by the sounds of the article, will be prepared to use repressive and corporal force to impose there will. Now NONE tell me there actually not ” PSYCHOPATHS ” there PROPAGANDA spells this FACT OUT COMPLETELY. SO to think differently from the programmed drone, you are actually a danger, kinda scary NONE, even you must realise this NONE.
    But maybe NONE your in that band, taking the silver, with the controlled programmed drone mind.
    Give me your thoughts NONE ?

  174. NonE Says:

    justin. Sed:
    …a really interesting article from the FBI’s Web site —– It is. I read a small portion of it. I couldn’t handle much. It appears they could have made it much simpler by simply declaring that anyone who has read the Declaration of Independence should be shot on sight. I think that about covers it.

    – NonE

  175. Ernie Says:

    I didn’t check my spam folder until this morning…that was fast!
    Thanks Marc!!

  176. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ ernie, that’s what she said. Let me know if you have any questions. If you are using it for a ticket, give up details and updates on the forum.

  177. Tyler smith Says:

    Hello is there another way to buy this i can’t add funds to my payza right now for some reason. I got to get this letter done in 6 days lol

  178. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Tyler, use the paypal donation button instead.

  179. Tyler smith Says:

    Thank you just did it =)

  180. Greg Says:

    Hi, I donated $25 and want to get the Motion To Strike/Dismiss for California ASAP. I have to fight a “Running the Stop Sign” ticket and my court date is coming up.


  181. Greg Says:

    Hi, I just donated $25 and I want to purchase the Motion To Dismiss/Strike templates for California. I need these ASAP for a “Stop Sign” ticket and my court date is next week.


  182. eric Says:

    talked to you sat sat show,can we skype only on show or at other times done a lot of study but u seem to be very different. how r ur results most things don`t seem to work with these madmen eric 760-216-8670

  183. NonE Says:

    Say Pat, can I buy a shift key from Vanna and donate it to eric?

  184. Andy Says:

    “Say Pat, can I buy a shift key from Vanna and donate it to eric?”

    No. Not until after we buy a dictionary and donate it to NonE.

  185. jacob Says:

    hello mark i tried to by the template thers an error it says not at his time im in a bind i have court feb 12 2014 and really need some assistance asap its a driving while suspended/ no insurance case in oregon . ive never had a drivers licence and dont really wont one but i did get insurance , i filled a legal brief at my first apearance siting some supreme court rulings and didnt plea or concent to one the jude interd it anyway and now ive been searching for accurate info to help me in my case like this template and maybe any verbage that may help . i wuld gladly pay the fee your asking but again its not working … could you instruct me please o also the officer has the wrong address on thed ticket of where it allegedly took place miles he is a city officer and i was out of city limits

  186. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ jacob, use the donation button.

  187. jacob Says:

    Thanks marc , so im going to donate now .That’s how I get the template right ? Is there any thing els I need to do ? I would also like to get the script . Also is this template easy to edit for me ? Like adding my name or changing city , county , state ect. ? Ive got to be ready by wensday at 1:30 so time is of the essence . Thanks

  188. jacob Says:

    ok i sent the donation for the template ect . is ther any thing else i need to do . will i find it in my email box ? thanks

  189. Ryan Says:

    Hey Marc, I made a 125 donation via paypal since your links are not working. I was hoping to get a phone consultation with you soon about a case I have. Also was was hoping to get a copy of those templates, specifically for washington state.


  190. Bil Says:


    Please in need information sent regarding alleged speeding ticket Florida

  191. bill Says:


    I just sent donation of $25.00 I need the Motion/strike dismiss alleged speeding violation in Florida. Thank You

  192. Eric Says:


    How do I buy the motion to dismiss traffic tickets. The “Buy” button doesn’t work. One of your comment answers was “use the paypal” button, but I don’t see that either.

  193. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ eric, there is a donation button on the right side of every page, use that til I figure out why the regular buttons stopped working.

  194. RICHARD Says:

    1. HOW MUCH, AND

  195. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Richard, it’s $25, the address is PO Box 31258 Mesa, Arizona 85275, leave the pay to line blank and include your email address.

  196. Axe Says:

    Marc I need help with getting help as well as the templates for things past due. Not tax but more difficult. Please send me the templates to fight nonsense I have dealt with. Thank you

  197. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Axe, use the paypal donation button and leave a note for what you want and where it’s being used.

  198. leonard Says:

    do u have anything for disorderly conduct where a ticket guy told an officer i threaten him then 5min im getting lunch inside of a pizza joint the officer comes up to me and said show me your id i said for what am i under arrest officer said no then i said am i free to go he said no im under a investigative detention, then i asked again im i under arrest he said no but u will be if i ask that question so i did thats when i was attacked my court date is the 23rd of this month PLEASE HELP

  199. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ leonard, I start with the motion to dismiss and challenge the prosecutor’s evidence proving jurisdiction.

  200. leonard Says:

    @ marc , wow u do respond … i have no clue on how to do what u just said and there is no prosecutor its the officer testifying and the parking meter guy please help …

  201. leonard Says:

    @ marc im from Harrisburg Pa

  202. Alex Says:

    I purchased the motion via Paypal, how long does it take to receive it?

    Thank you

  203. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Alex, sent it over with instructions.

  204. Mark Says:

    Hey Marc I paid for the template i’m trying to get the Motion to Strike/Dismiss template for Texas because I have a speeding ticket the payment went through i’m just unsure of how to get the template if you could help me out that would be nice, time may be of the essence, Thank you very much and I apologize for the inconvenience. I have my confirmation number for the payment if you need it?

  205. Joe Says:

    Hello Marc I just purchased this product via paypal and was wondering how long before I would see the template in my inbox?

  206. Brian Says:

    Hi Marc,
    I got cited for “fail to stop at red light” – Arizona traffic ticket and complaint. Would this Motion to Dismiss template work to get this dismissed? Thanks in advance!


  207. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Brian, it can certainly help get it dismissed, you will probably have to still appear though.

  208. Brian Says:

    RE: Fail to stop at red light

    Thx for the reply. What is the next step?

  209. Brian Says:

    RE: Fail to stop at red light

    I am ready to make my donation on your site & also schedule a phone appointment. Can you show me the next step please?

    Thank you,


  210. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Brian, just email me your # or skype username, I’m frankrizzo3, and a date/time your available. Afternoons work better for me.

  211. Brian Says:


    Cool! What’s your email?

  212. Mark Says:


    I ordered this on 4/24 and have still not received the email with the forms. I did get a confirmation email saying the payment wen though. What else do I need to do?

  213. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Mark, sent them over.

  214. bitcoin mining Says:

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  215. richard Says:

    i need this form asap. can’t figure out how to pay for it or anything. can you email me a link or something?

  216. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Richard, I can’t do online transactions right now, only bitcoin. Instructions are on the page for mail order and I’ll still email the files.

  217. @mictruth Says:

    Hello Marc,

    Just ran into your site after weeks of research for my case. I am prepping for a date on Monday June 2nd, and would like your form in addition to many other forms I have submitted prior to my date. I just created a Dwolla account when I couldn’t find a Paypal button. I know you are busy, but if I sent payment today, do you think you would have time to send it before Monday?

  218. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ mictruth, yes, I can email the files immediately with instructions.

  219. eric b Says:

    my wife just got a traffic ticket today for passing on the right. i have watched your videos in the past and have followed your work for many years now. i am interested in either making a donation either for a consultation with you or for one of your motion to dismiss templates. hope to hear back from you soon. thx marc.

  220. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ eric, email me at marcstevens(at)mail(dot)com

  221. brad Says:

    How much is the template package? Can I get it through snail mail? I have no financial contracts. thanks man. great show

  222. ladymodel1 Says:

    Hey Marc, I’m trying to get a Georgia template a.s.a.p. let me know what I have to do to get one today and how I pay. Thanks

  223. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ ladymodel1, you can use payza, dwolla or bitcoin, if mail it let me know by email and I’ll send the files over. marcstevens(at)mail(dot)com

  224. Rod Says:

    Hey Marc,
    I just ordered a Motion to Dismiss with Payza and it didn’t give me any place for notes the way paypal does, so I need the one for California (demurrer I believe) if you could please… Thanks! My friend got a ticket for running a stop sign that was behind some tree branches, and you cannot see it until you’re right there and it’s too late to stop. Thanks!!!

  225. Veronica Says:

    Hi Marc I have court September 2,2014 for civil traffic tickets and the judge entered a motion on my behalf i have not even atended court yet. I just sent the judge a fax that said the ticket was void for i had signed it under duress and that i did not wish to contract with the court also that i reserved my rights. She then sent me a motion for a hearing and changed the original court date to a later one. Can you advise. 623-302-2739

  226. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ veronica, stick to asking for the prosecutor’s facts to support their arguments. listen to the archived shows, we talk about court all the time.

  227. Veronica Says:

    Mark also is their anything available for child support??? Court is September 10, 2014 for a modification.

  228. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ veronica, I need more context.

  229. veronica Says:

    Hi Marc in regards to the child support, my husbands ex girlfriend (not a citizen of this country) is taking my husband to court for a modification. He broke his leg and could not work for 6 months. He is also not a citizen yet nor a legal resident. The kids were born here in Az. Is their anything we could possibly do to take court jurisdiction away and have the whole case cancelled. Don’t get me wrong he loves his kids and dose anything he possibly can for them but this is her way of having him by the you know what’s… I truthfully don’t believe we should have the need to give anyone else authority over our finances.

  230. Frank Says:

    Do you have scripts on what to say when you get pulled over. and do you a entire defense package that has motion and script on what to say in court

  231. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ frank, no it’s too dangerous at the stop. I stick to saying as little as possible, all you need to do to avoid being killed/tased, is to show ID. Other than that, don’t say anything.

  232. Frank Says:

    Do you have scripts about what to say when you get pulled over by the police. and what to say in court.

  233. james Says:

    Wouldn’t mind picking up the templates for new york. Pertaining to any kind of vehicle infraction.

  234. Louis Says:

    Hi Mark, I wish to acquire your “motion to dismiss” template for NY, (Suffolk County, Long Island). I also want to sched a phone consultation asap. My arraignment date (for multiple charges) is Oct 22nd so time is of the essence. I would have ordered template already but I don’t see a paypal link. I am not familiar with any of the payment services you offer, and need to know what I should do next. Please help!
    P.S. Thanks for the great work!
    P.S.S. Let me know if I can send $ via paypal to your email address, and will do so immediately!

  235. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Louis, Selz works just like paypal. But if you need to still use paypal, then I’ll email you.

  236. MICHAEL Says:


  237. Mircea climpatiuc Says:

    How to pay option for an affidavit template on several traffic infractions in Virginia ,for dismissal

  238. Joe Says:

    My traffic ticket is from city police, on the dismiss template do I need to change everything that says “state of” to “city of” like the part that identifies the plaintiff?

  239. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Joe, only if you are charged with violating a city ordinance, if a state statute then leave state.

  240. ty Says:

    do you have an oregon template ?

  241. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ ty yes, it’s already crossed over.

  242. Tryin2stayFree Says:

    What’s up Marc please get back to me I have a serious matter pending. Hoping you can help me out…get bac to me!..Thanks

  243. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ tryin2 contact me by email marcstevens(at)mail(dot)com

  244. JeHeretic Says:

    Hey there Marc! It is a great thing you are alive and speaking! I love that you have a logical and analytical way of looking at everything we are faced with today! I acquired a copy of this document some time ago and in reading it I cant help but think it is missing some things like touching Article III, Marbury v Madison, the fourth fifth and fourteenth amendments etc things like that that might help strengthen the document and put the “public servants” more on the defensive and would like to know if you do that on purpose or why you do not/would not touch on those areas of the laws that are supposedly binding upon them in the courts?
    state of washington, the fiction of course, by and through its agents dba the state of washington takes people to court and arrests people everyday absent the required due process of law described in the con-stitution the bill of rights articles four five and 14, the lower courts do not have article III original jurisdiction and are not respecting their con-stitutional mandates as it says in Marbury v Madison, the con-stitution, bill of rights etc. in any case they bring with the state named as plaintiff… So why, if you are not mentioning this on purpose, are you leaving this out or what not, I appreciate your time and effort and thank you for pointing out that the police have no duty to protect us and for that fact there is no lawful government!

  245. Mark Says:

    Can this work for a dui case

  246. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Mark, the same issues and some have been kicked, but they are very difficult

  247. Francis Says:

    Haven’t A paypal Account WHAT is PHYSICAL mailing ADDRESS need TEMPLATE(S) for STATE OF FLORIDA “Legal Fiction” STATUS Alleged Criminal CONSOLIDATED statute INFRACTION’S seat belt ALLEGED VIOLATION failure to pay RESULTING in SUSPENDED LICENSE’S invalid CONTRACT’S due to NON COMMERCE TRADE Right to Travel Status DISCOVERED Documented VARIOUS States ALL States as INALEINABLE UNALEINABLE Right’s ALLEGED kangaroo court MILITARY Flag Present JURISDICTION questionable PUBLIC DEFENDER Appointed doe to INDIGENT status PRESENTLY on file as IMPOSED by Executive Administrator PERTINENT to PLEA entered PRIOR to RESEARCH source’s VIDEO’S Case Law REFERENCE’S Supreme Court RULING’S etc. VERIFY Document Validity ACCORDING to Unknown Criminal Procedure Requirements Imposed on PUBLIC DEFENDER undisclosed to Party of ACCUSED civil criminal MATTERS issue’s FRIVELOUS LAWSUIT’S without STANDING as ALLUDED above below to be ADDRESSED at PRE-TRIAL 1/8/2015 (“NON-JURY TRIAL = crossed out REPLACED with TERM legalize UNKNOWN LANGUAGE Docket Sounding”)1 10 2015 Jury Trial’s DATE 1-20-15 PLEASE reply ASAP due to IMPOSED IGNORANCE of Assistance Of Counsel Appointed as AFOREMENTIONED requested suggested HER DISMISSAL by HER to ACCUSED executive administrator of STATUTE POLICY VEHICLE CODE denied ALLEGED criminal PROCEDURE defective FILING disabled FILING by DEFENSE ATTORNEY appointed PUBLIC DEFENDER Bar Associate THANKS in ADVANCE for RELEVANT & or PERTINENT INFORMATION to be OBTAINED directly indirectly with CONTINUEING RESEARCH applicable AS PLAINTIFF of Counter Claim’s denial’s of due process Declaring False Emergenceies False Arrests Imprisonment’s Cruel Inhumane Punishment Abuse of Atthority Threat’s of fine’s imprisonment or BOTH excessive bail Imposed auto theft implied by arresting officer kidnapping ETC. DOCUMENTED by County Court CLERK’S with DISREGARD of ARTICLE 6 The Constitution of the United States of America SIMILAR related QUESTION’S raised UNANSWERED by Unknown NON IDENTIFIED unidentified except by BADGE # NOT legible SIGNATURE’S Alleged Law Enforcement Personal Magistrates Judge’s Prosecutor’s BEGINING FEBUARY thru DEEMBER 2014 into 2015

  248. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Francis, please do not leave such blocks of text, no one will read it. Break things up and don’t use all CAPS.

  249. Eddie Says:

    Do you happen to have a type of play rite where you tell it goes through and shows what the judge and d.a. would say in a court room situation and what you should say back? also do you have a jurisdictional challenge template?

  250. Boxer Says:


    “Do you happen to have a type of play rite where you tell it goes through and shows what the judge and d.a. would say in a court room situation and what you should say back? also do you have a jurisdictional challenge template?”

    Yes, Marc has a script:

    And a Motion to Dismiss:

    More importantly, I recommend buying both his books. I have nothing to gain by making such a recommendation (well, aside from you becoming an anarchist) and it appears that everything on his site is aligned to what he has wrote in the books. Either way, I’ve never felt better about throwing down a few FRNs for such a book with the exception of Lysander Spooner and Larken Rose.

  251. tone Says:

    do the templets apply to driving with no liscense ?if so please direct m,e

  252. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ tone, yes, it’s already crossed over and when I’m back in town I’ll be posting a dismissal order from New Jersey.

  253. Curt Says:

    Marc i just got a speeding ticket on 1/25/2015 says he had me on Radar forgot to ask to see it. do you think going in before ten days asking to see judge right then with witnesses then when of course they say you have court date on ticket you say ok well i was here and asked to see judge and was denied take your witness and have them sign that they witnessed me trying to see judge and being refused for what ever reason get it noterized and send it along with the ticket back to the clerk of courts would work or should i go with your approach witch do you feel would be more sucessful? need answer A.S.A.P THANK YOU VERY MUCH…..

  254. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Curt, start with the motion to dismiss and get on skype so you can prep by role-playing. I’m at frankrizzo3

  255. tony Says:

    Is there any way you can email me .so I can purchase dismissal packet

  256. Curt Says:

    Motion to Dismiss Template is there any other i should get to prepare Marc? and have you cleared any issues that maybe when i order templates? refering to others stateing that they had small issues with useing there card to order online here…… thanks for your response

  257. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Curt, role-play with a script and confront city councils at their meetings. Ask them for evidence proving their laws apply just because you’re physically in Arizona or where ever.

  258. Curt Says:

    i purchased the template online and for some reason it didnt down load properly. can i get the template mailed to my home address?

  259. Curt Says:

    oh and i forgot to mention i already paid for this will i need to pay again if you mail to my home address?

  260. Brady H Says:

    Hi Marc. I sent in a donation reguarding a template. will i be able to receive that soon?

  261. Brady H Says:

    I’ve made a donation but i’m not sure when i should expect to receive anything

  262. Robert Says:

    Has anyone had any experience or success in raising the issue of the fiction within a motion for bill of Particulars or motion for more definite statement?

    To discover nature and cause of action, and is used to determine the course/right of action for relief/remed

  263. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Robert, done that many times, denied without explanation each time. I don’t usually use much anymore. I will use the motion for more definite statement when the complaint is explicitly civil. It asks if it is contract or tort.

  264. harold loretero Says:

    Hi Marc, I believe i had ordered the motion to dismiss paperwork at one time, do you have any records of people that order from you in the past. it was with in the last 2 years i believe. I live in las vegas, nv if this helps.
    Thanks for all the help. It you don’t I will order again, thanks.

  265. JeHeretic Says:

    I what do you say about the freeman style lingo going around aboyt the strawman, people claiming to be an agent for the statutorily created “person” the all caps name?
    And what do you think of the following being put into the beginning of one of your motion to dismiss/strike;
    “First and foremost, I am not a “person” created by statute, I am not ALL CAPS NAME. ALL CAPS NAME is a statutorily STATE created entity, not a living being. I am not a U.S. CITIZEN, resident “alien”, a STATE or FEDERAL EMPLOYEE or PUBLIC SERVANT. I am a native, naturally born man, Living on the land. I am not any ones property or a slave. I cannot be sold or traded. I am not a corporation or franchise. The Constitution and the laws thereof were (supposedly) written to protect me (the People) from the tyranny of evil men posing as public officials.”

    I appreciate your response and look forward to getting into more of the no state project, I am on one for the voluntary society to spread like gang green, especially when it means killing off parasites by merely starving them of our Blood!

  266. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Jeheretic I’ve done shows about that, to STAY clear away from that crap.

  267. JeHeretic Says:

    I thought you might say that, that is my feelings as well. I been telling my Girlfriend that the state doesnt exist, that the courts have no interest in their cases accept to steal your property, their is never any proof of jurisdiction, and that they cannot prove all aspects of the jurisdiction they assert, the only jurisdiction they have is at the point of a gun, and under the threat of violence, loss, harm, kidnapping etc.. its a dog and pony show. Then I started getting into what you are saying as it perked my interest, as a person who has been reading their opinions for over 10yrs and coming to these conclusions and finding that what you say is right on the money. They just cannot prove anything they do has any real merit on our lives outside of threats and use of force and the mass brainwashing of the people who work for them including us regular Joe’s… One thing I wasnt able to wrap my head around previously is how to show how they’re out of line, till I read you briefs and your books and the criminal script. Talk about “insert foot in mouth”, those people will surely wish they never had this scam going on when confronted with the truth and the truth that you get them to admit and contradict in the same motion. Once i have a much better internet connection I will be getting more involved in this and pointing the people I help to you and your info. Our minds have got to be retrained, and the questions you ask should be trained into our brains because they are the best most common sense means of exposing these goons for the frauds they are committing. The voluntary society is what I think a great many people will be waking up to in the future, and that scares these parasites more than anything, they cant stand the thought of having to work for themselves and others while using logical plain and straight up TRUTH! Anyways brother, i bet you are a really busy man, and I hope to be able to be a big help in getting this info out as much as possible. we need this world wide!

  268. JeHeretic Says:

    Marc, I was just thinking about how to put the “plaintiff” in default of this filing rather than actually going in there and having to deal with these thugs, is there not a time frame they are required to answer in writing? Are you familiar with a default process?
    For example, wouldnt one be able to mail this motion in and give them say 15 days to answer, and at the mark of the 15th day have a notice of default sent in for being non responsive.etc. and do it that way?
    Every case supposedly has a time frame after service for an answer before a default would apply, however in cases in Washington they do not always give a notice of a case or cause of action, they bypass the proper service aspects of “due process” and just hold secret courts and issue a warrant(court order) and before you know it the cops are knocking on doors looking for you. So, instead of going in and being thrown in jail before being able to deal with these goons properly in their arena I would rather correspond with them via mail, of course I would be sending my mail to another and they forwarding it and vise versa so that they have no idea where I am. And that is the point, to protect myself from the damages they would cause me and my family.

  269. Curt Says:

    I went over to the county here in Illinois where I’m supposed to go for court appearance and when approaching the court house building noticed signs saying no cameras no cell phones no electronics I’m sure this is to intimidate victims of their. system I’ve actualy had an experience here in another small town court where I fought a ticket because cop said I flashing lights to warn on coming traffic of his presents didn’t word it that way on ticket though said improper use of lights or something to that affect any way the prosecutor met with me before court appearance threatened that if I didn’t just take her deal they were going to charge me with a felony and $10,000 fine I didn’t budge just said see you in court after successfully defending myself she threatened that wouldn’t happen again make a long story short they will use any tactic to get you to take a deal so now I’m faced with another. crooked small town court in Illinois and am going to use your template hope it works …. could you send me instruction again on what to do before hand after they send me my notice of court date????

  270. Incubus Says:

    Curt, punctuation, please. If you have time to type, you have time to punctuate. It’s a bit arrogant to expect people to parse your stream of consciousness. If you can’t respect whomever you hope will read and reply to your post enough to articulate in a manner that doesn’t read like you’re on a 9-11 call, why should they bother reading or replying to you?

  271. Curt Says:

    Incubus your advice is well taken . I use a cell phone with text to speech something not done out of ignorance. but rather a tech issue in the future if you see something that as you point out looks like a 911 call don’t read it ……

  272. Curt Says:

    their are trolls such as yourself that troll sites like these. that have nothing better to do but try and look for a reason to make some one who points out robbery, and who the real criminals are sound like their ignorant or arrogant . as you suggest perhaps you might try looking in the mirror. your probably one of those assholes who is a cop who aids in robbing from us all…. Good Day

  273. Incubus Says:

    Try not to get your feelings hurt, Curt, it’s nothing personal. My pointing out your complete disrespect and disregard for others was not meant to detract from any point you attempted to convey, any less than your lack of punctuation did. You’re doing far more damage to yourself than I ever could.

    For the record, I’ve been frequenting this site for a good long while now, and am willing to bet anyone else around here familiar with me will vouch my intent is not to obfuscate the criminality of bureaucrats or discredit those who expose them. That not-so-subtle case of projection on your part is quite telling. While I never suggested looking in a mirror as you claim I did, I am now.

    You’re a grown man, I presume. It’s time to start conducting yourself like an adult, not typing like a newborn with a Speak and Spell, and crying troll everytime someone calls you on it.

  274. Curt Says:

    I was just pointing to the fact that you took time to suggest that Im being arrogant . seems rather childish at best even if some one gets on this site and makes type Errors. God forbid even miss spell words they need some one like yourself righteous narcissistic, attitude to point that out thanks again….

  275. Curt Says:

    I have no problem with constructive criticism, how ever I take issue when some self righteous self horn tooting, narcissist, goes out of their way to call some one arrogant, for no other reason then some ones text to speech. in the interest of saving time seems rather arrogant on your end…… I know you’ll have the need to respond because of your self importance. so this is my last word on the subject ……..

  276. Incubus Says:

    The issue was never a few misspelled words. Everyone makes mistakes, myself included. However, your post had so little punctuation it was essentially one long run-on sentence. Trying to read that is difficult and off-putting. Written word is not like a Saturday night poetry jam, where you can spitball off the top of your head with no form or structure and expect people to follow along. Parsing through someone’s unfettered thoughts becomes a chore, and I would say that making little to no attempt to articulate yourself is at best, lazy, and at worst, a bit arrogant-yeah, or if that term seems too abrasive, perhaps careless (?).

    At any rate, in each subsequent post since I first said something, you have miraculously found the time and ability to add a level of punctuation to your posts formerly unprecedented, despite any so called “tech issues”. Go figure.

    As for how you’ve managed to diagnose me both self-righteous and narcissistic over the course of just a few internet posts, I’m quite confounded. I suspect you’re either a) upset and this is your way of throwing a hissy fit (despite my warning you not to get your feelings hurt), or, b) you lack a grasp of what those terms actually mean.

    Either way, thank you for the effort. I at least feel more confident in comprehending what you’re saying now, even if it is baseless insults.

  277. NonEntity Says:

    Incy! I can see I’ve taught you well. You can proudly wear your black belt.

    – the very very Grammar Nazi

  278. harold loretero Says:

    Thank you for re-sending the doc motion strike/dismiss for NV, Can I use the same for AZ by changing the cross reference information provided on your site/link.

    Is there any Complaint or Claim, Tort, action paperwork that one could study to recover money spent in towing of car, time spent in jail, clearing your name in there data base records. Thank you- H

  279. Ricardo Says:

    Mac can you send this to me asap The rule here in Virginia is that Once service has been effected, the defendant has 21 days to file a responsive pleading. I have to file it tomorrow I have mine work out but would like to have yours to compare.

    [The pleading may simply be an answer, or the defendant may file a demurrer, a motion to dismiss, an objection to venue, a motion for a bill of particulars, or a statement of the defendant’s grounds of defense. If the defendant objects to personal jurisdiction, ….

    ricardo, you just completed your payment.
    Your transaction ID for this payment is: 96U74682L3216903C.
    We’ll send a confirmation email to

  280. Andrew Hill Says:

    I thought you had a script for both Criminal and Civil court cases.
    I bought them once but can’t find in all my records.
    Wanted to buy them again hoping it has been improved as well.
    are you not selling these anymore ?
    If you are, how can I get them ?

  281. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Andrew just email me marcstevens(at)mail(dot)com

  282. jay Says:

    Will your template work for a traffic citation of fail to obey a lawful order in Florida???

  283. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Jay, it’s all the same scam, the template is crossed over for Florida and tickets have been kicked in Florida. That does not guarantee you will get the same result. You always need to spend time prepping for court, it’s not just file the motion and it goes away.

  284. Russ Coenen Says:

    Marc: Am wanting to fight a “driving with no license”…..It had expired. Already had initial arrignment + judge entered a non-guilty plea for me. Am in IOWA and what template would work for me?? Do I need both?? Am to appear again for a pretrial thing on Thursday….. Thank you………(515-779-5295 delete this # once you have it, if you may need it) Thanks again…..03/14/2015

  285. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Russ, the motion to dismiss is crossed over for Iowa. It comes with the discovery request which should be filed before the pretrial.

  286. Ron J. Says:

    Hello, last fall my house was illegally foreclosed on in Tempe AZ. The new owner got an eviction against me as I refused to move(because of the ongoing legal battle) and the fact I had a renter in the house who had not been given the required 90 day notice under the Protecting the Tenant in Foreclosure Act) thereby making my eviction illegal already ruled by the AZ Court of Appeals In Bank of New York Mellon v. De Meo, 227 Ariz. 192, 254 P.3d 1138 (App. 2011 and the new owner after trying to use the Maricopa Co. constable to evict me (he didn’t) instead turned to the Tempe Police to have me and my renter evicted. He kept insisting he didn’t have to give my renter any notice as the John Doe in my eviction was sufficient. Well the Tempe police arrested me for trespassing even after I had shown them a copy of the ruling and I had to pay a $150.00 bond to be release with a hearing set. My renter also moved under threats of being arrested for trespassing. However an attorney who has filed an lawsuit (ongoing) concerning the illegal foreclosure had made an arrangement where I would move out for him to drop the charge of trespassing. I moved out under duress and was under the assumption that the trespassing charge had been dropped. However I was recently pulled over and apparently a warrant had been issued for my arrest on a failure to appear on that charge! After explaining to the officer he didn’t arrest me and gave me some time to get it taken care of in court. When I called the court the told me I had to pay an additional $150.00 bond and to schedule a new hearing on the original trespassing charge as the first $150.00 I paid had been forfeited. Now when I looked my case on the Tempe City Court website, my charge is now “Trespassing on Railroad Property”! I never was anywhere near a railroad but on my own property. There shouldn’t even be an charge because it was supposed to be dropped. I dont know what to do.

  287. brad Says:

    where can i get a copy of this motion to dismiss. i have no banks accounts or debit cards because i think they are evil. any ideas? thanks

  288. NonEntity Says:

    Brad, you can buy a money order at many stores, banks, and the post office. Mail it to Marc. (He’d probably prefer that you don’t fill in the “TO:” part so he can trade it more easily, but that’s just a guess on my part.)

  289. James Says:

    Does the motion to strike/dismiss work for parking tickets? There is no court or law enforcement involved. It isn’t even a city, it’s a university parking violation, but they threaten impounding and towing if not paid in 10 days.

  290. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ James, yes, there are articles/videos posted with the proof.

  291. isaac Says:

    Hi Marc,

    Will these templates work for parking tickets? If so which template should I request?

  292. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Isaac, they been used successfully with parking tickets, no guarantee the judge will do the right thing though. We are dealing with criminals.

  293. Daniel Says:

    I bought this template for vt and haven’t gotten a email or anything yet? Can u help me out?

  294. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ daniel Everything was emailed over.

  295. Daniel Says:

    Need the vt template

  296. Leslie Says:

    Marc. I’m live in Los Angeles, California. I’ve been seriously considering using your template. However, I don’t have any details on how it works with regards to time for filing prior to the court date. My wife’s court date is in Aug 2015. Also wondering about the success rate you’ve seen in Los Angeles using your MTD (Motion to Dismiss) template.


  297. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Leslie- They typically do not respond, though rarely the prosecutor will file a non-responsive, copy & paste form letter. You usually have to go to a hearing and support the motion. There has been about 70% rate where the cop doesn’t show up and it is kicked.

  298. Joshua dias Says:

    Can someone help me here i need assistance on communications with marc stevens some how if marc you see this it be an honor to recieve a call from you 8088221681 if you have any time i need to be walked thru this on getting into your shows and template donations please contact me im out on the island of kauai in hawaii

  299. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Joshua, the email address is marcstevens(at)mail(dot)com

  300. Darnel Says:

    Hi Marc,

    I just made a payment and would like a dismiss template for the state of Georgia

  301. Brian Torrance Says:

    Hi Marc,
    I ordered your No State Project about 4-5 months ago and never received anything. I ordered it through my trustee and that may have created a bit of confusion. Anyway, I was just arrested on 6.22.15 in Placer County on a warrant from Solano County California. The charges are listed as Foreclosure Fraud. I might add that I was never read my rights, never provided a copy of the warrant even though I requested it 2 times and was told by the Deputy that he didn’t have to provide it. I was also told at the booking into county jail that they didn’t have to provide it. Hmmm. Anyway, I just ordered a copy of your Motion to Dismiss and will need it obviously for California. I would like to book an hour of your time, or more if needed. Thanking you in advance. Oh, and their allegations are indeed baseless and false; but do they care. lol

  302. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Brian email me about this marcstevens(at)mail(dot)com

  303. Leslie Says:

    How long before the case does this paperwork have to be filed? I have a court case in about 3 weeks. I live in Los Angeles.

  304. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Leslie, asap, though the clerks may not accept it, still make sure the prosecution gets it. You’ll probably have to hand the judge a copy at the arraignment. LA county has a policy of not accepting paperwork prior to arraignment.

  305. Leslie Says:

    Hi Marc! I ordered the Motion to Strike/Dismiss template a couple hours ago via PayPal. I noticed somewhere in these messages you don’t work on Sundays, so I would be very grateful if you could send it by end of day today. — Thanks! 🙂

  306. niall thompson Says:

    hi marc, sorry to bug you i paid $50 as per your comment you left in regards to the motion to dismiss template and the scripts for dealing with traffic for australia/nsw and you said you’d include the workshop mp3 also
    on the 16th of this month, were you going to email these to me or i download somewhere?
    thanks niall

  307. Marc Stevens Says:

    @Niall, I emailed you about it, you must have missed the link in the email.

  308. sean kallbrier Says:

    I paid for motion to dismiss havent received it yet court date comming up fast plz respond

  309. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ sean, I emailed that on the 12th, I forwarded it over to you again.

  310. Boxer Says:

    @Brian Torrance

    What happened with your arrest?

  311. Niall Says:

    Sorry Marc, I only have received the confirmation emails from the selz ,it mustn’t have come through would you mind sending links again?
    Thanks niall

  312. Michael Says:

    Are the templates available still for the motion to strike/dismiss?

  313. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Michael, yes they are

  314. Auguste Says:

    Just purchased the Template via Paypal. It’s needed for NYC (Kings county Brooklyn, NY. its a speeding ticket. How long till I receive it? can I use any notary public to file the motion/or is it required to be filed somewhere specific??

  315. eddie Says:

    can i purchase the criminal template for speeding and no tail light. i am in ny and was wondering the procedure to go about getting the documents.

  316. Tyler Says:

    So I went to court today over a speeding ticket and this is how it went. I was in Arizona. This was my first time so I admit I don’t know what I was doing.

    First, the judge has me and the officer hold up our hands and swear to tell the truth, then the officer states his summary of the events, and I’m then allowed to give my own statement and to quesiton the officer.

    Me: did you file a valid cause of action?
    officer: i dont’ know what your talking about.
    Me: do you know the elements required to be filed as a cause to bring me to court for remediation?
    Officer: what are you referring to?
    Me: Your complaint, is it a valid cause of action
    Officer: I still don’t know what you are talking about
    Me to judge: Your honor, motion to dismiss the ticket
    judge: on what grounds
    Me: no cause of action
    Judge: what are trying to do? what defense are you getting at
    me: common law, the officer has to file a valid cause of action for standing to bring the suit in order for this court to have subject matter jurisdiction.
    Judge: this is a defense we see from time to time, however common law doesn’t apply.
    Me: why not
    Judge: you are in Arizona, traveling on a public road with a license, the officer is an authorized member of law enforcement trained etc. etc.
    Me: You just explained why you think Statutory law applies, but not whey common law does not apply. My posession of a license is under duress so as to avoid harassment, it does not indicate my purpose for use of the road when I was traveling and was pulled over. I was traveling as a free man, not a subject and at no point abrogated this right to travel.
    Judge: common law does not apply
    Me: why?
    Judge: I already explained to you why. So I’m going to rule on your defense if you have nothing more to say.
    Me: I object. The court has not established subject matter jurisdiction
    Judge: noted. You may appeal my ruling and the clerk will give you instructions on how to do so. you are found responsible for the violation and fined $227.

    So What do I do now?

  317. Venson Says:

    Hello Marc, I’m in Texas and would like to present the motion to dismiss paper in two cases paper tags expired and failure to stop. I think it’s worth a shot.

  318. Jory A. Pratt Says:

    I have just purchased via paypal. I am in texas and need the state form for dismissal.

  319. venson Says:

    Do you have one for Texas? And will this work for my ticket
    Improper plate And failure to stop

  320. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ venson Yes, they are already crossed over for Texas and has been used successfully in Texas.

  321. Rhonda Mason Says:

    Hello, Marc I would like to consult with you. I’d appreciate if you would email me how to set this appointment up with you.

  322. Marc Stevens Says:

    Consults are set up under the store link on the website.

  323. David Muhammad Says:

    Hey Marc

    really need your help. My niece had her ID stolen and now she is being charged with stolen ID and cashing checks from a scam artist. They want to give her up to 7 years. she has never in her life stole a candy bar or been in jail. she did not plea in court so the judge entered one for her. she got scare because the judge told her he will put her in jail if she did not say her name. I told her the all caps name is on trial not the living being. but the judge thru all that out. Help!!!!!!!!!!

  324. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ david, my email is marcstevens(at)mail(dot)com and you can set up a consult at

  325. Gregg Says:

    Hi Marc, I’ve tried contacting you on Skype and sent a few emails in the past week. Not sure if you’re receiving them. I’m trying to buy a few things off the store here but the payment processing isn’t working for bitcoin — Not sure about the other method. In the email I also tried to ask a few questions and was hoping for a response.

    Thanks in advance!

  326. Andy Says:

    Greetings Marc,

    We spoke on your Saturday show a while back.. anyhoo I’m in need of your demurrer template
    for California. The Judge already pled not guilty “on my behalf”.. when I began Socratic questioning @ arraignment. Please let me know how I can order the demurrer .. (just by paying via PayPal? or is there a form to fill out on this site?).. Time is ticking until the psychos have the upper hand .. they always do in their mind … 😉



  327. Andy Says:

    Greetings Marc,

    We spoke on your Saturday show a while back. Anyhoo, I’m in need of the California demurrer template. How do I order? By paying via PayPal or is there an order form to fill out?The judge already pled not guilty “on my behalf ” when I began Socratic questioning @ arraignment. Please advise on how I should proceed.. ( unsigned not guilty plea?)

    thanks for your knowledge sir,


  328. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Andy, use this

  329. Andy Says:

    Hi again Marc,

    I tried to purchase the demur template however when I click on the buy button it doesn’t work. Please let me know how I can get this demurrer ready as I only got a week left to file it. (a week before court date)



  330. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Andy, try

  331. Jose Says:

    Hi Marc, I’d like to order your motion to dismiss template. I’m in the geographical location known as California.

  332. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ Jose, selz is preferred, and everything is already crossed over for California. Make sure you leave a shipping address so I know.

  333. Jose Says:

    Hey marc, i just paid for the motion to dismiss thru paypal.

  334. James Says:

    Sent payment for Template, Texas.

    Thank you,
    Very Respectfully.

  335. Kenneth Tennant Says:

    In: STATE v GREG TENNANT (Scott Co., IOWA, RETURNED the “tickets” aka UNIFORM CITATIONS, written over: RECEIVED BUT NOT ACCEPTED. RETURNED FOR CAUSE TIMELY…we also filed three others: AFFIDAVIT OF TRUTH OF DENIAL OF CORPORATE EXISTENCE, SUI JURIS STATUS & WRIT OF QUO WARRANTO. The court failed to answer, lost jurisdiction, but, these courts refuse to follow the law. We continued with more of these sorts of filings, challenging jurisdiction, demanding rights be observed, etc. making a special visitation to dispute the Strawman Character confusion, demanding the STATE APPEAR and produce evidence of injury or damages, again, the court fails, violates due process, deprives this private individual of rights etc. On appeal, Judge Dalton admits the State violated due process, but, instead of the REQUIRED Dismissal, Dalton orders a do-over. We file for a CONTINUANCE PENDING JUDICIAL DETERMINATIONS AND DECISIONS ON THE QUESTIONS OF LAW (LR 1.902.2.3&4) and PROOF OF JURISDICTION. The court ignored answering, entered instead a fraudulent FAILURE TO APPEAR / GUILTY PLAE / DEFAULT…I am not making this up. search the name and click on “FILINGS” to see this stuff with your own eyes. I have email Marc, but no response ever. $$$$???? Is THAT what is is all about ? How different… (563) 343-5565

  336. Jose Says:

    I going to pay for the motion templates but i just want to donate. Dont send the files. Thx for all your help.

  337. Charles M B Says:

    Hello Marc,
    Thank you for your work and hard efforts. I really enjoy listening to your philosophy and remedies when dealing with beaurocratic realities. I have purchased the Motion for Dismiss for Florida template from you and am awaiting delivery. It is time sensitive. The 24th of May they will increase their threat of violence against me. Thank you again.

  338. Charles Says:

    Hello Marc I purchased the template saturday and am eagerly awaiting the arrival. I need the state Florida template. I used PayPal. Thanks!

  339. Blago Says:

    Hi Marc,

    I have not taken action (plead guilty or not guilty) to a traffic ticket I received in NYC. Can I file the motion to dismiss without pleading> I don’t have too much time left to respond – what if I enter “not guilty” online and then file a motion to dismiss?
    Thank you.

  340. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ blago, I file the motion, the motion must be heard before a plea can be taken.

  341. Brad Ray Says:

    Hi Marc payment sent for Pennsylvania State thanks inadvance….

  342. Eartha dukes Says:

    I just submitted a payment for a motion to dismiss but was given no option to choose what I wanted or go into details about what I needed. How is this handled?

  343. Jack Worthington Says:

    Hi Marc,

    I have made the appropriate substitution of California for whatever State names were in the 3 documents/templates (Discovery, Judicial Notice, and Demurrer}. I’m looking forward to this action. Win, lose or draw, I feel good as I am doing something to stand up the tyranny/violence of the government. I incourage everyone to read Lysander Spooner’s No Treason No. 6, The Constitution of No Authority and visit the Zero Aggression Project. Thanks.

  344. Peter Otis Says:

    Just looking for no insurance/michigan/template that i could purchase..thanks!!!

  345. Gina Says:

    Hi Marc,

    I just made a purchase (PP) but wasn’t able to note anywhere that I wanted the motion template for Australia (civil). You will recognize my email as adonaigmail.

    Thanks for the great work.

  346. Boxer Says:


    I have the MTD for california. Do I understand correctly that I simply need to use the cross-reference to update that MTD to reflect that of colorado or do I need to order the template for colorado separately?

    Thank you.

  347. arlo Says:

    I received the script almost immediately upon payment. I would recommend anyone who has a pending case against them at a minimum to buy marc’s script, the information contained within the script is remarkable.

  348. Daniel Davey Says:

    Hey Marc,
    I contacted you regarding my situation some months ago seeking help and you directed me to pay for the assistance I want and I cannot recall what you recommended. I would like to speak with you one on one but cannot afford the to pay for that at this time, so I’ll try to get straight to the point here and see if what I’m wanting is the motion to dismiss. My issue is with a ticket for no current registration in North Carolina. Is this motion to dismiss what I’m looking for? My apologies if I’m over stepping and asking for more than what I’d be paying for with the motion to dismiss, but I’ve already “settled” with one ticket for the same and have to pay some $300 and have a second ticket to deal with, which I have extended my final continuance to 9/27 which I want to take to trial and actually attempt to fight and stand up against. I’m finally able to pay the $25 for the motion but I just want reassurance that it’s what I’m looking for to make a stand for myself. Sorry if I seem cheap or whatever but I have a 9, almost 10 month old baby girl that has been where I’ve directed most all of my income and cannot afford to waste any of it.

    Thank you for any response at all.


  349. Marc Stevens Says:

    @ dan, you can email me about this and also call into a live broadcast.

  350. Adan R Says:

    Hey Mark, just sent my payment via PayPal. Do you get all info from that? I am in Illinois 11th district court McLean county. Thank you for this. These templates are hard to find.

  351. Everett Smith Says:

    Hi Marc: I live in Reno, Nevada and I have received 2 tickets and am in need of
    your “motion to dismiss”

  352. kieron mahon Says:

    marc i have sent you a message on marcstevens@mail maybe you can back to me when ever suits you kind regards kieron

  353. Veronica Says:


    I am looking to purchase the motion to dismiss template, I am in New York however I called the court to find out their guidelines to filing. They told me that, only attorneys can file a motion to dismiss, and she cant give any advise. I know this is not true, however even if I wanted to file, it seems like the court wouldn’t accept it, and also confused about the copy of the motion I have to send to the other side, being that I don’t have any address for the officer nor attorney. Any suggestions on this situation? Anticipatory Thank you. Sorry I am a newbie.

  354. Marc Stevens Says:

    Just mail everything in. I’d get the name of the clerk who lied to you about that also. You can just look up the address for the police agency the cop works for online, same for the city or county attorney who is prosecuting.

  355. James Black Says:


    I went to a pre trial confrence today in White Plains NY where the prosecutor tried to cut a deal with me by reducing the fine and points towards my licence. I asked if I could file a (your) motion to dismiss to which they said yes but, I should see the Judge to do so. After waiting three hours I got to see the Judge and he asked what my intentions were So I asked if I could file the motion with him and the prosecutor right there. He said yes, He denied the motion without even reading it. They made me sign a “Parker Warning” which I don’t think I should have agreed to sign. What do I need to do next to prepare for my trial.


  356. Marc Stevens Says:

    He denied without reading it? Kinda bold, but not unheard of. I would file to change the judge for denying a motion he didn’t read. Motion to disqualify, you can’t get a fair hearing from the guy.

  357. robert miller Says:

    hi marc I just ordered the motion templets threw paypal when can I expext to get them?

  358. robert miller Says:

    I got it thanx a lot, wish me luck. I got my ticket about 3 months ago completely forgot all about it never gotten anything in the mail, well the other day a constable came knocking ,I wasn’t home but now I have to pay an extra 200$ ontop of tickets, “PRICKS”. Cop got me doing 15mph over speedlimit, then he got me with expired registration and expired inspection 190$,90$,90$, plus 200$ for constible

  359. John Steele Says:

    do you have a motion to strike- dismiss for a federal civil case for income tax

  360. Marc Stevens Says:

    Yes, there is a federal template available.

  361. cliff Says:

    hello marc and happy new year! I ordered a motion to dismiss template ther is no where to specify which one i need which is criminal and i clicked the order now and went through paypal to pay with visa got a confirmation from the order but have yet to recieve the document just curious what the process is for such things please email me if in fact i did something wrong thanks!

  362. Jacob Says:

    Greetings marc . Back when i donated for the template i didnt see anything about the brady/discovery request. Id really like to take a look at an outline . Dont know if you have a copy of our transaction including my email on your end . Let me know please . Im at oregon so if you got something oulined for this area id really appreciate taking a look at it . Thanks

  363. Stephen hardin Says:

    Can someone please send me a copy of motion to dismiss and maybe a motion of Discovery for South Carolina traffic court my email is

  364. Marc Stevens Says:

    They are only $25 and come with instructions and follow up motions if necessary.

  365. Jacob Says:

    Marc looking for the Brady request meterial ? Back when i donated in 2014 that stuff wasnt included or talked about . Makes since though . Please shoot me a email with the updated material if youd be so kind . Dont know how you tell who donated but my old comments are still up there . Glad to see people are learning and growing , hoping to continue on that myself . Thank you sir . Jacob

  366. Jesse Says:

    When making the purchase of temples through Paypal I was not asked to what state I want the template(s) for.

    Please forward templates for Washington State.

  367. Don cash Says:

    Hi I made a PayPal payment for the new York motion to dismiss documents and I haven’t got it and the email didn’t go threw.

  368. Marc Stevens Says:

    You have it, I don’t process orders on Sunday. The files and instructions have been emailed. If you have any questions just email or post here.

  369. Luke Skywalker Says:

    +MARC Stevens, greetings Marc, I’m interested in your prosecutorial misconduct and risk management claims. This is a CPS case where the actual entities described in there documents, do not exist according to the CA Secretary of State. So according to my credit report the CPS dosenot exist, according to the county of Sacramento and DCSS the entity dose not exist. So that leaves my county of Los Angeles and of course the entity dose not exist. Every agency and every entity the docs said to pay dose not exist. I have challenged this on the phone for fun many times.
    I also have no case number. Only tribunal numbers and that is no case. No cause of action. There is 48k I’m trying to help.

    Thank you,

  370. Venson Cursey Says:

    I have filed my motion in Travis Co. Texas. Just got notice of a pretrial hearing. So, I have been RE-reading the motions filed.
    Is there anything else I should know, say, or do before going into battle with court?

  371. Venson Cursey Says:

    Just got notice of a pretrial motion hearing. Want to ask besides studying the motions themselves is there anything else I should be doing, saying, or filing before going into court Travis county Texas

  372. Marc Stevens Says:

    You should be role-playing with a script. Did you also file the discovery request?

  373. Venson Cursey Says:

    YEs Marc I filed the Discovery motions. There has been has been no Reply to any of the motions I’ve filed.

    I don’t see a role-play script in the pdfs you sent me.
    If it’s not to much trouble can you give me/ post a link to a script you like or recommend to use.

  374. Benson Says:

    I wanted to see if you’re still selling california demure templates. California speeding ticket. I have to have it submitted by April 3rd… Thnx for your work, it really opened my eyes.

  375. Tim Trawicki Says:

    Mark, I am Donating 75 dollars
    it will be received though Facebook
    I was given a script for court by Gary
    I need the motion to dismiss/ strike a plea
    please feel free to email me

  376. Dillon mcpheresome Says:

    Dear Marc,
    Thank you for your work. I hope you are making a lot of money on this.
    I had to fire my court appointed attorney to get my case dismissed and it worked. However the judge did not give a reason why. I saw a comment on your site about a Statement of Decision but can not find a form or sample anywhere on your site or in the Tennessee court site. Someone actually asked for a link and there was no more said about it.
    I know why the judge dismissed the case but I need to hear him say it. Should I just write him a letter?

  377. Marc Stevens Says:

    Congrats getting the dismissal. If there is nothing on the docket why, then you’re probably not going to get anything from the judge. Did you file the motion to dismiss and discovery request?

  378. Daniel D. Says:

    Hey Marc,

    Got my ticket thrown out from last year for no license, insurance, and registration. Not by using your motion, but a win is still a win.
    I just got another ticket for no license or insurance after getting hit in an accident with a kid half my age looking at his phone and not the road. I want to try your motion this time.

    Please email me so I can provide payment and get the template and instructions.

    Thanks in advance


  379. shauna swanberg Says:

    So my fiance is going to court in 2 weeks in Georgia for speeding, and drinking and driving. and I just got pulled over for texting and driving. So we both have serious traffic courts coming up. Do you have videos and testimonies of someone who has been where we are with the DUI..

  380. Jesse Says:

    Greetings Mark,

    My name is Jesse, I was recently pulled over and given a traffic ticket in Beaverton OR, just outside of Portland OR. I have been learning about law for a few years now and finally got a chance you use the wisdom I had acquired. I was successful at getting my arrangement postponed so that I could file a motion without making a plea even though the judge persistently told me I could only plea not guilty or no contest. Thank you for putting out all the knowledge you do. People like myself are very appreciative of it.

    Any way I just purchased your motion to strike and dismiss. Ill be looking it over excited to study it and submit it. the outcome should be fun.


  381. JackW Says:

    @Jesse, if you face John Mercer, don’t let him tell you that the vehicle code is factual evidence that the constitution and law apply. He is a scoundrel; he is a liar. Demand proof of jurisdiction. Demand the officer produce a valid claim, showing how he suffered injury or property damage.

  382. Latisia Says:

    I would like to know do this also work on appeals. I’m just finding out about this and my son has already went to court and was found guilty of 1st degree murder without any evidence and a lot of loop hole in the case.

  383. Marc Stevens Says:

    Murder is a bit beyond what we do here and only a lawyer is going to allowed to help.

  384. NonEntity Says:

    I’m totally having to reassess my position on whether its acceptable to kill someone.
    Marc Stevens
    Murder is a bit beyond what we do here and only a lawyer is going to allowed to help.
    Context. Context. Context.

  385. Andy Says:

    @NonEntiy, context is you missing that Marc’s comment was in reply to what Latisia wrote about having a brother convicted of murder, not about your ramblings.

  386. NonEntity Says:

    Or, Andy, I could be showing the absurdity of conflating things which are completely out of context with each other. You know, like physical location granting people some absurd idea that they can own you… sorry if I was thinking above your pay grade.

  387. Andy Says:

    Or, NonEntity, in your narcissistic zeal craving attention you thought
    Marc’s reply was in reply to something you wrote. Rather than Marc’s reply was to what Latisia wrote. But that’s not really it either, is it? You quoted yourself from a different article/thread and injected it into this thread and followed it with quoting what Marc wrote on this thread; followed by your three words: “Context. Context. CONtext.” You got the attention you crave, you happy now? Speaking of being above a pay grade, your insult doesn’t obfuscate your narcissism.

  388. Wilfredo Acevedo Says:

    Hi Mark Stevens a buddy of mine’s brought your site to my attention and I was wondering if you were able to point me in the right direction or or possibly have the information I may need at hand if you would please email me my question and concerns are on a right to travel no driver’s license needed unless it’s for Commerce I just need pointed in the right direction if need to pay so be it but I have court don’t want to go to jail I was kind of hoping you could help me out

  389. Marc Stevens Says:

    drop the right to travel/commerce stuff. Check out the articles and show archives here.

  390. VERONICA Says:

    Hi Mark does this apply to DUI charges as well for the state of arizona and also will it affect someone who is not a legal alien and is in the country illegaly?

  391. Scott Powell Says:

    I’m interested in your motions to strike and dismiss template. In the description it says $25 each. Can I get a list of what you have to offer. I’m fighting a speeding ticket and no insurance

  392. Errol Alexander Says:

    I just made a purchase of one o your tamplet can you please send it to my email

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